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John Ritter

Born: 1948-09-17 - Died: 2003-09-11
Cause of Death:
Aortic Dissection

Death Summary: John Ritter died from an aortic dissection caused by a congenital heart defect.

He died in the middle of the second season of 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, a show that he was the star of.

Ritter's wife Amy Yasbeck (of Wings fame) filed a lawsuit against the doctors who had treated Ritter, but the jury ruled in favor of the doctors, though she still got $14 million out of court from other defendants.

Who was John Ritter : John Ritter was an American actor and comedian most famous for his role as Jack Tripper on the sitcom Three's Company (a show that also featured the late Don Knotts).

He had also appeared in a number of movies such as Sling Blade, Stay Tuned, Problem Child, Bride of Chucky, and the TV Movie of Stephen King's IT (which also featured the late Jonathan Brandis) before returning to sitcoms with 8 Simple Rules.
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76 Signatures in John Ritter's guestbook

  1. Jordan Says:

    I Liked John Ritter For A Long Time.I Also Remember When He Died Almost 8 Years Ago,I Was Shocked,Hollywood Lost A Fuuny Guy That Day.Rip John Still Missed Today.

  2. Felicia Elliott Says:

    Rest In Peace John, you always gave me great laughs with your many talents, gone too soon you will be missed a great deal.

  3. Maggie Kelley Says:

    John Ritter was so amazzzing!!!!He is surely missed. He was very talented in everything he did. He will always be missed!!

  4. liam Says:

    rest in peace

  5. Victoria Says:

    GOD knocked and you answered.I rememeber you as Jack Tripper and you became one of my favorite comedic actor you stole my heart and filled it with laughter then returned it than

  6. Victoria Says:


  7. L.Cunningham Says:

    Really miss you John. Superb actor. Gone too young. My sympathies to your family. Always remembered. Never forgotten. Enjoyed all your movies and would love to see them all again. May Heaven keep your spirit safe.
    Linda. x

  8. Lesley Little Says:

    I will always remember his name. The laughter lives on. R.I.P. John Ritter

  9. russell smulders Says:

    john i was so up set the day you left us i was out side when i waqs told i raced in the ouse to fall in my wifes arms as we both made you a big part of our lfes thank you mate for all your great shows i still watch them on re runs today mate, rest in peach mate i hope god has you working as a gifted angel. bye mate till we meet one day.

  10. Earlene Montero Says:

    John..I can say only this…there will never be another like you..your wit…you kind heart..your sweet soul..you are missed so much..see you when I get there…

  11. Martha Says:

    Everytime i would watch 3’s Company i always laughed cuz i thought wow if that was real he would think he was the luckiest guy in the world. I alway wanted to meet you. but just knowing you were an amazing actor and you could always help the people makes me know just watching you was good enough for me (:

  12. lisa Says:

    you are such an insperation and my thoughts are with you and your family. hope you are at peace. you were a truely amazing actor, i loved all of your movies and 8 simple rules was brilliant too.

  13. Ali Says:

    You died on a sad day… 2 years later but still. Its a sad day to fans… You were the BEST voice for Cilfford… I grew up with you (voicing clifford that is) and I am SO sorry you died. I will see you up there one day



  15. John rollie Says:

    Dear, john i just wanted too leave a comment an say that you was wonderful. I watch threes company all the time and it never gets old ever. And i have both problem childs everything you played in was great. Im a big fan and i wish we had you longer. I hope too meet you one day when i go too heavin. Rip john thanks for all the joy you bring too my family still too this day.

  16. Lisa Weiner Says:

    John Titter.
    I just wsnt to say that you were a talented actor. I wish you still alive to make me laugh. Lisa Weiner

  17. Tina Riserbato Says:

    One of my all time favourite tv shows is Three’s Company.

    I watch it every night and never get tired of the show. Must have seen each eposite at least 5 times each.

    You have brought a lot of laughter and joy into my life as I am sure millions of viewers.

    Gone too soon, we love you and miss you terribly.

  18. Amanda Campbell Says:

    John Ritter was one of the greatest actors, especially in comedy. I wasnt born until 1983, but I love watching his older stuff. He is missed greatly.

  19. Denise Heard Says:

    John Ritter was very funny man, actor,and comedian. I loved him on three’s company and he will always be missed.Good Bye John I will see you on the other side some day!

  20. Tricia Says:

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  21. Teresa H. Says:

    an extremely funny wonderful man, the tv and big screen aren’t the same…love you john, rest in peace.

  22. Lisa Cox Says:

    I met John when I was 15 yrs. old and he treated me like I was the most important person in the world. What an amazing day and a hell of an amazing guy. I wanted to meet him again someday; and that was tragically taken away. He was a great actor and always made me laugh when I was down. I couldn’t wait for Tuesday nights (3’s Co.) my all time favorite. God needed a good man upstairs and he got one; I just wish it wasn’t so soon. I will love him forever. So Cute!! Miss you John!

  23. patrick wilson Says:

    jack we miss you all your show’a was so good ya you was funny so day you will do it all over

  24. Galina Says:

    Lora,You and I have something in cmoomn. Uncanny X-Men #303 is also the issue that got me into comics (and made me a die-hard Jean Grey fan). I often refer to comics as visual words because I love the visual aspect to the stories as well as the writing.I think you’re right about women and relationships. My best friend and I read a ton of books. We are librarians after all. Our favorite genre is fantasy and science fiction, but we read a fair share of romances as well. We had a discussion not long ago about why we are reading more romances than the fantasy and sf these days and concluded that it’s the relationships between characters that keep us reading. If a sf story is all action and science and has few relationships and one dimensional characters, we just don’t find it interesting any more. The relationships don’t even have to be romantic ones, just believable ones.

  25. william lee Says:

    u will be missed a lot

  26. Odette Says:

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