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John Dye

Born: 1963-01-31 - Died: 2011-01-10
Cause of Death:
Heart Attack

Death Summary: Dye was found dead in his home, from an apparent heart attack.

Who was John Dye : John Dye is famous for playing the Angel of Death, Andrew, on the nine season spanning show, Touched by an Angel. Dye's career began in 1984, with his last performance in 2007.

Dye was born in Amory, Mississippi, one of three sons. Dye caught the acting bug in high school, after playing Friedrich von Trapp in The Sound of Music. Originally he went to college to become a civil rights lawyer, but then decided to study drama.

His acting career began in 1984, while attending college in Memphis. A Judd Nelson film called Making the Grade was shooting there, and Dye landed his first role as 'Skip'. During the rest of the 80's, Dye would appear in a few films. Starring in the 1987 college comedy, Campus Man. His most notable gig was in 1989, where he appeared in the cult martial arts classic - Best of the Best.

In the 90's, Dye made the switch from movies to television. This turned out to be a fruitful decision, as he obtained a role in the nine season spanning Touched by an Angel, playing the angel of death.
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53 Signatures in John Dye's guestbook

  1. Margaret Gattuso Says:

    John I wish your family peace,it’s hard to lose someone that you love. You were a terrific actor I watched you in Touched by an Angel and two of the Christmas Show’s you were awsome, and now you will be missed. God Bless Your Family and Friends. With Love Margaret

  2. Chiara Says:

    Hi, I believe in angels and I watched TBAA when I was a teenager. I grew up and I became a doctor and I have four ebraic letters on my right arm, four letters that hide an angel’s name: Raphael, the Angel of doctors, of healers… Every step I did in my life, the angels were with me… When my dad discovered his tumor, when I made the diagnosis, when I followed him up as daughter and doctor, and also when he died… When I said goodbye to two dear friends, so young and beautiful, and when I tried to be a healer of souls (and this is a very hard job!) for all the people I met… I’m not an angel, obviuosly, but I believe in them… And I hope that one of them took John Home, maybe making him laugh (everytime I think that, in my last moment, I’d like a very funny Angel of Death)… You were not an angel, John, obviously, but this is not important… I’m thinking about you (I did it all day long), looking at the wonderful country landscape of Tuscany (Italy) where I live… I will remember you, boy… You were not a so famous star here in Italy, but I’m sure you’ll be now everywhere… Look at me from the sky, every summer night I’ll think about you… I’m sure I’ll recognize you in the sky…
    Bye, Doc Hoc, the special doctor I would want to be…
    I’ll miss you.


  3. rebecca purdon Says:

    sorry to hear about the sad news on the passing over of this wonderful actor, you will be sadly missed. Bec.

  4. george Chapman Says:

    I am sorry to hear the sad news that John Dye has now joined so many good people who have moved on. I watched all of the Touched by an Angel show’s and if the angel of death is a quarter as charming as you were then I will be happy to walk into the light. Thank you for all your great acting not just in Angel but inm all your other good work, you will be missed by many. God Bless George

  5. Jack Gerow Says:

    I didn’t know this until I read about it off of another website. I am truly sorry that this has happened.

  6. Cheryl Says:

    I have seen John in many different venues with his acting. I am very sorry that the world will not get a chance to see more of his versatility. You will be very missed. RIP and love.

  7. katie Says:


  8. katie Says:


  9. Ingrid Says:

    Hi, I also believe in angels and Touched by an angel was one of my favourite shows, much to the account of your son John.He was a very great and sympathic actor and he will be surely missed. With my deep sympathy Ingrid

  10. rachel coxon Says:

    john was a great actor all ways enjoyed watching him touched by an angel he will be miss lov goe’s out to his famliy

  11. Lisa Palmgren Hogg Says:

    That is sad…He was so Young with the World at his Door step….
    …So Very sorry to hear of the Loss to the World…God will take good care of them….Their Passing is Never easy…I know..It is never easy..Blessings to the Family…
    Sincerely,Lisa Palmgren Hogg

  12. VICTORIA Says:

    The first angel to finally gets his wings fly high and free.You were my favorite angel of death.

  13. joseph z anders 3 Says:

    rest in peace and god bless you forever you will be
    missed i am sorry to the family on there loss i really did like your acting JOE BOB A

  14. david Says:

    he was nice

  15. Ralph Stukenberg Says:


  16. Ralph Stukenberg Says:


  17. Charlene Says:

    Wow, you were so young to leave this earth. Your work as an actor touch lives and that is all that anyone can hope for, touch a life in some positive way. May your family find peace and comfort in all the memories they will hold dear.

  18. magda Says:

    I’m truly sorry that this has happened to you. Rest in peace!

  19. Theresa Mack Says:

    Such a wonderful actor you angel boy will always be remembered . love touched by angel and i watched all of them yeasterday in honer of you. may you rest in peace in the arms of god.

  20. eddie9409 Says:

    John you were touched by an angel for sure you will be blessed ,,,GOD love you and BLESS you in his grace!!!!

  21. Margaret Compton Says:

    Have just learnt about the sad death of John, I too have watched Touched By An Angel, and find it very moving, so I send all my seepest sympathy and love to all his family, as I too know the pain of losing a loved one at such an early age, as my daughter was 28.
    Rest in Peace John.

  22. Edna Brown Says:

    I really enjoyed watching John in Touched by an Angel, he really changed by ideals about what death would be like. I am going to miss him in future shows. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family,May you find peace now and in the future. The world has lost a wonderful person.

  23. Marie Alexander Says:

    My sincere condolences to the Dye Family. John was everything that was good and right with the world. He had such a beautiful spirit and such a loving energy about him, it’s hard not to love him. May God bless him and his family always.


  24. Annie Williams Says:

    To the family of John Dye: I am so very sorry for your loss. May God heal your hearts and minds. I loved the character that he played in Touched by an Angel. I am so shocked by his departure from this life. I will miss seeing him.

  25. Nicole Says:

    From touched by an angel to all the other shows i’ve seen you on you really touched my heart i am naturally a warm-hearted girl and i really connected with andrew you played him very well. I have also grown to be close to how you were described as being in real life. You were and still are considered one a very warm hearted and kind man. You in my book will always be a real angel and i believe you have gone to heaven and are a real angel now looking after us all. You will be missed deeply in my home as in many others however we know you are in a better place and wish you the best. You will always be loved as warm-hearted, kind and very handsome for a lot of people me included. You’ve helped a lot of people through so many things and even though i’m naturally a happy person whenever i was sad i would watch you and i would instantly be happy again.You are still a rock for many people and always will be thought of as an angel, a pure heart and a man of god. You have delivered such powerful and kind messages to a lot of people who needed it. You will be missed and loved always.

  26. Nicole Says:

    i also pray for your family and may god be with them. and as marie alexander said you really were and still are everything good and right and kind with the world. My dearest consolances and i hope when i go you come for me.we love you. you will be missed, and best of luck to your family.

  27. Nicole Says:

    a warm and happy angel for life

  28. Michelle Says:

    We will miss you rest in peace and faimly know god
    make on mistake he need his angel with him so he call home John .

  29. Amber Coulthard Says:

    What a lovely man you were John. I only discovered you a short time ago when I began to watch “Touched by an Angel” So shocked to find you had passed away. Rest in peace Angel Boy xxxxxxxxxx

  30. karen strickland Says:

    you will truly be missed by me you were one of the biggest reasons i watch the show and still do.I hope you really knew the Lord as your personal savior then I can meet you someday.The way this world is going it does not look like that will be long.Love ya

  31. Sandra Centofanti Says:

    Hi I loved watching Touched by an Angel John played the part of the Angel of the death so well it was almost believable. It’s not the same now when I watch it konwing that John has passed away.God Bless John’s family on the loss of a beautiful person and actor. With Sandra

  32. Sandra Centofanti Says:

    Hi I loved watching Touched by an Angel John played the part of the Angel of the death so well it was almost believable. It’s not the same now when I watch it knowing that John has passed away.God Bless John’s family on the loss of a beautiful person and actor. With Love Sandra

  33. charles caldwell Says:

    I thought you were an awsome actor. me and wife love you in touched by angel that role was made for you.you will be missed very much. we send are prayers to your family and pray that you become a real angle like you were an the show GOD SPEED and GOD BLESS

  34. LIN Says:

    To young & talented to die so before his time.
    Not fair & one never knows when the so called angles will call

  35. Allen Paradis(lonewolf) Says:

    I loved Touched By An Angel and was sad when they cancled it after Nine wonderful years.

  36. Donna Says:

    Sadly there wasn’t anything in our news here in Canada, so I didn’t know of John’s passing until 1st week of June, when going into an old website that hadn’t been updated in ages. Sadly this time there was an update….one I couldn’t believe seeing, and one I certainly never wanted to see.

    John, you were so wonderful in the TBAA show and others movies you were in. You are sorely missed and I hope you’re happy with the Lord in Heaven. God Bless…you are loved and missed so much by this fan and many others.

  37. Max Reif Says:

    Dear John,
    I pray, and trust, that you were as well attended in your transition as the characters whom you attended, in your profoundly appealing and intuitively true role as “Andrew, the Angel of Death”. Love always!

  38. TENISHA Says:


  39. carrie rowland Says:

    I truly loved ur acting. U made the angel of death not so scary . Hope everybody realizes what a big space down here on earth there is without u. Thx for being u. God bless ur family and friends with peace when they think of u. Xo sincerely a damaged heart patient still scared to go at 44. Hopefully its painless. When its time. Look for me…

  40. tajana tokic Says:

    You will always be my favorite angel…
    Rest in Peace…
    With Love
    <3 <3 <3

  41. Ben Says:

    I remember seeing John in the Perfect Weapon. It always shocks me to see people die while in the prime of their lives. John wasn’t much older than I am. My condolences to his family.

  42. Kimberly Henderson Says:

    I am sorry to hear of John Dye’s passing. I watch him many years on Touch by an Angel. And now he is an Angel. RIP

  43. sandra paulus Says:

    i loved that show, it got to the point of the story line ,may you rip john and your family

  44. dyan simms Says:

    I was saddened to hear about this on the Emmy’s. I always liked him. He seemed so happy.

  45. Charisse Wilson Says:

    I really loved the way he portrayed Andrew in”Touched By An Angel”, he was so real. He will really be missed!

  46. DunaiTeréz Says:

    Örökre a szívünkbe zártunk….hiányzol nagyon mindenkinek.

  47. DunaiTeréz Says:

    Egy igazi angyal vagy.

  48. idil gorge abdul Says:

    aim so sorry he was death jonh dye,s and he was good actor ilove hem

  49. Priscilla Ragsdell Says:

    I will always love you, John. Come get me when it is my time.

  50. Tina Riserbato Says:

    I was very saddened to hear about the passing away of John. I have always enjoyed his acting and he was one of the great actors – he had such a natural style – he will be greatly missed.

  51. Karen S. Says:

    I loved watching Touched By an Angel,and am now enjoying the re runs. I was surprised to hear that John passed..but as he played his role in TBAA im sure he became closer to GOD..so I, as a believer am sure he is sitting at GODs feet at this present time.

  52. annie webb Says:

    I will always remember you had such beautiful kind energy. One scene in TBAA” My Dinner With Andrew” the character Kate told Andrew he.” looked like love”. I always remember that scene to this day and thinking that was one of the most beautiful moments. The writer must have known you off set very well.I watch the Christmas movies,all your movies and guest appearances,Jack’s Place,Tour of Duty….I would love to have seen you in the play,”Love Letters” that you did at university. Every time I see photos of you…look like love. I wish I could have met you.

  53. william lee Says:

    u will be missed

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