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John Bonham

Born: 1948-05-31 - Died: 1980-09-25
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: John Bonham died the classic rock star death, one that is rumored for many others it seems, but actually happened to him. He basically drank a whole lot (beginning with a breakfast of four quadruple shots of vodka), went to sleep and drowned in his own vomit.

The coroner recorded: accidental death as a result of asphyxiation from vomit.

Led Zeppelin broke up and went their separate ways claiming that they could not continue on without their drummer and dear friend.

Who was John Bonham : John "Bonzo" Bonham was the legendary drummer of classic rock band Led Zeppelin, and hailed by many as the greatest rock drummer of all time.

He was with the band from the beginning to the end and technically brought the end with his death.

He was well known for his amazing drum solos, in particular, Moby Dick, which was on the album Led Zeppelin II, but was often performed live much more extravagantly. When the rest of Zeppelin gets back together for various events, they typically have Bonham's son Jason filling in for his father on drums.

Take a look at his Wikipedia page for a more elaborate history and an extensive look at the specific drum equipment he used.
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20 Signatures in John Bonham's guestbook

  1. Diego Valhalla Says:

    we´ll meet again,friend!

  2. Dale Pluskett Says:

    AMERICAN DEBUT-DENVER AUDITORIUM ARENA,12/26/1968…Opening act for Spirit and Vanilla Fudge.1st time for Berry Fays Revolving stage.Vanilla Fudge put up $750.00 & Fay $750.00, That’s right..$1500.00 To have LED ZEPPLIN play,Wotta Concert!! I WAS THERE!!!! &”THEY GOT DOWN”… >BONHAM & MOON< The good LORD must have one Hellofa Percussion section. Love & Respect

  3. Allie Benner Says:

    you were the greatest drummer who ever lived.my favorite by far.i’m sure you continue to rock.someday we’ll meet,and when we do you gotta play Kashmir! much love,and even more respect!!you were the best.

  4. Lutesy Says:

    Listening to a 20 minute drum solo by John Bonham… what a fantastic talent. Too bad he’s dead.

  5. Keith (Doodles) McCormack Says:

    One can name many good or great drummer, yet non of the come close to the talent and sound of John Henry Bonham. See you on the other side.

  6. steve liddle Says:

    you are the reason i love led zeppelin.i love your beats ,and your son kicks ass.i saw him with his band bohnam when the opened for the cult i think that was a great show the singer sounded alot like plant

  7. amber sanders Says:

    i am 17 and listen to led zeppelin ALL tha time. i wish i could’ve met you john. your drum solos are bad ass. rest in peace friend. you are remembered by many.

  8. Tonix Says:

    man you are THE history 🙂

  9. pat squitieri Says:

    simply the best there was! probably jamming with hendrix right now!

  10. Alan Nixon Says:

    He was the GREATEST

  11. Alan Nixon Says:

    I wanna Be just like him

  12. JOHN EBE Says:


  13. jimmy mastrogiovanni Says:

    John was the biggest music legend,that ever lived in the music business.So many drummers tried to play like him no way.No way zepp could go on without him,no replacing bonzo.REST IN PEACE

  14. charles deloach Says:

    the best never really die.they just play to a higher power.RIP thank you for all your greatness

  15. Betzy Says:

    Ahead of your time…legend of your time..never to be forgotten

  16. mandy Says:

    Imagine what music wudve been like had John not died.The impact Led made in such a short time was amazing,John is a LEGEND in my book.

  17. Saindoux Sioux Says:

    Claude Levasseur from Montreal Saint-Leonard is alchoolic heavy alchool drunker and tendancy to delirum cause by alchool abuse. He’s pedofilia nature he likes children too much.
    I wish his asphyxiation by his dirt vomit from alchool,beers many beers big bootles usually,one day will happen if he won’t stop his comportement almost suicidal.

  18. Terry Barnes Says:

    Never to be Equaled!

  19. john huber Says:

    have a coldy ready bonzo NEWCASTLE BROWN PLEASE !!

  20. Jimmy Says:

    You are a legend, one of the best drummers that ever was….rip brother

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