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John Belushi

Born: 1949-01-24 - Died: 1982-03-05
Cause of Death:
Drug Overdose

Death Summary: John Belushi was given a 'speedball', which is a mix of cocaine and heroin. On the night of his death, he was visited by friends Robin Williams and Robert De Niro. Upon their leaving, he was given the speedball by Cathy Smith. She was latered tried for involuntary manslaughter for giving Belushi the mixture of drugs.

Who was John Belushi : John Belushi is a classic American entertainer who is famous for being one of the original cast members on Saturday Night Live. He also had a legendary, yet short Hollywood acting career.

John Belushi was born in Chicago, Illinois. While attending high school in the area he met his future wife Judy Jacklin. Belushi's break came in 1971, becoming a member of The Second City comedy troupe. He was cast in National Lampoon's Lemmings, a parody of Woodstock which was featured Off-Broadway in 1972. This is where he first performed with future SNL stars Chevy Chase and Christopher Guest.

In 1973, Belushi moved to New York City with his future wife. From 1973-1975, Belushi was a part of The National Lampoon Radio Hour, a half-hour comedy program which featured future SNL members Gilda Radner, Bill Murray, Brian Doyle-Murray, and Chevy Chase. He became an associate producer for the show, and it was during this time he married Jacklin.

In 1975, SNL first aired and John Belushi was one of the original cast members. The show reached national prominence, and Belushi's stock soared. It was during his years on SNL that he appeared in the movie Animal House. The film was a huge success, Belushi is well known for his performance as Bluto Blutarsky. In 1979, Belushi was attached to the #1 film in America, the #1 album (The Blues Brothers: Briefcase Full of Blues), and the #1 rated television show, SNL. In 1980, Belushi followed up his renowned role of Blutarski with The Blues Brothers. The movie gained both critical and box office success.

Unfortunately, Belushi's death occurred before his Hollywood career could take off. He died from a deadly mix of cocaine and heroin. Belushi was survived by his wife.
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