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Joe Paterno

Born: 1926-12-21 - Died: 2012-01-22
Cause of Death:
Lung Cancer

Death Summary: Paterno died of lung cancer at the age of 85, just a few short months after resigning from his position as head coach of Penn State's football team. He spent 9 days in a hospital in State College, PA, battling his cancer, before passing away, surrounded by family on January 22, 2012. In the evening prior to his death, false reports emerged on the Internet indicating that he had passed away.

Who was Joe Paterno : Joe Paterno was the head coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions from 1966 through 2011. He was commonly referred to as "JoePa".

He is considered the winningest coach in college football, holding the record for the most victories by an NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) football coach with 409 wins.

A legend among football fans, Paterno's reputation was severely tarnished in 2011, when he was involved in a huge, widely-publicized scandal at Penn State regarding an assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky's child sex charges.
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40 Signatures in Joe Paterno's guestbook

  1. Linda gatlin Says:

    May god bless Joe and his family at this time….he will always be one of the best coaches in history…..

  2. Tammy Conrad Gaither Says:

    Such A great man RIP you will be missed

  3. Bob Grayson Says:

    Feels like a family member and close friend has passed… RIP Joe Paterno. Hope the pearly gates are laced in blue and white… (from Section WH Row 21 Seats 11-13…. since the early 1970s)

  4. James Porter Says:

    Child molesters everywhere have lost a great friend. His ability to watch and do nothing while kids were used for sex puts him right up there with priests,bishops and cardinals. Lest us not forget he won alot of games though so what’s a little sodomy in the grand scheme. He taught silverbacks how to play ball. Dr. Jane Goodall would be proud.

  5. FriendofJoePa Says:

    James Porter should have passed instead!

  6. James Porter Says:

    James porter was the most notorious priest molester in hstory and he is dead you idiot. You must like child molesters too friendofjopapa. Hmmmmm

  7. James Porter Says:

    Omg and your screen name has his name in it. You are a moron and that proves it.

  8. James Porter Says:

    Was that your password to get in the backroom? I am a friendofjopa ,see I’m here for the football ,yea that’s it the football.

  9. Tori Says:

    Despite how others may view us, we are all children of God and in need of His love and forgiveness. Only God knows the truth about all matters, which is why we can take comfort in the fact that He will do the judging of all mankind. May those grieving Mr. Paterno’s death take comfort that very soon, by means of God’s Kingdom, for which we pray (Matthew 6:10), Jehovah God along with His Son Jesus Christ will permanently remove death, resurrect our loved ones, and restore our minds, bodies and this earth back to their originally-designed perfect condition. Please take care.

  10. At risk youth Says:


  11. ALONDRA Says:

    Tori I do believe you may in fact be a simpleton.

  12. Freerangechicken Says:

    When you know a child is being violated there is no excuse for not stepping in and stopping it. No matter what the monetary loss may be. He of course knew just like the others on the team but he did nothing at all, absolutley nothing. Not even an anonomous tip to the police. He was a great coach so what it’s a game for god sake. He didn’t save or change lives he made fat beer guzzelers with no life happy. I mean come on people this is ridiculous it’s a ball game and he got paid very well for doing what he did. He also lived a long life like cardinal law of the catholic church. He was a coward for not saying anything about this abomination. But wow could he win a game though, so I guess that means being a part of ruining young lives is ok in some losers eyes who love a GAME that much. Gives a new meaning to touch football. I can only hope he is being passed around in hell. Thank you for everything coach paterno especially the gapeing anus you allowed me to keep as a momento.

  13. Sodomylover Says:


  14. Rene A. Daigneault Jr Says:

    Rest in peace Joe, your commitment and dedication to PSU is truly amazing and there will never be another like you.

  15. Christopher J. Stross Says:

    Coach things at Penn State will never be the same without you on the sidelines watching them boys and making sure that they are on the right path. You are a legend and your legacy will live on through your players. R.I.P. COACH

  16. Christopher J. Stross Says:

    When I say watching those boys from the sideline iof course mean their asses and packages. I didn’t want any confusion. Way to go Jo.

  17. April Carroll Says:

    You will be missed everywhere!!! You will always be the best coach in Penn State and College history! I miss ya buddy! Worse thing in sports this year……

  18. zachary thibodeaux Says:

    I love you

  19. zachary thibodeaux Says:

    you rule

  20. Gary Jones Says:

    fuq u gay nigga.

  21. _ A 2_ Says:

    I member the famous Double anal play. Touch down!!!! Two in the ass.

  22. Jenisdik Says:

    Дружба двух женщин – всегда заговор против третьей. А. Карр.
    Неразумный друг из дружбы сделает то, чего сто разумных врагов из вражды не сделают. Кабус.

  23. Carole Cox Says:

    you were in an imposible situation RIP

  24. Carole Cox Says:

    you were in an impossible situation RIP

  25. Carole Cox Says:

    your career wasw an honest one

  26. John t slater Says:

    Impossible situation my ass! Kids were getting molested.

  27. Jean Paul Says:


  28. Slobone Winthrop Says:

    He was a fine man whom only problem was fame and of course allowing child rape to continue. But other than that tiny issue he was a fine man.

  29. Rene A. Daigneault Jr Says:

    I loved how he would rub me after a game. Then of course that pesky sodomy. Yikes it was crazy times but we molested our way through them. Then we triumphed again taking only feces With our breakfast meal.

  30. Toes Noggin Says:

    He was a great man and coach so big deal he let some Negro rape occour. He did nothing I guess and knew so maybe he was an asshole. Anyways he got me a parking space at a market once just by standing up and saying I’ll male you room for a week with jerry sanduski. That ended that one

  31. the wrath Says:

    Fuckin piece of shit loser bum, fuck you and fuck Penn State, racist motherfuckers wouldnt let blacks even play on the team until the mid seventies, all of you fucker sare a bunch of hillbilly child molesting peverts who should rot in hell getting fucked in the ass constantly by a homoerotic torture demon. I hope Penn State burns to the fucking ground. Btw, im white, was an all american at Nebraska, and ive got 4 Super Bowl rings. Its not hard to figure out who I am. Ohio State is just as bad, at least they just cheat and dont condone molesting little helpless kids. Have fun in hell you bogus motherfucker!

  32. Frank Rizzo Says:

    Im glad that motherfucking racist, inbred, molesting faggot loving coward is dead. Hope he and ALL of PENN HATE rot in hell. Youre all a bunch of child loving pedilphile sodomites, and that was even before you brought the fucking niggers to the school. We could win shit in football before we got then, Bear Bryant said “I got to get one to catch one,” he didnt mean little kids JoePa, he meant getting more of those big lipped,nappy headed nigsters to play for us and win games dummy! Shit i bet you and little fruity niglet Michael Jackson done rolled a couple rounds in the hay you disgusting fucking piece of shit for a white man. Sandusky, youre already a dead man becuase you sodomized and raped ao many little white boys u fuckin disgrace as a human. Man i graduated from Penn State in 1952, now I can truly say FUCK PENN STATE AND FUCK ALL OF YOU LOSERS FOR LETTING THIS SHIT GO ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. decacat Says:

    Don’t worry about them, they’ll get theirs.

  34. Terry B. Says:


  35. Deucey Says:

    He was a total piece of shit and should have that statue taken down. He and that Sandusky pig of a man.

  36. Breasteses Says:

    Forced sodomy never had a greater friend.

  37. Decacat Says:

    I aints gonna worry they gonna git theirs do sho.

  38. Decacat Says:

    He was my idol and my mammies idol too.

  39. bill davis Says:

    If only you could have lived long enough to give us the truth … He was penn state !

  40. Muncher le carpet Says:

    Always remember what he taught us and that was simply to ignore life’s problems. No matter how spineless you maybe and don’t be afraid of rotting in hell.

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