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Jimmy Stewart

Born: 1908-05-20 - Died: 1997-07-02
Cause of Death:
Heart Failure

Death Summary: Stewart died at the age of 89 from cardiac arrest and a pulmonary embolism after suffering from alzheimer's disease and respiratory problems for a while.

He died just one day after Robert Mitchum with whom he co-starred in "The Big Sleep" The day Stewart died, President Bill Clinton said that "America lost a national treasure."

Stewart was buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California.

Who was Jimmy Stewart : Jimmy Stewart is one of the most famous actors of classic film, having starred in such pictures as "It's a Wonderful Life" and "The Big Sleep". He was also an Alfred Hitchcock favorite starring in "Rear Window", "Vertigo", "Rope", and "The Man Who Knew Too Much".

He is remembered alongside greats such as Gregory Peck, Paul Newman, and Steve McQueen.
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27 Signatures in Jimmy Stewart's guestbook

  1. D R Omdahl Says:

    Jimmy Stewart was, as ‘is’, a Great Man! Excellence a husband, father, military man, charities, and a actor. Jimmy, the Savior has a Gentleman! D.R.

  2. Jo Says:

    One of the greats.
    RIP, Mr. Stewart

  3. CLR Says:


  4. Norma Del Rio Says:

    Mr. Stewart you were a classic and one of the best. You are greatly missed.

  5. Lisa Says:

    you brought magic to all that you did.

  6. Lisa Says:

    you brought a love of life and laughter to film and warmth to our hearts.

  7. roxxi40L Says:

    He was One of my favorite two older actors, both are gone now!. He will be truely missed by the movie world and his fans!

  8. Betina Says:

    Glad that your with Boe now.We all will miss you.

  9. frankie Says:

    one of my favorite classic actors. we will miss you!

  10. Leisha Says:

    Jimmy was a great man and me made American families what they are today.

  11. Mav Says:

    Most of the real good guys are gone now. You were right up there with the best of the best. There will never be another. Just imagine if he were making those kind of films now. He would be a sensation.

  12. marc Says:


  13. samuel randrup Says:

    sir you shined!!you were a light and it will never be put out as long as we have your work to watch!be at peace//enjoy the love and comfort of the heavenly kingdom..and always know its a wonderful life..I miss you Mr. Stewart…

  14. John Says:

    A wonderful actor, the best! A true American we all loved. I think of him regularly as he is more than an actor but an American icon. From childhood I remember George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life. I will always remember him fondly. A true gentleman and the finest actor we ever had.

  15. Alison Says:

    One of the best actor’s, and a gentleman.
    Films will never be the same.

  16. maggie Says:

    loved watching your films with my mom

  17. Vanessa Says:

    My grandma was born 20 days before Jimmy and died just days after him. He was a classic. You will always remind me of a simpler and gentler time. RIP.

  18. Pamela Osburn Says:

    Watched you all my life.The world lost a great man.

  19. S. Miles Says:

    ChurchOFyear30028 wrote: Seal it off, fix it and cure it. For all excrusiating pain you only go outside endure the any excrusiating pain and go to sleep on the ground 1 night. The any excrusiating pain soaks up in the ground disappears and excrusiating pain don’t return.


  20. Daryl Lenhard Says:

    To all this Holiday Season, who look for a reason, or to rekindle their faith…
    Back in 1999, just before the last Christmas of the end of the Century in Augusta, Ks …
    It’s a Wonderful Life was played at a 100 year old theater, just days before Christmas. I tend to believe it was the longest day of the year or the 21st of December. I was working an aircraft assignment in Wichita for Raytheon and was far away from family & my home in Montana. Being on the road isn’t always the most welcome time being far from home during a holiday.
    When I heard this movie was going to be played in Color, I made a point to see it on the Big Screen . To my amazement upon arrival at the theater, was a real treat & bonus, Zu Zu in woman hood, all grown up. She was there to narrate behind the scene occurrences, both before & during an intermission.
    When I seen some “It’s a Wonderful Life” Holiday artifacts being offered, I chose the one shaped like a 6 point star with a picture of Jimmy Stewart & Zu Zu sitting on the bed. Where he was placing the pedals in his vest pocket to consol her Small Spirit that the flower will continue to live, by hiding zu zu’s pedals.
    When Zu Zu {Karolyn Grimes} asked me “who would you like me to make this out to” & write on the back of the ornament, I simply replied from the heart without thinking “Jimmy Stewart please”. She replied “in all my travels & appearances, no one ever asked me to address this or use his name before, this is a first!”
    I could see a sparkle in her eyes, near to well up & a small smile come to her lips, when she wrote on the back of this very special 1999 Christmas ornament. I look at it now 2011 & she wrote “To Jimmy Stewart – With my love! Karolyn Grimes “zu zu” & drew a small bell”. I had taken it from my home in Montana earlier this year Feb. 2011, in case I didn’t make it back for the holiday, where I could bring a little Christmas with me where ever I was. I didn’t bring any other Christmas treasures.
    After words, she asked me if I was here with anyone to see the movie & I replied I wasn’t. Karolyn asked if I would mind if she sat with me to watch the movie. Words could not explain the feeling & I simply said, “why yes” I would be honored. It was as simple as knowing a close family member was there to share the movie & time with you.
    I look back at this time that reminds me of being “home in Spirit” at the same time “being far from home in the life”. I was humbled with more consideration of the warmth of the holiday season that was bestowed upon me than who was actually sitting next to me, Zu Zu the little child {all grown up} from the movie that lays before us. Now & then I would look over to my right & glance at Ms. Grimes & see her amazement of being transposed in elation of being on both sides of the screen, caught between then & now. Just a seconds glance, not to be rude was all I needed to be “in part” with her during this seemingly historic event, possibly to capture my own reality in my personal artistic way.
    God has always astounded me with times through my life as an acknowledgement that this presence exist & I do have an Angel or two that watch over my path & passages that lie ahead.
    Again I am far from my simple home in the Mountains & do not have the wood stove burning or the sound present, near this Christmas of a simple fire crackling or the smell of the burning wood & the warmth it brings to the mind, body & Spirit by sight.
    During the intermission we had many great Christmas treats, cookies & coffee supplied by the local Augusta residents which made this 100 year old Theater come to life once again & join in with us during this enlightening Holiday festivity. The Christmas music played in the background just at the right sound level not to disturb quite conversation. It was like being in the Parlor at Charles Dickens home, “as if” musicians played in the background while the people enjoyed their stay & company.
    Karolyn mentions something that happened to her during this event in Augusta also on her web site that I would like to second, which was similar to my own experience. In few words she mentions the age of the theater, you could almost feel the ghost of those that may still be there, in so many words.
    When I left before she did, I walked outside & it snowed as if I was in Bedford Falls, the same that it snowed in the Movie when Jimmy Stewart was running home after he got his life back & eager to see his family once again. As I left the theater, unexpectedly outside I myself felt his presence above me walking with me, as if in my heart I could feel a presence surrounding my entity which left me feeling “that you’ll never ever be alone”. I was cold, but I was not chilled & felt as if the warmth of the fire I mentioned earlier walked with me. Knowing this & not being an over emotional person& level headed
    I felt my eyes & mind fill with solitude & looked over my shoulder to the upper left & said “thank you, you’re a blessed soul Jimmy Stewart”… it was not my imagination, he did hover over me in an awareness & walked with me unseen, as if it was a Crystal moment & Noel had beckoned at my footsteps from A Christmas Carol.
    I made sure my small treasure of this Christmas Past was secure & inside my glove in my coat pocket for protection.
    If Karolyn, reads this one day, I was the guy in the long Ausi Cowboy drover coat & Clint Eastwood hat with the mid length hair & beard. I thank you again for asking me to see the movie with you. Now when I see It’s a Wonderful Life, I feel like a resident of Bedford Falls.
    Most of all, the experience we both shared independently with the snow afterward, which was a Gift from God & them there Angels that watch over us, each & every one.
    Merry Christmas to all & a Happy 2012, ……. you too J.S. your greatness still survives!
    Daryl L. Lenhard
    Elliston, Montana

  21. Clint Says:

    Plain and simple …. I love watching Jimmy Stewart act…. he was great !!!!


    a great man RIP.


    What a great actor and hero (Soldier/General)

  24. Tina Riserbato Says:

    One of the last true hollywood legends of our time.

    You truly had a Wonderful Life!! I loved you in It’s A Wonderfule Life – one of my old Christmas favourites.

    You will be greatly missed on the big screen.

  25. Michael David Says:

    Jimmy Stewart was the best actor of all time.
    Not only for “It’s a Wonderful Life” but also
    for movies like “Harvey”. He was what we
    to be – a wonderful person who used his
    enormous talent to entertain us forever.

  26. Michael David Says:

    Jimmy Stewart was the best actor of all time.
    Not only for “It’s a Wonderful Life” but also
    for movies like “Harvey”. He was what we want
    to be – a wonderful person who used his
    enormous talent to entertain us forever.

  27. Pam watson Says:

    Gone but never forgotten such a great star RIP

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