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Jesse Woodson James

Born: 1847-09-05 - Died: 1882-04-03
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Shot by Robert Ford in the back of the head while Jesse James stood on a chair to straighten a picture on the wall.

Who was Jesse Woodson James : Famous American outlaw and Bank robber.
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39 Signatures in Jesse Woodson James's guestbook

  1. gregory 2e Says:

    robert fort was a gutless little freak

  2. corinne Says:

    If you are going to kill somebody at least have the balls to look them in the eyes.

  3. gary lee mullins jr Says:

    Your a legend what a coward Robert Ford did not even look you in the eyes what a shame.

  4. ashlea Says:

    i am related to him

  5. Sam and Grace Says:


  6. timothy Says:

    I am going to be you for history day at school.

  7. Michael Jackson Says:

    Can I rape u

  8. jwp Says:

    rest in peace, my brother form a differnent mother.

  9. william glisson Says:

    Long live the memory of Jesse James.

  10. Gerson T Kahengombe Says:

    The legend will not be forgotton… “Hawdy partner”

  11. Duffy Says:

    We need the reincarnation of you, your brother and the Younger brothers now more than ever. God bless you for continuing the good fight.

  12. kjrp Says:

    Rest in peace my freind.I dug you up and moved your remains like you asked.You killed my brother,in a cowerd act of greed.Now your remains rest where they should of been all along.In my septic tank.What your freakin family members gunna dig you up to see if I am lieing?Don’t be mad at me for I am already dead.I paid someone to post this.And don’t worry,I gave him a fitting burial.Before I through him in the septic tank.I let my horney dog have his way with the killer and theif.

  13. bambi Says:

    vengence is not mine..go to God, forgiveness is there..rest in peace

  14. timothy herring Says:

    jesse james was my greatgreatgrandmothers cousin growing up having my older family members talk of him as family was cool to my friends and i that sounds wrong but i love the old west and my familys piece of history in it

  15. silva family Says:

    fuck rob ford

  16. @dr!3 Says:

    this rocks i signed it

  17. unkown Says:

    I’m related to Jesse James!

  18. jc Says:

    rest in peace my dear great great cousin

  19. Alisha Says:

    dear jesse we dont no but i might be in ur family my family doesnt no yet but no matter what i love u!! <3

  20. Phillip Berry Says:

    My mother’s maiden name is Woodson. I’d love to see if I’m kin to Jesse. My grandfather was born around 1884 in Arkansas & I was told he came from Missouri.

  21. AnonymousGirl Says:

    Men were so much more handsome back then..

  22. Jessie Wiseman Says:

    Jesse James was inisent he had no right to die Shame on Robert Fort he should be hung for killing the famouse outlaw. Jesse James is an Awsome cowboy and his Legand will always be tould.

  23. romel bautista Says:

    you should not turn your back!!! your an outlaw right?

  24. romel bautista Says:

    you should not turn your back bro!!

  25. grande loks Says:

    damn you for ruining sanda bullocks life

  26. chopper Says:

    I loved you in Brokeback Mountain

  27. ben Says:

    Everyone dies, few are remembered

  28. ABSHIRE Says:

    there are laws.. jesses broke them..he is dead.. god bless ROBERT FORD..nice shot bud..

  29. Larry Steinman Says:

    Jesse, you were just another criminal created by the Federal Government. There are a lot of idiots in this world who know you only by what they learned of you in school. But I know that your life of crime started simply by trying to protect your own land! My hat’s off to you Jesse, you had the right idea, but went about it in the wrong way

  30. montee Says:

    You gave some of your weapns tomy great grandma!

  31. Gay Balls Says:

    ilike men so does jesse james we used to be gay together

  32. josh Says:

    nice death jk

  33. suzie q Says:

    U f***ing morons need to learn ur history, Jesse W. James faked his death in 1882 to evade officials n lived a peaceful life until 1935 as Jesse M. James and his great great grandson Jeremiah James looks identical to his great great grandfather, pics n dna say a lot people. So I very respectively say Rest In Peace Jesse Woodson (Madison) James <3

  34. Kaeden Says:

    Not bad at all flleas and gallas. Thanks.

  35. gnvpaytxzx Says:

    inxtaI zaxyipgutuko

  36. joe fimbres Says:

    don’t know about you guys this punk killed & rob many innicents people during his spree his game was to hurt people. i guess the sissy boy got what was coming to him. still like his film

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  38. mario boulet Says:

    I love your movies, man.
    Are you going to do some more?

  39. camiseta do palmeiras nova Says:

    talking about! Thanks
    camiseta do palmeiras nova

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