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Jerry Wexler

Born: 1917-01-10 - Died: 2008-08-15
Cause of Death:
Heart Disease

Death Summary: Gerald "Jerry" Wexler passed away at a hospice in Sarasota, Florida from congenital heart disease.

Who was Jerry Wexler : Wexler was a former journalist who made the transition to music producer. He was an integral part in signing and producing many of the biggest acts from the 1950s – 1980s. Some of the acts he worked with include Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett and many more.

During his Billboard Magazine days, Wexler coined the term “rhythm and blues”.

In 1967 Wexler was named Record Executive of the Year for turning Aretha Franklin’s career around. The very next year Wexler signed Led Zeppelin just on the strength of their demo, and his previous experiences with Jimmy Page.

Wexler retired from the business in the late 1990s and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
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3 Signatures in Jerry Wexler's guestbook

  1. Idrissa S. Dia Says:

    Love u, jerry!

  2. Clarence Key Says:

    You made so much of my memories possable.

  3. Nihayah Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this wonderful westibe! I am so excited that I found you and all of this wonderful information. I am so happy to see the love the people have for our three and four-legged friends. I have a beautiful 16 year old three legged terrier mix named Skinny. You lost her front left leg to osteosarcoma four years ago. I think her surgery was emotionally harder on me than it was physically for her and I am amazed at how resilient she became on her three legs. She was up and around and ready to chase her red ball after a couple of days.Though her surgery and treatment were expensive and really almost broke me, I would have done the same thing all over again. She has and still brings me so much love and I could not ask for more in such a perfect 30lb. package.Though at times she might smell a little doggy , that is the smell of unconditional love and I welcome it whenever I am greeted at my front door from a long hard day at work.God bless you all and your big hearts! My Skinny girl is not my pet, she is part of my family.

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