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Jeffrey Dahmer

Born: 1960-05-21 - Died: 1994-11-28
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Dahmer along with another inmate at Columbia Correctional Institution in Wisconsin was beaten to death with a bar from a weight machine while cleaning the prison gym. The cause of death was ruled as severe head trauma.

This was not the first attempt on Dahmer's life. Previously during his prison sentence, a different inmate tried to murder him by slitting his throat after a church service, but was unable to kill him.

Who was Jeffrey Dahmer : Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was one of America's most notorious serial killers who is well known for picking up gay men at bars and taking them back to his apartment where he tortured, performed experiments on, murdered and ate his victims.

He took the lives of seventeen known victims in Wisconsin and Ohio from 1978 to 1991.

Police had once had an opportunity to arrest him after one of his potential victims was found wandering around and bloody, but Dahmer convinced them that they were lovers and had just had a drunken arguement, and the police turned him back over to the psychopath. The victim who was 14 at the time was eventually murdered by Dahmer.

Multiple books have been written and movies made about Dahmer's reign of terror and songs have even been written about him most notably the song "213" performed by legendary Heavy Metal act Slayer. 213 was Dahmer's apartment number.
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89 Signatures in Jeffrey Dahmer's guestbook

  1. Mike Says:

    He did not die from a head injury he died from a broom handle rupturing his internal organs after it was shoved hard and deep up his sick depraved ass. Stop reporting the facts incorrectly.

  2. admin Says:

    I think that was just an urban legend.

  3. brandi poore Says:

    I’m doing my senior project on jeffrey dahmer!!!!!

  4. Joojoobee Says:

    Why don’t people like him who have such urges kill themselves? I don’t get it. He got out of his life easy. He should have lived to 100 in a stinking prison miserable and alone. All to look forward to death and then eternity in some kind of hell. I feel bad for his family to have such a monster in the family.

  5. malaysia donald Says:

    i say jeffery was a scary person and he got wat he deserved iam glad none of mii brother were orn during that time and im glad none of my family memebers live in milw. during the time. and to his mother and father may the god lord lay hands upon u and bless ur house hould

  6. Silke Blietschau Says:

    What you did was cruel and sick.And you had a sick Heart and Mind.many of us do though,and i hope that it’ll all be forgiven someday and that you will find your peace now.It is not going to move us forward as long as we hate….

  7. Vinay Jha Says:

    If anyone gives me birthtime and birthplace of such criminals, I would like to explore the astrological factors misguiding them.

  8. Brenda Says:

    I think jeffrey was a nice man he just was lost and needed help. He didnt know who to turn i feel he regrets it very much and i hope hes with god.

  9. Kimi Says:

    maybe some of you need to get your facts straight. but im not going to rant about all the shit i know on jeffrey dahmer. Dahmer was one of the most intelligent people i have ever read about. He had a kind heart. He never hated anyone. Something went wrong in his life. You cant explain why people do what they do. And i dont even think he knew why he did the things he did. Before he died he was baptised by a pastor that says Jeffrey Dahmer should have been forgiven of his sins. And i hope he has been forgiven for his actions, and i hope he is with the Lord Jesus Christ, where he wanted to be.

  10. Dessy Says:

    What Jeffery done was wrong and we all understand that, but everyones got a urge to doing somthing crazy they cant stop such little things like poping fingers or chomping food or somthing. We dont relize it caz we arent awake enough to see it at the time. i think jeff needed alot of help and be stuk in a sell for his life, or just a quick painless kill caz you gotta look and see just becaz hes doing a bad thing you hurting him is gonna make him hurt more and do more crazy things!!! Yes that is a sick thing he done and i even think make him go threw the same thing two times as worse, but then i think hey he couldve had somthing wrong with him!! HOrribly wrong!!! but seriously i feel bad for no one wanted to help him when he needed it most and i think he shouldnt of been threw such a rough death!!! yeah it freaks me out to think of what he done to even little kids but still!!!

  11. marlo Rice Says:

    LOVE to U jeffrey always!!!!
    My babay!

  12. Lee Harrold Says:

    Maybe I should do an ELA assignment on Jeffrey Dahmer

  13. gwen Says:

    I cannot fathom the end of the universe. I cannot fathom people like Jeffrey Dahmer who kills. I cannot fathom eating the people who he has killed. I cannot think of how anyone could hurt, maime, chop up bodies, torture living human beings. What in the hell kind of pleasure can a human have doing these things, and worse? He knew he had done wrong. Yeah, he was sick. Is there honor amomg murderers that what Dahmer done couldn’t be fathomed even by them? God is a merciful God. I hope he shows as much mercy as Dahmer did for his victims and their families.

  14. John Sabrowski Says:

    I wanted to try a piece of Mr. Dahmer’s bicep. However, I never had the chance to.

  15. Patrick Milmine Says:

    So many sad stories that couldve been avoided if he had someone to talk to when his mom took his brother and left him all alone.

  16. babe Says:

    Jeffrey was asked if he’d ever eat a clown and he said no because it would taste “funny”

  17. Heather Says:

    good you mf sick twat

  18. sarah Says:

    jeffrey, u may not b “mentally fit” by society, but u were and r often misunderstood. dnt blame urself 4 wat u did.. n my eyes, ur a kind, misunderstood man who just wants love like all of us, and i can respect that.. well, at least I can…

  19. Rev Randy Maag SR Says:

    God Have Mercy Jeffrey On You,

  20. Rev Randy Maag SR Says:

    judge not or you”ll be judge

  21. Truth Says:

    no matter what is wrong with you, no one has the right to kill another person. every day people die, some before they should, it law enforcements job to protect the people not hand them over to a maniac. No matter how bad your life is or what happened to you, you shouldnt take your anger out of others, go find a wall to punch.

  22. Robert Perkins Says:

    I think he is one of a kind! I would have like to know him! R.I.P.

  23. robin Says:

    this misrable prick died the way all there kind should in a very violent and painful way, hope he sufferd before he died.

  24. Vaxil Says:

    He was a sick bastard alright

  25. caseyandbrandon Says:

    okaaay he was a sick man but maybe he enjoyed gay men
    ilovehim <33

  26. bambi Says:

    vengence is not mine..go to God, forgiveness is there..rest in peace

  27. red Says:

    to God be the glory

  28. U R Pathetic Says:

    You people who empathize with Dahmer, love him, idolize him are just a step or two from being like him. You romanticize him, humanize him and can’t see the pain, death and terror he caused. People like Dahmer frequently idolize killers. Many of you here (Perkins, bambi, caseyand brandon, sarah, mario Rice) are very scary.

  29. Leeum Says:

    It’s silly, all of you.
    The ones who wish he was killed painfully.
    You realize you could all be like him.
    The ones who say he deserved it, you’re making threats.
    Who knows, one of you could be the next murders.

  30. mark edward thilmony Says:

    i remeber sticking my 12in dick up his tight asshole gosh those fun memories

  31. charlie C Says:

    there is good and evil in all of us.Some more good than evil.Some more evil than good.Not talking about people who don’t know wrong from right.These people have no place in society or in our penal system.They should be exacuted immediently,humanely as u would a mad dog or man eating tiger.Kill cleanly.Dispose of them like u would garbage for after all aren’t they the garbage of society.

  32. SARAH Says:


  33. Kelia Says:

    I don’t know why I’m so interested in Jeffrey Dahmer and how he lived and how he killed ect.
    I jut think it’s interesting and it’s kind of an eye opener but he was a person too, and he had thoughts like us, he just chose the wrong road, I guess…

  34. Jane Says:

    R.I.P. Jeffrey.

  35. patrick Says:

    he looked very kind first but when i heard that he ate people then… Yea R.I.P.

  36. Dinner time... Says:

    Anyone care for a bite of Jeffery??? …I have some leftovers in the fridge.

  37. nikki Says:


  38. chocolatier Says:

    Jeff used to work at a chocolate factory, and he used to steal samples to give away to his friends and social workers as well. That way he developed a sweet tooth for chocolates that he could not control.

  39. chocolatier Says:

    Jeff used to work at a chocolate factory 15 minues away from his apartment. There he would steal samples to later give them away to friends, lovers, and social workers. That’s how he developed a sweet tooth for chocolates…

  40. AnonymousGirl Says:

    Ah ha ha ha …. You’re sick Chocolatier but funny at best! Dahmer..oh man WOW is all I can really say! Look at the glasses those are straight serial killer glasses! BEWARE of anyone wearing these types of glasses NO JOKE serial killers love them! But wow, I’m glad he got too feel a little bit of pain before he died though, having you’re throat slit would not be a fun thing and I am glad that it happened too him! What I am not happy about is the person that decided they would take his life, Why grant him such a great way out! They should have just tortured him in there and let him hang on too life by a thread every day as he just continuously tortured.

  41. Chelsea & Ashley- Says:


  42. Chelsea & Ashley- Says:

    yeah…we would have had some GOOD times 😉

  43. Jesus Says:

    Dad and I want that none should perish but Lucifer can have this one. I tried to keep you alive after the beating so you could feel your disembowelment with that broom stick but your head was crushed after the 23rd blow.

    Love Jesus

  44. Katie Says:

    Wow this guy was twisted…

  45. Sympathy for the Devil Says:

    I really don’t believe Dahmer was evil. He did horrible things, but he wasn’t like Ted Bundy, who acted with anger and hate. The situation was just like.. horrible for everyone. I dunno.

  46. grande loks Says:

    jeffrey dahmer did america a favor he took care of 17 fags

  47. Cierrah Says:

    Thats what the BASTARD gets …Im glad for who ever Killed him. May the ppl he murdered “RIP” while he BURNS IN HELL.! What goes around comes Around.

  48. shonna gregory Says:

    witing a paper for class 2011

  49. jesikah Says:

    yeaahh!!! go dahmer!! you da badass!!1!!!<3

  50. Helen Says:

    This man was sick . He does not deserve Jesus , he should burn in hell for the rest of eternity . I don’t sit there and rave for hours on how much I hate him , but I cannot believe people are trying to defend him . He deserved to be cut open & watch himself bleed to death . I’m gald he’s gone so this world is a little less fucked up . RIH you son of a bitch .

  51. josh Says:

    he is gay and hes a rapest

  52. Lizzi Says:

    ^^ wishing for ANYONE to have a horrible death makes you just as sick in the head as jeff. hate to say it but life cant be all roses and pretty pink bows. im glad people are being killed everyday. there are too many fucking people. and ALL people are sick, fucked up, and pieces of shit anyway. RIP jeff. maybe things wouldve been better for you had someone paid any attention or you or given you help.

  53. UstupidNiggas Says:


  54. Anon Says:

    Who are you to judge this man? Last time I checked your “God” is the only one that can judge. If you truely believe he was that awful, God will punish him. You don’t need to.

  55. Blake Says:

    I am currently writing an essay in my college English class on Jeffrey Dahmer and the influence that his upbringing and biology had on his sadistic motives. I know it is a long title but I am working on shortening it. Over the past few weeks I have done extensive research and I am absolutely that he was not completely mentally efficient. He was not retarded or even slow by no means of the word. In fact, Jeffrey Dahmer was borderline genius. However he lacked a large part of what religion calls his soul. He was sadistic, vile, and detached but I do not feel that he was evil by choice. The deeds he committed were horrid and vile but they were strong, undeniable compulsions, much like the compulsions of those who suffer with Tourette syndrome. He deserved to be incarcerated and he probably deserved to die, but only after proper medical and psychiatric help was sought for. Though I am horrified by the choices he made, I would not be morally justified to pass any negative judgments on Jeffrey himself. I am ashamed of the diabolical acts that human nature is capable of but I do not deny the fact that every human being possesses strong unacceptable, and often inhuman, urges and fantasies. Unlike Dahmer and Gacy and Manson, most of us are able to control these urges and keep the beast within us at bay. I regret that I was unable to meet the kind hearted young child that Dahmer was before his life turned towards rage and hatred. Good bye Jeffrey Dahmer. I sincerely hope that your baptism was genuine and that your remorse was sincere. Rest in peace.

  56. Miah Says:

    Hate me for saying this, but I honestly think he repented of his wrong doing, and who are we to judge if he is in hell or heaven? My heart still goes out the family of the victims.

  57. Jnik DV Says:

    Given that he committed one of the most gruesome crimes ever, everyone deserves forgiveness, so as Jeffrey Dahmer. What I’m trying to say is, I hate what he did, I hate his actions, not the person itself. Perhaps, life would have been better for him if someone reached out to know the cause of his actions..he could’ve been somebody far from what he is known today. May you rest in peace Jeffrey Dahmer..

  58. andrew Says:

    Jeffery dahmer got what he deserved. Dammit I am tired of all of you people out there who think he was lost and needed help. This is one sick person who was beyond help. He DESERVED TO DIE!

  59. mike Says:

    Rott in pieces Jeff you murderous piece of shit you deserved much worse.

  60. Brianna Says:

    i think it would be fair to say that most everyones post on this are opinions. everyone has there own opinion and we have a right to express them. but who are we to judge him. we dont know his life, we only know what wikipedia and good have to offer. none of us were there when the murders happened. yes Jeff hurt many people. many of you dont know, that after he died, his brain was sent for studying. After closly looking over his brain, they found nothing wrong. he was normal and healthy. this to me proves that Jeff was not mentally unstable. something in him went wrong. i dont agree with him killing those young men, but i also dont think he could control himself. Jeffrey, i hope you are in a better place. whether it be heaven, hell, or no where. you are misunderstood. R.I.P.

  61. HarryBalls Says:

    Hell yes, I love you Jeffrey

  62. Admin55 Says:

    Jeffrey Dahmer was an incredible man, with incredible issues. He killed people he cared about, and some he didn’t care about. Its not his fault he took it a different way than others, Its due to a chemical imbalance…. not his will.

  63. Ryan Says:

    Infamous Necrophiliac read more at http://www.crimecasefiles.com

  64. Victoria Says:

    Even though what Jeffrey did was sick, twisted, and just absolutely horrible and literally just every family’s worst nightmare, it is sick that people are saying that he “deserved” to die. Jeffrey couldn’t control himself no matter how hard he tried. Am I saying what he did was alright? No, I’m not. Jeffrey seemed to be remorseful of his actions and wished he could fix the damage and pain that he had caused. Rest in peace Jeffrey.

  65. mrs dahmer Says:

    rest in peace my love

  66. Danielle Says:

    Jeff daimler is a sick psycho killer he deserved to be tortured to death and killed for his sick crimes

  67. A Person Says:

    This man is a human velociraptor.

  68. William Earl Miller Sr. Says:

    Example of Evil that dwells among the living! May God have mercy on his soul and heal the families that he hurt including his family.

  69. Wences Says:

    He was a genius and a crazed killerat the same time. There is no judgement day for him just death. It’s a nice but moronc thought to think we all get a judgement when we die. That belief is for the week minded. What I do know for a fact is that his cookbook My Pieces is a hit. I have tried a few recipes and loved them. Sometimes the meats are hard to get but keep trying it’s worth it. Also he tells us what to do with the extras, no waste that’s for sure. I have a ribcage rake now and an eyeball set of wind chimes. Anyhow just wants to pay myrespects.

  70. Chuck Says:

    We all miss you very much Dahmer. I just wish i had a chance to meet you. peace my friend.

  71. robert doccia Says:


  72. Abc Says:

    I like him :) idc if hes a killer

  73. Erica Mathis Says:

    J.Frost <3's you
    & Erica Mathis. She's black.

  74. Erica Mathis Says:

    really black

  75. Erica Mathis Says:


  76. Elizabeth Reeves Says:

    Praise this God and may he rest in peace for all of eternity :)

  77. Al Sartori Says:

    Despite his murderous and depraved nature, he seemed like a very polite man to hang around with. I would’ve loved to meet him, and I know that makes me look like a crazy person, but it’s the pain truth.

  78. Nicole Turner Says:

    He Killed my grandad matt turner!!!!!!!!!

  79. dylan cowart Says:

    he is fucked up in the head and deserved wat he got

  80. Alex Says:

    Big Respect Guys! Thx for the new Album , sounds great !And also a big thx for your Concept pay what you like for it, or get it for free !Boom from Germany, hope once to see/hear ya live here ..

  81. seriously Says:

    No respect , no sympathy , & it’s discusting that some of you people are saying I love jeffrey dahmer .. What if it was your brother or someone close to you that he brutally tortured and murdered? Think about the 17 victims he killed all out of selfishness for his impulsions! He was a pathetic person, & he deserved a much horrible death. God have mercy on his soul, Just as much as he gave those victims and their families!

  82. Jessjess Says:

    To anyone who says that “dahmer is with God now”, do you actually believe he’s be there? he was convicted of murdering 17 people and had to serve 15 life sentences. Even if there was a god, he would not be with him… If i was in prison with Dahmer, i’d shove a broomstick up his hole too.

  83. Me Says:

    He liked him some dead black ass

  84. Nastyassnigga Says:

    Dahmer is a sick twisted fuck. i would love to tee off on this bastard. thats THE only reason i wish he wasn’t dead

  85. Uncurrent Events 11/28 « YouViewed/Editorial Says:

    […] – In Portage, Wisconsin, convicted serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is clubbed to death by an inmate in the Columbia Correctional Institution […]

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