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Janis Joplin

Born: 1943-01-19 - Died: 1970-10-04
Cause of Death:
Drug Overdose

Death Summary: Joplin's body was discovered at the Landmark Motor Hotel in Los Angeles where she had been staying for nearly 2 months. She was found to have overdosed on heroin, and probably died as a result of the drug having been mixed with her alcohol consumption.

Her body was cremated at the Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Mortuary in LA, and her ashes were scattered into the ocean.

Just before dying, Joplin had recorded a birthday greeting for John Lennon who received the tape after she was already dead.

Who was Janis Joplin : Janis Joplin was a singer/songwriter from Texas who sang for the band Big Brother and the Holding Company before going on the solo route. Her biggest hits were "Piece of My Heart" (with Big Brother and the Holding Company) and "Me and Bobby McGee" (a cover of a Kris Kristofferson song).
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40 Signatures in Janis Joplin's guestbook

  1. Susan Cole Says:

    I have read, listened, watched every single possible thing that is related to you. I only wish I could have been around to known you in person. You are absolutley the most talented, beautiful artist I’ve ever seen. I really wish I could just see you for a moment to just hug you and tell you that you were one of a kind and that the moron’s that hurt your feelings are no good and knew nothing but their own misery. I have always loved your music and chose it above all other, but when I read the book your sister wrote I had a whole new outlook on you. I realized that you suffered as I have so many times in my school days and younger days from other people’s cruelness and rudeness, so I felt your pain as if it were my own and grew a whole new respect for you. Oh my how wrong they all were about you. If I’d been born during your time here on earth I’d found a way to get to you just to say hey girl you are Beautiful and you are something very special and don’t let no one ever make you feel in- superior. I came along in 1972, couple yrs too late, but Janis I keep you alive every day in my heart. I play your music all the time, watch all my recorded life showings of you and get lost in the words of your music. Oh Janis you deserved to live a long, happy life and deserved to know that you was a Wonderful Lady that put her mark in this world and no one can take that away.
    I love you Janis. Always with you, Your Sister in heart & soul. Susan Cole

  2. Old Hippie Says:

    Dear Janis,
    You were one of most incredible blues singer that ever lived. I remember the first time I heard with Big Brother. I watched women who were confronting their own pain find relief in your lyrics and fantastic voice. Janis, I hope your sad death, shows that we were wrong to use drugs and alcohol. Do your thing was a death sentence for a lot of old hippies and musicians. I hope the new generations that hear your voice learn from the futility of drug addiction.

  3. donna Says:

    you were great

  4. Dee Chatel Says:

    Wow…where do I begin….it’s crazy how I feel you everytime I get on stage and jam one of your tunes….
    I am inspired by what I feel…but I had to learn how to get under the music…and I have Janis…in your honour…on that day…I will feel you right behind me as I sing your tune….thank you for showin’ me….peace on! Dee

  5. Texashippie Says:

    I’d trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday with you Janis.

  6. kandi crawford Says:

    I love her because she was never afraid to be herself on stage. Long live Janis.

  7. Bryan Benson Says:

    There will never be another you. I miss your music and your stile.

  8. mark kitchen Says:

    janis was great. i love janis,and her talent,and also her songs.she was great.to those who have albums of her, they have something special.janis is missed,but may her memory live on.

  9. Keith (Doodles) McCormack Says:

    The world lost a great voice and a great person that day, Heaven gained.

  10. mark kitchen Says:

    dear janis hi im mark kitchen, and im a big fan of yours. you were a hell of a rock singer. you also had a powerful voice. it sucks that you didnt have the chance to stay around a little longer, you would of put out way more albums than what you did. you may be gone, but you will never be forgotten.

  11. Sarah Says:

    Your missed alot…

  12. Nicholas Giugno Says:

    The Best Female Rock Singer.

  13. marvin lewis Says:

    I love your music forever as well and allways love you !

  14. Johnny Morales Says:

    Janis , you were the best ,R.I.P.

  15. barbicooksey Says:

    love you

  16. george wilson sj Says:

    we miss you and pearl janis….george

  17. george wilson sj Says:

    we miss you and pearl janis …george

  18. holley Says:

    live laugh love peace! i wish i knew you

  19. tonya green Says:

    janis you are the best! and whoever denies that knows the truth and are jelous of your talents! i love your music listen everyday and i know drug addiction and its not something you can just walk away from though we all wish we could.RIP forever your biggest fan!

  20. Sal Cav Says:

    Love your music & style. One of my most fondest memories of the 60’s was seeing you perform live. Thank You!!! RIP with the angels!!!

  21. Stacy Mosley Says:

    You are my all time favorite singer- there’s not one time i go out when i don’t sing “Me and Bobby Mcgee” R.I.P. My girls love you to! My friend gave me a box set of your music, she passed last summer of an o.d! Miss her so much Wish we could have met you!

  22. Beth Ambrose Says:

    Janis, You Rock!!!! RIP One of your biggest fans <3 <3 <3

  23. rosemarie gonteski Says:

    you are still the greatest there ever was
    you will be greatly missed

  24. Janice Reyes Says:

    Dear Janis,
    Wow, he have a slightly same name 🙂 But I wish I knew you before you died. R.I.P Janis, and remember, WE LOVE YOU! <3

  25. Rebecca Says:

    Great music

  26. Roger Beleffi Says:

    Janis was a music pearl,great music!

  27. amiya Says:

    Dear Janis,eventhough I never met you,learning about your music and your legacy it makes me feel as though I known you forever.Your music has and will stand the test of time.When we all hear your music each and everytime,you still “Take a little bit a piece of my heart”!

  28. Daniel James Bolz Says:

    I was but a child at the time. I am now 44 and felt I knew you….or your sorrow.Why I well up with tears at the thought of you…I do not know.I’m glad you had some good times and got out of your shell of uncertainty. Love you and miss your presence.

  29. Boobie Needham Says:

    She Walked Hard & She Lived Hard!… God Bless Her

  30. danielle horn Says:

    i’m only 31 but loved janis why because my mom would sing us kids to sleep with her songs and now i sing them to my to kids

  31. Emily Clark Says:

    I love you Janis!! Such a sad death for someone so young

  32. dell j davis Says:

    Janis you were the best!!and still are the best.I remember wtching you on t.v,Loved your music and still do. Love @ peace….sis.

  33. suzanne Says:

    hangin’ with you at the chelsea was the best weekend a 14yr old could have—-you taught me how to be tough–still with me———-sing with the angels

  34. Frak Telese Says:

    Janis,after all these years,we still love you.

  35. Lorraine Gutierrez Says:


  36. Eva Reyes Says:

    Janis, in school you were bullied, you became famous and still you were bullied. all you really wanted was someone to love and above all someone who returned that love. You are loved Janis. Never forgotten.

  37. diamondsmiles Says:

    I would love to have seen how much you evolved, or not. had you lived a lot longer.

    I hope you found the peace you couldn’t fine on Earth <3

  38. Amelia Wilson Says:

    If you dont use drugs you dont die of overdose, do you? Love ya always RIP

  39. Shane Allen Says:

    Dear Janis,
    I have been in love with you the first time I heard your voice. You are just a beautiful person. I have always have said that I would love to meet a girl like you, but they’re hard to find, they’re all are not like you. I would have loved to meet you, because me myself had problems in school like I didn’t fit in and was bullied because I didn’t have alot of money, and wasn’t the best looking guy, you know. But I know that you would love me. You’re a great person, although you left us so soon, you haven’t left me, even my kids will listen to you, you’re the greatest.I would love to hug you and have met you, maybe one day.

  40. joanie Says:

    what a voice, no one could do it better. You know u got it Janis, Long live that emotinal voice of yours

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