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Jani Lane

Born: 1964-02-01 - Died: 2011-08-11
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Jani Lane was found dead at a Comfort Inn in Woodland Hills, California on August 11, 2011. An official cause of death has yet to be released.

Who was Jani Lane : Lane was a lead vocalist, frontman, lyricist and songwriter for the popular glam metal band Warrant.

Born John Kennedy Oswald, Lane was the youngest of five children. His brother was an accomplished musician, and taught Jani how to play drums at the age of four. By the age of 11 Lane was playing drums for various bands in bars and nightclubs, under the name of Mitch Dynomite.

Later in life, when Warrant was finally establishing some notoriety on the club circuit, they began to attract attention from various record labels. They eventually signed with Columbia Records and partnered with Tom Hullet (who is known for working with The Beach Boys, The Moody Blues, Three Dog Night, Elvis, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix among others).

During the bands career they had several hit songs: Heaven, I Saw Red, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Down Boys, Big Talk, Sometimes She Cries, Blind Faith, We Will Rock You... arguably their biggest hit was Cherry Pie (as it's the song they're known for).
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41 Signatures in Jani Lane's guestbook

  1. Rena Lou Says:

    You rocked our world Jani, but you are at peace now…may you sing with the Angels <3 <3

  2. Angie Says:

    So sad to hear such bab news i remember when i first heard warrant feel in love

  3. Starla Dodge Says:

    Jani, I know that you’re in a better place and that you can sing your wonderful songs for God and Jesus now and that you’re at peace!! I’m so glad that I got to see you 4 times in concert and got to meet you once at the Grizzly Rose here in Denver, Colorado!! You will be missed!!!!!!!!!! RIP!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tim Dodge Says:

    RIP buddy!! You’ll be MISSED A LOT!!!!!!!!!! Now you’re in a better place and God can take better care of you!! I’m glad that I got to meet you once and got to see you in concert 4 times!! RIP!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Tajghi D'Chea Brashear Says:

    Jani you are my role model, everytime i hear the song “Shes My Cherry Pie” I always think of you.. you will be missed dearly.. but you an your songs will always be remembered in my heart <3 may you R.I.P Jani <3

  6. Rich Ross Says:

    My favorite singer/songwriter. So sad to have to say goodbye to the Song and Dance Man. Rest in peace Jani. You will be missed.

  7. Jennifer Says:

    Jani Lane was my first Celeb crush. My walls were plastered with Warrant posters. I <3 Warrant's music. Saw Warrant in concert in 1992…AMAZING! Thoughts and prayers go out to his family! :'(

  8. Max Stevens Says:

    Was a mediocre entertainer. Sure someone will miss him.

  9. nancy baker Says:

    Sad to see you leave so soon. Im glad i got the chance to see one of your kick ass concerts. My thoughts n prayers go out to your family. R.I.P jani. We will miss you but you will remain in our hearts.

  10. shane sadler Says:

    never got the chance to catch warrant live in new zealand but always enjoy your music over the years R.I.P. Jani

  11. Oliver Says:

    Heaven isn’t too far away…may the lord be with you!

  12. Jason Says:

    Does anyone else agree that this bug-eyed fucker was ugly as hell……. I will miss never seeing him on Celebrity Rehab.

  13. Shelley Says:

    Far to young and talented !

  14. Rod scarborough Says:

    Jani was the best. I wish I could have saw him in concert. Thanks for everything jani !

  15. Rockin' Rob Says:

    How sad to go at such a young age, but left behind a great legacy of timeless songs. Truly a great voice in rock-n-roll history.

  16. Jacquie Says:

    Your spirit and music will live on. You are free and no longer in pain. We will miss you… R.I.P. Jani
    Gone but never forgotten

  17. Victoria Says:

    I will never forget you Rest in Love

  18. PKC Says:

    May you Rest in Peace you are now in a better place where you will never hurt again !!!! May you rest in your mothers arms once again !!!

  19. Angela Davis Says:

    Rest in Peace Angel Face.I will be a fan till I die,love you for life.

  20. david van hevel Says:

    jani you can how have your cherry pie in heaven now keep rocking bro

  21. Angela Davis Says:

    I love you.

  22. janie raynea dressler McClure PA Says:

    Jani I played your music loud,I’m goin to miss u too… good bye my friend…

  23. janie raynea dressler McClure PA Says:

    i ,played your music loud,I will miss u man keep on rockin!!!!!OXOXOXOX

  24. Donna Says:

    So sorry for the family…Jani was yet another lost to the disease of addiction…others who are suffering please dont give up..there is a light at the end of the tunnel

  25. Chris Says:

    I was just thinking about this band the other day too, dang. RIP

  26. Rozier Says:

    R.I.P to our generations greatest singer/songwriter. You had that rarity in that you could express what we all needed to express. The world of music will be a sadder,emptier place now you can no longer sing any new songs for us. However, your legacy is the inspiration which you have left for future generations. God bless you Jani Lane

  27. Gregory Says:

    One of the most beautiful Rock balads Written his voice will live forever (RIP)Jani Lane. You were while you were here and you are now that your in heaven an inspiration and rock legend to all us Rock -N- Rollers! Rock the heavenly Angels Jani!

  28. Giuseppe Corrias Says:

    your music is part of my life, and it always will be. rest in peace Jani

  29. kathleen Says:

    r.i.p. jani i still listen to your music, i grew up listening to warrant, u still rock my heart

  30. unknown22 Says:

    cause of death is alcohol poisoning it was on the news

  31. misty hindmon Says:

    I loved your voice…every time I hear cherry pie I can’t help but dance…

  32. Diane Says:

    Rest In Peace, Jani…. you have made an impressive mark in rock history, you will not be forgotten.

  33. Katie Hudson Says:

    she my friend rip

  34. Katie Hudson Says:

    he made the song cherry pie in 1989

  35. Clark Loro Says:

    I was just looking through a box of old letters, and found the note Jani wrote to me, thanking me for lending him my tape player in 1991, when I was 14 years old and on the same flight as him. I didn’t know who he or Warrant was, but thought he was really nice, and remember him giving me a dollar after handing the tape player back to me. Peace to Jani and all who loved him.

  36. frankie stylz Says:

    R.I.P i loved your music…

  37. ricky parker Says:

    such a shame.

  38. willaim black Says:

    Warrant had just signed a record contract. I was back stage in Denver w/ a friends band who opened for Warrant. They had the same agent. Jani seemed really stuck on his self. It seems his life was very sad w/ drugs etc. I hope he made his peace w/ God. never to late for everyone. Accept Christ.

  39. Dee Says:

    Saw Warrant in summer of 91. Sure wish I could’ve met you Jani!! RIP

  40. mate Says:


  41. william lee Says:

    u will be missed

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