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Jam-Master Jay

Born: 1965-01-1965 - Died: 2002-10-30
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Jay was 37 years old when he was fatally shot in a recording studio in Queens, NY. The person he was with at the time was also shot in the leg but survived.

In 2008, Ronald "Tenad" Washington who was a suspect in the murder of Tupac Shakur's associate Randy Walker was named as an accomplice in Jay's murder.

Who was Jam-Master Jay : Jam-Master Jay (real name - Jason William Mizell) was the DJ and one of the founding members of legendary rap group RUN-DMC who's hits included King of Rock, Rock Box, My Adidas, the modern Christmas classic Christmas in Hollis, and of course the teaming up with Aerosmith on a cover of their song Walk this Way.

RUN-D.M.C is one of if not THE most influential groups in hip-hop history and much of that is thanks to the beats and records that Jam-Master Jay provided.

He also went on to start his own record label - Jam Master Jay Records.
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15 Signatures in Jam-Master Jay's guestbook

  1. Tyren b.q. Bailey Says:

    hi im dj strango and i ahve been a guest of run dmc and his music and it inspired meas jam master jay is known today………….rev run is fucking pissed even more …………………… these words will be in my heaad forever

  2. Reginald James Says:

    I hate that you was taken away from us like that
    I hope and pray that your still making music in
    heaven jam on Jam-Master Jay

  3. grim Says:

    keep guns away from niggers and they will live longer. not that im complaing. thats hardcore pussys who cant fight, guns ARE FOR PUSSYS.

  4. katie Says:

    Run Dmc Jam Master Dies RIP

  5. Charlette Tucker Says:

    RIP JMJ we all know the good die young your music was around before I was born and shall enjoy listening to your music til the day I RIP

  6. cory Says:

    so sad he had to die hope ur still jammin out up thier buddy

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  8. zbus Says:

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  9. Ethel Says:

    Missed talent. You were a pioneer and the BEST. RIP. Peace to the ones left behind.

  10. Cock boy Says:

    I wanna c pics of the murda scene

  11. Harlena Jones Says:

    Gone but never forgotten

  12. Run Says:

    Killed a legend over nonsense. The ones that did it used to listen and party to his music. Some say preme had it done.well fifty still blew so he died for nothing? Idiots!!!!

  13. Run Says:

    Grim, your a racist piece of shit. You don’t deserve the tissue that wipes your cracker ass. Most white ppl are scared of brown men because we are the original human race. Physically stronger,skilled,intellectual,brave and smarter. We created rock and roll (chuck berry) and we created doo-wop,r&b,and hip-hop. White ppl created guns cause they can’t fight. Never could. F- u and your pink ass cracker pale so called parents. They taught u how to be nothing.

  14. Muhammet Says:

    Dear Houvig Family,WOW! Everything and Everyone were breathtaking. Nicole looks gormlaous, Jay sophisticated and the cake so unique. The smiles were heartwarming.I am so glad that the day was as beautiful as the party!Love,Mary Ann McCarthy

  15. jane lewis Says:

    i will keep his family in prayer

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