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Jack LaLanne

Born: 1914-09-26 - Died: 2011-01-23
Cause of Death:
Complications from pneumonia

Death Summary: LaLanne died of respiratory failure due to pneumonia at his home in Morro Bay, California

Who was Jack LaLanne : LaLanne was a fitness, exercise, and nutritional expert, who has often been referred to as "the godfather of fitness". He wrote many fitness related books, and hosted a fitness show that ran from 1951 to 1985.

LaLanne was born in San Francisco, California, the son of French immigrants. LaLanne admitted to having a troubled childhood, until the age of 15 when he heard a speech from health food pioneer Paul Bragg. After the speech, LaLanne dedicated himself to focus on diet and exercise habits. His main focuses were on bodybuilding and weightlifting.

LaLanne earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, and opened his own health spa in 1936. LaLanne is credited for designing the first leg extension machines, and weight selectors which are standard in gyms today. LaLanne's health spa business expanded by leaps and bounds, and in 1980 there were over 200.

Along with his health spa business, LaLanne brought his message to the television screen. "The Jack LaLanne Show" ran for many years. It started as a local program in San Francisco, and eventually ran nationwide in 1959.

Going into older age, LaLanne still advocated health awareness. In an interview with Katie Couric, he's quoted as saying, "if man made it, don't eat it" and "if it tastes good, spit it out".

LaLanne is survived by his wife Elaine, son Jon, and step-son Dan.
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18 Signatures in Jack LaLanne's guestbook

  1. Enrique Abalos Says:

    sounds like a very interesting man who did alot for something that i love

  2. Diana Says:

    I just want to wish Jacks family my condolesences sorry for your loss. I just lost my dad Decemebr 26th so I know it is a difficult time for you.

  3. Otherlyn Says:

    Sympathy and prayers go out to Jack’s family and friends. He was a good man who cared about helping people, and very likely was responsible for saving lives. I remember working out with him via his early TV shows. I was just a little girl but I liked him and his beautiful white German Shepherd dogs. He was always upbeat, gentlemanly, and full of life. This was a good man! RIP, good Sir.

  4. Ime Says:

    RIP Jack

  5. Lisa Palmgren Hogg Says:

    I watched him as a Child in Black and White TV Probably with My Mother….then saw him Many Years later on TV when he was still working Out and he still Looked so Fit…He was dedicated to his “art” …So Very sorry to hear of the Loss to the World…God will take good care of them….Their Passing is Never easy…I know..It is never easy..Blessings to the Family…
    Sincerely,Lisa Palmgren Hogg

  6. shermanloteyro Says:


  7. George Says:

    I still can not STOP thinking and crying inside….how could he have gone? HE never had cancer, arthritus, or bad heart…maybe clogging of the arteries…..taking calcium carbonate will do that…..I just do not get it….he was supposed to have a top auto immune system….did they give him a pnemonia shot…..maybe he reacted to that….did he get the pnemonia from the hospital….was it viral pnemonia….it is deadly…I miss Jack and his most latest photos….how did he age so fast….what was wrong…please tell us where he went off in the wrong direction….this could have been prevented…..Jack was good for at least 110-120 years; not 96…..What a man and what an inspiration…..JaCK LALANE….WITH ALL MY HEART AND DEVOTION TO HIS LIFE AND WHAT HE STOOD FOR….GOD BLESS……..GEORGE

  8. darrell johnson Says:

    The only person qualified to teach,exercise nutrition body building,shaping up in the,early years,was Mr. Jack Lalanne,he truly lived it and Set,the best example for us kid’s in the 60s 70s and 80s-I bought his juicer,and worked out as a kid…..1966 10yrs.old

  9. darrell johnson Says:


  10. Fergus lewis Says:

    Sounds a interesting person rest in peace!

  11. Glory Overby Says:

    He and I grew up I am now 50 and loved to see him and happy the awesome dog. He will be greatly missed. elaine will be in my prayers. we will see him in heaven and happy too. Love Glory of Denver colorado.

  12. alastair Says:

    says he opened a health spa in 1936. Not bad for a 10 year old!

  13. alastair Says:

    No, sorry, that’s a 22 year old. Still good!

  14. Brooke Raymond Says:

    I ‘grew up with him’ and he was an inspiration for my troubled young life. He gave a wisdom and direction that I have sustained in one form or another throughout my own life. A great father figure and positive force for all that can be attained by human beings.

  15. Duke Walker Says:

    I remember watching Jack as a child, I loved his show. He was an inspiration. This is the only Guest book I have ever signed.


    Mr. LaLanne, I grew up with your show (70’s Reruns) and utilized many of your exercises in my daily life. You will surely be missed, your fan…

  17. erwin stein Says:

    One of the healthiest men who ever lived

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