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Isaac Newton

Born: 1643-01-04 - Died: 1727-03-31
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: He died in London in 1727.

Who was Isaac Newton : He was one of the most important scientists of all time. President of the Royal Society, Physicist, astronomer, inventor, mathematician. You may have also heard of the "theory of relativity".
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14 Signatures in Isaac Newton's guestbook

  1. denise Says:

    hey im a fan of you….hehehehe…..u are soooo cool…

  2. denise Says:


  3. brittany Says:

    how in the hell did sir isaac newton die??????????
    oh my god i have to know and it dont say!!!!

  4. monique hehe Says:

    he was awesome

  5. Nechelle Says:

    HEY i luv my bubs newton we liked to eat apples!!

  6. dani Says:

    heyyyyyyyyyyyy yo wats up

  7. Bree Says:

    I need to know the answer. How long did he live? i am doing a report a stupid science report. HELP ME!!!

  8. Karley. Says:

    good job discovering gravity. i hate sara.

  9. ibida Says:

    HAAAAY!!!! the discovering of gravity was when newtons thang went up!!

  10. bob Says:

    Isaac Newton rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Dhanae01 Says:

    Wow This Thing Is Crazyy ….. He Has The Same Hair As This Girl . Lol xoxo

  12. caca Says:

    im hungry

  13. christopher charles Says:

    Hi Isaac,hope you were soo special,rather than the way world valueing you to day,all the theories will be cupt up to infinity.I real love what you did.

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