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H.P. Lovecraft

Born: 1890-08-20 - Died: 1937-03-15
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Lovecraft died at the age of 46 after suffering for nearly a year from intestinal cancer and malnutrition.

He grew poor in his later years and was buried under his family's monument in Providence, Rhode Island, but four decades later, a new personalized headstone was paid for by his fans. Twenty years after that in 1997, someone attempted to dig up his body, but dug at the new headstone rather than the family monument where he actually was. The new stone was vandalized with the words:

"That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with stranger aeons even death may die."

Considering that this is perhaps Lovecraft's most famous quote, perhaps this should be considered as a tribute rather than vandalism, however disrespectful the act itself may have been.

Who was H.P. Lovecraft : Howard Phillips Lovecraft is one of the most influential writers of horror, fantasy, and science fiction in history. He was often compared to Edgar Allan Poe.

His work has had great influence on the likes of Stephen King, Neil Geiman, John Carpenter, and even Metallica, not to mention countless other horror authors and heavy metal groups.

Some of his most famous works include: The Call of Cthulu, The Necronomicon, and The Dunwhich Horror.

Many films have been made based on his work as well (often by Stuart Gordon): Reanimator, From Beyond, Dagon, The Lurking Fear, and the Dunwhich Horror.

Due to Lovecraft's vague but effective writing style, the film adaptations have rarely captured the true imagination of their source materials.
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