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Henry Ford

Born: 1863-07-30 - Died: 1947-04-07
Cause of Death:
Cerebral Hemorrhage

Death Summary: Ford died in Fair Lane, Dearborn, MI at the age of 83.

Who was Henry Ford : He is best known for creating the "assembly line" manufacturing process, a continuous manufacturing technique for mass production, a system used today universally. He's also the creator of the Ford Motor Company.
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13 Signatures in Henry Ford's guestbook

  1. david d. foster Says:

    henry ford,america needs you even more today

  2. Larry Ahl Says:

    Thanks for Greenfield Village, enjoy going there every year. Henry and Tom Edison, American heros

  3. Shannon Says:

    I’m doing a research project on you. Your life seemed very interesting!

  4. Nick Says:

    too bad henry few hated Jews. Look it up. he wrote a whole short book about it. He did some good things, but he was a terrible person. This is all absolutely true.

  5. Brandon Lyter Says:

    january 6,2009

  6. jdkshfjkhgv Says:

    never be missd

  7. natalie bruno Says:

    Wazuup playahs!!!!!!!!!! crazy wit neon colors nd loving how they roll!!!! crazy hats ppl nd batman dark knight!!!!!

  8. Lindey Says:

    I have been asighned to do a report on you i never really noticed how interesting your life is until now!! RIP Mr. Ford

  9. Seth Wise Says:

    OMG im in the computer lab doing this ahah, im post to be learning stuff about him ahhahahahha

  10. Josh Miller Says:

    i love you henry ford

  11. samuel kirkwood Says:

    i go hard in da paint bruh

  12. samuel kirkwood Says:


  13. Chandalar Davis Says:

    I chose to do a report on you as a former ford owner (may my truck RIP)

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