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Harland Sanders

Born: 1890-09-09 - Died: 1980-12-16
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Sanders was diagnosed with Leukemia in June of the year he died. In December, he contracted Pneumonia which is what finished him in the end.

He is buried in Louisville, Kentucky in his trademark white suit and black tie.

Who was Harland Sanders : Harland David Sanders is known as Colonel Sanders, the creator of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and of course The Colonel's Original Recipe.

Sanders was actually not a Colonel in the military, but a private in the Army. He was given the nickname the "Kentucky Colonel" by Governor Ruby Laffoon.

The Colonel's original recipe is still kept top secret, even to KFC staff. Different portions of the ingredients it contains are made at different locations around the U.S. and the complete recipe is kept in a vault in the Headquarters.
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37 Signatures in Harland Sanders's guestbook

  1. kate Says:

    i love your original kfc chicken so much!

  2. grace and adam Says:

    i love ur brand new idea OF GRILLED chicken. But u made anti social because i am now over 550lbs of pure trans fat kfc chicken, THanks

  3. grace and adam Says:

    im gonna steal your recipe cuz i know where its at!! its in ur headquarters!! haha way to tell everyone!

  4. some nigger Says:

    fuckin faggot gimmesomechicken nigger

  5. tyrone Says:

    fuckin faggot gimme some chicken and some watermelon with some purple drank

  6. grim Says:

    he is not a nigger he is a african ameri……………….. oh wait

  7. the killer Says:

    why are you so harsh to him I like his food you ass

  8. Eric Leathers Says:

    Colonel was a great man, you idiots need to pull your head out of your asses and realize how great of a man the colonel was. He could do anything, soo fuck you haters you ass holes. Got it? Good. Muff said.

  9. john Says:

    johnny boy

  10. nick Says:

    Omg nooooooooo hes dead nooo i want chicken

  11. Darren Apelo Says:

    the best chicken in the world.

  12. DANIEL Says:


  13. some crazy guy Says:

    thank you for inventing the kfc

  14. Peter Griffin Says:

    gimme me some chicken!

  15. fsdiofniosdhfusdh Says:

    nice beard

  16. Ruth livingston Says:

    My favorite place of all time

  17. person of the amazing superman fan club Says:

    heyy heyy yo yo dead perseon….hows it hanging man??!!!!!!!!!!

  18. ja"nae" muffin Says:


  19. Mr. Weezy Says:

    wats up man’ey?

  20. taylor Says:

    El dia de los muertos!
    and i used you for my spanish project(:

  21. poop on fyaa Says:


  22. poop on fyaa Says:


  23. Abs Says:

    Fitness and Shape post, truly!


  24. Shewa Says:

    This is your best topic yet!I’m going to share this with my team members.Amazing post, honest!


  25. Noah Says:

    You look like my Grandpa……

  26. Matt Says:

    He ate too much chikin……

  27. Matt Says:


  28. your mom Says:

    he lived a very good life. he shaped the Americans to what it isa today! literally SHAPED them!

  29. your mom Says:

    America Sucks

  30. Noah Says:

    I agree

  31. Some jew Says:


  32. kick ass grandma Says:

    i kick america’s ass

  33. Some jew Says:

    you cant they dont have an ass…..

  34. Paul William Wolfe Says:

    Your fried chicken is still the best, but I really enjoyed the opportunity of meeting you in my youth Colonel and it was indeed both an honor as well a pleasure sir!

  35. payday store Says:

    Amazing job about this message. Really seems ahead than the last handful. Keep it up.


  36. Kayla Says:

    I love your chicken! Great job Colonel Sanders!

  37. George Hernandez Says:

    Colonel is my man i will love him for ever

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