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Guglielmo Marconi

Born: 1874-04-25 - Died: 1937-07-20
Cause of Death:
natural causes

Death Summary: Marconi died at the age of 63. Following his death radio stations around the world observed radio silence for two minutes.

Who was Guglielmo Marconi : An Italian electrical engineer, an inventor, won the physics Nobel prize in 1809. He is generally considered the inventor of the radiotelegraph. In 1901 he sent signals across the Atlantic for the first time.
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  10. Ummmmm.... hi..? Says:

    Well, I have to do a report on him for a history assignment, and I need more information on his death… This sucks. It has to have three pages and I just need a few more sentences.

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  16. Sarah Says:

    I’m doing a project on him! I know he’s dead, but all I know is that he made the first crude transmitter and recevier. Also a Radio Wave.

  17. Sarah Says:

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