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Gregory Hines

Born: 1946-02-14 - Died: 2003-08-09
Cause of Death:
Liver Cancer

Death Summary: Hines was only 57 years old when liver cancer took his life at his home in Los Angeles, California.

When he died, he was engaged to be married to a bodybuilder named Negrita Jayde.

His idol Sammy Davis Jr. also died of cancer, though his was of the throat.

Who was Gregory Hines : Gregory Hines had a variety of talents. He was probably best known as an actor, but he was also a singer, a tap dancer, and a choreographer.

He even displayed his tap dancing talent in the film Tap, in which he acted.

Other films that he is remembered for are Running Scared, Eve of Destruction, A Rage in Harlem, Waiting to Exhale, and Renaissance Man. He also had a part in Jim Henson's The Muppets Take Manhattan.

Hines won numerous awards for his talents and was nominated for many more.
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102 Signatures in Gregory Hines's guestbook

  1. Morrighana Says:

    I miss your smile and your great talent. You were one of a kind. God Bless you in heaven.

  2. J. Frank Nash Says:

    As we past 5 years since you’ve passed on, I am glad to have been able to witness the greatness that was you man. Please say hello to Luther, what a talent show God has

  3. Karen Storms Says:

    I so enjoyed his performance in White Nights with Mikael Barishnakov. He was sooo smooth in the rehearsal hall scene. It was the reason I watched the movie over and over. And, at Sammy Davis, Jr’s birthday show, he and the Grand Tapper danced together….what a treat. He was so right to kneel and kiss Sammy’s feet. But, he was really close to the perfection of any tap dancer I’ve seen.



  5. Rafael Irizarry Says:

    I just found out Gregory passed away and I surely feel sad. I remember him in a Merv Brook movie dancing and acting as a slave in ancient Rome… many of us will surely miss him, God rest his soul.

  6. Alex Says:

    Thank you entertaining us with your great talent Rest in peace….

  7. JoAnnA E. Foris Says:

    I miss watching Gregory Hines, he was a Great Talent, & although I never met him, he was a real decent man to watch, I 1st saw him & his older brother on; “Sesame Street”, I’m sorry he’s gone, yet he left behind a decent legacy, & his children & grandchildren are part of that legacy.

  8. John Says:

    tap was a good movie

  9. Tommy Brown Says:

    Gregory was a true role model for others to emulate. He will be sorely missed for his grace as a actor, dancer, and humanitarian. His legacy lives in those who witnessed his talent. Rest in peace my friend..and may God bless your family!

    Tommy Brown

  10. frances Says:

    REST IN PEACE, you were a great actor. god wanted you sooner then expected.. sleep tight, you are missed. love a long time fan..

  11. gregory hines Says:

    thank you

  12. Lila Ace Says:

    Didn’t like some of his films but he was one of the best and talented tap dancers in the industry. A shame to loose him at the prime of his career. Rest in peace.

  13. Joey Says:

    talented tap dancer, loved him with billy crystal and he was great in that russian movie white nights. deeply missed.

  14. Shelley Owens Says:

    I just watched White Nights and couldn’t remember what he died of so I looked it up. What a talented man he was & he is missed by all.

  15. Sunrise Says:

    What a beautiful human! You are a legend my friend. In my mind I play over and over the duet you did with Luther Vandross “Nothing Better Than Love”…what a timeless piece. You are forever in my heart.

  16. Sharon Says:

    Marvelous talent, and smooth…Man, so smooth!

  17. Carol Says:

    You were the best. I really miss you. Tap is one of my favorite movies. You were awesome in it and White Knights. I’m sorry you had to leave this world so soon.

  18. wale adegbite Says:

    im yout greatest fan, though far away in Nigeria, I had admired your talent, especialy your duet song with luther vandross. May your soul rest in perfect peace. amen

  19. Diane Byers Says:

    There are some public people that project an inner goodness of spirit. I got that feeling from Mr. Hines. I was deeply saddened at his passing. I just watched Waiting to Exhale, again, and found myself grieving his loss. God bless him and those he left behind.

  20. Cierra Says:

    we’ll i remember him in waiting to exhale.
    he was the neighbor and he loved to stare at gloria’s butt.that was so cute.then i remember when him amd tyric both needed cheese on their samdwich!!!!

  21. Tina rodriguez Says:

    Gregory was a fabulous dancer and great singer, i think of him often i think i will never forget such a great person he will always live in my heart and mind

  22. Eunice L Says:

    I still miss you..

  23. Sandi Morgan Says:

    Your acting was great, but I will miss seeing you dance. You were the BEST.
    Rest In Peace, Gregory Hines…..your talent will live forever.

  24. danyell hunt Says:

    my husband and i will miss your talent.

  25. Jennifer Says:

    You had me from your SNL performance with Eubie Blake. That voice . . .shoulda been a recording artist as well as showcasing your acting & dancing talents. You are missed.

  26. Evelyn Jackson Says:

    We miss you Gregory Hines. God rest your soul.

  27. Rose Barnes Says:

    I spent this early morning in your company. Your talent was immense and magical. Thanks for sharing. You continue to be uplifting for many of us.

  28. James Johnson Says:

    Still loved and missed. May the heavenly host receive at least half the joy you brought to us

  29. Garry Christian Says:

    A great talent that he shared with us, never to be forgotten. The “GREAT” Gregory Hines… You will live forever in our minds.

  30. fritz Says:

    you are missed! a lot!

  31. Alicia Says:

    Over 6 years now since your passing…you are still and always will be here with us in spirit though. You are my favorite and have always felt a connection to you. I know you are taping in the heavens above!!!

  32. Rita D Says:

    Gregory we grew up together Imade it my business to see everything you were in. I will miss you forever.

  33. daphne fisher Says:

    he was so very loved and will be missed houston texas

  34. Beverly Pease Says:

    He was a wonderful actor. His role on “Will and Grace” was terrific. And could he tap dance! I do miss seeing him on tv and in the movies.

  35. Sandy Fleming Says:

    I am watching white nights as i am writing this. I loved him in Tap – what a wonderful dancer and seems like he was a wonderful human being. I have always admired him.

  36. Marcus Daniels Says:

    Was just watching the Preachers wife and was thinking i wish he was still here. He was a wonderful actor. He is defintely one of the actors I would of like to met.

  37. Beverly Longmire Says:

    Talking about an all around Giant.. Gregory Hines was one of a kind. Dancer,Actor, and what I loved the most was a him having that smooth,sexy and profound sound. I truly miss him….

  38. Robert Simpson Says:

    Sure miss your great dancing. Whenever someone mentions tap, I alway think of you in White Nights. There will never be another of your stature.

    Thanks for the memories.

  39. Dream Says:

    I can’t take it that u are gone, my heart beat very fast when I’m seeing the video of u and Luther, I wish God can wake u up for me for the last time.

  40. with The Dance Acadamy of Bartlett Says:

    I never knew you, but i look up to all that you have done

  41. Maxine Harris Says:

    I miss you, from Evergreen, AL



  43. L.Schutz Says:

    You were a great actor & person.

  44. L.Schutz Says:

    Best Wishes. In Canada you wil be missed!!

  45. Elston Freeman Says:

    You were an incredible individual with a myriad of talents. You are and will continue to be missed. Thank God for blessing us with you.

  46. Manuela Ramirez Says:

    I miss you immensely

  47. Patrick Says:

    Greg man, that song with you and Luther…killer…your many talents…killer…i still miss you bro…hope we reconvene singing together before the throne room…can’t wait to hear you tap again-peace my bro…

  48. Lindelani Mavundla Says:

    The day I heard you had moved on to a better place, I was heart broken, your album and your song with Luther took me through some difficult moments as a youth in South Africa…listening to your songs made me feel at peace and anything was possible…your dearly missed, I love you brother..

  49. Saundra Williams Says:

    I passed you one day in the street in lower manhattan years ago. You walked like a dancer… God bless your soul. You are missed. XOXO

  50. Sylvia Domingue Says:

    I will miss you Gregory, your talent, your smile and your ability to make us laugh. I cried so long after your death because your energy was so infectious,it was hard to believe you were so ill. Thank you for entertaining us all for so many years. I will miss you.

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  72. Felicia Elliott Says:

    Rest in Peace to the very talented Gregory Hines you will be missed very much.

  73. joseph bentley Says:

    i will never forget his appearance with Ube Blake on SNL. He was one of the most talented performer this country has ever produced. My heart goes out to his wife and family. God Bless.

  74. Adrian Brooks Says:

    ” I Love your movie everytime it comes on i just have to watch it the TAP skills are so impressive which got my interest into Tap Dancing and Sammy Davis Jr. Wrecked it ” Miss you much.

  75. carmen Says:

    Hey Tapy it has been 5 years and u are still missed. Fancy feet we love u.

  76. BJ Abrams Says:

    http://www.arartsbs.org is my site; my Hines was such an inspiration, just finished watching “Taps” on the new Bounce network, great, he is greatly missed.

  77. jon petter oie Says:

    I thank you, not only for what you was but for whom you was. The best of the best. Yes… I miss you’re smile and you’re way of doing the things.

  78. Krystal Edelin Says:

    Miss u everyday. It’s becuz of u I love da art of tap dance.

  79. Alicia King Says:

    Today is Feb. 12, 2012 an today Our Lord and Savior has taken another great one home…we lost Whitney Houston yesterday….Gregory you have so many with you now Luther, Issac Hayes, Michael J., Etta James and so many more Gregory you are missed today as much as you were the day you went home….



  81. Waiting To Exhale Sequel To Go On Despite Whitney Houston’s Death [VIDEO] | HOT 107.3 JAMZ - OLD SCHOOL AND TODAY'S R&B Says:

    […] with another actress or will they write out her character completely. In the book, Gregory Hines character was written out because of his […]

  82. Chariel Says:

    What a great performer. Gregory Hines was a true legend in his time! I watched him and Whitney Houston in Waiting to Exhale the other night! Two wonderful people! RIP Gregory!!

  83. jane Says:

    i really admired this man, he was real talented and focused , during the end of his years he didnt act very much or do any appearances and i wondered was he sick, then .. miss you gregory

  84. April Says:

    Every time I see your movie I cry. I love everything you did and didn’t have a chance to do. You will be truly missed. RIP tell the others hello.

  85. Tina Riserbato Says:

    A truly great talent, you will be terribly missed. I am sure you are putting on a wonderful musical show up there.

    We loved you on the big screen. I will truly miss you and your wonderful talent that never stopped to amaze me.

  86. Michelle Says:

    He was so smooth! Loved to watch him Tap dance…He will be missed!

  87. BJ Abrams Says:

    Mr. Hines was an inspiration to so many young people who had nothing but their physical bodies to work with. His dancing showed them that might be all they needed and discipline to practice. www arartsbs.org

  88. Charlene Says:

    I absolutely adore Gregory Hine, he’s such a talented individual, I’m so lucky to have been born in a decade to have appreciated him and see his work in so many shows that I can’t begin to name all of them; I find myself watching them over and over again and not growing tired, White Nights, Seinfeld, The Preachers Wife, so many talents, Dancing, Acting, Singing with Luther Vandross, what a wonderful gift that God gave and was too quickly taken away. What a choir God has in heaven, I cannot wait to see him perform once again.

  89. Roland Robertson Says:

    I might be living in a cave,because I just noticed that Gregory is gone to be with the Lord. I wept when I read of his death. I first watched his movie “Running Scared” ages ago in Belgium. What a man with great talent. May his sould rest in perfect peace.

  90. Nina Says:

    I know your up there in that big dance hall in the sky.Dancing with all the other great dancers who went before you so I know your alright. R.I.P.

  91. Ernestine D. Green Says:

    Gregory I missed you and your wonderful talents, Rest in Peace my idol.

  92. Joe Connolly Says:

    Gregory you are still missed each and every day

  93. william lee Says:

    u will be missed a lot

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