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Glenn Quinn

Born: 1970-05-28 - Died: 2002-12-03
Cause of Death:
Drug Overdose

Death Summary: Glenn Martin Christopher Francis Quinn was found dead on the couch of a friend. After an autopsy was performed the official cause of death was ruled to be a heroin overdose. He was 32.

Who was Glenn Quinn : Quinn was an Irish actor who is probably best known for his work on shows Roseanne and Angel.

On Roseanne Quinn had the recurring role of Becky Conner's boyfriend, husband in the later episodes, Mark Healy.

Obviously being Irish, Quinn had an Irish accent... this was one reason he loved his character of Doyle on Angel so much, he could be himself. There was no need to fake the American accent. He was quoted as saying, "it was like putting on an old pair of shoes. It's bringing my soul back to life."
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175 Signatures in Glenn Quinn's guestbook

  1. Steph Says:

    I liked him on Roseanne, didn’t know he had died. Very sad.

  2. Alisha aka BadGirl Says:

    As I said over on YouTube in the description for the memorial video I made for Glenn: I take comfort in the knowledge that there’s at least one angel in heaven watching over us with a great sense of humor. Such an amazing talent and such a tremendously tragic loss for his family, friends and fans. I fell in love with him as Doyle on Angel; his portrayal of that character touched so many people’s hearts. God rest his soul, I hope he found the peace in death that he could not find in life.

  3. fighting irish Says:

    so young its sad.the ass that gave the lad the heroin is to blame.slan

  4. shannon mcghee Says:

    we miss you doyle

  5. stephanie Says:

    Wow…I had no idea that he died. I remember him from Roseanne AND Angel. How sad.

  6. hayley amber Says:

    This is a Major loss. I watched him on Roseanne just to see him. He was such a handsome,young,talented actor.Who knows ALL of what he would have done.May god bless you, and your family.love and miss you-a fan forever~

  7. Jilly Says:

    Its sad that the people around him didnt chew him daily to get to rehab. Drugs will always kill. FIGHT FOR YOUR LOVED ONES SOULS. Do it for Glenn who didnt get a second chance.

  8. michelle Says:

    How sad. Watched him over the years on Roseanne. Poor guy didn’t even get a chance to realize how wonderful life can be. Peace & harmony to you.

  9. Amanda Says:

    I hadn’t know he’d died,RIP

  10. Debbie Arnold Says:

    loved Glenn as Doyle in Angel. Always wondered why they wrote him off in series one. Now I know. So very sad.

  11. Joe Royce Says:

    He was a great actor and funny great to hang out with and a good friend of mind out in Dublin.

  12. mary Says:

    I did not know .It broke my heart .Its so sad and you will be missed

  13. Nancy Barr Vah Horn Says:

    Iv’e seen the needle and the damage done, to quote a great Neil Young song, Another great, sweet person taken far to soon! God Bless his family,friends and Glenn in the after life.

  14. Damyan Says:


  15. Liz Says:

    lt was so sad to hear, he was so young =(
    Rip Glenn Quinn x

  16. Scarlet Says:

    I had no idea Glenn passed away all those years ago. I fell in love with his character, Doyle, on Angel and was angry when he was writeen out of the show, now I know why….what a loss of a bright light…very sad.

  17. Scarlet Says:

    I had no idea Glenn passed away all those years ago. I fell in love with his character, Doyle, and was angry when he was written out of the show…now I know why….what a tragic loss of a talented and wonderful young life…very sad.

  18. Lecy Goransen Says:

    It’s a little known fact, but lil’ Mikey Fishman (aka DJ) supplied Glenn with his heroin. We used to smoke a ‘j’ every once in awhile, until John Goodman would break in and steal our crack.

  19. Roseanne B. Says:

    We used to do it before the start of every show. I really miss that.

  20. Johnny G. Says:

    We were gay lovers, behind the scenes. Oh, the handjobs he gave were heavenly!

  21. ginny and anthony riddle Says:

    he was a handsome young man! me and my husband have started a nightly tradition watching roseanne glenn was a silly guy! i was truly devastated to learn he was on drugs but i can say this much he is in a better place without suffering the pain off addiction i truly wish he could have won this battle! r.i.p glenn aka mark god bless u and ur family!

  22. justic Says:

    to the total faggots just above ur comments r fin stupid u will burn in hell u flaming faggots i hope u all die of aids as u will !

  23. TAMMY Says:

    I love the Roseanne show more than words can say and thought his character was so fun to watch and he played it brilliantly.Anyone who would post gross comments on this site has some real bad *hit coming their way in the form of karma. I just lost my 25 year old son to a car accident and know from experience what those comments online do to the loved ones left behind. I cannot even get out of the bed abd its been 4 months so believe you will pay and if I knew who you were I would snuff you out myself,go see a shrink you need it!!!

  24. paula parrott Says:

    So sorry to hear of glenn’s death. I had no idea that he died. He was such a talented actor. I loved him on “roseanne”.He was one of the funniest ones on the show. He will be very missed.My heart goes out to his family!

  25. Eric M. Bullock Says:

    i know the demons that killed Glenn, since they torment me daily too…I pray i dont end up like him, but feel safer knowing he is probably up there watching over the junkies who need someone to fight the good fight..yeah

  26. Olivia J. Lorenzo Says:

    Your presence will be missed and you will be remembered with love. Your time with us was brief, but you touched many. I know that the goodness and talent that was within you have lived on even though you are one. Yoe are remembered with much love and admiration, which I believe is the best legacy that anyone can leave behind.

  27. Olivia J. Lorenzo Says:

    You had a great talent and an old soul that touched many. Though your time in this life was brief, you will be remembered with love and admiration by so many, and I cannot think of a better legacy for anyone to leave behind.

  28. Abigail Yzaguirre Says:

    I just found out he passed away, very sad; i use to like him on the movie “Shout” he was a very handsome man and he will be missed. RIP GLENN QUINN

  29. bori Says:

    i love you quinn you’ll always be mark to me.

  30. akayla Says:

    you will be remembered

  31. ... Says:

    I’ve been watching Angel re-runs for years now, when I can’t go to sleep. I miss Doyle’s character on the show. He added something that left a void when it was taken away. I was looking up Buffy comics and page after page, I wound up finding out that Glenn Quinn passed away several years ago…

  32. Maya P Says:

    Didn’t know that he died in 2002. Totally empathise with him, and totally feel for his friends and family. RIP.

  33. Corinna Says:

    A very fine young actor taken in his prime. He had a real talent. Too bad that we will never see the full potential that might have been.

  34. Babs Says:

    I had heard Glenn died some years ago, but just didn’t know why. (i liked him best on Angel, I really like Irish accents). Heroin! It all may start so seemingly innocent but how tragic that those with so much potential and ability ever begin to get trapped into drugs and begin to believe that drugs in any form can help them or fill that void in their lives. Only Christ can do that. You will be missed Glenn Quinn by so many.

  35. 67impalalover Says:

    Many peoples lives will not be the same without him. Rest in peace Glenn.

  36. rogue Says:

    its a terrible shame!! i loved doyle in angel! i cried when i found out he died!!! im currently watching the angels again just to see him!! rip glenn!!

  37. Dan Connor Says:

    I gave him all the heroin…it came after I smoked 7 bowls of Kripple Kush, ate 3 pizzas and took a steroid laced super shit.

  38. Cheyenne Says:

    i just now got the 1st Angel season and seen him. I instantly liked him, and when his character got killed off so soon, i looked online to see if he ever came back. What i found out, tho, was soo much worse then just a character being killed off. When i found out he actually died, i was shocked, it was so upsetting. He had amazing potential, that sexy irish man. I am so sorry, Glenn, but I really hope you had an awesome life and are in an amazing place rite now. Such a shame, man, but God bless you. – Love, Cheyenne

  39. Alex Vega Says:

    I just heard he passed away and I am soooo sad! R.I.P.

  40. yas aka loves buffy Says:

    i just found out about 15 minutes ago its so sad i loved him as doyle on angel

  41. Oddessa Says:

    i had no idea i’m sorry you have gone! xoxoxoxoxo

  42. Kimberly Says:

    I remember seeing him guest-starring on a sitcom after Roseanne ended and laughing my ass off because over the years, he went from playing a serious bad boy to being this funny, goofy guy. And he was amazingly handsome. Like, there are very few people I’ve ever seen who looked as good as he did. I watch him every morning in reruns. RIP

  43. Angelo Says:

    Talk about a double shocker. I finally got around to watching the Angel series on DVD after being a longtime Buffy fan. If they had planned from the start to kill him off on the show, Quinn’s endearing and charming characterization had to make it hard to keep that promise. When I saw his last episode, I didn’t want to believe they would do anything that creatively stupid as writing him off, then I see online that he died at the tender age of 32. What a heartbreak. The guy was talented, charismatic, and funny. Rest in peace, and you will always have new fans missing you.

  44. Chris Moser Says:

    drugs and alcohol truly suck they have nearly destroyed my life and my brother is dieing from alcohol.I wish i was smart enough as a kid never to have started.Too bad the media still makes them appear to be appealing to teens..What a talent wasted and not to say he hit the gene pool lottery with his looks.. all those gifts didnt matter because of drugs..so sad..rest in peace Glenn!

  45. tina turner Says:

    why why god gleen was a good man and great actor why didnt you stop him.

  46. tina turner Says:

    RIP gleen /rEST in peace

  47. tina turner Says:

    hey gleen happy birthday to you

  48. reilly Says:

    i loved qlenn he was hot and i wished he diddnt die on angle season 4 episode 4 it said somthing love for qlenn quinn so i think he died on that episode

  49. Amy Says:

    i loved roseanne didn’t know he died til i was looking at the cast and crew

  50. Jo Says:

    I just found out that Glenn died – had NO idea. I watch Roseanne every single day and always thought he was so underestimated as an actor because he played Mark so brilliantly. Then I started watching Angel, and didn’t know he was on there until they started the reruns back at season one (just in the past week or so). I recognized him from Roseanne and was thrilled to see him again only to find out that he is really, truly gone. Unbelievable. I cannot imagine what his friends and family feel to have lost such a young, talented, gifted loved one. I hope he has found peace and that his spirit is soaring. His light will never go out.

  51. jordan purkiss Says:

    i know you from angel and im sad your dead so i sign the book for all my sadness

  52. jordan purkiss Says:

    i wish you were here right now

  53. jordan purkiss Says:

    i would continue but all i seem to do is cry i just found out in 2010 that he is dead =(

  54. paige thomas Says:

    he was awsome to bad he had to go love ya r.i.p

  55. Ava Says:

    I just got done watch’n Angel season 1 thought i would look Glenn up.I cryed when he died on Angel.Now I am really close to freak’n out.I would start cry’n but everyone would think i weird.His death i consider HOMICIDE,to who ever gave him that crack.I am sure he would not like to be remmbered as a druggy.So I will just think of what he was a talented actor and someone that could have been the best of the best.*See you when i get up there);

  56. Lesia Says:

    I just started watching Angel on DVD with my daughter. I really liked Glenn as Doyle and was sad when his character was killed off. Now I understand, and it makes me sad. Rest in peace Glenn Quinn.

  57. cheryl Says:

    i didn’t know glenn hd died. i was shocked to see that he had. i enjoyed his work as mark healy and as doyle on angel . he was a beautiful young man ! the world’s a lesser place without you in it glenn !

  58. Jolee Says:

    Soooo cute in Angel….such great portrayal of the characters emotions & flaws….made me wet many a time….from all the tears.

  59. James J Harley Says:

    Amazing actor very surprised someone like this could come from the country i live in, fantastic irish actor may the fellow irish man live on through his work, May God rest his soul

  60. Victoria Says:

    So sad. I didn’t know it, until now. I loved his character in Angel, I just can’t believe he is gone. Too bad, he was so young.
    I will miss dear Doyle…

  61. leona brown Says:

    Just learned of glenn quinn’s death and i cant tell how heartbroken i am. my condolences to his family and may he finally rest in peace.

  62. Bianca Thurman Says:

    Amazing guy full of life on Angel and eye catching on roseanne , you could see his kind hearted charming personality through those piercing blue/green eyes of his . what a handsome lad he was ! <3

  63. Connie Says:

    Wow! I have been watching reruns of Angel. I noticed Gleen Quinn and wanted to know more about him. I hated to find out that he died from of all things a drug overdose! It is a shame to find this out and that it took me so long to do so. This kid was a great actor and to think getting HIGH with heron is a very sad thing! I did so want to look him up and find him in a great movie or just to find him acting on a great TV show! I will miss this funny and had a great sense of humor. You are missed my friend very much!

  64. Felecia Says:

    This is so sad. Just as Connie did, I had looked him up hoping to find something happy going on in his life. It’s so sad that so many great actors are dying because of drugs. If his family or close friends ever read this, I want to say I’m sorry for your loss and he will be greatly missed.

  65. natara Says:

    wow im totally shocked by this, i had know idea he died. Im gonna really miss him he was a cool different style of an actor. ….RIP

  66. Emma Says:

    amazing actor on Angel I knew his character as Doyle on Angel he died but I didn’t know he died for real. What a shame I feel sorry for his friends especially his family

  67. Emma Says:

    I loved his accent it was soooooooo kl Everyone will miss him dearly. I say this I care because I’m a fan of his he was great!!

  68. Kaylee Andrea Marie Says:

    We miss you Glenn!

  69. lianne Says:

    i loved him on angel as doyle mostly cause i love irish men but he was soo awesome i was devasted when he died in this series but now that hes my project for one of my class ive realized he had a drug overdose and that makes him a bad person but it was accidental so it goes back to its sooo sad to lose him

  70. katie Says:


  71. Mark S Says:

    Until about two days ago I didn’t know he had died, and I’m especially surprised because it was 9 years ago!

  72. samantha Says:

    i enjoyed glenn quinn’s work and remember the shock I felt when I found out about his death years ago. Soon, I will have lived longer than he he did. my sympathies to his family and friends and the fellow fans who miss him still as I do

  73. Henry Says:

    Justic: Your hateful anti-gay slurs and AIDS-phobic remarks make you no better than the people you’re criticizing. Please grow up and get a clue.

  74. VK West, Sr Says:

    So sorry for the families lost. Years go by and for some reason I wanted to look up this young man, I did not know that he passed. This leaves me speechless, for someone so good looking and so talented to loose his live over something like this. I hope that Glenn finds peace with God, that he must not have found on earth. My prayers are with you, Glenn and your family. I just wish I would have knew about this sooner, I would have helped Michael Fishman with some donations. Godspeed Glenn….

    March 3, 2011
    VK West, Sr.
    Lake Havasu City, AZ

  75. Kimmi Says:

    Glenn was a great actor it’s a shame that his internal turmoil caused his to struggle with horrid addictions. He had so much potential and is still missed even years after.

  76. Catherine Says:

    I just found out that he died a couple weeks ago. I loved him on as Mark on Roseanne and as Doyle on Angel. It is so sad that he died. He had a real future ahead of him. He was a very talented actor. Rest in peace.

  77. LB Says:

    One of my favorite actors. RIP

  78. Felicia Says:

    I did not know that you had passed, me and my co-worker were sitting around talking about the Roseanne Show and that is how I found out. May God bless your family because you were a star!

  79. Laird Kroeger Says:

    rest in peace

  80. Judy Holmes Says:

    He was a Great actor that brought alot of Laughter to many. I remember watching him on Rosanne and on Angel and I loved how he got into his Roles he played.. God Bless Him and he will be Surely Missed..

  81. Cliff Says:

    What a sad story…He could have a great career and life..sad

  82. Glenn Quinn Fan Says:

    It was so sad to hear about his death.
    I loved watching him on Roseanne, then heard he played in Angel, and i loved the episodes he was in. He made me laugh and i loved his accent.
    I do need to admit, when i watched Angel and he died in the episode i cried. Mostly because i read that he had died in real life, which was honestly heartbreaking.

    So may he Rest in Peace.
    He was a great actor who brought smiles to many.
    xox I love you Glenn.

  83. Shiree Says:

    Just started watching the Angel Series on Netflix. How horrible Glenn Quinn was killed off. I just found out that he died. He was marvelous as Doyle and I was hoping he’d be coming back. God rest you, Quinn.

  84. Sandra Sanchez Says:


  85. Léon Says:

    Recently i watched Angel season one, when i saw hero, the episode when Doyle dies,. i became verry very sad. You will be missed

  86. Conn Girl Says:

    I think Glenn was an inspring actor-so sad all because of drugs..What ashame..

  87. robyn Says:

    glen was excellent in Angel, funny and so good looking..he made a lasting impression as i only watched him on Angel, and wondered why he left the show…today i see that he is gone.sorry it had to end like that.RIP glenn, may you find peace xx

  88. Robert Says:

    miss you buddy!!!

  89. Ryan Says:

    I love watching Roseanne to this day and sadly I had no idea you passed away 10 years ago already. It’s a shame. You were a very talented and handsome actor. Rest in peace brother.

  90. Barbara Vogli Says:

    Such a short time for so much talent. Miss you!

  91. Tracy Says:

    I love watching reruns of Roseanne on my Wii via Netflix. I just love how Glenn’s character is so dim-witted and loveable. Definitely an asset to the show!

  92. Judy Madrie Says:

    HEROINE IS THE DEVIL!!! What a waste of a wonderfully talented life. You will be sorely missed.

  93. dawn Says:

    its sad to lose some1 that is loved by so many tears r many but the memories made r stonger n will help family n friends through so many of the tears and hard times x hope you have found peace n r at rest x x x

  94. Loraine Says:

    I hope you have finally found peace. You are gorgeous, talented and a worthy soul. Rest, my friend.

  95. carol Says:

    you had talent, and could haave gone far.i hope now you are truly happy.

  96. Stefanja Says:

    WOW! He died! Alway’s wondered why they got rid of his character off Angel now I know! So sad! Welcome to Hollywood, this place will do it to you!

  97. rachel field Says:

    my daughter and I really loved you on angel. I was very sad when doyle died! And now we will remember how wonderful he was. Now he is with the angels…love always from katy and rachel.

  98. nancy bailey Says:

    Was very sad to hear that he had died,he was a very good actor and a very handsome man.

  99. Pandora Hedrick Says:

    I hope that he found peace and love, and I hope he knows that people here still think about him. I am a big fan of him as doyle in angel and hope I is happy where he is.

  100. aj Says:

    i didn’t even know he had died i’m watching the show now i’m sad :(

  101. amanda Says:

    RIP Glenn u will b missed

  102. Joseph Finch Says:

    Glenn Quinn was one of the most amazing actors of all time he will always be in our hearts! :]

  103. Brenda Joyce Says:

    I was a Roseann fan and a Marc fan. I was googling him to find out more about him and was extremely shocked to find out he died. I hope he is resting in peace.

  104. Adhityarini Gracey Says:

    I just found out about his death today… it’s too bad, he’s such a good actor. I love his role in Covington Cross. May he rests in peace

  105. Kathleen Harwell Says:

    I’ve recently started becoming re-acquainted with early episodes of ‘Angel’ &, of course, The Good Mr. Quinn. Sorry to loose both the character & the actor. May they both rest in peace.

  106. Yves Says:

    His eyes on tv had so much humanity. I’m glad to of heard his native accent. How lucky we were to see so much off him. Rest in peace and thank you for sharing yourself with us. My heart goes out to your love ones.

  107. Tiffany Sharff Says:

    Loved his preformance in both Rosanne and Angel. Just found out now that he died.

  108. Olivia Says:

    r.i.p. Glen quinn you will be missed you were a great acter.

  109. natalie Says:

    how very sad, a tragic waist of life. he seems so very loveble, he will be missed x

  110. lisa Says:

    you were great in angel i have watched that like 10 million times and still watch it you played the part so well and was so sad to see you leave. rest in peace, your a true hero.

  111. melissa Says:

    he is a hot star a wonderful guy

  112. Colleen Says:

    Really sad. Can’t believe that he died 10 years ago! I don’t remember hearing anything! RIP. You are missed!

  113. john Says:

    rest in peace doyle

  114. nancy d. mitchell Says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of an inspiring actor.. So good looking and talented. You will be missed Glenn..Such a waste

  115. Lauren Cawdell Smith Says:

    I’m 19, and I recently started re-watching the Angel Series. I decided to look on google, and i eventually ended up looking up Glenn on wikipedia. I didn’t know he had died. I was only young when he passed, but i remember my brother watching Angel before me. It makes me so sad that he had to die this way. He is a gifted actor, and there’s just something beautiful & tragic about him. I wish I had of got the chance to meet him and tell him that life gets better. obviously if he was taking drugs, something was wrong. and although i never got the chance to meet him, and he never got the chance to live till 2012, i hope somewhere, he knows how much some people still think of him. i hope he knows that people still care. we love you and miss you glenn!

  116. Janet Fortner Says:

    I really liked him on Roseanne and Angel.A really good actor and I loved the accent.Sadly missed.

  117. Deidre Reeves Says:

    I watched Angel all the time, and always wondered why he was taken off the show so soon. I just found out he had passed. It’s so sad. I’ve struggled w/addiction too, but a person will change when they want to. Nobody could force him, so it’s nobody’s fault but the heroin. I love you Glenn! You were awesome.

  118. Joann Sabo Says:

    I love watching him on Roseanne. In fact I am watching Roseanne right now.

  119. bill rios Says:

    I did not know till today sorry Friends of these people try harder to stop them John Belushi, Heaath Ledger so on& so on 1-29-12

  120. Karen Dawson Says:

    Wow he died so young, he would be the same age I am. He entertained us all,he will be missed.

  121. Matt Forrester Says:

    Watching a re-run of Roseanne as I type this, an episode in which Mark (Quinn) picks on his shorter and more effete brother, David (Johnny Galecki)…he was a bloody good actor and very likeable to boot…RIP from Down Under, mate…cheers..Matt.

  122. Christy Parker Says:

    Sorry to hear about yet another young talent who’s life has ended way too soon from the poison that drugs are. It was never God’s plan for drugs to do the damage they do or for His beloved children to fall under their spell…
    My deepest condolences to his family and friends. He was a real talent on Roseanne. (I never watched Angel. God bless you all & I hope that all of these deaths from drugs and alcohol will serve as a reminder for everyone to be aware & alert. Please don’t do that junk!

  123. Shannon kennimer Says:

    Doyle is timeless, and so is the happiness you’ve brought us. Thanx Glenn;) R.I.P.

  124. melzie Says:

    cannot beleive its been 10 years since u died…i cant beleive ur gone u were an amazing actor…everytime i watch angel and the last episode doyle dies for savein the other deamons makes me cry your allways in our hearts and i hope ur still watchin and protecting us to me doyle was u r.i.p xx u are missed

  125. jenny Says:

    I feel those who decide to do drugs and OD do not deserve to be missed

  126. Brandon Says:

    Dumb bastard why did he have to do drugs, I loved him in angle amazing actor he will be missed R.I.P

  127. Della Says:

    I really enjoyed the Doyle character on Angel. I did not know until today he died from a heroin overdose. I will never understand why such young, talented, people with such promise, give up EVERYTHING for drugs. Quinn, where ever you are, may your soul find peace.

  128. Della Says:

    Gone but not forgotten.

  129. Renèe Madeleine Says:

    i’m so sorry.. i can’t believe he’s dead! i just found out, from an episode of angel where it said “in loving memory of glenn quinn”.. may you rest in piece!

  130. Karen Says:

    Just saw on t.v. where Glenn Quinn had died 10 yrs. ago! Always loved him on Roseanne show (& reruns). Thought he was talented & good looking. R.I.P., Glenn.

  131. Sami Says:

    I can’t believe it! I watched him on both Roseanne and Angel. I even fought with my sister about him being the same actor for both. I bawled my eyes out when I saw the episode of Angel where “Doyle” died a hero….. That’s NOTHING compaired to just finding out that Glenn Quinn is gone. He had such talent! I know he’s missed by many many fans… let alone his family and friends. Rest In Peace!!

  132. Stephanie Says:

    So sad. A wonderfull talented actor. So sorry he has passed in such a tragic way. He was handsome, talented, and had a great sense of humor. You will be missed, rest in peace Glenn. Much love from your fans!

  133. Phil Says:

    Mark was so cool. I always think people like that have got their act together. So sad that they need so much help, but never ask for it.

  134. catie Says:

    Glenn was such an amazing actor. He died way to young. I didnt find out he died til a few years ago and I didnt want to believe it. I also loved his accent. R.I.P. Glenn. You will surely be missed forever

  135. Alison Says:

    Glenn Quinn… I don’t know what to say exactly. I’ve only ever seen him on Angel, and he was my favorite from the start. Doyle was the best character, and I think that was greatly due to Glenn Quinn. Unfortunately, directly after I watched the episode “Hero”, where Doyle dies, I found out he died in 2002. He just made this crazy impression on me in just nine episodes of one show. If that doesn’t show what an amazing person he was, I don’t know what can. Rest in peace, Glenn Quinn, you awesome human being, you.

  136. Kelly Gladstone Says:

    Rest in Peace Glenn. You were so talented. I understand your suffering on earth. There are no tears or pain in Heaven.

  137. Sterlyng Says:

    So sad I enjoyed his work. His back ground and history knowing that he had struggled with such a demon is truly heart breaking. It is humaine to miss someone who shared a part of you life. though you never met. I will Pray for you and your family.

  138. mimic Says:

    I loved Doyle so much also got mad when he was taken out. Did not know he passed and what a terrible way to die, I know had two brothers who died od heroin overdose may he r.i.p.

  139. Mary Says:

    I remember hearing about his death and now can’t believe it’s been 10 years. He has been missed. We loved him on Roseanne and on Angel….he had a special quality about him that set him apart. It’s quite sad that he is gone. rest in peace…

  140. Joanna Williams Says:

    I never would of thought he was a drug addict but he was a good actor it sucks he passed

  141. Rebecca McCullough Says:

    Wow…I never knew he was dead. He still lives on in my heart because I have all the Roseanne episodes and still watch reruns. I only ever knew him as Mark Healy, not til this year I wanted to know his name. I would never have expected to find out WHO he was like this.

  142. Cindy McPhee Says:

    So sorry to hear of your passing, I know fighting off demons is very very hard and depressing, I know your in a better place than this now.

  143. Linda Fowler Says:

    I had no idea Glenn had died. I loved him on Roseanne. He started out a punk and ended up a decent caring person. My prayers are with you Glenn. Rest in Peace

  144. Steve Says:

    Rest in peace.

  145. Sonia C. Says:

    I just found out Glenn passed away such a waste. RIP Glenn .

  146. Kathy Mickelsen Says:

    I had no idea he had died! I looked him up to see if he’s in any shows. I loved him on Angel and hated to see him leave the show. RIP Glenn, such a talent to be gone so soon.

  147. Christie M Says:

    I knew he passed away but never knew why. He was so funny on Roseanne and loveable on Angel. I still think of him when i watch the reruns. I hope you are resting in peace glenn. Much Love

  148. sonyalee Says:

    R.I.P. Glenn….just watched angel!!..much love!

  149. Terra Says:

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  150. April Says:

    R.I.P. Glenn.You were a talented actor and have been greatly missed by your fans!

  151. joann smith Says:

    I loved glenn quinn in angel. It is so sad to lose someone so young. I didn’t know he died. I wish i would have known he died sooner. I am sorry for the loss and i give my condolences to his family and friends.

  152. Patty Lopez Says:

    I am a huge fan,someday I will meet you.

  153. jennifer Says:

    glen you must of been tormented by drugs and drinking,i hope you have found the peace you were looking for.you never got the chance to become what you could of became in your acting career and that is a shame.you are missed
    love always jennifer

  154. Tom Says:

    Such a loss, a brilliant actor and shining light. so many talents are lost this way

  155. alexandria welch Says:

    you were a great actor i did not know that you were dead until i looked up everyone from the roseanne show i am so sorry you will be missed and to the family i am sorry for your lost may god be with you.

  156. Susie Says:

    Shocking. He was so talented & young.

  157. terry ann francis Says:

    I am so very sad to hear of Glen’s tragic death. Just finished watching episode #9 of “Angel” and I was wondering what he was doing now. My heart goes out to all of his loved one’s.

  158. Frank Morrison Says:

    I had no idea he died years ago! I loved him on the fictional show “Angel”! It’s ashame that he died from a drug overdose! The episode of the demons that look like lobsters was funny. How many people are aware that he died years ago? Insane!

  159. Amparo Rodriguez Says:

    I did not know we lost someone as great as Glenn Quinn. He was a great actor and can never be replaced . RIP Glenn Quinn.

  160. Mary Williams Says:

    Just watched an episode of Roseanne in which this young man appeared; it is so sad to remember he had passed away. I extend my sympathies and pray he has found peace.

  161. Mary Williams Says:

    So fine a talent; I extend my sympathies and pray he has found peace.

  162. Erika DeJulio Says:

    So sad. I loved him as Mark on Roseann and esecially as Doyle on Angel. You were an amzingly talented actor. My thoughts,prayers and heart go out to you, your family, friends and loved ones. Miss you.

  163. charmecia austin Says:

    so sad to hear he had passed away. I always wondered what happened to him after roseanne. He was a very talented and handsome actor and i loved his character mark healy from roseanne. Truly missed and loved.

  164. Ingrid Says:

    I just found out he died–Googled him on a whim while watching an Angel rerun, since I hadn’t seen him on tv for a while. SO VERY SAD. God Bless.

  165. JEE Says:

    He was taken to soon. An artist who best was yet to be seen. Hope he’s having a pint and finding peace in heaven.

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  167. Lexi Says:

    A great loss to this world

  168. Lisa Says:

    So sad…he died so young :(

  169. Kimberly McBride Says:

    What a loss to the world. You are missed. I watch you on Roseanne reruns and you were so talented and handsome. I hope that you are resting peacefully with God. Love, Kimberly

  170. Ted Batey Says:


  171. AngelFan0323 Says:

    I liked the suspense between Doyle and Cordy. I could tell that he liked the role of Doyle alot. RIP Glenn

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  174. Christina Says:

    Glenn was responsible for himself. He will be sorely missed. R.I.P. Glenn. Thank you for making me smile.

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