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George Washington

Born: 1732-02-22 - Died: 1799-12-14
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Epiglottis

Who was George Washington : First President of the United States. General Washington led the revolutionary armies in the US war of independence.
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27 Signatures in George Washington's guestbook

  1. Grace and Sam Says:

    I am SO sorry i didnt get to meet you! i wish i could have met you! we heard SO much about you in social studies! you are so amazing!
    Grace and Sam

  2. Jos Baker Jr. Says:

    I can imagine your rolling over in your grave about now.

  3. Emilyy Says:

    I bet you were a great president to USA. Rest in peace bro 🙂

  4. Rickie Says:

    R.I.P. dude that i never meet or even talked to or started a conversation about =/

  5. valeria Says:

    omg …..r.i.p u were great

  6. mark edward thilmony Says:

    hey guys my great great uncle touched his p****

  7. Treleshia Burns Says:

    U did good while in presidentary rest in peace….

  8. kayla horn Says:

    i wish i could have met u in real life

  9. rickey adair Says:

    i love this fucking country…..thank you for your vision…..

  10. bob the builder Says:

    one of my favorite presidents

  11. sally Says:

    I love you george washington.you are my hero

  12. Hunter Says:

    happy days

  13. josh Says:

    dude come back

  14. george washington jr. Says:


  15. george washington jr. Says:

    were you like best friends with abraham lincoln :@

  16. Lisa bill Says:

    Were you kind to any of the other presidents like In there family tree?:)

  17. Pamfil de one Says:

    We wil mic you though wi still in a roll we will meet u there.

  18. Brandon Scott Says:

    Good leader. Many of you are not very good at history were you …..

  19. qwer Says:

    ihate you

  20. Johnwell Sainik R Marak. Says:

    I had read your life an inspired by your god fearing character, the truthfulness, diligence, and courageus etc, that proved to be the leader of great nation.Had there been 10(ten) Presidents like you, the world would have been a little heaven to live in .Your values are worthy to be treasured most.

  21. Chris Says:

    Thank you Mr. Washington for all that you did. Had you not been the person you were we never would have the world we live in today. Thank you very much.

  22. just anotherwhite cracker Says:

    Didn’t i see you at Woodstock?.

  23. peter Says:

    It is very hard to imagine why world leaders today can not borrow a leaf from your work and make their counties great like you made USA. we miss you.

  24. mario boulet Says:

    Are going to run for office again?

  25. a believer Says:

    Taylor laughtner is hot!:-)

  26. a believer Says:

    Were you friends with paul revere because he is my assigned report?

  27. a believer Says:

    what you were you president .

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