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Gaius Julius Caesar

Born: 100 BC - Died: 44 BC
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: He was brutally killed by several men in a fake senate meeting specially organized to kill him. The conspirators were led by Marcus Junius Brutus and Caius Cassius. He died of several dagger wounds.

Who was Gaius Julius Caesar : Emperor of Rome.
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10 Signatures in Gaius Julius Caesar's guestbook

  1. Gay Ass Cunter Says:

    Lol He got pwnt by his buds

  2. threeman3 Says:

    hahahahahahaaaahaaahaahhhhhahaha…he died

  3. likin Says:

    i killed you in my 2nd life now im in my 453 life hahah u bastard

  4. emmy Says:

    rome needed you

  5. gaius Says:

    Imperator (Victorious General) is the story of Julius Caesar’s youth before he appears in the historical record. The reader witnesses the collapse of the four centuries old Roman Republic that ruled the World but could not govern its self, through the eyes of young Caesar. It’s a young adult, action/adventure/ political intrigue story where the reader is intimately introduced to the personalities that shaped the modern world we live in. The great events and great personalities are reborn as flesh and blood people struggling with the day to day decisions that would resonate through the millennia. “Imperator” details the political struggles, the lust for power and the ideological fight to preserve Rome by a small group of pragmatic reformers that would result in Civil War on an epic scale time and time again.

  6. Hans van Poelgeest Says:

    smart and genius or unlucky and unfortunat, this man orgistrated his own dead.. arrogant or just stupid. A fact many rulers wish to be a ceasar or caiser or tsar etc..

  7. mary argo Says:

    so sor5ry to hear of your being killed.only cowards attack a man who is unarmed,sothats what you get for paroning these crapholes,never turn your back on your enemies rome was beyyer with you rest in peace julius.

  8. mario boulet Says:

    Remember when I warned you about Brutus?
    And your answer was: Yeah, whatever..

  9. Monic Says:

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  10. Tisha Says:

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