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Frank Zappa

Born: 1940-12-21 - Died: 1993-12-04
Cause of Death:
Prostate Cancer

Death Summary: Zappa passed away from prostate cancer at the age of 52 in his home in Los Angeles while surrounded by his family. He was buried in an unmarked grave at the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetary in Westwood, California.

Who was Frank Zappa : Frank Vincent Zappa was an American songwriter, electric guitarist, and record producer. He played with the band the Mothers of Invention before going on to a solo career that earned him cult status.

He eventually got into filmmaking as well.
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36 Signatures in Frank Zappa's guestbook

  1. RANDY BOWEN Says:

    The man should have been president of the USA
    He really aint dead he just moved to montana and is now a dental floss tycoon love and miss you my brother from another mother.

  2. Tyler Morris Says:

    RIP Frank Zappa

  3. alma maese Says:


  4. Ryan Mongeau Says:

    we miss you frank!
    you did amazing stuff 🙂

  5. rgg Says:

    a great man who challenged the conventional and establishment with art.

  6. Alex Says:

    zappa lives. most amazing artist that ever lived

  7. a.hekimoglou Says:

    the one and only zappa R. I. P.

  8. mike g Says:

    some times at night i have to play zoot allures to cure my worldly pain . love you frank . your music lives…

  9. mike gagnon Says:

    frank, no matter what year it would be youd still be ahead of yer time and outspoken,we need more people who have the true balls to tell the truth no matter the consequences,im suprised you didnt get shot a LONG time ago,like after the pmrc hearings telling those satanic assholes where to go,good fer you.life is like high school,fuck the money,relationships are the most important.GOD bless your family.

  10. mike mashburn Says:

    i just within the last few years got into zappa i wish i could have discovered him sooner rip

  11. spuds Says:

    it was a stratocaster with a wammiebar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Joan Scott Says:

    Frank Zappa lives on forever because of his music. He was a talented, gentle human being and puts a smile on my face whenever I think about his songs. Gone but not forgotten. All my love to your family.

  13. Bev Holak Says:

    Thank you Mr. Zappa for being part of my life. You are brilliant, and I’m sure you’ll dazzle the bejeebers out of all in your next lifetime.

  14. Jerry Hamric Says:

    I didn’t agree with him 100% of the time, but the world is a lesser place without him. Irreplacable, in any capacity.

  15. john forrester Says:

    my dad loved u rip both of u to fucking good people thank u god take care of both of them p.s dad love u xxxxxxxxxxx johnboy

  16. Shaden Thompson Says:

    I just want to say thanks what you are going to do for me in the furture..Sorry to hear about your dad..

  17. Tito Says:

    Sorry this took so long!! LONG MAY YOU LIVE!!!!!! Your genius will Never be forgotten. You have the Best of peace now. Forever a friend.

  18. freakout Says:

    I love and miss you, Frank. I grew up with you. The world is not the same without you. RIP Say hey to my brother Mark.

  19. darkangel Says:

    We miss you, Frank. Thanks for the music, the laughs, and just for being in this world. There will never be another Frank Zappa.

  20. Chad Ryan Weed Says:

    Thank you. Thank you for the music and thank you for being absolutely unique in an industry that has yet to pick itself up from a horrible fall. Music is lost without you and those like you. You will be missed forever by true fans of music.

  21. Aaron Rudder Says:

    His legacy will live on. I thank him for the influence he has had on my ears, and my intellect. One of the smartest men to ever live, comparable to Einstein.

  22. christopher wilson Says:

    we will miss you frank and love you travl well see you on the other side your friend spanky

  23. Jim Flaig Says:

    Frank was way ahead of his time . I hope he’s getting plenty of titties n beer!!! R.I.P

  24. Stephen M. Marson Says:

    Great Presentation

  25. Boa Martin Says:


  26. Emmett Cappi Says:

    I would have made love to his beautiful body. If only I could get a piece of that.

  27. billy bullman Says:

    he was just brillant

  28. billy bullman Says:

    he was just brillant, billy bullman

  29. nikki lafreniere Says:

    frank was an intellegent man way ahead of his time.too good to die young.sadely missed.

  30. Smitty Says:

    The greatest gutiar player and story teller of all time.

  31. Suzy Q Says:

    we love you now and forever!as always
    Godbless the family. {RIP}

  32. Dallas Says:

    in my humble view Frank was without a doubt the greatest mucisan who ever lived. The man wrote and cuducted symphonies literally. He did a Jazz album for fun and won Jazz album of the year. HIs continual proding to get people to vote by having voter registration booths at all his shows. Well in all honesty it just goes on and on. Had a chance to see him in the early 80’s but had something come up and missed my chance, my biggest regret of my life. Frank RIP my man. Because when it comes to music you were and still are the man.

  33. Michael Dimitrov Says:

    Zappa changed a lot of us forever.I can’t explain it easily but I always had a feeling we are very close relatives ,so much similarities and emotions.

  34. clint logan Says:

    if anyone says u suck thats cause they have never listened hate on haters

  35. doug stronski Says:

    I wish I had the words , but I have the memories of your music that I loved.

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