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Eunice Sanborn

Born: 1896-07-20 - Died: 2011-01-31
Cause of Death:
Natural Causes

Death Summary: Eunice Sanborn died at the age of 115 in her home in Jacksonville, Texas.

Who was Eunice Sanborn : Before her death, Sanborn was recognized as the oldest living person in the world. At 115 years old, Sanborn became recognized as the 43rd oldest person in recorded history.

Sanborn was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, the daughter of German and Irish immigrants. Her first marriage ended abruptly, when her husband was killed in an accident. During this marriage, she gave birth to her daughter who passed away at 90.

Her second husband eventually passed away, which led Eunice to marry her third husband, Grant Sanborn. He would also pass away in 1979.

After her death, the oldest living person in the world is now Besse Cooper at 114 years and 159 days.
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12 Signatures in Eunice Sanborn's guestbook

  1. chloe Says:

    awww bless i never knew any one could live up t 115 years old R.I.P

  2. Luco Says:


  3. nothingbuttheTruth Says:

    Eunice, you are definitely a blessing. You have reached the limit age of all human beings. I called that a blessing, when your over 70yrs.. surely its a blessing! Good Lord has never left you alone all these years. No doubt, God had you lived through 115 years, to prepared your heart and soul to receive you in Heaven where we all belong!
    Safe trip home Eunice.

  4. Dorothy Parsons Says:

    You were a blessing to know at First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, and also getting to live in your neighborhood a block away. Thanks for inviting us to your last 2 birthday parties. You are an inspiration to all of us. See you in heaven.

  5. Dorothy Parsons Says:

    I am thankful to hear of your generosity to the Women’s Missionary Auxiliary at our church over the years. Your friends told me that anytime there was a fund raiser for missionaries that you would always match the total from the others giving for the missionaries. You also loved and supported the BMAA Theological Seminary where my husband, Dr. Greg Parsons, has been a professor almost 30 years. We are blessed to know you, Ms. Eunice, and will be missed.

  6. emmy Says:

    awwww R.I.P Eunice :,(

  7. bokker Says:

    we will all miss u

  8. Candi Says:

    I wish to be so lucky, that the lord will bless me to live that long. I can tell she was a loved and respected woman God Bless.

  9. xXxheadSHOTsniperxXx Says:

    yo im not sur who u r but………..


  10. xXxheadSHOTsniperxXx Says:

    another thing: would NOTbang



  11. mark thilmony add me on face book Says:


  12. Watanachai Says:

    Her lyrics are tielsems and as if this, her unforgettable voice, her talent as a musician and the many classics she bore into the world were not enough, she stood up for who she was and the many like her, a woman, a black woman and a musician whose pride was part of everything in her life, her music included and not something to be displayed only at political rallies and marches. What an original, and the world is sadder without her wisdom and energy in it. Thank God her music lives on. It does. I was talking to a kid not that long ago who quoted I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl to me. Of course he’s a music buff but I found it inspiring that a 15 year-old would find words that spoke to him in a song written so long before his parents were even born.

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