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Estée Lauder

Born: 1906-07-01 - Died: 2004-04-24
Cause of Death:
Heart Failure

Death Summary: Lauder passed away in her home in Manhattan at the age of 97 as a result of cardiac arrest.

Who was Estée Lauder : Estée Lauder co-founded the Estée Lauder Companies with her husband Joseph Lauder.

The Estée Lauder Companies are known for the cosmetics and perfumes. Popular brands include Estée Lauder and Clinique.

The company began in 1946 and is still going strong today.
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30 Signatures in Estée Lauder's guestbook

  1. Barbra Says:

    omg i love her work i use only estee lauder products.it sad to think tha t an amsing woman is gone.

  2. Austin:) Says:


  3. Avreeeeena((: Says:

    yahhhhhhhh,, gayyyyyy

  4. STEFANIEEE(: Says:

    avreena,help me!

  5. Avreeeeena((: Says:

    ahahah. im lookingggg.

  6. STEFANIEEE(: Says:

    liar.hahah i see you.ahahahhaa

  7. Austin Says:

    who u like?

  8. John:) Says:

    Hey girls

  9. STEFANIEEE(: Says:


  10. Avreeeeena((: Says:

    austin vanpoole<3333

  11. John:) Says:

    hes gay.

  12. Avreeeeena((: Says:

    hahh,, stefanie, john is austin lol

  13. Avreeeeena((: Says:

    your mom is gay. why do you guys always diss on him, he never did anything to you so why do you not like him thats so gay.

  14. STEFANIEEE(: Says:


  15. john smith Says:

    im going to kill john

  16. John:) Says:

    He just is !!

  17. Avreeeeena((: Says:

    god damn you guys are so gay, im outt.

  18. STEFANIEEE(: Says:

    fucking john.

  19. Austin Says:

    Are goonna leave this gay game?

  20. Avreeeeena((: Says:

    i hate austin gardner, suck a dick bitch, im outt now.

  21. Austin Says:

    Your soooooo mean Avreena Gill!

    I hate you!

  22. STEFANIEEE(: Says:

    austin,everyone knows your john.

  23. Brenda Caraballo Says:

    Super inspiring woman. I am honored and privileged of working for the Estee Lauder Companies for almost 15 years. I miss it every day. Thank you Mrs. Estee Lauder!!!

  24. Ramon C Prendergast Says:

    May your scents live on forever.

  25. Sheniqua Says:


  26. llama boy Says:


  27. llama boy Says:

    im chewing gum

  28. Rachel Bradshaw Says:

    I absolutely adore this woman, she created the most recognised cosmetics company in the industry, Clinque, Mac, Bobbi Brown, to name but a few, all come under the Estee Lauder umbrella. She may be gone but her legacy will live on until the day women stop wearing make up.

  29. Joey Stephano Says:

    She would douche with spring water and pee on cotton balls. That’s class baby that’s class.

  30. Matheus Says:

    If I had to use one word to describe Bronze Goddess it’d be INTOXICATING. It’s eyevrthing I associate with summer. No florals to sharpen the scent, it’s smooth and relaxed. Just like summer should be.

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