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Elvis Presley

Born: 1935-01-08 - Died: 1977-08-16
Cause of Death:
Heart Attack

Death Summary: Ginger Alden, his fiancée, found Presley’s body on the floor. According to the medical investigator, Presley had "stumbled or crawled several feet before he died"; he had apparently been using the toilet at the time. His death was officially pronounced at 3:30 pm at the Baptist Memorial Hospital.

It's often been rumored that he died of a drug overdose... but never proven.

Presley was buried at Forest Hill Cemetery, Memphis next to his mother. After an attempt was made to steal his remains, the two graves were relocated to Graceland.

Who was Elvis Presley : He was a musician, singer and actor more commonly known as “The King of Rock n’ Roll” or just simply “The King”.

Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee Elvis would go to the local record stores that had juke boxes or listening booths and just play records for hours. The area also had a strong blues music tradition, so Elvis would attend various blues venues. It’s fairly evident that later in his career local blues musicians heavily influenced his songs. B.B. King has even said that he “knew Elvis before he was popular. He used to come around and be around us a lot ... on Beale Street”.

Elvis recorded a song entitled “My Happiness” with “That’s When Your Heartaches Begin”, as a supposed gift for his mother on July 18, 1953. Sun Records assistant Mario Keisker asked him whom he sounded like. Presley simply replied, “I don’t sound like nobody.”

The boss of Sun Records, Sam Phillips, had been looking for someone young who could blend both blues and boogie-woogie music. He had a feeling that it would be extremely popular among white people. They set up a meeting with Elvis to test him out, during the first taping session Phillips knew this was the sound he had been looking for.

”That’s All Right” aired on July 8, 1954 by DJ Dewey Phillips. Minutes after the song hit the airwaves the phone lines were jammed with listeners wanting to know who sang that song. The DJ began to tell people the artist was some guy named “Elton Preston”, mispronouncing his name.

On January 10, 1956 Elvis had his first recording session with RCA… this would produce the song “Heartbreak Hotel. The song would be released just 17 days later, and by April it had hit number one in the US, selling more than one million copies. On March 23, RCA released the first Elvis album, “Elvis Presley”…the majority of the tracks were country songs.

With his career skyrocketing, Elvis began a lackluster acting career. Though many of his films were box office successes… critics didn’t really care much for them.

With the newfound popularity, came stuff for people to complain about. Many listeners just assumed that Elvis was black, so this prompted white DJ’s to ignore his music… and black DJ’s wanted no part of it because they felt that he had stolen from them.

Elvis was seen by some to be a “danger to the security of the United States”. His onstage actions where called a “strip-tease with clothes on” or “sexual self-gratification”. They even compared his moves “masturbation with a microphone”.

In 1957 Elvis purchased Graceland, a mansion with several acres of land. This was his home until his death.

In late 1957 Elvis received a draft notice, but he was allowed to finish production of his latest movie before he had to report for duty. Elvis served in the United States Army until 1960. While he was in service Elvis learned of his mothers illness and was granted a leave of absence to go visit with her… two days later she died from heart failure at the age of 46. It’s been said that Elvis grieved for days on end.

Elvis met his future wife Priscilla while attending a party in, he was 24 and she was 14. Priscilla moved to Graceland in 1962 and stayed in the guesthouse until she graduated high school. They were married on May 1, 1967 and had their only daughter less than a year later.

In 1968 Elvis began to see his career slipping away a little. His last few songs drew little attention and his movie soundtracks were selling poorly. So, in effort to help jumpstart his career a television special was planned. Though it was filmed in June, it aired on December 3, 1968. It was simply called “Elvis” but throughout the years it’s came to be known as “’68 Comeback Special”.

In 1970 Elvis met with President Richard Nixon at the White House. He was there to express his patriotism as well as his contempt of the hippie drug culture. He wished to be appointed a “Federal Agent at Large”. Nixon found the encounter to be a little bizarre and nothing ever came from the meetings.

It was commonly known that Elvis had trouble staying true to just one woman; during his marriage to Priscilla he had affairs with Anita Wood and Ann-Margret. Even with all his infidelity when he found out that Priscilla was having an affair with Mike Stone, a karate instructor, Elvis went a little crazy. A bodyguard of Elvis’ had to go as far as get a price for a contract killing… though Elvis finally saw the error of his ways. The couple split and soon divorced, they agreed to share custody of their daughter Lisa Marie.

In 2006, a journalist wrote about his later life, “Elvis Presley had become a grotesque caricature of his sleek, energetic former self... he was barely able to pull himself through his abbreviated concerts”. Elvis had begun to abuse prescription drugs, which affected his health, mood and his career. He overdosed twice on barbiturates, which sent him into a coma that lasted three days.

Elvis’ final performance was held on June 26, 1977 at Indianapolis at the Market Square Arena.
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183 Signatures in Elvis Presley's guestbook

  1. Mary Jo Says:

    I rememeber as a little girl my mom loving you! The funny thing is that when my mom past away I took over all her fears and loves! The one love is you I have visited Graceland twice and you would be proud of your daughter she is doing a great job keeping your legacy alive! I’m 30 years old and a mom of two great little girls! My one is four and if you were to ask her who is the KING she will say and crystal clear ELVIS! Around your birthday and death we alway watch al the show that are on and around the holiday’s we also do the same! I never met you but I do believe my mom is with you up in HEAVEN!
    Mary Jo

  2. Donnie Manues Says:

    You are the greatest in the eyes of all who know you. You have inspired so many to be better at all that they do. May you now inspire the angels as you have us.

  3. Miranda Says:


  4. Linda Fritz Says:

    Its now or never, no pun intended, I am here I better write something-there are no words that anyone could say that would complete you….you were everything to every one. You were taken too soon…I wish when I try to discribe to mom son what it was like when you were here he would understand…he does in away when there is a remake of one of the songs you sing but it still is not the same I tell him…or your eyes…that is what got me I think and your singing…anyways hope all is good where you are at and next time I see you on the street corner say, “Hi”

  5. Heather Hoffman Says:

    I love Elvis so much! i’m 15 years old and i have been listening to The King’s music since before i was born. my dad is a fanatic and i love it! he knows all the words to all of his songs! we’ll never forget The King of Rock and Roll! <3♥

  6. Julie Moyle Says:

    You are absolutely the best, missed by so many,your songs are still sung and listened to and inspire so many.You were and still are special.

  7. Linda Newman Says:

    THE MAN THE LEGEND….. THAT IS ELVIS PRESLEY you will always be remembered for your timeless songs,stage presence and charisma sorely missed by millions the world over I always remember your music when I was growing up AMAZING rest easy truly the king of rock n roll xxxx

  8. James Daniel Meade Says:

    Apparently he is still alive. Thats what I read on the internet, one of the things i remember reading is that. On the grave stone they spell his middle name with two a’s even though it is only spelled with one. and when his dad Vernon saw that they his middle name wrong on Elvis’s birth certificate,his father went to great lengths to

  9. James Daniel Meade Says:

    get it corrected. and also apparently the picture of Elvis’s body at his funeral was a fake and it’s a wax work.

  10. tracey Says:

    i would have loved to known u i love u so much ive read so many things about u n i love ur music. r.i.p

  11. mike mashall Says:

    time to say goodbye too u were the best king that this wrold has ever seen

  12. mike mashall Says:

    rip rip rip rip



  14. Sam and Grace Says:

    i LOVE YOU!! im ur BIGGEST fan! sam and Grace BOTH LOVE YOU! literally i am 600 pounds of PURE LOVE!

  15. dave farley Says:

    before anyone did anything
    ELVIS did everything
    R.I.P Bruv


    go elvis :)

  17. Jim Hovde Says:

    Elvis Aaron Presley was the Greatest Entertainer that ever Lived……Bar none

  18. grace and adam Says:

    this is luentiant dan, im am ur biggested two armed fan. i know ur still alive somewhere in iraq. You make feel like a good anrexic girl. i wish i had a juicey never frozen hamburger

  19. Exie Kelley Says:

    Me and my aunt is ur #1 biggist fan of all!!!:)my aunts husbend had died a coulpple of months ago his name is Bill (ifrgot his last name).im sad that u couldent live longer.:'( i gess god ad jesus said it was ur time. keep on rock ‘n’ rollin up there!! we miss u sooo much!!! we all love ya ♥♥♥!!! ♥ Exie

  20. Makayla Says:

    you are deeply missed i rock fans and is a angel in heaven.

  21. pootemans jaak Says:

    now there is a king in heaven
    i believe there is noboby lonely up there
    because the have the best entertainer that earth could give

    rest in peace

  22. Maria Says:

    haha when i was little i was in love with elvis.. i knew every word to every song and i wanted to marry him but then when my mom told me he was dead.. i was crushed… but i still love him anyways haha 😀

  23. Aleksandra Says:

    I love your songs…
    You had wonderful personality…

  24. roxanne baptiste Says:

    love yur music,u were a great man.

  25. Jacquis Says:


  26. sophie Says:

    u were so great and lving at u should be here rite now but u ay so gud bye for ever eaven though u were the best singer im only eleven and i am a big fan of u so gud bye
    sophie xxx

  27. Theresa Andrews Says:

    I remember the day the announcment came over the T.V.. I had just been told earlier that Elvis would be appearing in Atlanta Ga. I was trying to talk my mom into letting me go. That day never came to pass for me. 2005 was great for me because my husband took me to Memphis to Elvis Presley’s Home. I was in total aww over it. I was treated so great their by all the staff working at the museum. Thank you Elvis for the music and the memories.

  28. Pamela K. Hendrix Says:

    I’m a Big Fan of him since I was 4 years old, and now 50. I have all his movie. And he will be missed in my eyes. R.I.P Elvis, miss you.

  29. M. Paulino Says:

    You Rock(ed)(:!!

  30. briceht Says:

    Elvis is the best singer. I wish i really new you. But my big sister is ur biggest fan …………..RIP

  31. jjj Says:

    he is THE KING of rock n’ roll

  32. bob Says:

    so what

  33. bob Says:

    u suck

  34. mark knight Says:

    long live the king

  35. Lisa Carchesio Says:

    I grew up with Elvis like most & had nothing but love & respect for this man i have never met any one with such chrisma so beautiful in every way, i watch his videos on my computer and i still get excited every time i see him ,his voice is unbeliveable ther is no one to this day that can fill his shoes,Pricilla was a very fortunate person to have some one love you the way he loved her, you dont see that kind of love any more,can you see Elvis now in heaven having his concerts and singing his gospel songs,i never liked gospel till i heard Elvis sing them & now i know why gospel music is very good for you and it gives you pease and understanding faith hope and no one can sing gospel like Elvis,love you Elvis. Lisa

  36. kim chavez Says:

    You are the greatest singer that I have ever heard. I have collections of your things that been released. My husband recently purchased seven bottles of wine, while we were in Laughlin Nevada. My favorite is the velvet bottle, which
    sits in my currior cabinet, with my other Elvis collectibles. We also traveled to Memphis so that I could have a tour of your house, for our honeymoon. I have always wanted to see your house. I also have pictures hanging in my house of the pictures that I took of your grave.

    You are dearly missed, and will never be replaced.






  39. adam zamora Says:


  40. aly ortman Says:

    i am doing elvis for a skool project…and my grandma knows sooo much abouz him…=)

  41. Tori Sims!!!!! Says:

    omg!!! u r sooo cool i am bein random i so wish u can read this!!! R.I.P.

  42. aly ortman Says:

    hola senore she iz iznt she….well r.i.p

  43. Tori Sims!!!!! Says:

    shut up aly i am doin him (not like tht) and only i can callmy self random

  44. Tori Sims!!!!! Says:


  45. aly ortman Says:

    u shut up retard…and elvis is soo awesome and his daughter plays in soo many great shows…=P

  46. Tori Sims!!!!! Says:

    im bored
    wuts up
    i luv u elvis im ur number 1! fan

  47. Tori Sims!!!!! Says:

    who is his daughter

  48. aly ortman Says:

    she is sooo not ur biggest fan…i am and u should know that for a fact!!!!! signed ur biggest fan!! =P

  49. Tori Sims!!!!! Says:


  50. aly ortman Says:

    his daughter is lisa marie signed alybaybay..inside joke =P for my name

  51. aly ortman Says:

    plzzz wat???

  52. Tori Sims!!!!! Says:

    aly wut is ur nickname mines i tipsy !

  53. aly ortman Says:

    kayleigh is sooo anoing!!!

  54. Tori Sims!!!!! Says:

    omg sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo anoyin

  55. hi Says:

    he is awesome

  56. aly ortman Says:

    kayleigh found out i wrote that…she a homo

  57. Tori Says:

    ask her wut she got a detention 4?????

  58. aly ortman Says:

    she got detention for writing something on a note and she was callin jakiah a sexist and somethin with the word sex…

  59. alybaybay Says:

    kayleigh perry sux ballz….nathan balls thaz gross!!

  60. Nancy Says:

    elvis willl always be the king of rock he was really good at it. R I P forever and u guys shouldnt be talking about other stuoid shut this is a memeorial list for elvis have respect fuck man people these days

  61. aly marie Says:

    heyy torie..aka ashley marie, hah iz aly. hi…im boredd, r u. hah prolly wit our unusual substitute, hahahhahahahahahahahah shes weird hah

  62. torie sims Says:

    yah im as bored as ever, wats the subs name again i forgot. i realy did though. lolz

  63. jazzy wazzy Says:

    heyy ppl. ur substitute is soo mean,

  64. aly marie Says:

    her name is mrs.fitch. gtta go she comin peacezz

  65. aly marie Says:

    btw elvis rox!!!! word to ur mama hah

  66. torie sims Says:

    wow jakiah just looked up chinese people on google. shes so unusual and funny hahahahahahahahah..bye

  67. FRED EWART Says:

    Heeeeyyyyyy, wat can u say about this guy, i mean the words about him havent even been invented yet, we know that he was the king of everything, every sort of music there was, he sung it, there was no one else like him, and there will never ever be anyone like him again, hey, i heard my older brother sing elvis, thats how i know that there will never ever be another elvis presley, i think if he had just watched his weight, he’d still be amoungst us, but i know that whereever he is, the place will be rockin’, rest in peace elvis, you belong to heaven, you belong to eternity, cause you are a star, you were and still are the legend, rock on,

  68. milanie Says:

    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Elvisss!!!

  69. chantelle Says:

    When Elvis died my mum was only 11 and she was the biggest elvis fan eva when my grandad but the new on she was coming down the staires

  70. Velma Bruchmiller Says:

    You are one of my favorite singers. I listen to your music all of the time. And I have alot of your movies, I watch all the time too. I also visited Graceland a few years ago, it was so pretty there. Your absolutely the best, and you are still very special in my heart. Rest in peace. May GOD BE WITH YOU ALWAYS.

  71. g-money Says:

    your side burns are a jungle

  72. laura Says:

    u were the king of pop even no im a teenager i loved your music you will live on RIP x

  73. mark edward thilmony Says:

    man i missed him when he used to strum my cock with my curley pubic hair “true story”

  74. charles gregory bozoarth Says:

    he used to strum my cock also it felt so good like if was alive i would put my cum in his eye look like he had pink eye lol

  75. Linda Laframboise Says:

    I was in Memphis back in Oct./75 and I never got a chance to visit Graceland, my husband back then had delivered a bronze sculptor with his boss from Toronto, ON. I was in Memphis on my honeymoon and work for my husband. I did write a poem about Elvis called “Man With The Voice” in 2007.

  76. Tammy Says:

    I Have Been A Fan Of Yours For Year And I Will Miss You Alot :(

  77. victoria murphy Says:

    my mum sylvia was your biggest fan, she absoloutly adored you and was truly heartbrokrn when you sadly passed away, she asked me to tell you that she loves you and will always be your no.1 fan, RIP x

  78. gmoon Says:

    the king the best forevery and allways

  79. Samuel Stergios Says:

    First there Elvis and then their was everthing else that has come and gone. But Elvis will remain the King forever!!!

  80. Robin Ing Says:

    Is it really important he was on the toliet Love you always

  81. Rick Ransom Says:

    To the greatest singer of all time I was in foster home at the time of your death I was 12 yrs old I was laying on my cot when I heard the news I remember crying will miss your music and movies rest in piece you are the king of ROCK& ROLL

  82. r duffer Says:

    the best

  83. Sonya Murphy Says:

    When I think of elvis I think of my uncle Micky he died 15 years ago and he loved u so much. his dream was to visit gracelands and he did and cut a record there and it was played on a local radio station here in Ireland when he came back. i have always loved Elvis myself as my uncle mick had me listening to it as far back as I can remember. i know if he is with anyone in heaven must be you and hopefully this year or next year ill get to memphis myself I always loved you micky and I miss u. always praying for you sonya

  84. sue Says:

    the 1 and only elvis . massive fan, all our family . there will never be another, even close to you. rip xxxxxxx



  86. Christine Reside Says:

    Still the KING

  87. Christine Reside Says:

    The King 4 Ever !!!!

  88. maggie Says:

    still miss you

  89. jada anthony Says:

    Elvis i love you and i am sorry you died

  90. jada anthony Says:

    but yo will still be in my heart

  91. dADA Says:


  92. Georgia Says:

    You will always be KING

  93. Victoria Says:

    So bad. He was a gourgeous and talent man, I miss him… His music, his face, his dances, everything he did it was important somehow for me and the world.
    Elvis Presley is a king.

  94. irene garcia Says:

    you were in best in my eyes..you will be missed by all

  95. Morgan Says:

    elvis was so dang cool. i miss him like craaaaaazaaaay !

  96. tonya green Says:

    my grandmother loved you more than anything and nobody would dare talk bad of you in her house she had everything that had to do with you including a phone and a clock that danced matter of fact she got me one also we love you always and forever your memory lives on in our hearts and our homes!RIP always your biggest fans

  97. Unknown Says:

    RIP Elvis you were one of the greatest and was for sure “The King of Rock n’ Roll” :)

  98. Jessica Neon Says:

    Hey Elvis, I am so sorry about your death.. Have fun in heaven, how is it up there? If only there were a way to communicate with each other…Well for drama I am doing a monologue on someone that is well known and that inspires you so I chose ELViS PRESLEY!!! i LOVE your songs Elvis, wish you were here! Great ‘talking’ to you.

  99. Aubrey Musco Says:

    Elvis U SUCK! jk, love you nyour songs! Im in Taiwan! See u never… :'(

  100. Aubrey Musco Says:

    Elvis You Rock! Literally

  101. Amanda Reyes Says:

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheyyyyyyyyyy. im in school and this class is soo boring . soo i got on this websitee . byee (:

  102. Amanda Reyes Says:

    hii my name is Amanda Reyess and im cool (:

  103. Amanda Reyes Says:

    we are sooo sorry that you had diied. you will always be in heart . <3

  104. Elizabeth Breeding Says:

    now we can say that god has both of his angels back. THE KING OF ROCK & now THE KING OF POP R.I.P

  105. Shelby Says:

    i dont know much about his music but hes gay

  106. Shelby Says:

    im in Keyboarding Class and im soooo fucking board so im looking up stupid fags

  107. zak hyde Says:

    all though i am young i have grew up with your music all around me cds playing and seeing you on the TV and would like to thank you for inspiering me to achieve my life goals thanks king

  108. Leah Sulier Says:

    Priscilla, Lisa, family, friends and loved ones of Elvis Presley; my sympathy for the loss of your loved one and a very talented person. While attending Westlake Junior High School, in 8th grade, in the state of Granger, Utah, one of my classes was art. My project was to draw faces. I brought a picture of Elvis Presley and drew his face. My art teacher helped me. On the picture I wrote, Elvis Presley, by Leah B Sulier, My Dream Come True. I thought he was a very nice looking person, I liked his music, singing & acting. At that time of my life, I would live in Utah with my mother and her family and then live with my father and his family in the state of California. I traveled by Greyhound. One time while travelling Greyhound, I got off the bus for a break & upon returning to my seat I noticed my picture I had drawn of Elvis(it was in my sack in front of my seat)was missing. I never did recover it. I attended one of his concerts in Salt Lake City, UT., in the newly built Salt Palace. His dad was with him. I have visited Graceland.

  109. Ashley Neo Says:

    Love your inspiring music Elvis..wish u were around..wish i lived in ur time..i am 14, and i am seeing the world’s music culture go bad…often dream of what it wold be like with u around..music will be alot better…U will always be the king of rock and roll…
    Fan forever,
    Ashley neo.

  110. jazmyne Says:

    love you uhhuh miss you

  111. Dand Doherty Says:

    The only King of Rock and Roll. Time has proven you reign will never end. Long live the King!

  112. bob Says:

    elvis keep burnig love

  113. Beverly Says:

    There was one and will only be one Elvis (The King). Til this day, I will watch an Elvis movie over any other movie re-run on tv. I believe Elvis was the single most inspirational person in rock n roll history. I continue to miss him. I will keep him in my prayers, always!

  114. Lisa Weiner Says:

    To Elvis Presley,
    I thought you were a great entertainer. I liked your songs Love me Tender. Jailhouse Rock, Burning Love, and Teddy Bear. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. God bless you Mr. Presley. Lisa Weiner

  115. debbie mcgruder Says:

    elvis was a SUPERSTAR!!!!!

  116. crime stopper Says:

    rip king of rock and roll

  117. Pamela Osburn Says:

    I’ll love you until my heart stops beating.

  118. Michelle Tarpening-Parsons Says:

    Always The King…Always Remembered..Always Loved RIP Elvis

  119. mary Says:

    You will always be loved and missed by us fans in Australia

  120. Kim Says:

    Elvis was a very good looking guy ! :)

  121. Elvis Presley Lives On, Thanks To The Internet | WebProNews Says:

    […] flock to Graceland on the day of his death, year after year, to hold candlelight vigils? Why is his death celebrated, seemingly more than his […]

  122. celebrity gossip Says:

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    […] year &#1072ft&#1077r year, t&#959 hold candlelight vigils? Wh&#1091 &#1110&#1109 h&#1110&#1109 death celebrated, seemingly more th&#1072n h&#1110&#1109 […]

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    […] flock to Graceland on the day of his death, year after year, to hold candlelight vigils? Why is his death celebrated, seemingly more than his […]

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    […] year &#1072ft&#1077r year, t&#959 hold candlelight vigils? Wh&#1091 &#1110&#1109 h&#1110&#1109 death celebrated, seemingly more th&#1072n h&#1110&#1109 […]

  126. Frances Rudland Says:

    God bless you elvis I am one of your bigest fans I always did and always will love you R.I.P

  127. reuben and bobbie horsman Says:

    reuben and bobbie horsman

  128. C.KELLY Says:


  129. sade' sehm Says:

    ja’dore u

  130. james o. denny Says:

    the world ia a lot better for hom haveing lived in it.

  131. VICKIEJ Says:

    I was 5 when u past away but I still remember ur music and I loved u in LOVE ME TENDER

  132. leonardo di vinci Says:


  133. jade keil Says:

    love you elvis. my booty <3 lvoelovelove you

  134. jade keil Says:

    hey love you . ur beautiful

  135. William Lloyd Says:

    May GOD bless your soul. You are dearly missed.

  136. lisa Says:

    my mum is your biggest fan ever and even named me after your daughter. you are truely missed and will always be the king of rock and roll. rest in peace.

  137. Scott Posch Says:

    I liked Elvis Presley because he is awesome.

  138. Clint Says:

    Elvis Presley was the greatest singer who ever lived. No question about it… He could sing anything.. Pop, gospel, ballads.. He did it all and did it good !!! He deserves the title ” The Greatest Singer whoever live” bar none..

  139. silent Says:

    elvis for the win

  140. aboudy Says:

    no offence, but i hated the king of rock (Elvis) he sucked in singing and he only knew how to gel his hair. he was only for people in their sixties (from aboudy and basel)

  141. samkinglimo Says:

    thank u very much baby

  142. Bob Frier Says:

    Saw Elvis live 1973 Hilton Las Vegas,has been my idol ever since.There is a radio station in Sydney Australia that plays 2 hours of Elvis Sunday nights.I am 70 years young

  143. Bob Frier Says:

    Saw Elvis 1973 in Las Vegas,since then he has been my idol.
    There is a radio station in Sydney that plays 2 hours of Elvis every Sunday I am 70 years young!!!

  144. Doo Dad Says:


  145. annmarie louise white Says:

    annmarie whitw get married to elvis presley in las vegas is so special me i love him so much be been with he is nice to me and he is my sweetheart he is my boyfriend i like so much

  146. annmarie louise white Says:

    annmarie white get married to elvis presley in las vegas is so special me i love him so much be been with he is nice to me and he is my sweetheart he is my boyfriend i like so much

  147. annmarie louise white Says:

    annmarie white get married to elvis presley in las vegas is so special me i love him so much be with been him he is so nice to me and he is my sweetheart he is my boyfriend i like so much

  148. annmarie louise white Says:

    annmarie white get married to elvis presley in las vegas is so special me i love him so much be with been him he is so nice to me and he is my sweetheart he is my boyfriend i like so much boyfriend i love so much look ground at graceland in America

  149. annmarie louise white Says:

    1967:annmarie and elvis
    on 1 may 1967 elvis and annmarie are married by nevada supreme court justice david zenoff.in a private ceremony held in a suite in the english tudor-style Aladdin hotel in las vegas
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