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Donna Summer

Born: 1948-12-31 - Died: 2012-05-17
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Donna Summer died on May 17, 2012 after a long fight with cancer. At the time of her death Summer was living in Nashville, TN with her husband and was the grandmother for four.

Who was Donna Summer : Summer was a legendary singer/songwriter who gained her fame during the disco era of the 19070s. She was known for her mezzo-soprano vocal range, and was a five-time grammy winner.
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49 Signatures in Donna Summer's guestbook

  1. Lewys J. Colon Says:

    You will be missed. God Bless You Disco Queen!


    Love you always


  2. Naomi Says:

    Loved dancing to your music. This is terrible news. May you sing now with the angels on high. RIP

  3. Ceci Says:

    “Heaven Knows” a brighter, sweeter star now.

  4. Denise Says:

    thank you for the music, Donna. Sleep well.

  5. latasha moore Says:

    heaven now has its led singer, you will be sadly missed

  6. mario boulet Says:

    One of the most powerful, great voices of the late century.
    She could have easily sing opera. Only her could interpret MacArthur Park with such a powerful presence, along with the great interpretation of the late Richard Harris.
    We are going to miss her silly.

  7. Darbi Fry Says:

    We will miss you. I pray that the Lord comforts her family and friends

  8. irving lopez Says:

    great lady

  9. Margaret Yaksic Says:

    My heart goes out to Donna Summer’s family. She was truly a gift from god. Her music always touched and inspired me to sing. She will be missed.

  10. robbie Says:


  11. Lisa Weiner Says:

    To Donna Summer,
    I really enjoyed your songs like Hot Stuff, Bad Girls, She works hard for the money, Macarthur Park, On the Radio etc. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Lisa Weiner

  12. Kim Bailey Morgan Says:

    Loved your music…danced to your music many times!!! RIP <3

  13. Jim Fitz Says:

    The world has lost one of its finest talents. Donna may you sing forever in the heavens above.
    Always in my heart and soul, forever, Love Jim

  14. Robin Says:

    Loved you! Your recordings were great. rob.

  15. wojega Says:

    R.I.P Disco Queen…we will always remember u.

  16. Christine Bev Boston , Ma Says:

    RIP Donna Summer… “Heaven Knows” this was not the way it should be. You were a class act all around and I
    I’m honored and proud to say that I come from the same city as you the legendary disco diva was the definition of DISCO! Love you xo

  17. Luz Rodriguez Says:

    You will be missed. Love you always

  18. melissa Says:

    we will miss you

  19. melissa Says:

    i love you too

  20. M. Foster Says:


  21. Edwin A. Empestan Says:

    You will be remembered forever Donna. Rest In Peace. Thank you so much for your music.

  22. Edwin A. Empestan Says:

    Jessica Alba Empestan – Borrel
    Disco will be nothing without your music Donna Summer in our time. So long great diva have peace now and forever you will live on my heart. We will miss you

  23. margaret t Says:

    Sad you had to go when so many others are bypassed Rest in a beautiful place x

  24. 2 dolla Says:

    Fun fact Donna invented Tatar sauce and the ball point pen.

  25. Starla Dodge Says:

    I LOVE disco music!! It’s #1 kind of music for me!!!!!!!!!! I was so shocked to hear that Donna had died!! But look at it this way- she’s in a better place where she can’t hurt no more and she can sing for God and Jesus!! RIP Donna!!

  26. HENRY DYKES Says:


  27. HENRY DYKES Says:


  28. tracy nuetzman Says:

    donna summer was disco entertainer that ever lived you are a gift from god may your earthly voice live forever now i know there is disco in heaven please rip you are a heavnly angel

  29. Eddie Says:

    One of the better singers out there. Had the pleasure of being at a concert of hers in CA in 1979 which was taped for her upcoming album. She was the best.. RIP.. I bet your singing with Luther.

  30. Omaria Taya King Says:

    No this couldnt happen please i love you you have to come back your the Disco Queen i call you i wish you the best in heaven you will be miss god bless you.RIP p.s. please please have your life better and live it xoxo peace

  31. GAGET Jean-François Says:

    Merci pour tout…..

  32. Clint Says:

    What a set lungs this woman had !!! I love to hear her sing… She sang like an angel … RIP Donna !!!

  33. VickieJ Says:


  34. Davy Boy Paynter Says:

    Great memories of your songs in my younger days Donna…you were a legend. Long may your career be celebrated. R.I.P.

  35. Ana Gomez Says:

    God have you in His glory! I know how much you have had suffered cause I am also a cancer pt. May God keep your family in peace

  36. sabrina spruill Says:

    I am going to miss her so much.

  37. Fu fu Says:

    i wanted to marry ju

  38. Bernice Jackson Says:

    I will always remember dancing to your music. Bad Girls is one of my favorite all time albumns. You will be missed.

  39. Renee Says:

    I love her muse if was very respect today

  40. Renee Says:

    I’m living with the stupid people ever

  41. Nina Says:

    You were such a beautiful and talented woman. I was sorry to hear of your passing. I know your on that big stage in the sky entering everyone with your great voice. R.I.P.

  42. Victor RamosGlez Says:

    His voice is quiet now but your greatest contribution to the music industry live on for eternity-To the great Disco Queen-One of the Kind the Great Donna Summer, we alwals love you from your true honest fans in Puerto Rico RIP.

  43. savannah Says:

    loved your music you rock!!! We all will miss you.

  44. Madeline Says:

    There will always be a last dance with you!

  45. Harout K Says:

    I was popular dancer with your songs… lol
    But I do know you had struggle between GOD’s Law /and/ Evilness in songs as in Worldly…. I am glad you chose GOD’S Law over Evil..
    May GOD Bless your Soul

  46. Laurie Says:

    goodbye beautiful lady.

  47. Bahati Says:

    Really happy you like them Donna. It was fun wasn’t it? Wait till you see the ones Coinneach took as well. I have emailed you the prtvaie gallery link.

  48. Rene A. Daigneault Jr Says:

    Loved to Love You, Baby. You will missed.

  49. anita Says:

    i don’t really know you much,but i wish i did. you are still a star that will never wilt.

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