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Don Lapre

Born: 1964-05-19 - Died: 2011-10-02
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Lapre's body was found in his cell surrounded by a large amount of blood. According to law enforcement sources it appears as though Lapre had cut himself, but no word on the item he used to inflict the damage upon himself was released.

Who was Don Lapre : Lapre was a TV pitchman and a well known marketing salesman and informercial huckster. His work involved such products as "The Greatest Vitamin in the World" and the "Making Money Package". He was often criticized for selling questionable business plans, which most of the time failed to live up to their promise to his clients. In June of 2011 Lapre was charged with 41 counts of conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud and promotional money laundering related to various Internet businesses. He was arrested on June 24, 2011. He was being held in an Airzona jail where he was scheduled to appear in court on October 4, 2011.

On Lapre's website, DonLapre.com, he has a statement which almost reads as a suicide note:

I tried to create the best product on earth, paid out millions, made very little trying to make it a success, had attorneys review my entire company, paid out millions in refunds, tried to make the commission and products better every single year, and in spite of all that, I have been accused of something I did not do. I did not have the perfect company but never once did I allow one thing to be done that would violate any law. Nevertheless, because the majority of people did not make money, in spite of everyone of them being able to make as many $1000 checks as they wanted, I am left to fight a battle that will for sure destroy what energy I have left inside... I hope the pictures below motivate you to take a chance in life and try to do the impossible... It did not work out for me with my vitamins but I believe that being willing to fail is part of having a chance at success.... Never stop dreaming and for all those who sent me testimonials of what you did because of some of my help, I am grateful I made a small difference in your life...
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62 Signatures in Don Lapre's guestbook

  1. wadell holman Says:

    thanks don for giving me an opportunity of a lifetime may you now rest in peace and may god be with you always. sincerly wadell holman

  2. cassandra mccormick Says:

    Don, to know you was to love you, you were a wonderful boss, and a wonderful person. You never hurt anyone intentionally and only wanted people to be successfull. I am so sorry that you felt so desperate. May you be in god’s light and loving arms.

  3. Sherry Seeberger Says:

    I am very saddened today to hear of Don Lapres death. He was a very kind and generous man. My prayers go out to his family. May you rest is peace. Sincerely, Sherry Seeberger

  4. Eileen Says:

    Don, you were evil and very greedy. You got what you deserved. May you burn in the pits of hell!

  5. frank Says:

    I didnt work for you or get ripped off by you, but i was put in jail for something similar to what you did and i lost everything including my wife. but life goes on you can’t kill yourself and take the cowards way out. What about your kids?? GOD doesn’t forgive when you kill yourself.

  6. unknow Says:

    don you made a ton of money for all of us you taught us the best telemarketing skills in the world. and because of you there is over 100 rooms running on what you taught us you are the true don god rest your soul thank you for what you did for my family wil miss you don

  7. Darrell Bastarache Says:

    To Eileen says:


    I have no idea why you feel so angry. It maybe a pitch he offered you that failed. But all in all, you are responsible for whatever risks you take whether good or bad. Either way, he offered people something(hope). If you didn’t feel that, then perhaps you should have followed advice, ” IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE,THEN IT IS.”No one is at fault for his failing schemes except yourselves. But lets get to the point:

    What you said was very crude. Noone deserves this kind of disrespect. All of us are guilty of some form of deception. His being on a larger scale. However, some people did have success through him. Deception is deception no matter what scale it is on. If you are not guilty of deception, then your words are justified. However, I highly doubt it!!

    May God have mercy on your soul and bless you for those you have helped and forgive you for those you have decieved. Biggest of all, may He forgive you for taking what did not belong to you, “YOUR LIFE.” God Bless you.

  8. Lance Groom Says:


    You will be missed. It was a pleasure working with you and getting to know you. We were just texting a year ago and I was hoping to come out and say hello some time, even take you out to lunch and talk. I left some messages on your voicemail until the day it filled up. I am soooooooo Sorry Don. This world needs a hero and I know you tried your best. I would love to attend your memorial services if someone gets back with me. Your friend, Lance Groom – Firefighter… Washington State. LanceIvanGroom@hotmail.com

  9. john fox Says:

    I’m so saddened by this news. Don – your family needed you, even if you were about to have some big issues in your life. I wish we kept in touch more over the past few years. I’m going to miss you. I wish the family well.

  10. Ex Employee Says:

    You truly were the real deal. I am and forever will be thankful for the opportunity to have worked for you. You changed so many peoples lives by teaching us how to make money. What you provided your customers, your business practices along with quality was all top notch. You have always been ahead of your time and when I worked for you I tried to soak in as much as I could…I think we all did. You are like a rock star in the business opportunity sector. I looked up to everything you had accomplished and I completely respected you. People are stupid. Its really easy to point the finger at you for other peoples failures rather then themselves but it is true. It’s crazy how your guilty until proven innocent. The real truth is you did put your heart in your products, you did give people a SOLID business model, you did provide people with quality advertising at discounted prices, you did provide an opportunity for people to change their lives. Jim Rosen was Just 1 example of the type of success stories you created that man duplicated placing tiny classified ads and made millions following your instructions….we all did and do to this day.It was such an honor to work for the best boss such an opportunity you gave us all and such a damn shame your gone.

  11. George Ybanez Says:

    Don, I appreciate the opportunities you gave me!!!!!

  12. Lance Groom Says:

    Additional Memorial Info: Please help support this one too… http://memorialwebsites.legacy.com/Don-Lapre-Memorial/homepage.aspx – The family deserves some peace and support now. Cheers, Lance

  13. jason Says:

    Burn in Hell….

  14. Jeff Neville Says:

    RIP Don Lapre and may God Bless your family and friends. You are gone way too soon under circumstances not of your making. Why was a “fraud” suspect locked up from late June until now? He was not a flight risk, anyone in the world would recognize him! I think the big bad government might have put such a scare into him with the Gestapo tactics that he didnt see any way out except…. I dont agree with suicide, but you have to be in his shoes to know what he was going through. God Bless all.

  15. Melad Says:

    I ordered the greatest Vitamin in the world package and also the making money package from don and I did not make a dime on either, but thats not his fault, I admired him regardless, the man had a hell of a talent!! He inspired almost anyone who went thru and ordered his package, bcus he made them beleive and gave ppl hope for better! I am one! THANK YOU DON, my heart goes out to you and your family RIP <3

  16. Billy Mays Says:

    Welcome to the family brother

  17. jason Says:

    Say Hi To Michael 5

  18. jason Says:

    I will see you in Heaven, soon …………..

  19. Bob R Says:

    Don Lapre was a good and kind man, a gentle soul, with a huge heart. He always thought
    of others before thinking of himself. He was a good family man, a great dad and he loved
    his wife dearly. He had a drive that would have led him to success no matter what he did,
    but Don truly believed that he could help people better their lives by giving them the
    opportunity to own their own business. He created thousands of jobs for people and opened
    up people to the thought that they could succeed on their own. Not many people made money
    by investing in Don’s business ventures! Let’s be honest the majority of people who
    ordered his packages did so in a late night drunken whim and never even opened the
    packages or gave the businesses a chance. Don bent over backwards to try and help these
    people by calling them back and trying to guide them though the process of getting
    started. That’s a lot better than you’ll get from your broker or investment banker. They
    where cheap easy to run low cost businesses for people who otherwise had no hope of ever
    owning any business at all. Don’s businesses where scams? I think not. Don devoted much
    time and research into what was hot and current. In the 90’s 900 numbers where hot and
    a lot of companies where making a fortune so Don offered that to his people. Then when
    the health craze was in full swing he offered the Vitamin biz to his people. He was an
    encouragement to thousands of people who went on to own their own businesses in many
    field. Don gave you drive and encouragement and a way to start and run a small business.
    The US government has tried the same thing with its business packages that have cost us
    over 500 billion dollars… How many people out there feel encouraged by them?…They
    say that he bilked over 220,000 people out of over 52 million and only under 6000 made
    money totaling less than 6 million that is an average of over 10 percent… The national
    average of successful start up small businesses is less that 10 percent…. So Don’s
    businesses really did better than the US Small Business Administration… What a
    shock… Don was a good man and never did anything that would be construed as breaking
    the law. Don offered hope to the hopeless wonder if I can get an indictment on BofA for
    fraud and malfeasance for mismanagement of my moneys… Or perhaps an indictment against
    Fannie Mae for ruining my investments and leaving me with worthless property I can’t
    even sell…I know of a guy that stole over 2 trillion dollars from over 300 million
    people but he’s not facing indictment… His name… George W Bush.. And how about
    Halliburton and Cheney they stole 800 billion dollars to rebuild the Nation of Iraq and
    they still haven’t even fixed the roads or rebuilt the schools but they are asking for
    more money… It seems the 800 Billion was spent on Corruption. I am very sorry for the
    loss Don’s family is going through and am appalled by the posts from people that comment
    on what they have no knowledge of. Don you were a one of a kind man who lived his dreams
    and tried to share them with others you will be greatly missed.

  20. Boris the Spider Says:

    The govt killed him for making money

  21. Boris the Spider Says:


  22. Boris the Spider Says:


  23. Louie Says:

    Rest in peace I watch your commercial I did not know you personaly but I wish I could have been there for you to tell you that there is always hope if you just hang on I will pray for you and your family.

  24. Ubranine Himezeriwicz Says:

    I have to say that you took the easy way out. Simly, I had to change my name because of your crooked way…..BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. monique Says:

    Iwas your personal assistant and one of your closest friends when you employed me. You were the most caring, generous man I have ever met. You loved your wife and adored your beautiful daughters. I can’t imagine the mental state you must have been in to do what you did. I wish there was something that someone could had done to help you. You are an angel. God bless your family and friends. Rest in peace.

  26. Fat Dude Says:

    Goes to show you those late night sales people are full of crap. Shouldn’t of killed yourself though I feel bad for you.

  27. Robert Wagner Says:

    Don, thank you for you energy and uplifting spirit on late night tv. I found inspiration in you! I’m so sad to hear about what has happend to you. May you be Blessed with God in Heaven!

  28. Dave Says:

    Maybe Don was the worlds greatest salesman.At the least he motivated folks to shoot for the stars.Lets prosecute companies that sell stock or elected officials that sell us their BS with no chance of a return on our tax money.I am sorry that Don felt that he had to take his life.

  29. Diane Says:

    I am really saddened about his death. He seemed like a member of my family he was always in my living room

  30. E.F Mutton Says:

    Hey, diphead, where is my money I paid for your first business scam? You ripped off alot of good honest, hard-working people. You couldn’t face the music, but now in your death, you will be seeing the Reaper, and be the way burn in HELL. You slezebag!!!!

  31. Mr bee Says:

    You complete cock

  32. michael g Says:

    i remember you were the first person who inspired me to become an entreprenuer. i promise to help do my part to save the world in honor of you Don.

  33. ALONDRA Says:

    Don loved those tiny adds. He would often place them and respond to himself. He actually was the defendant and plaintiff in one case. That’s genius you can’t lose like that. He also was the countries largest feces champion. He dropped a sevenpounder in one shot into a vase made from Negro bones and hair from a shih tzu. His ability to rape the Americas is legendary and his legacy of bullshit will linger on much like a fart after seafood and whiskey. Real strong but does fade away with time. We thought he will like prison and the tiny adds he can place there. Really tiny adds, were talking just tiny classified adds. Rest easy lemon squeeze.

  34. Wences Says:

    Don I worked for you for many years as your Butler and lead fister. These were great times for us. The truth is don wanted to take it all and invest in the Negro leauges. He felt the Negro was being treated to well by the man

  35. Steven Stewart Says:

    Guess I won’t be getting my $39.95 back now for sure! Damn…money making secrets my A$$

  36. Katie Hudson Says:

    rip your friend don lapre the tv freak

  37. Ali Says:


  38. Good Riddens Says:

    He was a scam from the outset. Took my money too. Greed has been the undoing of many. If you’re going to commit a crime, be prepared for the consequences if you get caught. “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”

  39. John t slater Says:

    I blew don in a chevron rest room while his wife waited in the car. He peed on my nts when he was done. I thought what a great tasting urine and he told me it was from the worlds greatest vitamin it was true it changed pissing as I know it.

  40. Jewy jewerstienbergski Says:

    I loved the man, I tell ya. He made us heebs look like angles. Hooray mr. Lapre for taking the heat off of us jewkikeheebiejeebiechristkillingnicklenosedshapeshifters.

  41. Don lapre Says:

    Yes it’s me I was resurected by the worlds greatest vitamins. My secretary paid the undertaker to stuff my French ass with 1800 vitamins. I cut my throat and when I got to the funeral home I was healed totally. So let’s place tiny adds to sell these vitamins

  42. Met ford Schmitk Says:

    Fon was a con man. Now he’s just a dead con man.

  43. Don Lapre Says:

    It’s been a while since my return from the dead. I am living off off tiny adds, tiny classified adds. So please send your donations to the Feces of Poland charity. The poles lost there feces museum in the great shit smear wars. So I want to offer my tiny add strategy. I also have a store where only the totally retarted would invest. Please let my rotting vitamin filled ass come see you after you make a donation to the Idiots Of America Foundation. The reason being is if you bought anything from this anus you got what you deserved. Power to the tiny adds and idiot people.

  44. Todd Elario Says:

    I worked for Don in the 90’s. Great boss. Honost about his package. He said less than 1% will make money, because they don’t do anything with the package. He always had a buffet for his sales force to munch on while they worked. serious catered buffet….everyday I worked there.He would often speak to the sales force and was very motivational. R.I.P. Don. I can’t believe this is how it ended for you.I remember working for you like it was yesterday.

  45. Joey Stephano Says:

    Belive me that sales staff could munch and munch again. With all the munching why cut your throat it would always stop you from munching forever and ever. I was his pencil sharpening vice president and can say we did munch and he loved munching so why do something like this. Why don why?

  46. Señor Wences Says:

    The suicide would have made a great infomercial. He has the strength to cut his own throat from the vitamins and then clean up with oxi clean and a sham wow. Now that’s an add.

  47. Downs parent Says:

    I bought a package for my son who has downs syndrome and he loved it. He thought don was cool and as Benny always says a real cool dude aaaayyyyyyyy like the fonz. I know he is a simple man but after you hear that one twenty thousand times you beg for deafness. Real deafness lol I am only kidding. It’s a bit irritating every time you turn around he is there. But anyways I am sorry this young man killed himself when he brings Benny so much joy. Little Benny’s dream is to place little adds and by me an ice cream scoop. Thank you sir lapre little headed angles everywhere love you.

  48. labreno Says:

    I will never forget you Don, all of us should carry on your spirit and not be fooled by the insane bureaucracy that is destroying this great country and its people! No matter what brother, you tried to do good, I wished you would have fought them you would have won. ALL YOU NEGATIVE LOOSERS WILL TRULY BURN IN YOUR OWN HELL!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SINCERELY

  49. R Lazine, GemOptions Jewelry. Says:


    Thank you for your guidance. Through your suggestions I established two websites, 1st gemoptions.com and now working my new site charmgem.com

    You gave us the inspiration to get out of the big business rat trap. Out from under the thumb.

    Thank you and R.I.P. Richard.

  50. Tasha Says:

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  51. Roy Lane Says:

    don, thanks for being a good person toward everyone.

  52. Roger Says:

    I was looking for something and came across a box and when I looked in it there was some of Don’s booklets in it that I had never put into action. One of the booklets is about How To Advertise With Little Or No Money. I am going to put this one to use. I have a website that I need more traffic to visit it http://www.gesds.com. I sell non lethal weapons and security equipment.

    I believe Don was trying to help people to believe in themselves and to have a better future. The world needs more people like Don so we can have a better future and a better world. God knows we do need this type of people. May Don live on in the hearts of the ones he touched.

  53. Jay Plowright Says:

    Don, It’s too bad that you high level of inteligence could not come down to our level to see where you were going with your ambitions. You hurt a lot of people financially and emotionally. As much as I understand you were doing what you thought was correct, you should have backed up and taken a BIG look at what was going on. The worst thing you did was hurt your mother by taking your life prematurly. I only hope you sent your mother all your love “before” your last breath!! I only hope that whatever I do or whatever happens to me, I will NOT take the cowards way out, but noone EVER knows what is in the mind of a suicide victim. May God protect you…

  54. Hattie Says:

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  55. Heanes Says:

    Don was on the cellblock I watch over before the one he commited suicide in. Anyhow he was an ok guy. He never gave us any trouble but liked to dress in women’s socks which was odd. Hey who am I to judge after all I have ever seen. The blacks are the worst though. Just horrible hygiene.

  56. Goering Says:

    The cat is in a Portuguese water dog bowl. Meet me at the gleeful statue.

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