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Dixie Carter

Born: 1939-05-25 - Died: 2010-04-10
Cause of Death:
Complications from endometrial cancer

Death Summary: Dixie Carter died in Houston, Texas from complications stemming from endometrial cancer. Her death was announced by her husband, Hal Holbrook.

Who was Dixie Carter : Carter was an actress who is best-known for her role in the sitcom Designing Women, which ran from 1986 - 1993). She was also nominated for an Emmy for "Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series" for Desperate Housewives in 2007.
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42 Signatures in Dixie Carter's guestbook

  1. Linda Olinger Says:

    I thought she was a great actress, she had those great lines.She also seemed that she would be a hoot to talk to in real life. Thank you for making me laugh.

  2. Chris Lock Says:

    I will miss her,….What a loss and shock to us all

  3. beverly Says:

    I will miss Dixie a great deal. She brought a smile to my face each time i watched her as Sgt. Dee Dee Mcall on Hunter back in the 80’s. She took charge of a tough role to say the least. I will also miss her hosting with Regis in the morning. Mr. Philbin I am sure feels horrible about it. Dixie had a great way and warmth about her that was conveyed over and over on the big screen when she starred with Charlton Heston in the King and I. Goodnight our southern bell.

  4. stymie Says:

    I just received the earth shattering news that this great actress had passed away.Looking at the thousands of entries in this guestbook I can see the loss the nation is feeling. A crippeling blow to the country and our allies abroad. I just got off the phone with a friend in Portugal and he said they feel it is best to do nothing and let their nation mourn this tragedy. Ronald Regan rose from the dead to see for himself if she was truely gone then forgot whhere he was and vomited on a hot dog stand then dissapeared. All that being said I pray that she is doing a reviveal of Different Strokes with Dana and Mrs. G spot.

  5. Teresa Says:

    She was a wonderful actress and will be sadly missed. My god be with her loving husband and sons

  6. TIna Kina Says:

    Wow I used to act like i was sleep until my mom went to sleep then get back up to watch her show. She is fav out of all of them on the show and she rep TX well

  7. jodi snyder Says:

    i loved watching her on the teli. she made me feel like i could be beautiful and smart. she was my make believe mom. so sorry for her family.

  8. bobbie Says:

    The Dixie Carter they are referring too over on twitter is not this Dixie Carter and they should remove that latest tweets box on the side there. The one they are talking about is in wrestling. The actress here who has passed away has never openly admitted to using HGH.

  9. erika corbin Says:

    i need your help

  10. Rafael Says:

    Ms. Carter will be remembered and missed!

  11. brenda trapp Says:

    I loved you on DW the world has lost a great person.

  12. Sandy Vittitow Says:

    The Lights are definitaly out in Georgia Now. She will be greatly missed.

  13. tinkle winkle Says:

    sorry to hear about dixie. i worked on the set of different strokes as a caterer. she was always very kind and sweet to us most of the time. kind words were her daily gift to us. the only time i remember her getting angry was when she couldnt find her jack daniels bottle. todd bridges had taken it and was geting loaded with dana plato. they were havng an affair. anyways dixie screamed out”that nigger better not have my booze!!”. he did have it and she caught the two of them naked in the lighting room. dana was felating todd and dixiealmost ripped the hair out of her head. she took the bottle back and called dana a nigger lover. well needless to say after that fiasco no one touched her whiskey again. god bless her and i hope she is making smiles up in heaven.

  14. Sandy Vittitow Says:

    The lights are definitly out in Georgia now. And she will be greatly missed.

  15. ungh Says:

    hgh caused her deth 🙁

  16. Frank Says:

    You will missed. You are in Gods arms . Bless you !!!!!

  17. Frank Says:

    You will be missed. You are in Gods arms .

  18. Melissa Says:

    So sory for the famlies loss. I loved Desiging Women, I loved her wit!


    I just found out today. I will miss her and the laughter she brought to us all. She could sing also like no other. Rest in peace

  20. Alicia Ocasio Says:

    Rest in peace, I loved her in designing women.

  21. cia h Says:

    this news shocked me too. however, she did not play deedee mccall on Hunter.

  22. Sheryl Says:

    If Webster’s had the word “Southern Lady” in it…Dixie’s photo would be the definition for she just oozed the charm, wit, intelligence, and most of all she was totally a classy lady.

    Her character of Julia is my all time favorite, especially when she lets loose with the “Julianator”…and never lost composure! She will be very missed. Rest in Peace Dixie.

  23. sherry saultz Says:


  24. sherry saultz Says:

    i am a total slut for black cock. i love a ten inch roll of tar paper slapped of my face as i lick the negroid head into extacy. black cock rules and so doees dixies anal fun dvds produced by lyons and carnahan!!

  25. SHARON WARD Says:

    RIP Dixie you were a lovely person and you will be greatly missed.my heart goes out to your family for their lost.

  26. Lisa Weiner Says:

    To Dixie Carter,
    I want let you know that I thought you were a grea actress. I watched you on the sitcom Different Strokes and Designing Women. I will miss you Dixie Carter. Lisa Weiner

  27. Jade Cuellar Says:

    Dixie was a class act all the way. As Julia Sugarbaker she became my heroin, as a woman who was classy, sassy, and a woman of brilliant Southern charm. I will miss her greatly.

  28. Nancy Says:

    Dixie was a very talented actress and an obviously eloquent, refined lady. Some of the ignorant comments represent the 70% of the population that are below average. Who are you? What have you done? Loser, inbred parents, raise your children to show respect for their fellow man. Anyway, my respect and heartfelt sympathy goes out to Mr. Holbrook and familly.

  29. Lisa Palmgren Hogg Says:

    Oh Dixie….Your “self” came thru to Me in all your work and Oh what such a dear friend I will Miss… I was shocked of Your passing….Love you…
    …So Very sorry to hear of the Loss to the World…God will take good care of them….Their Passing is Never easy…I know..It is never easy..Blessings to the Family…
    Sincerely,Lisa Palmgren Hogg

  30. mamie ybarra Says:

    what a great actress mrs.dixie carter was…u will be missed…

  31. Dianna L. Harbin-Wilson Says:


    You were incredibly talented. Thank you for all the years of entertainment that I was blessed to see with you in various roles. God Bless You!

  32. LIN Says:

    Reading some of the log in’s sounds like Dixie had a mouth on her. Against black people. Now thats not nice is it folks

  33. Max Stevens Says:

    Dixie Carter was my favorite white supremacist. Seig heil Dixie, seig heil.

  34. JOJO Says:

    Rest in peace southern belle

  35. Swaynus Says:

    She loved crisco and a good right hand.

  36. Tina Riserbato Says:

    I absolutely loved watching Dixie on Designing Women. I will certainly miss her cool Southern voice and those beautiful long legs – every women would have killed to have legs like hers.

    You will never be forgotten!!!

  37. John Says:

    A classy lady!

  38. melissa Says:

    i am sorry about your loss

  39. Nina Says:

    Ms. Dixie I can’t believe your gone. You were a wonderful and beautiful lady R.I.P.

  40. D Williams Says:

    I enjoyed wwatching the series. Beverly it was not Dixie that played the roll of Sgt.De De Mcall that was played by Stepfanie Kramer.

  41. william lee Says:

    u will be missed

  42. Tadalafil Says:

    sildenafil do sono

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