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Dino Bravo

Born: 1949-08-06 - Died: 1993-03-11
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Adolfo Bresciano (aka Dino Bravo) was found shot in the face in his Vimont, Laval, Quebec mansion on March 11, 1993. It is believed that his role in a illegal cigarette smuggling ring in Canada led to his murder.

Who was Dino Bravo : Bravo was an Italian-born Canadian wrestler and self proclaimed “World’s Strongest Man”. His wrestling name “Dino Bravo” came from a tag team from the early 1960’s.

Bravo began his wrestling career in 1970, and was trained by Gino Brito, and often worked as part of a tag team with his teacher.

By the late 1970’s Bravo defeated Gene Kiniski in Toronto to win the new Canadian heavyweight title.

He had mainly worked for the Canadian promotions, but when the World Wrestling Federation bought it out in the early 1980’s, Bravo began working for the McMahon family.

After a few unsuccessful years in the WWF, Bravo changed his whole presence by dyeing his hair blonde and really playing up the Canadian angle. After his character change, he had a few successful tag team years before his retirement.
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55 Signatures in Dino Bravo's guestbook

  1. Paddy Says:

    why did he have to die.who ever did this may you rot in hell

  2. Steve Says:

    may he rest in peace

  3. Justin Luke Arce Says:

    He wasnt my fav and most of my favs beat him good, but he was there and entertaining and I will always remember Dino Bravo…

  4. angelo may 12 2009 Says:

    I remember dino in his montreal wrestling days at the old montreal forum. Great wrestler and always gave 100 percent in the ring for his great fans of montreal we miss you dino god bless you.

  5. angelo may 12 2009 Says:

    angelo prigioniero

  6. Fraser White Says:

    dino bravo may you rest in peace

  7. donny clark Says:

    dino might have been a bad guy in the ring but he was a good entertainer r.i.p.

  8. mike luby Says:

    i remember dino doing pushups with earthquake sitting on his back.its one of my earliest wrestling memories.RIP Dino.

  9. william Says:

    my favorite…

  10. g Says:

    dino bravo was a loser. drugs is a dangerous business goes to show u how dumb he was.

  11. mark Says:

    R.I.P dino bravo

  12. david richter Says:

    Thank you dino for all you gave to us fans. we miss you and may you rest in peace.

  13. Thursday Ramblings « decent community Says:

    […] shopping! … Happy 58th birthday to former WWF wrestler Dino Bravo. Sadly, Bravo was shot 10 times in the back of the head for crossing the Canadian Mafia in an illegal cigarettes ring on March 11, 1993. What was Bravo, “Canada’s Strongest Man” doing when  he got […]

  14. katie Says:


  15. fr panagiotis maropoulos Says:

    rest in peace adolfo!

  16. Dave Says:


  17. Harold Says:

    dino , igrew up watching you. you are a steady wrestler. an icon, technical player. a hall of famer. hope that wwe pays tribute

  18. JK Craft Says:

    The first time I saw him was during the 1970’s in the old IWA teaming with Gino Brito against The Mongols. He was a very good wrestler.

  19. Denis Fortin Says:

    Je m’ennuie de toi Dino

  20. richard policastro Says:

    by far the strongest wrestler that ever lived.if you dont believe me just watch dino on youtube bodyslam jerry crusher blackwell.

  21. Matthew Ruiz Says:

    Dino Bravo was one of the greatest heel wrestlers of his era! I grew up watching him in WWF when he was managed by Johnny V and Jimmy Hart!I hated him and I always booed him, he was good at his job! He is dearly missed by his fans fmaily and friends! Its a shame that WWF hasn’t paid him proper tribute, he deserves a Hall of Fame induction or some acknowledgement! May God Bless Him and may he RIP!

  22. josh Says:

    i herd that he got shot in the head 17 times

  23. Cheyenne Says:

    No matter what he did, or didn’t do, he was a great wrestler! RIP! You are missed!



  25. Cookie Says:

    Funny, no one seems to remember how great he actually was, they only remember him after he turned heel. How quickly they forget that he held half of the tagteam belts… and won it as a face! It’s sad that the WWF never put his talents to good use and he had to resort to turning heel. He should have been World Champ!

  26. Mario Says:

    What a great performer, he was! I approve the idea of HOF Induction.. he was a great athlete who gave 100%, no matter if he was scheduled to win or not.. RIP Dino, i’m sure you’re making lifting contests with Rick Rude and Davey Boy Smith.. 😉

  27. gary woods Says:

    great entertainer but bad way to go out . u live with the crows u die by them

  28. HotStuff Eddie Gilbert Says:

    Dino may have not been the stongest man in the world but the guy was strong as hell, to even think about getting under the bar with 700 plus pounds

  29. Ryan Oates Says:

    may he rest in peace



  31. Jeff Lee Says:

    R.I.P Dino. You’ll always be remembered. No other wrestlers have felt the +700 lbs bench and how difficult is to manage that amount of weight. Your soul will always remain strong.

  32. tony Says:

    my first wrestling hero when i was 5 years old,even before hogan was popular,bring back memories of my early wresling days,a power performer with the of 1 day being the wwf champ (the reason behind the blond hair & heel turn),wich never happened because of vince\!,,nonetheless,always giving the fans 120%,very powerfull man!,,r.i.p,dino bravo,u are in MY HALL OF FAME!!!

  33. rod doucet Says:

    probably pound for pound the strongest wrestler ever

  34. Johann Says:

    That sidewalk slam is the sickest finisher in history..

  35. pierre andre chartrand Says:

    im sorry to hear people say bad things about this man he was a great entertainer i loved watching him in action in the late 80’s i grew up watching wresling and i still injoy it today i beleive if he were around today he would be entertaining the audience like any other thanx for the memories you were on tough canadian wresler sorry you hade to go so quickly.we misse you sinceraly a wresling fan.to the wwe i hope to some day hear of DINO BRAVO being inducted in the wresling hall of fame im sure his famaly would apreciat it and so would many fans around the world may he rest in peace.

  36. Luigi M. Says:

    RIP brother. You are sadly missed but shall always be remembered. God bless your loved ones.

  37. Bret Hart Says:

    That guy/girl that shot him may rot in hell i mean 17 shots in the head why? crule world WHY!?

  38. rocky rodriguez Says:

    i remeber dino bravo he reminded me alot of hercules but theres is only 1 worlds strongest man and he goes by dino bravo

  39. Rob Says:

    rest in peace Dino, whoever did this to you will answer for it one day.

  40. chuck Says:

    heres proof cigarettes will kill you

  41. Steve Wallace Says:

    Great wrestler, tremendous shape!! God Bless!!

  42. Nathan Says:

    yep paddy amen to that !

  43. Joseph Says:

    RIP mid carder for life.

  44. mike Says:

    hi why did wwf rlesaese dino bravo

  45. Chris Pyles Says:

    Rest in Peace Dino I admired you as a wrestler

  46. Laura Says:

    I saw him several times when I was a teenager and he was sexy!!! RIP

  47. Ash Says:

    Hi Dino Bravo, mucacas gracias el boritto de escalante muranhas piranhas gugliermo botica linuduoh cici cici bek bek your face, damn it! :)

  48. Louis Says:

    I am having issues with your post images in Internet Explorer


  49. Don H Says:

    Great wrestler. Any new evidence to reopen the case?

  50. Gene L Says:

    Dino was a special wrestler when wrestling had some of it’s best athletes………….They will one day get their due punishment………..RIP

  51. mike faillone Says:

    hey dino,
    i hope you are enjoying your favorite
    italian dishes up there

  52. Skelley Says:


  53. william lee Says:

    u will be missed a lot

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