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Dick Clark

Born: 1929-11-30 - Died: 2012-04-18
Cause of Death:
Heart Attack

Death Summary: Clark suffered a heart attack while he was in St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica last night for an outpatient procedure. Attempts to resuscitate were unsuccessful.

He is survived by his wife Kari and his three children, RAC, Duane and Cindy. Clark was 82.

Who was Dick Clark : Clark was a game show, and television host as well as a radio personality. He was the chairman and CEO of Dick Clark Productions. He is probably best remembered for his hosting duties on the Pyramid game show, American Bandstand, and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

He is also remembered for his departing catchphrase, “For now, Dick Clark… so long”, always delivered with a military salute.
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31 Signatures in Dick Clark's guestbook

  1. Chris Says:

    You will be missed. New Years eve will NEVER be the same.

  2. VICKIEJ Says:


  3. Euell Says:


  4. mario boulet Says:

    Well, I always admire people who does things I could never do or acieve. Dick Clark was one of those.
    Tes, he wasn’t a saint, but he provided music & entertainment on TV and radio.
    He opened the window to Rock N Roll on prime time TV, even when Rock N Roll was seeing as evil for the youth.
    He also give equal opportunity on his show to colored artists when it was so difficult for them to get on TV.
    A giant.
    He will be missed.

  5. John Says:

    “For so an entrance shall be ministered unto you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ”
    – 2 Peter 1:11

    RIP Mr. Clark. From American Bandstand to $25,000 Pyramid to countless New Year’s Rockin Eve’s, you have touched our hearts since childhood. It’s never really goodbye, just a moment until we’ll all meet up again. As you’re memorious words, “For now Dick Clark, so long.”

  6. Shirley Robert Says:

    He will be missed dearly and he was loved by millions RIP

  7. Mary Egress Says:

    He was a legend and a guy who will always be an American legend.

  8. Barbara Says:

    Dick Clark will be missed-He touched so many Lives,
    Rest in Peace.

  9. tyler Says:

    hiiiiiiiii how is it going?

  10. Tonya Quigley Says:

    Thank you for all the memories, you will really be missed. And for all the countless laughs, from all of your fans we salute you. You will never be forgotten. RIP Dick Clark.

  11. Robert Sisco Says:


  12. Don Lapre Says:

    I remember his last new years evd show when he galently said and I quote. ” tha da poo papapa when he jones the rilla rah.” tears came down my eyes I was touched forever by a man who never knew when to stop going on tv no matter how idiotic he looked. Bless him and his pet mice.

  13. timothy wilson sr Says:

    you was the idol of my life you will be missed by all of us

  14. michelle Says:

    we will miss and thankyou for the good times rest in peace

  15. michelle Says:

    we will miss and thankyou for the good times rest in peace and thankyou for the memories

  16. hi Says:


  17. hi Says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha he is dead sssswwwweeettt

  18. hi Says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha he is dead sssswwwweeettt

    ha ha ha ha ha ha he is dead sssswwwweeettt
    ha ha ha ha ha ha he is dead sssswwwweeettt

    ha ha ha ha ha ha he is dead sssswwwweeettt

  19. hi Says:


  20. howmuchwould could you chuck? Says:

    ya that is a rip(:, most people die of heart attackes

  21. Pwpwpwpwujjjjhhhhhhhhnnnn Says:

    U da best

  22. Kankamangus Says:

    His real name was Penis Clark but it was to racy for the airways back then. So they tried Phallus Clark also a no go on that one. He did like Dick though he loved it and that’s what stuck with him. Bravo sir bravo to you.

  23. HI Says:


  24. gail wyatt Says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you were the one that relly got me! The “eternal teenager” was gone. I remember watching you on Bandstand when I was 11 or 12 years old. RIP!

  25. mike r Says:

    you will be missed dick.rest in peace

  26. Taylor Says:

    I love u and u will be missed by millions when I heard about you pasted away I almost started crying and immediately called my mom rip

  27. Mike B Says:

    You gave us many years of entertainment. Now it’s Gods turn. God bless… R.I.P….

  28. Nina Says:

    You were a wonderful man and your missed. R.I.P.

  29. Orhan Says:

    Thank you Krishna sir,We really apcpariete for your kind information regarding our beloved village. It has been always fantastic to hear news about our village in such a way,especially, in development sector. I am very much proud of you that you have been serving for our village for such a long prior of time.When I saw your face it remind me of my school age and all those stupid things that i used to do at that time. It just feels like yesterday, I feel young again like a boy. I do hope you also feel the same as me, don’t you sir? I have no doubt you have a huge connection with the school and village both emotionally and physically. I know you love the place same as any other villagers. Only one thing is different with compare to other is that you have been contributing with your highly respected qualification, dedication and honestly almost whole of your life.My heartfelt thanks to you for your hard work and showing such an enthusiasm towards our village and as well as school.We are very lucky to have such a generous teacher and proud of you.Your sincerelyEx student Arjun badmas danda ghar.PS it would be better if you could publish your e mail add so we can contact you personally in future.

  30. Madisyn Says:

    You were a great person, you will never be forgotten.

  31. alex Says:

    New Years Eve won’t be the same!!!

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