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Diana Frances Spencer

Born: 1961-07-01 - Died: 1997-08-31
Cause of Death:
car accident

Death Summary: She died in a car accident in Paris.

Who was Diana Frances Spencer : Princess of Wales.
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44 Signatures in Diana Frances Spencer's guestbook

  1. the ray Says:

    princess diana died when I was 18 days old! But it is such a great lose to loose such a beautiful charming young woman.

  2. Susan Shannon Says:

    No one will ever take your beauty and warmth from our hearts. The true Princess! God Bless!

  3. pearl Says:

    dear diana i was so shocked when i found out on the tv that you had left us,no one will ever know what really happened.god bless you diana look after my dadxx

  4. ciara coady Says:

    love your story

  5. ciara coady Says:

    i do projects on you.you are a insperation to me . I wasent born when you died bye god bless

  6. Celine Says:

    an amazing person shame she had to go but god always needs a good angel and he obviously thought diana was good enough

  7. Emil Says:

    Although flawed and suffering from mental instability, I truly loved this woman who reached out to those in need and broke barriers in the name of love. She will never be replaced.

  8. tracey Says:

    u were very beautiful n u did wonderful things.r.i.p

  9. Jess..xX Says:

    diana you were only one when you died you dies on my first birthday from the sounds of things you were an amazing kind hearted person i have grown very fond of you you were a brillant woman i have researched you every minute i can you will never be replaced you loved and cared for your people you were a very very very beautiful you did the most amazing things i hope you rest in peace you wonderful lady i wich i got to no you alot more all my love diana xoxo

  10. Jess..xX Says:

    sory not you (diana me )

  11. Albina Says:

    You are missed and will never be forgotten.


  12. Shannon Says:

    I am doing her in my school project. I wasn’t born when died. God bless look after great granny. R.I.P

  13. tracy Says:

    always in are hearts xxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Jeff Burnett Says:

    I still miss her she was such a lady.

  15. Felycia Says:

    i know that she is the angel that Go had sent to this world.

  16. Sophie Says:

    God bless such a lovely princess, she was a beautiful young woman.

  17. gin Says:

    we stel love diana
    she only princess or queen we love

  18. Tammi Jephcote Says:

    i was so young when you died,you was and still are an inspiration. people should see that the other royals should go and not you, they are the aliens and the hate your publicity, it all went so wrong, dnt worry i know the truth and so will the rest whn they finally decide to show there true nature xx

  19. Julia Espin Says:

    You where so beautyful, and you’ll be the princess of the world forever remembered, I’d better say…the Queen!!!

  20. Julia Espin Says:

    you were also a roll model, that present royalty should follow, god bless you wherever you are, Lady Di.

  21. lyric Says:

    you were a great princess .. it’s sad that you had to go and the way you did!!!! may god be with your family every step of the way! and we all know where you are!!! i am also doing my report with you!!! mostly because of the example of how sweet people can be!! <3

  22. emmy Says:

    we miss you, your our queen of hearts i miss you a lot and so does the world we’ll never forget you.

  23. Ron Says:

    Diana.. You will always be loved, you did so much for the world.. God bless you.. I keep a special place.. ” just for you ” in my heart. May the angels always hold you in there wings..

  24. Rachel Welbourn Says:

    Your beauty & grace will shine on, even though you are no longer with us…
    May you find eternall peace in death which you were unable to find in life xxxx

  25. marini bestarie Says:

    Poor Beautiful Queen…RIP, Lady Di

  26. Lanthia Stewart Says:

    I am so sorry you had to endure such pain to find happiness for such a short time. I would love to meet you in spirit and to get to know you. Your children are awesome, Well done to you for bringing normality to their lives. You were the light of so many lives. I love you.


  27. Sandy Says:

    Beauty and grace with a giving heart,you were every little girls dream. Sleep well.

  28. Selina Says:

    Your were the peoples princess.

  29. nothingbuttheTruth Says:

    aww Diana.. no one can replace our celebrity Diana, I was her greatest fan too while she was alive. Shes the queen to many, as princess to most people. How I wonder where she is now today.. as I read throughout Diana’s reason of death and how, where she was at the time. I felt sorry to find that she’s in a place of torment. Honestly.. according to the Word of the One who holds the keys to HEAVEN and Hell.. No Adulterers, even sex before marriage can enter Heaven. Lets face the facts, she was in a secret affair with Doti.. we all understood what’s like when a male and female comes to together, nothing but to fullfil the lust of the body.. and God is watching every move. Things happen for reasons!
    Should have learned about the way to Heaven, instead of greed and deceit of this life.. which the devil only comes to STEAL, KILL AND THEN DESTROY!!.. once in hell, THERE IS NO WAY OUT!!
    Judgement day is set!

  30. Sabah Ahmad Says:

    Diana,it was my dream to meet you in person someday,that could not be,,,but I hope to be with you in death!!! I love you and you will always be the queen of my heart!!!

  31. jack wills Says:

    You fucking tart.

  32. haider ali Says:

    god bless you

  33. debbie mcgruder Says:

    i know this is a long time coming,but i truly believe diana was a wonderful woman. she is with the angels now.

  34. haider ali Says:

    god bless good night

  35. William Lloyd Says:

    I miss you.


    RIP the truth will come out

  37. graeme alan johnson Says:

    still in my heart never forgotten xxxgraeme

  38. graeme alan johnson Says:

    still think about you to this day hope your happy whereever you are love graeme

  39. kayla bivins Says:

    same miss you

  40. aashiq Says:

    the world was afraid the that british raj daughter in law will become an islam and that her sons would have also become islam one day when they are able to know the truth

  41. RJ Says:

    i remember the day after the crash i saw it on tv on UTV News i was six years nearly seven.

    RIP Diana

  42. dipti Says:

    i want to know about her.

  43. Hunter Freeland Says:

    I am learning a lot about you and I am doing a highschool biography report on you! peace lovin crabs yo’!!!<3 RIP

  44. Hunter Freeland Says:

    I just felt like signing this again.. so i didI>P

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