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Davy Jones

Born: 1945-12-30 - Died: 2012-02-29
Cause of Death:
Massive Heart Attack

Death Summary: According to Jones' publicist, he passed away from a massive heart attack which he suffered in his sleep on the morning of February 29, 2012.

Who was Davy Jones : Jones was a rock singer-songwriter, and is probably best known as a member of The Monkees.

The Monkees was a pop-rock group formed exclusively for a television show of the same name. With the group Jones was the lead singer, and did the vocals for "I Wanna Be Free" and "Daydream Believer".
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92 Signatures in Davy Jones's guestbook

  1. kaila Says:

    We miss you Davy <3 Your were a great person <3

    Love always Your friend Kaila

  2. Brian Johnson Says:

    Those were the days

  3. Bonnie evans Says:

    You will be missed by all. My 8 year old son loves watching your shows. Rest in peace.

  4. Diane Says:

    I am shocked about the news. I am so sorry. I saw you in concert on December 6, 2008. You were very funny. I have been a fan of yours since I was ten. I am so shocked. I am really going to miss you. My condolences to your family. You wee a great performer.

  5. Your Friend Says:

    Tears are falling and Hearts are breaking all over the world tonight.

  6. Carter Says:

    I’m shocked and saddened by news of Davy Jones’ passing. I’ve been a Monkees fan all my life, and am glad I had the opportunity last summer to see them perform with Davy one last time. Farewell to the “Daydream Believer.” Requiescat in pace.

  7. Darren woods Says:

    The porpoise is waiting.
    Goodbye good bye goodbye.


  8. Peggy Meyers Says:

    You were my first love! Watched all your shows. Bought all your records. Will always remember you! RIP

  9. Peggy Meyers Says:


  10. David Says:

    I’ll never forget you

  11. Rick W Says:

    we loved the music! our prayers go out to your family….

  12. Abigail Says:

    Saturday mornings as a kid with the Monkeys on the box is the memory. A sad loss RIP

  13. Mike Penn Says:

    So sad to hear of the passing of Davy. For me he will always be a young vibrant entertainer that represented my era. Speed on to heaven Davy the world will mourn your passing.

  14. ricky parker Says:

    i always liked davey jones and always wanted a monkeys reunion he will be missed, i feel sorry for his family.

  15. ann leaver Says:

    so very sad of the lost of david i grew up with the monkeys and watch there t v show another great singer has gone to heven to sing with all the great singers he well be sadly miss but will never been gone ,R.I.P DAVID JONES

  16. Ant Says:

    Met you in Glasgow all those years ago, you will be missed. Condolences to the family.

  17. Norm Philips Says:

    Davy you made Television and Music memories and will forever be in our hearts, rest in peace; you will be remembered. God bless you and your Family.

  18. Pete hardwick Says:

    Such sad news, Loved the Monkees, Rest in peace Davy.

  19. Carolyn Willoughby Says:

    So sad to hear of the passing of Davy Jones. Loved the Monkees, Davy was my first heartthrob..Rest in Peace.

  20. Steve Darren Says:

    thanks for the memories, rest in peace

  21. annette musgrove Says:

    Davy Jones was one of the Greatest. My Favorite ever since I can remember. You made a believer out of me. I’ll really miss you. Lots of love.

  22. Lee Harris Says:

    Rest in peace, Davey.

  23. James Musgrove Says:

    It’s a sad day for all. A great voice has been silenced. you’ll be missed.

  24. Graham Lambert Says:

    Dear Davy. You’ve taken the last train. I’ll be on it some day. See you then. Miss you in the meantime.

  25. Donna Brown Says:

    I’ll miss you Davy. You were my teenage love.
    Rest in Peace.
    Love always, Donna

  26. Billy King Says:

    Rest In Piece Monkee Boy!
    Fond Memories Of Chilhood TV.
    Another Legend Lost.
    Hope they Run All The Repeats!

  27. Frann Leach Says:

    Sorry to hear you’re gone. I used to watch the Monkees on TV when I was a kid. The first single I ever bought was “I’m a Believer” – and I got it before it reached number 1. You were my favourite (most girls’ I think).

  28. Mark Aldiss Says:

    Thanks for a chunk of my childhood fun – good tunes.

  29. David Agar Says:

    Another great icon gone to that dressing room in the sky – RIP Davy Jones – your legacy will live on.

  30. Dave Wilder Says:

    I grew up in the 60’s.And the Monkees were a big part of my musical taste.I still love it to this day.Another of my icons has now fallen.My condolences to the Jone’s family.And all his many fans.You made me a Daydream Believer.

  31. Maddie Hall Says:

    R.I.P. Davy you will be truly missed! we love you!

  32. Ellie Says:

    Very sad im sorry for everyones loss i no im super sad

  33. Shannon P. Whitlock Says:

    Rest in Peace Davey, You were a great person!!! someone to be admired!!!!

  34. __ A 2__ Says:

    ___I feel so sorry basically because he was TOO YOUNG 2 die___ Did he have heart disease & NOT KNOW IT ?? or was a bad mix of prescription drugs the cause of death in his sleep ? That’s what my brother died of – OVER PRESCRIBED & a BAD MIX of anxiety drugs that caused MY BROTHER TO DIE IN HIS SLEEP @ AGE 35 Also contributing were drug residues that had built up in his bodily tissues that the psychiatrist didnt even care to test for that he’d taken during divorce proceedings The autopsy people told all of this to my mom – she was furious when she found out the “meds” that had been prescribed by the “good doctor” were CLASHING with each other

  35. Cindy Says:

    You will be missed. Always a Daydream Believer.

  36. Barb Says:

    This is very sad news. I love the Monkees! I will never forget Davy Jones and his impact on music.

  37. alexis protopopov Says:

    i am missing you davy jones i know you are great singer when i was a kids i always love your show you are so funny and great music as well god bless you davy i missing you so well

  38. Pat Rappa Says:

    God bless you and your family..many of us will hold fond memories of how the Monkees captured our hearts and brought music to television

  39. Dawn Day Says:

    Davy – you were a huge part of my teenage years and will never be forgotten. An icon in my life is gone….RIP.

  40. linda Says:

    you will be sadly missed rip

  41. _ A 2_ Says:

    I am also a total moron. Yes a moron I is.

  42. Michael Hayes Says:

    R.I.P Davy sad news indeed but the bands music will live on as it has always done,a unique band of it’s generation with unique music and comedy to match !
    Michael and Janice

  43. Danish Khan Says:

    You will be well remembered for that winning warm smile, and that jolly little face. Appearing on screen full of grace.

  44. Philip Says:

    i just feel sad …

  45. Darren Says:

    R.I.P. Davey you will be missed but we have lots of great memories of you that will not fade. Your legacy lives on in your music and shows.

  46. VICKIEJ Says:

    I remember watching u on tv I loved hearing u sing.I especially loved when u appear on the first remake of THE BRADY BUNCH u never lost a beat.THANK U REST EASY .

  47. Velma Bruchmiller Says:

    We will miss Davy, you are a great singer, I watched the Monkey show it was my favorite show growing up. Davy was my favorite. May God be with you and your family aways. RIP DAVY JONES.

  48. Velma Bruchmiller Says:


  49. Mary Says:

    Rest in Peace Davy! I have grown up with you and enjoyed your music. Family – sorry for your loss!

  50. Beverley foster Says:

    A part of my child hood has gone with Davy Jones death..many happy memories of the songs and the TV series….done with great humour a real class act

  51. LJ Says:

    Sadness. The world seemed a bit lighter, a bit brighter with you in it. Didn’t know how much I’d miss you, but I’m crying right now…

  52. hillbillygirl45 Says:

    I had your pictures and posters all over my walls, my first preteen crush. You and your music were a large part of my life growing up. You will be missed always. R.I.P.

  53. David Brown Says:

    Thanks for being part of my life too!

  54. robert scott Says:

    I grew up watching the monkees on tv. rip davey!

  55. MARGARET Says:


  56. Kim Peppersack Says:

    The Monkees entered by life when I was 10 years old and I loved them dearly. Theirs was the first concert I ever attended. Davy and Peter were my favorites. If there’s a Rock-n-Roll Heaven I know Davy will be playing in the band.

  57. mark thilmony Says:

    well another one bites the cock i guess and cum flying into your eyes i hope your playing with a guitar in shape of a black mans dick

  58. brad brown&heidi Says:

    Great memorys live on man…..

  59. Michael Leitheiser Says:

    Sad to see an old friend go.The way it was back then,and today music if thats what they want to call it.

  60. Wanda Williams Says:

    I will mix your laugh and smile. Your talent was greatly underestimated. May God love and keep you.

  61. Patty Van Eck Says:

    Davy, You were Always there. When I would think of you, That Smile of yours. Thanks for coming to PA. So Happy we met and I got to sing with you. I still can’t Believe that Day, I walked up to the Cove at Front Street. There you were sitting. Wow Thanks for sitting in my section that Day!! Will Always Remember it!! Will Miss You Dearly. Thanks for Letting your Fans sing with You. I Will Always LOVE YOU!!

  62. mario boulet Says:

    Thanks for the memories!

  63. T. Slater Says:

    Davy, the LORD came to you and asked if you would mind going on a journey with him and you did not hesitate, smart move.

  64. Rhonda Burich Says:

    Davy, I will never forget playing tambourine with you & your Band in the autograph line at The Chippewa Fair about 5 yrs. ago! And also never forget the kind words you said to me! Most of all I'[ll always treasure your signature on my 1st. tambourine that you signed! Thank you for The Special Memorie! You were always my favorite of ALL THE MONKEYS! Buy the way I had odored the Monkey Album from the Cereal Box along time ago. It is Blue with a gold monkey record on the cover! A one of a kind collection! Than ks for all the Great Memories.


    Rhonda Burich (Cadott,Wisconsin)

  65. Cheryl Says:

    Was always a big fan of the Monkees, was heartbroke to hear of your passing. You will always be remembered!

  66. patty Says:

    All of us loved you dearly, the monkeys were a part of our life…you were awsome and natural, you were what people wanted to be, cool, normal, and out of sight. we love you davy jones..rest in peace and take care..the OC crowd……..

  67. DR C WALSH Says:


  68. Jean Hamilton Says:

    Sorry for your loss. The Bible at John 5:28,29 promises that their is going to be a resurrection. It is my hope and prayer that this scripture gives you something positive to meditate on throughout the day.

  69. jaklivia huebsch Says:

    rest in peace

  70. Sierra Says:

    Heads Up siblings simply love your marvelous editorial thank you and please carry on

  71. Mav. Says:

    I used to watch the Monkeys as a kid and loved it. What a great shame he is gone. so sorry for his family.

  72. maryjane quinones Says:

    will miss you very much

  73. Linda (Arifa) Khan Says:

    You aged as gracefully as you sand, and entertained!! Loved you at the casino…you were WONDERFUL!

  74. David Torres Says:

    Thanks for all the memories, loved watching you through out my childhood

  75. sdfjasdlfjaslfjdlk Says:

    ur a beech

  76. sdfjasdlfjaslfjdlk Says:

    your ugly

  77. michelle roberts Says:

    I have been a long time fan of the monkees and was deeply saddened to hear of davys passing he will be sorely missed by those who loved him

  78. Shawna Says:

    I loved you the moment I saw you on the Monkees show…I bought the album. My heart breaks for you and your family….<3 You will forever be missed…

  79. Jeremy Says:


  80. lynette Says:

    when the monkees were on you could not move me from the tv they were the one show I truly love

  81. Joseph Damiano Says:

    I Wish I knew Him

  82. pete Says:

    damn, i just talked to davy 3 days before he passed and nwver knew, one of the nicest, sincerest, coolest guys in this fuckin biz. The good always die young. He could really sing too. What a loss.

  83. Joyce Burnett Says:

    I never missed the Monkees on T.V. and I have a total collection of Monkee albums and CD’s. I saw you in 1965 in Rochester, New York. I was a Freshman in high school then and loved your music.

    You are a beautiful man and I’m heart broken that you are gone. Thank you for the memories, music and love you gave to all. Rest in Peace.

  84. Lionel Says:

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    next post thanks once again.
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  85. Victoria Says:

    What a sad day to lose such a sweet soul. We will forever have your songs in our hearts remembering back to a simpler way of life. You were awesome, you brought laughter into my home in all of the generations. Thank you for the gift you shared with all of us. God Speed,

  86. Damon Says:

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    to give a quick shout out and say I truly enjoy reading your posts.
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  87. Mark Says:

    Daydream Believer still has it’s charm and makes me feel good.
    Can’t ask more than that.
    I can remember comming home at 4 pm after school and watching the Monkeys.You made my childhood seem safe and there was no violence or foul language to get a free laugh.You guys kept your Integrity.Thank you for that man,your a class act.

  88. Diane Rocca Says:

    When I heard about Davy Jones’s death I couldn’t believe it. I am very saddened by this, as I watched each show, and saw three of his concerts in Boston MA. I liked him so much when I was a kid, I took a picture of my television set and the picture actually came out. Davy, If you are able to somehow read this I want to say we all die someday and I know in my heart there is a God of love there that created us. I will see you in heaven, or heaven on Earth, on the second coming of Christ. Because I believe in God, I know without any reservations that the world that God prepares for us will have those we loved and cared about. Faith. Time goes by so very quickly and my mom’s been dead since 1998, but yet it feels like yesterday. The passing of time,is quick, and we will all be together again, if we have faith. God Bless You Davy Jones, you are in my heart, and you will be there forever until we meet again.

  89. Diane Mae Love Martin Says:

    Dear Davy, I feel like I knew you. I grew up watching your tv show and I was the same age as Maureen McCormick,so I identified with Marsha Brady, when she got to meet you. I am glad I went to the Monkee’s Anniversary show in South Bend, Indiana show to celebrate my birthday last year. You were great, Davy. I wish you guys had signed autographs. I could not get over how much energy you had when you danced for the encores. So, you married a young woman and moved to Florida, and kept dancing up a storm, like you were still young, too. I think you wore yourself out. And to think I am now a widow and available. You could have had me, if you’d asked. So, I guess you did what you loved, dancing and singing until the end. You went out with a bang, and in a blaze of glory. All of my friends thought so, too. We will always remember you as one of the good ones. You will be a legend and live on through your music. What a great smile you had. I loved your little-boy cuteness and twinkle in your eyes. I loved the stars in your eyes when you fell in love on the Monkees’s show. It always made me laugh. I got shivers when you sang. It was so romantic. I had it so bad for you, Davy, and was in shock when I heard you had died. I loved you, Davy, and I was one of your gratest fans. You will live in my heart. I hope my husband,Greg, gets to meet you in Heaven. Greg was a fan too. He loved the song,I’m A Believer. I hope you can sing-on with the angel-choir there. I will see you in Heaven, Davy. Love always, Diane

  90. Karly Swinford Says:

    You are missed and loved more than words can express. Still feel as though I just lost my best friend. Wish I had had the pleasure of meeting you. God speed to you and may you rest in peace.

  91. jana Says:

    davy will be missed always. he was my first crush, from what i heard he was a great pearson jana rip davy

  92. william lee Says:

    u will be missed

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