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David Strickland

Born: 1969-10-14 - Died: 1999-03-22
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: David Gordon Strickland Jr. suffered from bipolar disorder and had a history of alcohol and drug abuse. In October of 1998 he was arrested for cocaine possession, he pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 36 months probation, he was due in court the day of his death for a progress report.

On March 22, 1999 Strickland entered his room at the Oasis Motel in Las Vegas, consumed several bottles of beer then hung himself with a bed sheet.

Strickland was found by the motel maid service, no suicide note was found.

It was reported that Strickland had quite taking lithium, which was prescribed to control his bipolar disorder.

Who was David Strickland : Strickland was an actor who is probably best known for his role of Todd Stites on the NBC sitcom Suddenly Susan.

Strickland’s early career consisted of roles on Dave’s World, Roseanne, Sister, Sister, and Mad About You.

He also co-starred in the box office dud, Forces of Nature (which starred Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock). The film opened around the time of his death.
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15 Signatures in David Strickland's guestbook

  1. storm taylor Says:

    I am so sorry someone sold you cocaine, and then told you that you were bipolar, so they could again sell you drugs. May you rest in peace.

  2. Phoenix Says:

    You are missed, and I wish to God this could of been prevented.

  3. Tereka Smith Says:

    I remember when I first heard about the tragedy of his death it was so sad. So many creative times are so trouble inwardly such a curse of their trade. So sad that anyone feels they have no hope. He probably self medicating to fight his demons. I hope he is in a better place. We need to pray so badly for all the lost souls on here who took their lives!!

  4. kenneth voolkel Says:

    you fucking fagget. you took the cowards way out. i bet your dick still smelled like the aids that came from that hookers cunt. you god damb pussy!!!! see you in hell, fagget

  5. Tony Stella Says:

    Dave, So many of so-called friends took advantage of you and your generous nature. I am sorry I missed your call that fateful day.

  6. anthony Glasser Says:

    He is greatly missed. He was such a great guy and friend.

  7. lawrence grffin Says:

    lawrence c. griffin

  8. lawrence grffin Says:

    I was suddenly reminded of David when I saw someone who looked very much like him. RIP

  9. aimee Says:

    Im watching Forces of Nature and looked you up. I wasn’t aware that you committed suicide. I’m so sorry and sad that you suffered. Many blessings..

  10. Greg Kedziora Says:

    Dave’s slapp stick comedy is the reason why I watched suddenly sussan. I couldn’t believe he died that way, he was the last person I would suspect to do that.When your life isn’t going as well as you’d like at the time. Just remember It’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Rest in peace, you are missed.

  11. Anonymous Jerk Says:

    Sylvain Viger a Montreal man is also bipolar disorder and schizophrenia got cocaine addicton his behavior is same like David Strickland.

  12. Alisha Says:

    U died the day i was born
    i am so sorry

  13. Frank Says:

    Thanks for finally writing about > David Strickland | FamousDEAD < Loved it!
    My web-site buying a new mattress

  14. Natasha Christmann Says:

    I will always be a huge fan of suddenly Susan. I loved David strickland. When it comes to the Hollywood scene the media and narrow minded people put celebrities under a micro scope. Just because there celebs they are not perfect. Nobody in the world is perfect. Take a look at your own life, your not perfect. David strickland was not perfect. Despite what drugs he did or the people he partied with he was still a wonderful person. David is in a better place. God took his pain, drug abuse etc. Thank u god for making David an angel to us all. Xoxo R.i.p David luv Natasha Christmann of niagara falls Canada

  15. Natasha Christmann Says:

    Kenneth open your own eyes to your own life, ur not a saint hun, nobody is. Those who put others down have low-self esteem. I feel sorry for u.

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