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Darrell Abbott

Born: 1966-08-20 - Died: 2004-12-08
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: At the age of 38, "Diamond" Darrell was brutally gunned down in mid-performance with his band Damageplan at a small club in Columbus, Ohio called Al Rosa Villa.

He was killed by a former US Marine named Nathan Gale who shot him in the head 3 times. A security guard, a roadie for the club and a fan were also killed in the incident, and two more were injured.

After getting of 15 shots, Gale was shot in the face by a policeman with a shotgun. Needless to say, he died.

Darrell was buried in a Kiss coffin with one of Eddie Van Halen's guitars.

Who was Darrell Abbott : Darrell Lance Abbott who went by "Diamond" Darrell for many years until changing it to "Dimebag" Darrell was the guitarist and co-founder of the heavy metal band Pantera which he formed with his brother Vinnie Paul on drums.

Pantera was around for many years before finding their core fanbase which emerged after they changed their sound from a glam-metal style that was common in the 80s to a more aggressive and original sound (despite vocalist Phil Anselmo's claims that the band had never followed any trends).

Their albums and EPs from the glam metal days eventually stopped being printed presumably because they wanted to be only associated with their harder-edged image.

They found great success with the heavier sound and became one of the most influential bands in the heavy metal genre, but the band broke up in 2003 mostly due to differences with Anselmo.

Shortly after, Darrell and Vinnie formed the band Damageplan, and rumors circulated that Darrell's murderer blamed him for the break up of Pantera.

Darrell was greatly respected and adored throughout the heavy metal and hard rock communities.
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42 Signatures in Darrell Abbott's guestbook

  1. Nezz Says:

    True metal never dies!

  2. pomposo Says:

    greatest guitar player ever.

  3. jon Says:

    r.i.p dimebag

  4. David Wood Says:

    imortal by music

  5. jinjinIRELAND Says:

    Vanhalen DIME!!!!!!!!

  6. General AK47 Says:

    In my opinion, Dimebag is the most influential guitarist that has hit the Metal scene since Tony Iommi decided to crank his amp with Black Sabbath and create what we call Heavy Metal.

    Dimebag was taken out by a loser and drain on society who couldnt determine reality from his own delusional mind! Pantera NEVER officially broke up, Phil Anselmo had Down, and Superjoint Ritual on the go so it forced the other guys to go do other projects (ie Rebel Meets Rebel and Damageplan)..


  7. alleycat 420 Says:

    you were taken from us too soon saw damageplan 1 month prior still hurts to think about this major loss for all metal fans

  8. grim Says:

    dimond darrell. 1% . old school listend first. you you were a great part of metal. i wish the kids who look up to you knew how crunchy you really were. god damn-it im thirsty.

  9. Eric Bathauer Says:

    His voice was his guitar, and his sound will not be forgotten.

  10. Robert Soza Says:

    R.I.P Rock in peace man!!

  11. michelle Says:


  12. samuel randrup Says:

    you were the greatest lead guitarist of the heavy metal scene!!you lived fast and you played fast///even though you were taken by a evil man..one who destroyed many people that night..be happy….rest in eternal peace darrell..God bless…

  13. Dubsack Dave Says:

    One of the greatest icon’s in the modern music industry and hell on guitar.. He will be forever remembered and greatly missed.. RIP!

  14. chirs Says:

    rip man im only forteen an il love to play your music you and my dad were my biggest influnce

  15. Collin Says:

    man, I never heard anything more beautiful than the harmonics dime used to make i’m with chris on this one i’m only 15 but playing his riffs just make me think about what if they would’ve caught gale first what would’ve happen or like what if Megadeth woulda took Vinnie as well what would happen then or if Dime were still alive what would they sound like I love dime in a way that isn’t humanley possible, I can’t stand to hear the name Nathan Gale. And his family should be damned to hell for his own sin. Brother Dime you will be missed. You got ur own fuckin band now with CLiff, Keith Moon, Randy, and Dio so shred hard brother shred hard. Devil horns up for dime \m/ >.< \m/

  16. Brian Says:

    R.I.P Bro! Many memories of you will be kept close to my heart! Sure wish we could have the good days back. Miss partyin with ya! I light one up for you every day! Ran into your bro in Vegas not too long ago. He’s lookin good! We all drank shots and were pretty hammered! Wish you were still here! See you in the afterlife brother!

  17. Dime is forever the man! Says:

    See ya in heaven brother where we’ll shred eternally!!

  18. Jay Says:

    We miss you, Dime.

  19. AnonymousGirl Says:

    The guy that killed dime bag lived literally 5 minutes from where I used too live in Marysville, Ohio, I would see him hanging out at the tattoo shop in town sometimes, met him a few times and there was nothing odd about this man. The problem with the Alrosavilla is there is little too NO security at all not for the audience and none for the performers, hopefully they made some changes, this was a huge tragedy. RIP DIMEBAG

  20. he a bitch Says:



    Hey “he a bitch” you do not know what talent is. He played guitar for 26 years, before the first nigger ever rapped, Get a fuckin’ life, you talk shit about a dead man that can’t defend his self? I could talk shit about 2pack, but I have respect for the dead. You sicken me, I can’t believe you would stoop to that level. It says alot about you and your culture. But you are entitled to you opinion as well as I, you seem to be a closet homosexual. But enough about your dumbass. Dimebag was the pinnacle of metal and will always be remembered. I unfortunately will never see him live, and that is a very painful thought. I believe with all my heart that Nathan Gale will forever burn in HELL. RIP DARRELL LANCE ABBOTT!!! To all fans and loved ones of Dimebag, GETCHA’ PULL!!!!!!!!

  22. meagan chiquito Says:

    Dimebag was a great guitarist and will never be forgotten, RIP

  23. Daniel Says:

    Dimebag darrell Rules \m/

  24. Harley Lozano Says:

    Miss you

  25. Piotr Says:

    RIP..Great Guitarist..our brother in metal..Never forgot You..

  26. sean dehn Says:

    r.i.p dimebag you a great guitarest

  27. sean dehn Says:

    you were a great guitarest. R.I.P

  28. edmun berja hernandez Says:

    rip!! dimebag but your memories never die!!

  29. dave Says:

    Getcha Pull brotha man!!!! R.I.P. Dime!

  30. melissa slc Says:

    thanks for the best concert memories ever! i was raised through my teens by pantera and they have been my #1 always and forever! i will forever be devastated by the loss of dime and my favorite band! love and miss you dime! rip getcha pull!! you will never be forgotten

  31. Chris C. Says:

    The legend may be dead, but his music still lives on. You were the best guitarist/singer combo in heavy metal history. You still are the best. Live David Wood said, you are definitely immortal by music. GOD BLESS YOU “DIMEBAG” DARRELL ABBOTT. Long live PANTERA

  32. no one Says:

    My personal bugbear really is nathan gale got shot dead too. He should really be rotting in attica state prison keeping the other scizo mark david chapman company.

  33. cesar Says:

    o cara era foda mesmo,fique em paz com outros guitarras.obrigado por tomar esse mundo um pouco melhor, usando a musica como caminho.peace and love!

  34. Jimmy Gene Nickell Says:

    Its krazy how time has past, Since I first met you Darrell you had a great hair going in 1986 when I you & Vinny @ the Hard Rock in Lawton, Ok. I hope I can See ya again 1 day. Miss ya Jimmy

  35. Mariesa Huthwaite Says:

    Darrell,a heavy metal angel.

  36. christopher Says:

    even tough you may be dead thank you for the awesome childhood i grew up listening to you and you captivated me

  37. Jaymez Q-Sack Says:

    Still listen to you shred every single day and i always will. I will come visit you on your birthday and jam with ya a while. rock forever Darrell Lance Dimebag Abbott

  38. StormeRebel Abbott L Says:

    The monster that you said there was nothing wrong with him he had schizcophrino and he shot my brother 5 times in the head and as for the nigger Phil slapped a rappers mom.in HER face SO you don’t know SHIT

  39. Ruel tamang Says:

    good guitarists r made, great guitarists r born,,,, well Darell was da best..

  40. Ray Tiberia Says:

    I never was at a PanterA concert but when I watch pantera videos I notice that dimebag was the greatest guitarist. And I try to have the same stage presence as dime. Dimebag was one of the greats.

    R.I.P Dime…… Until we meet again

  41. Julius Vichinsky Says:

    Dear Darrel Lance Abbott,
    You Inspire me with the interest of accomplishing Many of my own Goals! You were given a gift from JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF! YOU ARE A BLESSING! You show me that I shall never give up! I thank you for following what you loved about life! The Sound of Music!

  42. william lee Says:

    u will be missed a lot

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