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Dana Plato

Born: 1963-11-01 - Died: 1999-05-08
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Plato was 35 years old when she overdosed on Vanadom (Soma) and Vicodin in her parked RV. The death was ruled a suicide.

The day before she died, she had appeared on the Howard Stern show and was the center of much name-calling by callers, who called her things like "has-been", "addict", and "ex-con lesbian drug addict with mental problems".

Who was Dana Plato : Dana Plato will forever be known as Kimberly on the show Diff'rent Strokes, the sister to Arnold and Willis, played by Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges respectively.

After Diff'rent strokes went off the air, Plato's career sunk to playing roles in B-movies, some of which bordered on soft-core porn. She had experienced drug and alcohol problems since she was a child. She overdosed on Valium at the age of 14.
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47 Signatures in Dana Plato's guestbook

  1. Shannon Says:

    hi there

  2. Johnny Says:

    Hey this is really sad. Dana was my hero. I liked it when she was naked

  3. rosie Says:

    she was just getting started in her career she will be missed

  4. Stacey Luck Says:

    Very tragic sad life story. This is an example of why a person can not let what others say define who you are…

  5. Mickey Says:

    R.I.P Dana, you will be sorely missed.

  6. Michelle Says:

    Dana, I know what it is to be disappointed to wake up every morning and find yourself alive.
    I know what it is like living after your anti-depressant has worn off to soon.
    You were mistunderstood–I know, because every morning I see you in my mirror.
    I am so sorry for you.

  7. Tereka Smith Says:

    This is beyond sad to me. To think that people were so cruel to her the day earlier. I hope Stern rethinks some of the horrible stuff he does. People are exploited endlessly by sum like him. Also all the name callers, I know, the wrath will come for every time you judge and point a thumb, you will pay for it three fold. You no doubt know that now!!

  8. Andy, Oldham, U.K. Says:

    Life is a fragile thing… A Flower thats gone leaves a memory of summer.
    You’ll be missed.

  9. Paul Petersen Says:

    I’m so sorry we couldn’t have done more, Dear Dana. From your friends at A Minor Consideration.

  10. mayzinhha Says:

    Ela era como uma bonequinha de porcelana
    Foi tão fragil até o fim d sua vida
    Tanto na mente como no corpo

  11. Paul Molak Says:

    Sorry for your loss

  12. kathy Says:

    diffrent strokes is my favorite show of all time

  13. Keith (Doodles) McCormack Says:

    Sorry I did’t get to know you. You are truly missed.

  14. christopher c. Says:

    I watched most of the tribute video and had to stop, because it was far to sad. It is nice too know that you took part in a memory that we all can look back on and Always will remember you and your talent.

  15. Paul Holmes Says:


  16. darlyn david Says:

    I remember laughing yesterday…now the laughter seems so far away

  17. Michel L Says:

    I grew up with this young lady, so beautiful. It saddens me that she never got to live her life. RIP

  18. Zenworks Itbusiness Says:

    Fragile come un fiore, luce di molti miei ricordi.

    tuo, Mr

  19. willis Says:

    i have so many fond memories of dana and the rim jobs she would give the cast and crew for some coke. her tounge would actually tickle my liver. she would get in deep, that was a fact motherfucker. i loved the way she woud look for young pussies to suck on each day. when she came into your dressing room and would fart loud it meant she wanted anal. if she puked twice on your nutsack it meant more fisting by a midget. she loved vicodin and feces mixed together with rabbit blood. i think we should dig her up and have her on a reunion show for different spooks. a rotting corpse always gets the ratings and the laughs. what you talkin bout corpse. no thats a line that gets laughs. as a negro and a loser i will make this happen.

  20. Ricky A Schiller Says:

    So young and beautiful too soon. Dana may your soul rest in piece.

  21. jim Says:

    a tragic waste and missed so much RIP dana.

  22. Tamara D Says:

    RIP to Dana, Haim & don’t forget about Coleman as well but…, soon just sooner or later Lindsay Lohan (remember that Mean Girls starlet)will end up just like Plato when she was in HER 20s.


  23. SHARON WARD Says:

    I grew up watch different strokes,Dana you will be missed

  24. SHARON WARD Says:

    Why would I say you will be missed? she cannot hear me because she is a rotting corpse. i loved the show because i would oftentimes fantasize about being pounded by willis and arnold while dana peed into a funnel while fingering a mildly retarded squirrel. i would put a bed post in my cavernous snatch box and a statue of the empire state building up my rectum. my neighbors would watch and clap ass i played the piano while doing this. one time i experienced prolapse in the middle of playing the alley cat in g minor. my intestine fell out like a party blower but i did not stop!!the show must go on and indeed it did,indeed it did. to here of her death was like losing a sister i never loved or wanted. i knew at that point i must dig her up and put her in my living room to keep her safe from mrs. garrett that fucking old whore. as i started to dig i heard a voice say what you talkin bout motherfucker! it was willis he threw me down and raped me with a pigeon skull and a bottle of ripple, such passion and fun. thank you dana rest easy.

  25. Michael Says:

    God Bless all your family, friends, fans, loved ones, and even your enemies. We are all children of The Lord Almighty and, deserve respect when we pass away. Dana left us with some good memories as well as bad. I was a fan, and, she is and, always will be missed.

  26. emory mccullough Says:


  27. John Spillane Says:

    Oh dear Dana, I’m very sad to hear you passed away, God bless you sweetheart.

  28. Rolanda Says:

    I like umh to listen to Shane Bugby and Dana Plato talk on the phone. I can picture her with Robert Menchaca staying at the Magnolia Beach Campground in Feb – May 1st. How wonderful. Why didn’t you just stay at the campground Dana? You could have lived there in your RV. It would have been wonderful sweet Dana. I love you so much Dana Plato, tee hee.

  29. Rolanda Says:

    There was something about Dana that I just love. I want to reenact her final trip in her RV. I want to stay in the camp site that she stayed in. I want to park in front of the the red brick Menchaca house. She is proof that everything works out in the end.

  30. Rolanda Says:

    Does anyone know if her RV is for sale? You would think that if someone hadn’t bought it, it could be donated to the Smithsonian.

  31. Shannon Says:

    Dana will always live on in her tv apperances, movies, and her recorded phone conversations with Shane Bugby.

  32. MagS Says:

    Too young! RIP so sad


  33. Arlene Says:

    Dana will always be loved and missed

  34. Lisa Weiner Says:

    To Dana Plato,
    I thought you were a great actress. You did a great job as Kimberly Drummond on the sitcom Different Strokes. I will miss seeing you on t.v. Lisa Weiner

  35. Jason Says:

    We will miss you. So sad to hear about this. Enjoyed watching you on Different Strokes as a child growing up.

  36. diann Says:

    What a shame so many child actors become drug addicts and worse before they reach their full potential. R.I.P. Dana

  37. Gil Agee Says:

    You Was So Young And Beautiful, When You Passed Away Dana,You Was Never A Has Been Despite You Problems With Drugs and alcohol..Everyone Has Their Problems….

  38. Max Stevens Says:

    I would have fucked her. Right in the ass. At the end she might have let me pay to do just that. Her squirming hot body twisting on the floor as I shove my cock in her tight ass time and time again. Her yelling “Oh Max Oh Max buttfuck me like a whore!” as I slap her thigh. Pulling out of her ass just in time to come in her mouth as she looks up at me and smiles. Then with my cum still on her chin she demands her 25 dollars. Sexy and RIP.

  39. bruno Says:

    Tragic . Help your brother along the way no matter where he starts for the same God that made him made you too . I hope that you found peace Dana

  40. phillipwerner Says:

    she was great

  41. Natasha Says:

    I miss you. 🙁 R.I.P

  42. moniek wells Says:

    I have tired but never succed i wish God could stop us all when we get to the edge.

  43. Lee Says:

    This really is sad, I remember watching her when I was a child, we have lost so many talented people over the course of my life time, to who ever was talking about having sex with her anally, I dont understand why you would write that trash on a site dedicated to be a memorial for Dana, I didnt know her and Im sure you didnt, but that is just wrong, Yes free speech,but would you go to a funeral and write something like that in the guest book? reguardless, this site isnt about you its about her. She was beautiful and it is sad that she let life get the best of her. You are missed, hopefully you are in heaven now relaxing and not running this race that we are still dealing with. Suicide is such a sad horrible thing.

  44. Jesus Says:

    She is relaxing in hell for killing herself. If it exits I just don’t see how see could be relaxing. I should know.

  45. Daryl Says:

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  46. disapointed Says:

    it is so sad when someone dies and people have total lack of respect for that someone that not only do they make horrible accusations but less than funny jokes hope their proud sorry dana you were great

  47. Mary Magdalane Says:

    I thought the jokes were great and it made us all laugh here in ward6. Free Moomia.

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