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Christine Chubbuck

Born: 1944-08-24 - Died: 1974-07-15
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Christine Chubbuck at the age of 29 shot herself in the head with a .38 revolver on live telvision in the middle of a newscast in Sarasota, Florida.

Just before pulling out the gun and firing it into her own head, she reported several news stories including a local restaurant shooting. The station tried to show footage from the restaurant story, but experienced technical difficulties. It was at that time when Chubbuck chillingly told the television audience: "In keeping with Channel 40's policy of bringing you the latest in blood and guts, and in living color, you are going to see another first: an attempted suicide."

She was taken to Sarasota Memorial Hospital and not pronounced dead for another 14 hours.

Come to find out, the station manager had recently cut one of her stories in order to cover a shoot out. He then told her to focus on blood and guts. That was probably the last time he made such a suggestion to one of his employees.

Who was Christine Chubbuck : Christine Chubbuck was a televsion news anchor in Sarasota, Florida who had battled depression for years before ultimately taking her own life on her own program.

Before the notorious on-air suicide, she was able to bring some good to the world. She volunteered at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, giving puppet shows to developmentally disabled children.
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107 Signatures in Christine Chubbuck's guestbook

  1. Emily Says:

    This is so sad. x

  2. Me Says:

    Where on earth can I find the suicide video?

  3. Yeah... Says:

    You can’t. No one has a copy of it…I believe it was shredded/burned so her family didn’t have to see it. And since it was way back in ’74, tivo wasn’t an option.

  4. pete Says:

    tragic loss…and so tragic that people would want to ask such a question as the one above..are you sick,why would you want to see that??

  5. Lizzie Says:


  6. X Says:

    She seemed like a beautiful, lonely and depressed woman.

    at chrisitnechubbuck.com

  7. Matthew Says:

    This is such a sad story – why would anyone want to see this video?
    How can such a beautiful and clearly intelligent and lively girl end up like this? So sad. RIP.

  8. news sucks Says:

    stupid lady, should have used a bigger pistol. Maybe a 45? That would have been quicker than 14 hours. Boo ya

  9. Craig Says:

    By the grace of God, I hope she found her peace thru death that she apparently never found in life…

  10. Michael Says:

    Actually, I know people who’ve seen a copy of the footage on the web :O. But they may’ve been takin’ down since then, so who knows.

  11. Matias Says:

    i want to see the moment when she comited suicide

  12. grim Says:


  13. Heather gasps and Says:

    I can’t believe she would do this! It’s horrible that she would make people see her shoot herself live on a popular TV show. It’s appalling! I’m glad I do not have to see the video, because that is just terrible. BTW, it reminds me of the death of R. Budd Dwyer, and I’ve seen his suicide video, which, believe me, is devastating. RIP, Christine. Hope she’s happy this way. Well, I can’t really… you know what I mean.

  14. grim Says:

    if you dont look for it you wont have to see it. how about all you idiots stop acting like you know whats best for the rest of us. nazi

  15. RegisWinner Says:

    Unfortunately this girl this conceded, because God condemns the suicide.
    He tells: Do not kill.

  16. mikey nicholson Says:


  17. Lisa Says:

    It is very sad. The only reason to see the footage would be to show people the reality of suicide. The finality, pain and violence.
    We are de sensitized.

  18. anon Says:

    A very tragic end indeed. I do see why people are curious of the footage though, as everyone has thoughts about mortality. Everyone views it differently, like anything else. Some people don’t want to think or see anything about it, while others want to face death head on, for nothing more than curiosity. Don’t question or deny those with these curiosities. That’s just how some people deal with death.

    R.I.P. Christine.

  19. Charlie Says:

    Such a tragic story. She was a beautiful woman with her whole life ahead of her. Unfortunately, her personal grief over powered her. May you RIP Christine.

  20. Lilly Says:

    This is such a tagic story, she was one beautiful lady, and this is a very sad thing when anyone kills themselves are has been killed, rest in paridise christine.

  21. Lilly Says:

    actually its not a sin to committ suicide, god will have an understanding if you are so unhappy, that you cant complete the game of life, there is a reason that people do kill themselves, and he will have an understanding if anyone chooses to do so..

  22. sketch Says:

    An intriguing woman, and story…..RIP

  23. Shelby Says:

    The family has the copy of the original tape, actually.
    Trust me, I’ve looked for it loooong and hard.
    I only wish I was alive/lived in Florida at the time. D:

  24. sara J Says:

    Makes you be amazed that all this diseases were out there in even then. Our mind is an amazing thing to have but used inapproriately it can back fire. Use it as a cherished jewel because without it no matter how important you are it is nothing and it will subsequently end into this the end of your life. Be good to yourself

  25. Mikhaela Says:

    Poor lady. She has the courage to shoot herself and end her life, while me.. well, I can’t even think of shooting myself. RIP. :(

  26. steve Says:

    RIP Chrissy in 2 months time it will have been 36 years. I find it sad theres almost nothing in terms of video footage of her broadcasts. As for the suicide video I’d rather not see it.

  27. doctor kadir Says:


  28. fcd Says:

    She is so brave as to run towards to her incontestable end instead of waiting for it come.”With a long enough timeline, the probability of survival is zero.” (Fight Club / Norton) This is her difference. I admire your behest and will be closer to you in very soon. Anyone should never forget that natural death is the other name of passive suicide.

  29. tuqa Says:

    there is no reason that makes you get rid of your life

  30. fcd Says:

    the ownself of life is the main reason that makes me get rid of

  31. Michael Says:

    From what I’ve heard the tape is on a complation of “gore” sequences on a tape titled “Death: The Ultimate Trip”. It’s believed to be a bootleg of some sort. And by the way, I was in contact with the man who directed the short documentary on the E! Channel. He said the police had to have a COPY of the footage because the tape was 2″ tape and you needed special equipment to run the tape, so they had to give the police a copy. The owner or maybe the manager I can’t remember now, showed the footage to several people and was going to sell it to a big news-station but the Chubbuck family stopped it by getting an injunction preventing the tape from being shown. Unfortunately. Rumors of the tape leaking on the down-low have been talked about but I have yet to see it. Supposedly there is a documentary in the works about the subject and the footage of the suicide will be shown in the movie. Just rumors though.

  32. Eric Cruz Says:

    Im really so sorry..!!

  33. Johnny Says:

    johnny walter

  34. David Says:

    My brother works for the Sarasota Police and he said there’s a copy in their evidence storage.

  35. jen Says:

    Wow, that took some guts! Hope she found peace.

  36. Jan Hampshire Says:

    I can’t understand the people who ask and want to see this depressed woman take her own life on live TV. The film was on quad tape, specialised at the time for TV recording, the tape was copied into format so the police could view. The original quad was given to the family who took out a lawsuit to (understandably) stop viewing of the sad loss of their daughter. A woman who, herself addmitted, was 30, and still a virgin; never having the experience of relationships which seemed to evade her. However, it would seem her own mental problems with depression were more the root cause of the lack of developing relationships. Sadly for those that did love her, she chose her own way out of the depression.

  37. Scott Hodge Says:

    RIP Chrissy, 36 years ago tomorrow morning. Wherever you’re eternal whereabouts we do hope you have found peace and happiness. God Bless xx

  38. Pete Video Says:

    This is a tragic tale. She had a good job. I can’t understand why she couldn’t get a guy or why she took her life. I would have been about 17 at the time, but I doubt she would have been interested in me. I don’t want to see this tape and I hope it never becomes available. God will forgive her because of her state of mind.

  39. Jim Says:

    I had a co-worker who took his life yesterday. I believe it’s a sin that is not forgiven, personally. I did want to see this video; closure?, answers?, curiousity?,. Don’t know. My prayers are w/his fam & friends.

  40. Richard Says:

    Having depression over years and years can wear on you if untreated and this is the result. Maybe people will wake up and notice depression. You sickos who want to see the video are sick. RIP Christine

  41. Tremesaigues Bruno Says:

    Ne pas laisser faire!



  43. Carmel Says:

    I hope you are at rest now and wished you could have battled your troubles and given life a chance and felt better within yourself. You were intelligent and beautiful and any man would have been proud to have you in his life as a partner. Rest in peace. x

  44. Rog Says:

    I just saw this story at random, I was in Army basic training in Jul 74 and by the time that was finished, the news moved onto the latest “blood and guts,” and I’ve never heard of this till now.

    It’s well that the record of it was destroyed, TV has become so depraved that it would be shown somewhere; despite her suicide being an indictment of the TV industry.

    Rest In Peace Christine.

  45. Ok.. Says:

    obviously this is fake

  46. Krista Says:

    This is so sad. I think about her all the time. Wish I could have known her and helped her in some way. RIP Christine you will NEVER be forgotten.

  47. Krista Says:

    That is also a horrible picture. She was a beautiful woman and that picture does not do her justice at all!

  48. Anonymous Says:

    It’s not a sin because there is no god. She isn’t in heaven or hell, her corpse rotted to dirt. Grow up and stop throwing your imaginary cloud wizard ideas on people.

  49. jussme Says:

    dear anonymous on 1-23-11 at 9:11 am: I will pray to my god that he has mercy on your soul when you judgement day comes.

  50. Ken Randall Says:

    What can anyone say. Goodnight, sweet princess, may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

  51. Mr.Orange Says:

    I hope you have found your peace beautifull.

    Such a shame…

  52. Justagirl Says:

    Why the hell would you want to see that footage. That’s freaking horrible.

  53. blaine Says:

    she was a very, very good-looking woman. Truth is, there were probably plenty of men who were interested in her, but she pushed them all away with her pathological narcissism and her cold, defensive nature. She was so incredibly self-centered and unfeeling about others; she lacked the capacity to love though she wanted to be loved. She died before I was born, but I can definitely say that, if I had been a young man during that period, she would certainly be a woman I would be interested in – and, given her nature, immediately rejected by. She just never grew up, sadly. It’s too bad

  54. Sheldon L. McCormick Says:

    Such a sad loss to her family, fans and broadcast journalism. The 1970s was journalism’s Golden Age, long before the Internet. Christine would have been more successful if she hadn’t succumbed to depression. Rest in peace, Miss Chubbuck. A talented, beautiful woman dearly missed.

  55. lee Says:

    Oh Sweetheart, Yoy were just a baby then. Youth is always beautiful as were you. But death in it’s own tortuous way turns everything to shit for at very least the loved one (ones if they’re lucky enough) after one’s suicide. Bless you baby. And may your sweet soul find finality as well as reat in peace everlasting.

  56. WTC9/11 Says:

    This is a sad story. Just like the R.Budd Dwyer and 9/11 Jumpers stories. THOSE videos are graphic! I bet this one is (or was) graphic. Only the poor viewers and family, as well as police, have seen the video of that fateful morning. R.I.P Sweet Ms. Chubbuck. We all love you and you’r devistating story.
    P.S. Hope God’s treating ya well!

  57. be Says:

    Makes me wonder if this didn’t play into the movie “network” which came out 5 years later about the same thing. nominated for 10 oscars – won 5. I never had heard of this story until tonight but the movie Network has been bothering me since I saw it a few months ago. sad story and wacko people online who want to see it of course…I hate anonymity and the internet. bad companions. Rest in Peace. I am sorry you were so surrounded by “blood and guts”. I wish you could have found serenity on earth. Who knows what you would have accomplished if you had let yourself live.

  58. SayUncle » It’s what keeps your insides in Says:

    [...] Also, from comments there, a reporter who shot herself in the head, on air with a 38 took 14 hours to die. [...]

  59. human being Says:

    Depression is an awful thing, people don’t understand how devastating it is. I wish they could cure this crippling disease. I wish someone would fix the world and make people kinder and less selfish and self absorbed. Good luck to everyone that felt the need to read this.

  60. Brad Says:

    I remember the day this tragedy happened. Fortunately, I was in school and did not see it happen (I only heard about it later). As curious as I am to know if footage of it still exists, I don’t think I’d ever want to see it. As a person who suffers from bipolar disorder and, at 31, and still unmarried and unable to find that “right” one, I can totally relate to what Chris went thru. But even though Chris has been gone all these years, she is not gone in the memory of God. Although many feel she is in heaven looking down on us, I know the Bible does not teach that. She is merely “resting” as all the dead are, awaiting the time when our savior Jesus Christ will call out, “Wake up, Chris!”. According to John 5:28,29 this is what will happen. And, though some will say that Chris committed the unforgiveable sin, that is simply not true. God knows the personal battles and difficulties that poor Chris was going thru. He takes that all into consideration when a person committs suicide. And after Chris has been given a second chance at life, God will make sure that she never has to suffer from these personal battles again. Chris deserves another chance at life. And, according to the Bible, she is guaranteed to have that opportunity! I look forward to meeting her someday.

  61. Kim Says:

    Her family sued the TV station. As part of the lawsuit, they were forced to turn all copies of the video over to her family. They were very private people and did not want the video out there. Can you blame them?

  62. michelle pleasants Says:

    I have mixed feelings. None good. My father killed himself a week before I turned 13 in 1985. I am very sad for all who know someone who has done that.

  63. Paty D. Says:

    Rest in peace, beautiful lady…what a tragic ending

  64. Volker Says:

    kinda sad that she did it in public- i dont think
    she knew what she was doin because of her state of mind..she should have received help to overcome her depression-rest in peace lady

  65. aaron bergey Says:

    this is so sad. endlessly so. and they think it was because she was a virgin who felt unloved? why wont people realize theres someone out there. i would pour my heart out to anyone in this kind of situation, ive been there, just didnt pull the trigger. i wish someone would have done something.

  66. james G Archibald Says:

    RIP beautiful lady, I only wish I could have some way talked you out of doing that.

    love to you

  67. InMourning Says:

    I’m only 19 and understand Christine’s dilemma. Being an overweight virgin who hasn’t had boyfriends or even dates before, I find myself contemplating suicide and feeling depressed all the time, but thankfully I’ve never succeeded at doing it. Poor pretty girl, she deserved a man to requit her love. I can only hope Christine found peace, and I find a man before I follow in her devastating footsteps.

  68. yo Says:


  69. amanda Says:

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  70. Carter Says:

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  71. Kevin Hurst Says:

    This is a sad sad story. I only wish that she would have asked for or gotten help with her depression. I know how much depression hurts.

  72. Kevin Hurst Says:

    Yo you are going to hell for that comment so wear shorts jerk.

  73. yo Says:


  74. RIPChristine Says:

    What a truly devastating story. I’ve lost people to depression and the result is incredibly damaging. RIP Christine and sincere condolences to her family members.

  75. RIPChristine Says:

    I miss you Christine, thinking of you. <3

  76. Lashonda Says:

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  78. digchild Says:

    You had a promising media career ahead of you and had everything a person could wish for.So why did you choose to kill yourself? This is something I’ll never understand,though you died many years before I was born.

  79. Dale Says:

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  80. Christine Chubbuck’s Last Show « justcallmehaley Says:

    [...] http://www.famousdead.com/christine-chubbuck/ [...]

  81. Sad sack Says:

    Imagine the clean up up crews disgust plus the heat in Florida. That’s a bad combo for an on air suicide.

  82. JanesWish Says:

    Hope that you’ve found the peace you dreamt of so much

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  84. Liz Says:

    I was about 12 yrs old when this happened. I live in Calif. and remember them talking about it on the news channels here. I remember how it spooked me at the time. I have never forgotten about her. I hope she has found the peace that so sadly eluded her in life.

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