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Chris Benoit

Born: 1967-05-21 - Died: 2007-06-24
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Chris Benoit spent his last weekend alive murdering his wife and his seven-year-old son. After apparently giving them both sedatives, he strangled them with a cord. He murdered his wife on Friday, his son on Saturday, and then on Sunday morning, he hanged himself in his basement with the cord from his weight machine.

Although the media was quick to point the finger at "roid rage" as the cause of Benoit's actions, it seems that brain damage is more likely the culprit. An analysis of Benoit's brain showed that it was in similar shape to several NFL players who had gotten concussions, lost it and behaved violently.

Benoit's brain also resembled that of an 85-year-old man with alzheimer's.

Who was Chris Benoit : Christopher Michael Benoit was a Canadian wrestler whose career was greatly celebrated by wresting fans, but whose reputation took a sharp u-turn over the course of a weekend once he murdered his family and killed himself.

He wrestled from 1985 to 2007 in the WCW, the WWF/WWE, and ECW sometimes using names like The Rabid Wolverine, The Crippler, and The Canadian Crippler. He won quite a few championships.
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112 Signatures in Chris Benoit's guestbook

  1. Martin Says:

    miss seeing you in action.

  2. cj Says:

    dude was awesome wish tis didnt happen

  3. Billion fedpoly bida niger state Says:

    Chris benoit michael,ur fans really miss u, i personally i MISS u,anytim i watched d previous wrestle i wept within me. May ur soul continue to rest in peace 4rm bill

  4. Jesus Says:

    You fuking idiots he killed his son and wife and ya fuking say ya miss him…..ya are some of the most stupidest fuks living….fuk him fuk what he did in his life and in the ring he killed his son you fukn dumb ass rednecks get a fuking clue b4 ya give praise to a low life bitch stupid hicks

  5. Ricky"Hitman" Garvin Says:

    I was in the ” Professional Wrestling Business” as a wrestler from 1981-1991..I worked for Promotions such as: I.C.W. “International Championship Wrestling”, A.C.W. “American Championship Wrestling” and the N.W.A…I know and have associated with wrestler’s such as: Ricky “The Dragon ” Steamboat, Ivan “The Russian Bear” Koloff, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, Tony Roma, Mil Mascaras, ” Ironman” George South, Johnny Powers, Dick ” The Bulldog ” Brower and many other’s…The family of Chris and his late wife and child are in my thought’s and prayer’s…GOD BLESS YOU.

  6. gavin cotterill Says:

    i think you was a great wrestler 1 of my favourites but killing your wife and little son was evil rip.

  7. angel Says:

    you were the best you are the best

  8. Julius Vichinsky Says:


  9. jacob Says:


  10. william lee Says:

    u will be missed a lot

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