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Chris Benoit

Born: 1967-05-21 - Died: 2007-06-24
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Chris Benoit spent his last weekend alive murdering his wife and his seven-year-old son. After apparently giving them both sedatives, he strangled them with a cord. He murdered his wife on Friday, his son on Saturday, and then on Sunday morning, he hanged himself in his basement with the cord from his weight machine.

Although the media was quick to point the finger at "roid rage" as the cause of Benoit's actions, it seems that brain damage is more likely the culprit. An analysis of Benoit's brain showed that it was in similar shape to several NFL players who had gotten concussions, lost it and behaved violently.

Benoit's brain also resembled that of an 85-year-old man with alzheimer's.

Who was Chris Benoit : Christopher Michael Benoit was a Canadian wrestler whose career was greatly celebrated by wresting fans, but whose reputation took a sharp u-turn over the course of a weekend once he murdered his family and killed himself.

He wrestled from 1985 to 2007 in the WCW, the WWF/WWE, and ECW sometimes using names like The Rabid Wolverine, The Crippler, and The Canadian Crippler. He won quite a few championships.
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112 Signatures in Chris Benoit's guestbook

  1. Donnie Manues Says:

    I loved you man, what happend? That is between you and God, rest easy.

  2. Yashira Says:

    u were the best but
    Rest in Peace

  3. Mike James Says:

    i watched your career from the start,you had so much going for you,i don’t know what happened ,but you will be missed by all of your fans.

  4. big z Says:

    I remember watching you wrestle on t.v. you were allright. What you did to your family is horrific and i am glad you hung yourself you pathetic piece of shit

  5. Sick Says:

    Thats disgusting, you people support him after he murdered his wife AND KILLED HIS SEVEN YEAR OLD SON. HE STRANGLED HIS SON TO DEATH, KILLED HIM okay? think it through, i know most of you are 9 year olds, but think it through anyway.

  6. craig Says:

    R.I.P chris

    im 17 yo right and he was an amazing wrestler thats why people forgave him. and yeah he strangled his wife and son but really that was’nt his fult he was all f**ked up with drugs. and no whats “desgusting” “sick” its desgusting that a mans life is being spat on just cause of his last ever week-end. after all he done for the bussiness. and i dont care if you call me a sicko for seporting a murderer but the guy was amazing he was the sort of guy who would never actully do that(if you met him you would no that). so i blame the drugs and FYI i have thought through it alot and i mean alot but i have to much respect for the guy to spit on his grave(if he got one). and im proberl the only 17 year old that would proberly say that about him but its true. so say what you like bout this great man. but dont other saying he was a sicko. he proberly done more good in his life than any of you.

    see you down the road chris

  7. alma maese Says:


  8. conny / germany Says:

    es gibt in jeder situation einen weg – man muß ihn nur finden!

    ich bin nicht berechtigt, dein handeln zu kritisieren, aber es ist -verdammtnochmal- nicht fair, jemanden, den man liebt seine chancen zu nehmen, weil man selbst für sich nicht mehr weiterweiß!
    ich bete zu gott und allen engeln, dass deine familie, die du mit dir genommen hast, nur deine liebe zu ihnen sieht und die kraft hat dir zu vergeben…

    ich sende dir ein warmes licht und ein liebevolles “rest in peace” …

    bye, c.

  9. Steve Says:

    Obveously the man was mentaly ill caused by his lifestyle ,and as long as people wan,t to see these pumped up fools pretending to be wrestlers this sort of thing is bound to happen the promotor of the circus he worked for should hang his head in shame as he made money out of the mans misery that caused 3 deaths.

  10. Destiny m.adams Says:

    I miss

  11. Jim Says:

    any one that supports this heartless asshole is fucken stupid and probably should hang them selves as well.

  12. rose canlapan Says:

    just let the man rest in peace…..What he did, he paid for it by taking up his own life… we dont have the right to judge…Let the divine providence do it for him…

  13. rose canlapan Says:

    What he did, he paid for it by taking up his own life… we dont have the right to judge…Let the divine providence do it for him…

  14. Ben Says:


  15. Ben Says:

    u suck

  16. Ben Says:


  17. chris benoit Says:

    what did you call me

  18. Humberto Alzamora Says:

    ummm lets see
    he was one of the greatest wrestlers of his era and of course he will be missed but i just cant fathom the fact that the police hurried in closing the case and didnt look into it much further
    if he was under the influence why wasn’t any b.a.l. in his blood.
    two. why didnt they look into his neighbor who was coincidently his wifes ex-husband also an ex-wrestler. three. the last show he taped was for ECW and in that show in his entrance to the ring you can surely see the worrie he had in his eyes. had he gotten threats previously?
    and lastly who in their right or wrong mind texts people with the wrong address of his house .
    plain and simple what i am trying to say is Chris Benoit was MURDERED the police need to re-open the investigation and clear Chris’s name
    he deserves to be in the hall of fame, he deserves to be remembered not as a butcher but a a hero
    We miss you Chris hope your with your friend Eddie
    Godspeed and may you rest.
    Viva la Raza. I’m 4 Real

  19. muriell Says:

    Que enfermo!

  20. Jennifer Says:

    Chris,I loved to watch you wrestle.You were damn good.What happened? Well only you and god will know the answer to that.May your soul rest in peace. Love you man!

  21. Matthew C. Says:

    You were a great wrestler, what happened. Only GOD can judge. May you Rest In Peace.


    my god bring you pease to you and your family Ihope god has you all in his arm.

  23. Sam Says:

    Chris…you were a great wrestler I wasn’t a fan but you had technical skills! Hate the sin not the sinner…If you did that it was wrong really wrong. The evidence the police released points at you.

    However the Details of the case like the Wikipedia prediction of your wife and your death…and other details make me think otherwise thats why I simply can’t say you are guilty of murder, if your not guilty I pray that one day they find your killer.



  25. Jacob Smith Says:

    All I have to say is, I hope you are rotting and burning in hell you spastic son of a bitch.



  26. Joshua Metzger Says:

    The measure of a man is what he does with his life. He can’t blame drugs, lots of people use drugs.He was strong . But when it come to being strong were it counted “the brain” He was lacking. He will pay in Hell for EVER. Rightfully so.R.I.H.

  27. declan Says:

    haha u suck

  28. grace and adam Says:

    i liked your muscles but u didnt have arm pit hair, wheres ur hair!!! we like hairy men, haha.

  29. Reginald James Says:

    I must say that I see you flying in the air and making people tap out God Speed Chris

  30. Jim King Says:

    You suck! Dumb as doper!

  31. Jordan Says:

    Chris Man I Looked Up To You. When You Was Wresterling I Would Just Stay At You Fighting. You Were One Of The Greats Of Your Generation. You Had So Much Going For You. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!

  32. grim Says:

    should have been aborted

  33. abdihafid Says:

    you are the best i dont belive what happend

  34. Steve Williams Says:

    Chris Benoit, you weren’t a very good wrestler. You were never a headliner, you were never a showstopper, you were boring to watch, and your interviews made me cover my ears, or mute the television. I was much better than you were.

    I never blame medications for anything I ever done. I seek help, or I withdraw — I don’t kill my family.

    Au Revoir, CB — hope you’re being judged fair and square by the ultimate court!

  35. DJ The Viking... Says:

    I’ll probably never check this again but…. didn’t any of you read where it said his brain resembled that of an 85 yr old man with alzheimer’s??? He probably killed his wife and kid and didn’t even know who they were. then he probably realized it later and killed himself… Just imagine the horror of realizing you killed your family. I met Chris in late “95” he was a decent guy….. May you find the peace in your death that you never found in life Chris…

    DJ The Viking…

  36. shaun w Says:

    all i can say is that it was a shock in every way

  37. jonathan Says:

    I worshiped you and after you went on steroids I felt like i hated you but i was wrong you were a amazing but i stil cant belive that you killed your family

  38. roger Says:

    the greatest pound 4 pound in ring wrestler in the world was is ans always will be “The Crippler”Christopher Michael Benoit the real BEST THERE WAS,IS,AND EVER WILL BE thank you for all you gave of yourself for us fans

  39. Bob Lathim Says:

    I know in my Heart you did not do anything to hurt your Family and I remeber you everyday! I no longer watch Wrestling because my reason to do so is gone,rest in peace Benoit Family

  40. brandon mcgowen Says:


  41. Darryl Says:

    A good wrestler, a lousy father and husband!

  42. bambi Says:

    vengence is not mine..go to God, forgiveness is there..rest in peace

  43. JACKWOOD Says:

    chris you were great you shouldnt of done that but me and someothers forgive you beacause it wasnt wat you did its your full life and why you did it

  44. josh sailor Says:

    have fun in hell ya loser



  46. josh Says:

    hey jacob smith shut you fucking mouth you pice of shit fag asshole chris was the best we all loved him for him and his carerr he was the best so shut you mouth are i will turn my foot sideways dust it of
    f and stick it up you candy ass

  47. josh Says:

    hey josh sailor shut your mouth go f**** you self

  48. josh Says:

    rip chris your great i remember watching you at wm 23 it was cool. and it wans’t your fault you killed your famliy or your self that divinghead butt made you go crazy and we all know you didnt do roids

  49. jesus Says:

    awesome wrestler

  50. Victoria Says:

    No matter what the news say I don’t believe them or the reports you’re still and will always be my favorite wrestler.Rest in Peace.

  51. josh Says:

    josh sailor shut your damn mouth you dumb mother fucker you just suck my big fat long cock

  52. Roland Chitaray Says:

    u f**ked up

  53. claudia vela Says:

    you will be missed rest in peace

  54. Rell Says:


    This is a memorial, so people who leave disrespectful remarks are cowards and should shut their mouth. Think how his family must feel if they read your stupid hateful remarks and then imagine it was your family, and grow up. The one’s left behind have done nothing and for all anyone knows he might not have as the investigation was a complete sham. Think about his children who are left behind and his parents and show some compassion for them, for they are the one’s who have to read your cowardly and idiotic responses.

  55. kimberley watson Says:

    chris benoit rest in peace u were an amazing super star ur with ur best friend eddie now ur true fans will remember you for the work you did i watched you for a few years and you acheaved some good tbhings in life ill remember you for what u acheaved in wrestling chris benoit never forgotten

  56. jason race Says:

    chirs u were an amazing wrestler ive watched wrestling since i bwas five so i was able to see u in action well done u were great and u accomplished some great things rest in peace u will never be forgotten

  57. jason race/kimberley watson Says:

    well done josh on what u said to jacob smith i dint read what he said but by ur words it mustnt have been nice weve been chris benoit fans for years and no matter how he died and what he did to his wife and son he still deserves respect for his career chris was a good guy and always will be rip chris well said josh .

  58. Jessa Says:

    I’m sorry what you’ve done has come to this. Mayne people hate now, resent you, but it doesn’t matter. Hopefully you’ll get your peace, because you can’t get it here.

  59. AnonymousGirl Says:

    If his brain resembled that of an 85 year old man with alzheimer’s how was he even functioning? Driving a car? Wrestling? If he was acting like someone with alzheimer’s he probably should have been seen by a neurologist too determine what is causing the issue, because he had too have clear symptoms there is no way that you have an alzheimer’s brain and not have any symptoms with it.

  60. keywan Says:

    you were the strong dominant man in hard moments
    you are alive wth your beautiful head but divings,
    rest in peace for ever

  61. Hugh Jarse Says:

    Moving tributes! What a joke, this weak clown took the life of two innocent people, if he wanted to check out why didn’t he have the guts to do it alone.Hope he gets body slammed in hell.

  62. sam Says:


  63. J. Howard Says:

    remember the man as he was. just because he went through a difficult time and made a mistake right before exiting this world doesn’t change what he was

  64. tony Says:

    benoit was 1 of my idols when i was a teen,and he was in wcw!,,he had a great gig!,,the way he ended his familys life & his ,,TOTAL SHAME!!,,,i will remember chris & honor him for his amazing wrestling career!too bad for the ending,R.I.P,,to him and HIS FAMILY!

  65. Lisa Autolitano Says:

    I do not understand it all. Maybe I am not suppose to. But, I wish you well. Hopefully Eddie can help you in death as he did in life. Love ya Man. Kiss,kiss

  66. terry Says:

    Awsom dude….I alway worn ppl if they dont back of ill chris benoit them.

  67. Arius Galleogs Says:

    I loved the way you wrestled but of course no one could ever understand why what happened happened but for what ever the reason you were the best wrestler of all time and you will be missed by all who loved the WWE. REST IN PEACE!!!

  68. michel jackson from the dead Says:

    hey little boy wanna come to my house to play

  69. jessica simpson Says:

    have my babies

  70. selena gomez Says:

    u ropck retardo

  71. safdsa Says:

    ur m,ean how could u kill ur son and wife u fcker u deserved to die retardo man

  72. carlos orantes Says:

    what kind of sick-fuck were you? killing your family; you fuck;

  73. Nathan Says:

    hey guys leave him alone it was the drugs you stupid fucks dont talk about him like that he was mhy favorite wrestler as a kid he had alzheimer you dick fucks !! so leave him alone he is dead.. see you at the cross roads chris ! see you at the cross roads so you wont be lonely see u at the crossroads o you wont be lonely

  74. bubba Says:

    chris was a nut just like the people that write this crap on jesus will judge him not you assholes live long in someones heart but not mine all you people need to wake up and go to church more and read your bible a 9 year old boy was killed by his dad chris did not have right to take his life only god does vience should go to hell hiself he is …. thank you bubba

  75. marty Says:

    you killer hope you burn in hell chris

  76. Jake Says:

    you sick fuck. you should burn somewhere



  78. Cierrah Says:

    Yea Whatever to the ppl who say”RIP”
    Chris may have been a AMAZING wrestler But still doesnt give him victory to rest With god. The Bastard is going to hell and staying in hell. Nd Yuh really should be saying “RIP” to his son and wife.

  79. terry Says:

    chris u were one of the greatest of all time.i watch u for 20 years.and i can say this,that u did fight hard to get what u got.u are a true champion.

  80. victoria murphy Says:

    do some of you people forget what this sick man done? he murdered his family and robbed his son of a life, yes he was a respected wresteler but that dosn’t give people the right to sit and praise him, open your eyes people and see this man for what he really is!

  81. victoria murphy Says:


  82. zac Says:

    wtf dude not kool

  83. Terry 5/6/2011 Says:

    A LOSER!! takes his wife and child with him

  84. brettfromoz Says:

    All wrestlers are tools…. it IS fake you know? They are more like dancers on roids than anything else… the only people more retarded than wrestlers are their fans…. sorry but its true… gave a nice day douchequeens :)

  85. el chapo Says:

    hahahahahahaha thats true. Retards

  86. stewert scott Says:

    Damn am I crosseyed.

  87. Pamela Osburn Says:

    Such a sad great loss. May God forgive you and bring you peace.

  88. Robert J Says:

    Chris I don’t know what happened but you will answer to God for your actions. However I will miss you as an entertainer. RIP

  89. Gil Agee Says:

    I Think You Was A Great Wrestler Chris , All Your Fans Love You And Miss You Dearly Man! RIP Brother….

  90. Melissa Says:

    We want to point a finger and accuse the man if what he did but we have no right to judge him. Only God does. Based on what we have read maybe he didn’t want to hurt them but the brain injury caused it. Either way, God will deal with it now. Its out of our hands. In life he was a good entertainer and I enjoyed watching him. Rest in Peace.

  91. Frances Rudland Says:

    R.I.P. I understand the pain that man was in he hade to many head injures and may youre wife and child R.I.P god be with all of you

  92. richard Says:

    i loved ya man u was and always will be the best i dont believe u did what they say u did rip

  93. robert ramirez Says:

    i don’t know why but alot of wrestlers are dying young and vince has nothing to say with steriods he needs to start testing rip benoit

  94. Emo Says:

    I didn’t realised at first why you were gone from WWE. When I heard you died I felt sad over your passing, guessed it was an injury, overdose, a normal suicide. But now I know that you, like an animal slaughter your own son and his mother! I don’t care how sick you were inside, you’re a were a monster! Rot in hell!

  95. Cc Says:

    Crazy….who kills their own child..a coward should have taken his own life jerk

  96. Martha Says:

    i dnt give a damm what anyone says about you Chris. you were a family man. just because something shows it was mostly you doesnt mean it was.
    I watched wrestling all the time and i grew up watching you.

  97. Elton Smith Says:

    he was the best

  98. TIMOTHY Says:


  99. Emil Says:

    I think it is evil and desgusting what you did. But i’m not gonna judge you from your personal life. You were probally the most technical wrestler to ever be in the WWE, and i would have loved to still se you suplex people in the ring today. R.I.P Chris Benoit.

  100. Eden Says:

    Chris Benoit is the reason I watch WWE. Chris, I love you and miss you. Thank you for the memories. RIP to you and your family

  101. Martin Says:

    miss seeing you in action.

  102. cj Says:

    dude was awesome wish tis didnt happen

  103. Billion fedpoly bida niger state Says:

    Chris benoit michael,ur fans really miss u, i personally i MISS u,anytim i watched d previous wrestle i wept within me. May ur soul continue to rest in peace 4rm bill

  104. Jesus Says:

    You fuking idiots he killed his son and wife and ya fuking say ya miss him…..ya are some of the most stupidest fuks living….fuk him fuk what he did in his life and in the ring he killed his son you fukn dumb ass rednecks get a fuking clue b4 ya give praise to a low life bitch stupid hicks

  105. Ricky"Hitman" Garvin Says:

    I was in the ” Professional Wrestling Business” as a wrestler from 1981-1991..I worked for Promotions such as: I.C.W. “International Championship Wrestling”, A.C.W. “American Championship Wrestling” and the N.W.A…I know and have associated with wrestler’s such as: Ricky “The Dragon ” Steamboat, Ivan “The Russian Bear” Koloff, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, Tony Roma, Mil Mascaras, ” Ironman” George South, Johnny Powers, Dick ” The Bulldog ” Brower and many other’s…The family of Chris and his late wife and child are in my thought’s and prayer’s…GOD BLESS YOU.

  106. gavin cotterill Says:

    i think you was a great wrestler 1 of my favourites but killing your wife and little son was evil rip.

  107. angel Says:

    you were the best you are the best

  108. Julius Vichinsky Says:


  109. jacob Says:


  110. william lee Says:

    u will be missed a lot

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