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Charles Robert Darwin

Born: 1809-02-12 - Died: 1882-04-19
Cause of Death:
heart attack

Death Summary: Darwin died in England, after having several episodes of severe chest pains. He was was buried at Westminster Abbey.

Who was Charles Robert Darwin : He is known as the father of evolutionary biology.
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16 Signatures in Charles Robert Darwin's guestbook

  1. wafa Says:

    you won’t be forgotten

  2. grim Says:

    did he evolve into a corpse ? a fish? an ape? or a penis?

  3. Fatimar Says:

    Wow, this is truley amazing!

  4. alexander gram bell Says:

    good bye dear friend

  5. mirta Says:

    nice having you going to miss you alot you inspired me heaps good bye me dear frind

  6. marianela Says:

    you wont be forgotten,i wont forget the sex we had it was great love you o much and loved when you touched my boob !! HARD SEX BABY !!!!!!

  7. rajeev shenoi Says:

    rajeev ss

  8. Bob C Chuckles Says:

    i really hate this loser.

  9. Bob C Chuckles Says:

    this guy was a scam to the world. i am happy that he is dead. πŸ™‚

  10. Ana,B, Williams Says:

    if only i was there for your death charles

  11. Temesgen Yohannes Says:

    Jesus is the way to heaven!

  12. Temesgen Yohannes Says:

    Jesus is the only way to heaven!

  13. jon jovi Says:

    Truth in reality !

  14. Nirmal Says:

    Thank you for giving us the truth Charles

  15. mario boulet Says:

    Your theory was wrong.
    You said that species survival was the result of the fittest,then again, how come we have so many fatsos around?

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