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  • List of Famous Dead People: Category - Sports

    Jack Ramsay: Born: 1925-02-21 - Died: 2014-04-28
    Jack Ramsay was a basketball coach and commentator commonly referred to as “Dr. Jack.” He won an NBA titles in 1977 as the head coach of the Portland Trailblazers, and after his coaching career came to a close he spent years working as a broadcaster for ESPN.
    Rubin “Hurricane” Carter: Born: 1937-05-06 - Died: 2014-04-20
    Rubin “Hurricane” Carter was a boxer, who was wrongly convicted of murder, and spent nearly 20 years in prison before being freed.
    Ralph Wilson: Born: 1918-10-17 - Died: 2014-03-25
    Ralph Wilson was the founder and owner of the NFL franchise the Buffalo Bills. His roots in American football run much deeper than that, however, as he was also one of the founding owners of the American Football League. The AFL and the NFL merged in 1970.
    Ralph Kiner: Born: 1922-10-27 - Died: 2014-02-06
    Kiner, 91, was a Baseball Hall of Famer and sports broadcaster. He played professional baseball from 1946 to 1956 – mostly with the Pittsburgh Pirates. After that, he became a sports announcer and broadcaster well known for his show “Kiner’s Korner.”
    Todd Williams: Born: 09-04-1978 - Died: 06-01-2014
    Todd Williams was an American offensive tackle who played for the Tennessee Titans. He was drafted in 2003 after playing college football for Florida State.
    Mike McCormack: Born: 1930-06-21 - Died: 2013-11-15
    Mike McCormack was an NFL coach known for coaching a variety of teams during his career, including the Eagles, the Colts, and the Seahawks. In 1993 McCormack was hired as the general manager of the new NFL team the Carolina Panthers.
    Don James: Born: 1932-12-31 - Died: 2013-10-20
    Don James was best known as the longtime head coach for the University of Washington football team. James coached the Huskies for 18 seasons, winning four Rose Bowls, one for the NCAA National Championship during the team’s undefeated 1991 season. Before taking on the coaching role at Washington, James coached for a variety of college […]
    Bud Adams: Born: 1923-01-03 - Died: 2013-10-21
    Bud Adams, 90, was a businessman who owned the Tennessee Titans since its founding as the Houston Oilers. Adams got his start in the football business when he and fellow businessman Lamar Hunt founded the American Football League in 1959. At that time, he formed one of the first AFL teams – the Houston Oilers […]
    Ken Norton: Born: 1943-08-09 - Died: 2013-09-18
    Ken Norton was a heavyweight boxer and WBC world Heavyweight Champion known for beating Muhammad Ali, and breaking his jaw. They fought two more times, and Ali won both bouts.
    Tommy Morrison: Born: 1969-01-02 - Died: 2013-09-01
    Tommy Morrison was a boxer and former heavyweight champion. His nickname was The Duke, and he only lost thee out of fifty-two fights.
    Dean Meminger: Born: 13-05-1948 - Died: 23-08-2013
    Dean Meminger was an American basketball player and coach who played for the New York Knicks as a first-round draft pick in 1971. He helped the team clinch the championship title in 1973 and went on to play for the Atlanta Hawks before coaching the New York Stars in the Women’s Professional Basketball League from […]
    Martin Manley: Born: 1953-08-15 - Died: 2013-08-15
    Martin Manley, 60, was a sports writer for the Kansas City Star. Aside from his work at the newspaper, he also helped create the NBA’s Efficiency Index. His final claim to fame was creating a Web site that detailed his reasons for committing suicide.
    Mark Sutton: Born: ????-??-?? - Died: 2013-08-14
    Mark Sutton was a stuntman best known for playing James Bond’s stunt-double in the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.
    Emile Griffith: Born: 1938-02-03 - Died: 2013-07-23
    Emile Griffith, 75, was a world famous boxer. He’s notable for being the first boxer from the U.S. Virgin Islands to become a world champion. He’s more notable, however, for his third fight against Benny Paret in 1962. During the fight, he knocked Paret unconscious, but continued to punch him. Paret died 10 days later […]
    Allan Simonsen: Born: unknown - Died: 22-06-2013
    Allan Simonsen was a Danish race car driver who died at the Tertre Rouge corner during the 90th anniversary of the Le Mans race. An investigation was launched to see if the crash was caused by conditions during the race, such as a problem with the track. He was the first driver to die during […]
    Decon Jones: Born: 1938-12-09 - Died: 2013-06-03
    Decon Jones with a defensive end in the National Football League. He played for the Los Angeles Rams, San Diego Chargers, and the Washington Redskins. He was a hall of famer, having been inducted in 1980.
    Cullen Finnerty: Born: 1982-08-18 - Died: 2013-5-27
    Cullen Finnerty was a quarterback for Grand Valley State University. He had a 51-4 starting record and led the university to three NCAA Division II championships.
    Epifanio “Epy” Guerrero: Born: 1941-01-03 - Died: 2013-05-23
    Epifanio “Epy” Guerrero was an Major League Baseball international talent scout. He scouted for the Houston Astros, the New York Yankees, and the Toronto Blue Jays.
    Dick Trickle: Born: 1941-10-27 - Died: 2013-05-16
    Dick Trickle was a race car driver, who competed in he ASA, ARTGO, ARCA, All Pro, IMCA, NASCAR, and USAC. He was in over two thousand races, and logged a million laps. He won about 1,000 feature races.
    Fred White: Born: unknown - Died: 15-05-2013
    Fred White was a broadcaster for the Royals from 1973-1998. He also served as director of Broadcast Services and announced for basketball games during baseball’s off-season.
    Chuck Muncie: Born: 17-03-1953 - Died: 13-05-2013
    Chuck Muncie was a three-time All Pro running back for the NFL who started his career in the mid-’70s. His career blossomed while he was with the Saints, but he moved on to the Chargers in 1980. His promise came to an end in 1984, however, when he was suspended for testing positive for cocaine.
    Alex Rovello: Born: 1991 - Died: 2013-05-11
    Alex Rovello was a star tennis player for the University of Oregon. He went 21-8 during his junior year with the Ducks, and 50-0 during his time in high school, winning four consecutive Oregon state singles titles.
    Andrew Simpson: Born: 1976-12-17 - Died: 2013-05-09
    Andrew Simpson, 36, was an Olympic gold medalist in Men’s Sailing. He got his start in 2003 after he won a bronze medal at the ISAF Sailing World Championships. He would go on to win a gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and a silver in the 2012 London Olympics.
    Brad Lesley: Born: 11-09-1958 - Died: 27-04-2013
    Brad Lesley was an American baseball player who was most famous for his turn with the Cincinnati Reds and the Milwaukee Brewers in the ’80s. He was also an actor who appeared in the film “Little Big League” and the Michael Jordan vehicle “Space Jam”.
    Rick Camp: Born: 10-06-1953 - Died: 25-04-2013
    Rick Camp was a pitcher for the Atlanta Braves from 1976-1985. Although he only had one home-run his entire career, it was a memorable one, tying a game against the Mets in the 18th inning. Unfortunately, Camp became mixed up in a Medicaid scam perpetrated against a mental health facility in Augusta and ended up […]
    Sam Williams: Born: 1931-03-09 - Died: 2013-04-25
    Sam Williams was an NFL football player during the 50s and 60s. He was drafted to the L.A. Rams in the 1956 NFL draft and played with the Detroit Lions from 1960 to 1965 before ending his career with the Atlanta Falcons in 1967.
    Errol Mann: Born: 1941-06-27 - Died: 2013-04-11
    Errol Mann was an American football player, who played for the Raiders and the lions. He was a kicker, and played in the Super Bowl with the Raiders (Super Bowl XI).
    Pat Summerall: Born: 1930-05-10 - Died: 2013-04-16
    Pat Summerall, 82, was a sportscaster famous for working with Tom Brookshier and John Madden on NFL telecasts. Summerall began his career in football with the University of Arkansas, and then moved to the NFL as a placekicker for the Detroit Lions. He was hired by CBS Sports in 1962 as an NFL commentar. He […]
    Grady Hatton: Born: 1922-10-07 - Died: 2013-04-11
    Grady Hatton was a professional baseball player who had stints with he Cincinnati Reds, Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox, St. Louis Cardinals, Baltimore Orioles and Chicago Cubs. He spent the bulk of his career playing third base for the Reds. In the 1960s, Hatton briefly managed the Houston Astros.
    Dave O’Hara: Born: Unknown - Died: 2013-04-10
    Dave O’Hara was an Associated Press sports reporter and editor for 50 years, primarily covering Boston sports. He began his career in 1942 at the age of 15 as a copy boy in the AP Boston bureau.