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  • List of Famous Dead People: Category - Scientists

    Ray Tomlinson: Born: 1941-04-23 - Died: 2016-03-05
    Ray Tomlinson was a computer programmer known for implementing the first email program on the ARPNET system, which was the precursor to the Internet. This was in 1971. It was the first system able to send mail between users on different hosts. Before that, mail could only be sent between users of the same computer. […]
    Marvin Minsky: Born: 1927-08-09 - Died: 2016-01-24
    Marvin Minsky was a cognitive scientist, widely considered to be a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence. He was also the co-founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s AI laboratory and the author of various materials on the subject.
    Fredric Brandt: Born: 1949-06-26 - Died: 2015-04-05
    Fredric Brandt was a dermatologist known for treating celebrities like Madonna. He is said to be the “likely inspriration” for a character portrayed by Martin Short on Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmmy Schmidt. These comparisons reportedly “devastated” him.
    Doug Engelbart: Born: 1925-01-30 - Died: 2013-07-02
    Doug Engelbart was an American inventor and Internet pioneer. He’s best known for his work in human and computer interaction, leading to the invention of the computer mouse, as well as the development of hypertext and networked computers.
    Jacquelin Perry: Born: 1918-05-31 - Died: 2013-03-11
    Dr. Jacquelin Perry was an orthopedic surgeon who specialized in helping patients who had survived polio. She became a leading authority on post-polio syndrome.
    Patrick Moore: Born: 1923-03-04 - Died: 2012-12-09
    Sir Patrick Moore was a self-taught English astronomer who became known for his TV appearances and countless books on the subject. He edited the Yearbook of Astronomy for nearly 50 years and hosted the BBC show The Sky at Night for over 50 years.
    Paul Kurtz: Born: 1925-12-21 - Died: 2012-10-22
    Paul Kurtz was a well-known philosopher and author from Newark, New Jersey. Kurtz was mostly known for his thoughts towards “Secular Humanism” and founding this movement. Kurtz published many books on his beliefs of “Secular Humanism,” and also believed in eupraxsophy. Later in his life, Kurtz became a professor at various well-known colleges and universities.
    Bill Moggridge: Born: 1943-06-25 - Died: 2012-09-08
    Bill Moggridge was a Technology Designer from London, England. Moggridge is mostly known and credited for creating the world’s first laptop computer, the “GRiD Compass.” Prior to Moggridge’s success with the “GRiD Compass,” he was a designer for the American Sterilizer Company (Erie, PA), and ID Two (Palo Alto, CA). Moggridge was also an Associate […]
    Neil Armstrong: Born: 1930-08-05 - Died: 2012-08-25
    Neil Armstrong was a U.S. Air Force and NASA Astronaut from Wapakoneta, Ohio. Armstrong is most known for being the first man on the moon. Neil Armstrong commanded the Apollo 11, along with Buzz Aldrin (lunar module pilot), and Michael Collins (command module pilot). After Armstrong’s involvement with NASA, Armstrong accepted a teaching role at […]
    Sally Ride: Born: 1951-05-21 - Died: 2012-07-23
    Sally Ride was an Astronaut for NASA from Encino, California. She was well known for being one of the first female Astronauts in space, and recognized for being the first female American Astronaut in space. Ride first was involved in NASA after responding to a newspaper advertisement in 1978, and became heavily involved in the […]
    Michael Sokolski: Born: 1926-09-25 - Died: 2012-06-13
    Michael Sokolski was a well-known inventor and engineer from Poland; however, Sokolski visited and lived in various places around world, due to his involvement with the Polish Forces. He then later lived in the United States working for Datronics (which he founded). Datronics was later sold to 3M. In 1972, Sokolski was Executive Vice President […]
    Jacob Goldman: Born: 1921-07-18 - Died: 2011-12-20
    Goldman was a physicist who was Xerox’s chief scientist. He founded the company’s Palo Alto Research Center, where the modern personal computer was invented. During the latter years of the 1960s, Xerox was the dominant manufacturer of office copiers. At the time they were looking for new ways to move into new markets when Goldman […]
    John McCarthy: Born: 1927-09-04 - Died: 2011-10-24
    McCarthy was a computer scientist and cognitive scientist, he received the Turing Award in 1971 for his contributions to the field of Artificial Intelligence. He actually coined the term “Artificial Intelligence” during a proposal for the 1956 Dartmouth Conference. McCarthy also invented the LISP programming language.
    Jack Kevorkian: Born: 1928-05-26 - Died: 2011-06-03
    Kevorkian was a pathologist, right-to-die activist, and convicted murderer. He is best known for championing a terminal patients right to die by doctor-assisted suicide. He claimed to have assisted in at least 130 terminal ill patients commit suicide.
    Rajeev Motwani: Born: 1962-03-26 - Died: 2009-06-05
    Motwani, an angel investor and Stanford professor, who served as a mentor to the Google co-founders as they were initially developoing Google. Motwani graduated from U.C. Berkeley in 1988 with a Ph.D in Computer Science. At Stanford Motwani served as a professor and director of graduate studies for the database group/infolab, and Foundations Group. Some […]
    Michael Crichton: Born: 1942-10-23 - Died: 2008-11-04
    Crichton was a well-known author, medical doctor, film director, film producer, and television producer. He his best known for his science fiction and thriller novels, television programs, and films based off his books. Some of his more famous work includes The Andromeda Strain, Congo, Timeline, Disclosure, Prey and Next. He also created the Show ER… […]
    Herb Peterson: Born: 1919-01-05 - Died: 2008-03-25
    Peterson is the man who invented the McDonald’s Egg McMuffin in 1972. He was a food executive and food scientist. Being a huge fan of eggs benedict, Peterson wanted to do something similar for the new breakfast sandwich he was developing. He eventually came up with the Egg McMuffin, which is an Egg sandwich (with […]
    Beatrix Potter: Born: 1866-07-28 - Died: 1943-12-22
    Beatrix is known for her time-honored children’s books which featured characters such as Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck, Benjamin Bunny, Johnny Town-Mouse, and Little Pig Robinson. When many may not know about Potter, is that she was also something of a scientist, considered an expert in mycology. She was actually one of the first people to […]
    Bruce E. Ivins: Born: 1946-04-22 - Died: 2008-07-29
    Bruce Edwards Ivins graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a PHD in microbiology and is known for his extensive research with Anthrax. He aided the FBI after the Anthrax attacks of 2001 in analyzing the substance. Eventually, authorities came to suspect his as a culprit of the attacks. According to ABC News, “FBI officials […]
    John Wheeler: Born: 1911-07-09 - Died: 2008-04-13
    John Wheeler was a theoretical physicist, and one of the last known collaborators of Albert Einstein. He tried to achieve Einstein’s vision of a unified field theory. Wheeler is also credited for coining the terms black hold and wormhole.
    Albert Hoffmann: Born: 1906-01-11 - Died: 2008-04-29
    Albert Hoffman was a Swiss scientist who is best known for being the first to synthesize, and ingest the psychedelic effects of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD).
    Randy Pausch: Born: 1960-10-23 - Died: 2008-07-25
    Pausch died from pancreatic cancer at his home in Chesapeake, Virginia. They had recently moved to Chesapeake so that his wife and children would be near family after his passing.
    Victor McKusick: Born: 1921-10-21 - Died: 2008-07-22
    A geneticist, Professor of Medical Genetics and Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He is widely regarded as the father of clinical medical genetics
    Michael DeBakey: Born: 1908-09-07 - Died: 2008-07-11
    Born Michel Dabaghi, Dr. Michael DeBakey could be considered one of the most important people to grace the pages of this database, though perhaps not the household name that he deserved to be. DeBakey is known as the father of modern heart medicine. He was a pioneer in heart surgery and worked with over 70,000 […]
    Louis Pasteur: Born: 1822-12-27 - Died: 1895-09-28
    French chemist and biologist.
    Albert Einstein: Born: 1879-03-14 - Died: 1955-04-18
    He was one of the most important scientists in the world. He wrote the general theory of relativity.
    Carl Gustav Jung: Born: 1875-07-26 - Died: 1961-06-06
    Swiss Psychiatrist, founder of analytical psychology and the concept of the collective unconscious.
    Galileo Galilei: Born: 1564-02-15 - Died: 1642-01-08
    Philosopher, Astronomer, inventor.
    Benjamin Franklin: Born: 1706-01-17 - Died: 1790-04-17
    One of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Leading writer, printer, scientist, inventor. Known also for his experiments with electricity and lightning.
    Charles Robert Darwin: Born: 1809-02-12 - Died: 1882-04-19
    He is known as the father of evolutionary biology.