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  • List of Famous Dead People: Category - Music

    Alan O’Day: Born: 03-10-1940 - Died: 17-05-2013
    Alan O’Day was an American songwriter who penned several successful songs for other musicians–such as Cher, The Righteous Brothers, and Helen Reddy–before finding his own fanbase with “Undercover Angel”. He also wrote music for the popular ’80s kids’ show “The Muppet Babies”.
    Cedric Brooks: Born: 00-00-1943 - Died: 03-05-2013
    Cedric Brooks was a Jamaican-born sax and flute player who was influential in the reggae scene during the ’60s and ’70s. He played in several different bands before becoming a studio musician and releasing his own singles; he later played for the ska band the Skatalites.
    Jeff Hanneman: Born: 1964-01-31 - Died: 2013-05-02
    Jeff Hanneman was one of two guitar players for the legendary heavy metal band Slayer. No band’s influence has been felt across the genre as much, apart from possibly Metallica or Black Sabbath. Hanneman was from Oakland, and grew up in Long Beach. In 1981, he founded Slayer along with fellow guitarist Kerry King.
    Chris Kelly: Born: 1978-08-11 - Died: 2013-05-01
    Chris Kelly was one half of the 90s rap duo Kris Kross. Kelly was known as “Mac Daddy” in the rap group, which became infamous for wearing their clothes backwards.
    George Jones: Born: 1931-09-12 - Died: 2013-04-26
    George Jones was a country music legend with an extensive list of hit records. He was often referred to as the greatest living country singer. Number one country hits included: White Lightning, Tender Years, She Thinks I Still Care, Walk Through This World With Me, We’re Gonna Hold On (with Tammy Wynette), The Grand Tour, […]
    Richie Havens: Born: 21-01-1941 - Died: 22-04-2013
    Richie Havens was a folk singer and guitarist who was well-known for being the first performer at Woodstock. He was fond of performing covers of popular songs and did an especially well-liked version of Bob Dylan’s “Just Like A Woman”. Havens held the Woodstock crowd’s attention for nearly three hours, as he was told to […]
    Chrissy Amphlett: Born: 1959-10-25 - Died: 2013-04-21
    Christine Joy “Chrissy” Amphlett, 53, was the lead singer for the Australian rock band Divinyls. She formed the band in 1980 after meeting the other band members at a concert in Sydney. The band released six albums between the years of 1982 and 1996. After that, the band broke up, and Amphlett focused on a […]
    Storm Thorgerson: Born: 1944-02-28 - Died: 2013-04-18
    Storm Thorgerson was a graphic designer, best known for his work with various high-profile rock bands including Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Muse, and Scorpions. That Dark Side of the Moon cover? Yeah, that was Storm Thorgerson.
    Colin Davis: Born: 1927-09-25 - Died: 2013-04-14
    Sir Colin Davis was an English conductor. He became the principal conductor for the London Symphony Orchestra in 1995 and later became President of the LSO.
    Chi Cheng: Born: 1970-07-15 - Died: 2013-04-13
    Chi Cheng was the bass player the band The Deftones, and played on the band’s debut album Adrenaline through its fifth album Saturday Night Wrist. His career with the band was cut short, as he was injured in a car accident in 2008, and left in a coma until 2012.
    Andy Johns: Born: 1952-01-01 - Died: 2013-04-07
    Andy Johns, 61, was a famous music producer that worked on albums by Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and more. Johns got his first gig working under Eddie Kramer on Jimi Hendrix recordings. From there, he went on to produce over 40 albums, and was an engineer on even more.
    Les Blank: Born: 1935-11-27 - Died: 2013-04-07
    Les Blank was a documentary filmmaker whose work chronicled the works of American musicians. His films focused on traditional styles of music including blues, Appalachian, Cajun, Creole, Tex-Mex, polka, tamburitza and Hawaiian. Films included (but were not limited to): Dizzy Gillespie, The Blues Accordin’ to Lightnin’ Hopkins, Chulas Fronteras, Always for Pleasure, Werner Herzog Eats […]
    Phil Ramone: Born: 1934-01-05 - Died: 2013-03-30
    Phil Ramone was a record producer and recording engineer, as well as a composer and violinist. He co-founded A&R Recording. Among those he produced albums for are: George Michael, Ray CHarles, Chicago, Elton John, Billy Joel, Aretha Franklin, Gloria Estefan, Paul McCartney, Liza Minnelli, Olivia Newton John, Frank Sinatra, Rod Stewart, and Paul Simon, just […]
    Gordon Stoker: Born: N/A - Died: 2013-03-27
    Gordon Stoker was a pianist and vocalist who is best known for backing up Elvis Presley as a member of The Jordanaires.
    Deke Richards: Born: 1944-04-08 - Died: 2013-03-24
    Deke Richards (real name: Dennis Lussier) was a songwriter and record producer affiliated with Motown. He was a member of The Clan and The Corporation, which wrote and produced Jackson 5 hits ABC and I Want You Back.
    Risë Stevens: Born: 1913-06-11 - Died: 2013-03-20
    Risë Stevens was a famous mezzo-soprano who is best known for her role as Carmen during much of the 1940s and 1950s. She had a 23-year career with ht e Metropolitan Opera.
    Fran Warren: Born: 1926-03-04 - Died: 2013-03-04
    Fran Warren (born Frances Wolfe) was an American singer best known for her song “A Sunday Kind of Love,” which was a hit in 1947. Warren also appeared as a guest on some TV variety shows and was featured in a 1952 Abbott and Costello film.
    Jason Molina: Born: 1974 - Died: 2013-03-16
    Jason Molina, 39, was a singer/songwriter that was well known for his prolific songwriting. Between the years of 1996 and 2003, Molina performed by himself and with a rotating group of musicians in a project called Songs: Ohia. He renamed the band to Magnolia Electric Co. in 2003. Molina had been out of the public […]
    Jack Greene: Born: 1930-01-07 - Died: 2013-03-14
    Jack Greene was a country music star known best for his hi There Goes My Everything. He was often referred to as the Jolly Green Giant.
    Clive Burr: Born: 1957-03-08 - Died: 2013-03-12
    Clive Burr was an English-born metal drummer, best known for his work with the iconic band Iron Maiden. Burr served as the band’s drummer from 1979 to 1982.
    Peter Banks: Born: 1947-07-15 - Died: 2013-03-07
    Peter Banks, 65, was a founding member of the progressive rock band Yes. Banks joined Yes as its original guitarist in 1969. Banks left the band in 1970, but continued performing with other bands while producing solo albums. Over his career, Banks had contributed to 19 albums.
    Claude King: Born: 1923-02-05 - Died: 2013-03-07
    Claude King, 90, was a well-known country singer-songwriter. His most well-known song was 1962’s Wolverine Mountain. Over his career, King released six albums with one being a compilation of his best works. He also released a number of singles through 1977.
    Alvin Lee: Born: 1944-12-19 - Died: 2013-03-06
    Alvin Lee was an English rock guitarist best known for playing with the band Ten Years After in the late 60s and early 70s. After he left Ten Years After, Lee went on to record and tour with a variety of artists, including Mylon LeFevre, George Harrison, and Peter Frampton. (Image via Jim Summaria/Wikimedia)
    Jewel Akens: Born: 1933-09-12 - Died: 2013-03-01
    Jewel Akens was a pop music singer in the 50s and 60s. He found fame with the hit song “The Birds and The Bees,” which ranked highly on music charts in 1965.
    Bobby Rogers: Born: 1940-02-19 - Died: 2013-03-03
    Bobby Rogers was an American soul singer who was best known as one of the founding members of the Motown group The Miracles. The Miracles were Motown Records’ first signed act and first million selling act. Roger was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012.
    Adrian Thomas: Born: 1971-02-28 - Died: 2013-02-28
    Adrian Thomas, also known as DJ Ajax, was an Australian DJ and a host for the radio show Sunset. (Image courtesy Scootie via Flickr)
    Richard Street: Born: 1942-10-5 - Died: 2013-02-27
    Richard Street was a Detroit-born soul singer who is best known for his work with Motown legends The Temptations. Before joining The Temptations is 1971, Street was part of the lesser-known group The Monitors.
    Van Cliburn: Born: 1934-07-12 - Died: 2013-02-27
    Van Cliburn was an American pianist who became famous when he won the first-ever International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in Moscow in 1958, during the Cold War. Cliburn has been honored with the Kennedy Center Honors, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, a National Media of Arts, and the Russian Order of Friendship.
    Dan Toler: Born: 1948-09-23 - Died: 2013-02-25
    Dan Toler was an American guitarist who found success playing for the Allman Brothers and the Gregg Allman Band in the ’70s and ’80s. After being struck down by Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Toler lost the ability to play guitar or even speak.
    Diane Lampert: Born: NA - Died: 2013-02-22
    Diane Lampert was a songwriter in the 50s and 60s, and wrote songs for Brenda Lee, Steve Lawrence, Red Foley, The Letterman, etc. She even wrote a song for The Beatles – “Nothin Shakin’ (But The Leaves On The Trees)”. Lampert was known to have written a number of songs for movies, including some which […]