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  • List of Famous Dead People: Category - Military

    Pat Tillman: Born: 1976-11-06 - Died: 2004-04-22
    Pat Tillman was an NFL football player who left his career behind to enlist in the United States Army. During his college career Tillman excelled as a linebacker for Arizona State University, even though he was a bit small for the position. He was named Pac-10 Defensive player of the year. He was drafted by […]
    Margaret Ringenberg: Born: 1921-06-17 - Died: 2008-07-28
    Ringenberg was an aviator who logged more than 40,000 hours of flying in her career. She was also a member of the Woman Airforce Service Pilots (WASP). Being a WASP meant she couldn’t fly combat missions, but she took place in some dangerous flying missions which included ferrying, test flying, and target towing.
    George S. Patton: Born: 1885-11-11 - Died: 1945-12-21
    One of the most strong, flamboyant and popular American Generals of the European Theater in World War II.
    Juan Domingo Peron: Born: 1895-10-08 - Died: 1974-07-01
    General and President of Argentina. Peron entered the military school at age 16 and progresses through the ranks of the argentine army, until as Colonel he participated in military coups from 1943 on. In 1946, with the support of labour unions, he was elected president of Argentina. Reelected in 1952 he was deposed by a […]
    Joan of Arc: Born: 1412-01-06 - Died: 1431-05-30
    As a young girl she had visions from god telling her to recover France from English domination during the 100 years war. At 17 years of age she took command of the french armies obtaining many victories, leading to the coronation of Charles VII as king. Captured by the English she was convicted of heresy […]
    Robert E. Lee: Born: 1807-01-19 - Died: 1870-10-12
    U.S. Army soldier and General in the Confederate States Army.
    Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin: Born: 1931-02-01 - Died: 2007-04-23
    Former Russian president (1991-1999). He was the first freely elected president in Russia.
    Geronimo: Born: 1829-06-16 - Died: 1909-02-17
    A leader of the Chiricahua Apaches, he fought against the Mexican and the U.S. army from 1858 to 1886, when he surrendered to the U.S. army. US army paratroopers, in honor of his bravery, call out his name when parachuting out of a plane.
    Douglas MacArthur: Born: 1880-01-26 - Died: 1964-04-05
    One of the only five star American generals. He fought in World War I, World War II and the Korean War. He was also one the most decorated soldiers in the Army.
    Alexander the Great: Born: 356 BC - Died: 323 BC
    Considered the greatest military leader of all time, guiding his Macedonian and Greek troops to conquer most of the known world.
    Francisco Franco: Born: 1892-12-04 - Died: 1975-11-20
    A military man, he came to power in Spain after winning the Spanish civil war. Although he favored the axis in the second World war, and met several times with Hitler and Mussolini to explore joining them, he maintained Spain neutral. The dicatator was also known as General�­simo Francisco Franco. He continued in power until […]
    Joe Rosenthal: Born: 1911-10-09 - Died: 2006-08-20
    Photographer of “The Associated Press”. He won the pulitzer price for his famous image of American soldiers raising the flag on Iwo Jima in War World II. The picture was taken in February 23, 1945 on Mount Suribachi.
    Yasser Arafat: Born: 1929-08-24 - Died: 2004-11-11
    Arafat was the Palestinian leader and leader of the secular Fatah political party.
    Genghis Khan: Born: 1162 AD - Died: 1227-08-18
    Mongolian conquering prince, who united the mongolian tribes and carved out an empire stretching from estern Europe to china. To this day he is venerated in Mongolia as the father of the country.
    Adolf Hitler: Born: 1889-04-20 - Died: 1945-04-30
    He led Germany into the II world war. He was responsible for the holacaust the sistematic liquidation of 6 million jews and others.
    George Armstrong Custer: Born: 1839-12-05 - Died: 1876-06-25
    Custer graduated as an officer from West Point in 1861 and immediately joined the Union forces in the civil war, reaching the rank of major general, after many gallant actions. At the wars end he was reduced in rank, finally being named liutenant colonel of the 7th Cavalry, with which he participated in the indian […]
    Ho Chi Minh: Born: 1890-05-19 - Died: 1969-09-02
    A Vietnamese communist, he formed the Vietminh, a Communist organization, to fight against the Japanese in world war II. In 1945 he announced the formation of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, and continued the fight against foreign occupation, this time by the french, the prewar colonial power. Fighting continued until 1954 when the french were […]
    Winston Churchill: Born: 1874-11-30 - Died: 1965-01-24
    He was the most famous Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the 20ths century and led England in the II World War.
    Horatio Nelson: Born: 1758-09-29 - Died: 1805-10-21
    Lord Nelson entered the British navy as a midshipman and reached the rank of admiral. In different encounters he lost both an arm and an eye. In 1805 he commanded the British fleet at Trafalgar the naval battle which established British supremacy of the seas, where he was killed. His body was taken back to […]
    Josef Stalin: Born: 1878-12-18 - Died: 1953-03-05
    Dictator of the Soviet Union. Led the Soviet Union in World War II against Nazi Germany.
    Napoleon Bonaparte: Born: 1769-08-15 - Died: 1821-05-05
    Emperor of the French. He is remembered by many as a military genius.
    Ernesto Guevara: Born: 1928-06-14 - Died: 1967-10-09
    Latin American revolutionary, one of Fidel Castros trusted lieutenants, fought beside Castro in the Cuban revolution, was later a high official in the Cuban revolutionary government. Tried to export the Marxist revolution to Africa and Latin America.
    Vladimir Lenin: Born: 1870-04-22 - Died: 1924-01-21
    Premier of the Soviet Union.
    Benito Mussolini: Born: 1883-07-29 - Died: 1945-04-28
    Fascist dictator of Italy for over 20 years. He lead Italy into World War II.
    Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel: Born: 1891-11-15 - Died: 1944-10-14
    German field marshal and one of the most respected military leaders in World War II. Also known as “The Desert Fox”.
    Augusto Pinochet: Born: 1915-11-25 - Died: 2006-12-10
    General and dictator of Chile. General Pinochet was the commander in chief of the Chilean army. In 1973 he led a revolution that deposed the then socialist president salvador Allende. He than declared himself president and remained in power until 1990. He remained as head of the army until 1998, when he was declared senator […]
    Barca Hannibal: Born: 0000-00-00 - Died: 0000-00-00
    Famous carthaginian general who fought against Rome in the Punic wars. Crossed the alps into Italy with his army with elephants.
    Sun Tzu: Born: 544 BC - Died: 496 BC
    Chinese General and author of “The Art of War”, the most popular book about military strategy in the world. In modern times “The Art of War” was applied in other fields like Business and Management.
    Saddam Hussein: Born: 1937-04-28 - Died: 2006-12-30
    He was president of Iraq from 1979 until April 2003 when he was captured by American troops. He was a ruthless dictator who ruled Iraq by terror, and fought two wars, one against Iran which finished in stalemate (1980/1988) and later, in 1990, invaded Kuwait, leading to the first Gulf War.
    Attila the Hun: Born: 406 AD - Died: 453 AD
    He was the most powerful king of the Huns. His empire stretched from Germany to the Eastern Europe. He fought the Romans, but stopped short of sacking Rome in 452.