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  • List of Famous Dead People: Category - Media

    Steve Julian: Born: 1958-07-04 - Died: 2016-04-24
    Steve Julian was a radio personality, who hosted Morning edition for NPR affiliate KPCC in Pasadena beginning in 2000. He was on the air from 5AM to 10Am each weekday. Prior to this job, he spent five years as a traffic reporter for Airwatch America in Santa Ana, California.
    Eric Engberg: Born: 1941-09-18 - Died: 2016-03-27
    Eric Engberg was a journalist and correspondent best known for his career at CBS News, which lasted from 1976 until his retirement in 2003. Engberg graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism in 1963 before working at WTOP-TV, WTOP-FM, and WTOP-AM from 1968 through 1972. He then worked at Group W from ’72 […]
    Bud Collins: Born: 1929-06-17 - Died: 2016-03-04
    Bud Collins was a journalist and TV sportscaster known best for his tennis commentary. He also played tennis himself in his younger days.
    George “Crackhead Bob” Harvey: Born: 1959-na-na - Died: 2016-02-01
    George “Crackhead Bob” Harvey was a radio personality best known as a member of the Wack Pack on The Howard Stern Show.
    Riley Martin: Born: 1946-05-09 - Died: 2015-12-??
    Riley Martin was a radio personality best known as the alien expert on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM channel. He wrote the book “The Coming of Tan” and hosted The Riley Martin Show and The Official Riley Martin Radio Show.
    Michael King: Born: NA - Died: 2015-05-27
    Michael King was the co-creator of television programs like Oprah, Dr. Phil. He created the shows with his brother Roger, who died in 2007. They ran King World Productions after taking it over when their father Charles King, who founded the company, died in the 70s. The company also acquired Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.
    David Carr: Born: 1956-09-08 - Died: 2015-02-12
    David Carr was a very famous writer known best for his work with The New York Times, where he wrote the Media Equation column and covered culture. Carr was born in Minneapolis, and went to the University of Minnesota, where he majored in psychology and journalism. Prior to his work at the Times, he was […]
    Bob Simon: Born: 1941-05-29 - Died: 2015-02-11
    Bob Simon was an American journalist, who worked most of his career for CBS News. In 1996, Simon became a correspondent for CBS’ 60 Minutes TV news magazine. In his career, Simon covered many wars, and was captured and held hostage in Iraq for 40 days in 1991. His work won him over 40 press […]
    Stuart Scott: Born: 1965-07-19 - Died: 2015-01-04
    Stuart Scott was a sports broadcaster and television anchor for ESPN, best known for his many years on the network’s flagship show SportsCenter. One of the most influential figures in sportscasting, Scott was known for his use of wildly inventive catchphrases
    Tom Magliozzi: Born: 1937-06-28 - Died: 2014-11-03
    Tom Magliozzi was the co-host of Car Talk, a weekly show on NPR. He and Raymond Magliozzi were known as Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers.
    Benjamin C. Bradlee: Born: 1921-08-26 - Died: 2014-10-21
    Benjamin C. Bradlee was executive editor of The Washington Post from 1968 to 1991. He is best known for his role in bringing the Watergate scandal to light during the presidency of Richard Nixon.
    Eric Lynch: Born: 1975-03-11 - Died: 2014-09-20
    Eric Lynch was better known as Eric the Midget and Eric the Actor. He was a member of The Howard Stern Show’s Wack Pack. He was 3 feet tall and weighed 85 lbs.
    Don Pardo: Born: 1918-02-22 - Died: 2014-08-18
    Don Pardo was a radio and television announcer best known as the guy who said “It’s Saturday Night Live,” and announced the cast on the show for many years. Even after retiring from NBC, he continiued to provide voiceover services for the show. He was a member of the Television Hall of Fame. During his […]
    Ruby Dee: Born: 1922-10-27 - Died: 2014-06-11
    Ruby Dee was an actress, writer, journalist, and civil rights activist. Among her acting credits were roles in A Raisin in the Sun, American Gangster, and Stephen King’s The Stand. Throughout her career, she won Grammy, Emmy, Obie, Drama Desk, Screen Actors Guild Award, and Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Awards.
    Peaches Geldof: Born: 1989-03-13 - Died: 2014-04-07
    Peaches Geldof was a journalist, television personality and model. She was the daughter of Bob Geldof.
    Bob Grant: Born: 1929-03-14 - Died: 2013-12-31
    Bob Grant was a radio personality famous for pioneering conservative talk radio. Grant got his start in radio after college at WBBM in Chicago before taking over for Joe Pyne at KABC in Los Angeles and eventually moving to New York where he worked for over forty years, being featured on the stations WMCA, WABC […]
    Patricia Ryan: Born: N/A - Died: 2013-12-27
    Patricia Ryan was the first woman editor at Time Inc. She began her career with the company as a typist, but made her way up the corporate ladder to become editor of both People and Life.
    Terrie Hall: Born: 1960 - Died: 2013-09-16
    Terrie Hall, 53, was a famous anti-smoking advocate who suffered from cancer after years of tobacco use. Hall began smoking at the age of 17 when she was a high school cheerleader, and the habit continued even after she was diagnosed with cancer. She turned to activism in 2006, however, after she had her voice […]
    John Hambrick: Born: 1940-06-21 - Died: 2013-09-10
    John Hambrick was a well-known broadcast journalist and voice-over announcer. During his decades-long career, Hambrick worked in TV news stations across the U.S., including in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, and Miami.
    David Frost: Born: 1939-04-07 - Died: 2013-08-31
    David Frost was a journalist, writer, comedian and game show host. His biggest claim to fame was interviewing Richard Nixon for a series that would go on to become the basis for the play and film Frost/Nixon.
    Kidd Kraddick: Born: 1959-08-22 - Died: 2013-07-27
    Kidd Kraddick (real name David Peter Cradick) was an American radio host and TV personality who had a nationally-syndicated morning radio show called Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. He also appeared on the nationally-syndicated Dish Nation show. Kraddick’s radio show was based in Irvine, Texas, though he was born in Napoleon, Ohio and grew up […]
    Helen Thomas: Born: 1920-08-04 - Died: 2013-07-20
    Helen Thomas was a journalist most well-known for her White House reporting as a member of the White House press corps. She worked for the United Press and UPI for 57 years, and was a columnist for Hearst newspapers from 2000-2010. During her career, Thomas covered eleven U.S. presidential administrations from Eisenhower to Obama.
    Michael Hastings: Born: 08-01-1980 - Died: 18-06-2013
    Michael Hastings was an award-winning journalist and war correspondent who was credited with ending Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s career with a Rolling Stone piece about the military’s criticism of President Obama. Hastings was also a political writer for Buzzfeed and authored two books about war.
    Hal McClure: Born: 1921 - Died: 2013-05-26
    Hal McClure, 92, was a famous AP journalist that covered two wars in Israel during the 1960s and 70s. Beyond his war coverage, he was a respected foreign correspondent that worked in numerous foreign countries for 21 years. After retiring as a journalist, McClure became a documentary film maker.
    William Fine: Born: 1926-07-01 - Died: 2013-05-17
    William Fine published magazines with the Hearst Corporation in the 1960s and went on to become the president of Bonwit Teller. He also heavily influenced U.S. drug laws through a report to New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller.
    Joyce Brothers: Born: 1927-10-20 - Died: 2013-05-13
    Joyce Brothers was a psychologist well known for her TV appearances. She also wrote a daily advice column in newspapers from 1960 to 2013.
    Mario Machado: Born: 1935-04-22 - Died: 2013-05-04
    Mario Machado was a broadcast reporter in the Los Angeles area. He was also known for playing a reporter in movies such as RoboCop, Brian’s Song, Rocky III, and Scarface.
    Al Neuharth: Born: 1924-03-22 - Died: 2013-04-19
    Al Neuharth was the founder of USA Today, and former chairman of Gannett. He was also a columnist From South Dakota, Neuharth started out co-founding SoDak Sports, a local newspaper covering the sports scene in South Dakota. It went bankrupt within a year, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a hugely successful publisher, obviously.
    Storm Thorgerson: Born: 1944-02-28 - Died: 2013-04-18
    Storm Thorgerson was a graphic designer, best known for his work with various high-profile rock bands including Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Muse, and Scorpions. That Dark Side of the Moon cover? Yeah, that was Storm Thorgerson.
    Anthony Lewis: Born: 1927-03-27 - Died: 2013-03-25
    Anthony Lewis, 85, is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and New York Times columnist. He was most well known for his column, “Abroad at Home,” which tackled subjects like free speech, human rights and constitutional law. He won Pulitzers in 1955 and 1963. The latter was for a book called, “Gideon’s Trumpet” that followed a […]