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  • List of Famous Dead People: Category - Food Industry

    Jean Nidetch: Born: 1923-10-12 - Died: 2015-04-29
    Jean Nidetch was the co-founder of Weight Watchers, the company that provides good and services to aid in weight loss. In the early 1960s, Nidetch started a support group with several overweight friends, which eventually became the Weight Watchers organization. It was sold to the H.J. Heinz company in 1978.
    Clarissa Dickson Wright: Born: 1947-06-24 - Died: 2014-03-15
    Clarissa Dickson Wright was a famous celebrity chef and television personality best known for her show Two Fat Ladies, which ran on the BBC from 1996 to 1999. That show, in which Wright starred alongside Jennifer Paterson, was known for its use of publicly-deemed “unhealthy” ingredients with a focus on taste for taste’s sake.
    Charlie Trotter: Born: 1959-09-08 - Died: 2013-11-05
    Charlie Trotter was a Chicago-born and based chef and restaurateur who is considered to be one of the most-influential in his profession in recent times. His short-lived eponymous Chicago restaurant was one of three restaurants in the city to be awarded two Michelin stars. He was also a James Beard award-winner and Culinary Hall of […]
    John Galardi: Born: 1938 - Died: 2013-04-14
    John Galardi, 75, was the founder of Wienerschnitzel, The Original Hamburger Stand and Tastee Freez. Galardi got his start in the fast food business working at Taco Tia under Taco Bell founder Glen Bell. During that time, he got the idea to offer something unique in the world of fast food – a hot dog […]
    Art Ginsburg: Born: - Died: 2012-11-21
    Art Ginsburg was a well-known chef, television show personality, and author from Troy, New York. Ginsburg is mostly known for his tagline “Ohh, it’s so good!” heard on the cooking television shows that he has appeared on. Along with the various cooking show television appearances, Ginsburg published 52 cookbooks, selling approximately 8 million copies.
    Anthony Sedlak: Born: 1982/1983 - Died: 2012-07-06
    Anthony Sedlak was a well-known Culinary Host on the Food Network Canada’s The Main TV show. Prior to his TV involvement, Sedlak was thoroughly involved in the food industry ever since was a young teenager, working at the Grouse Mountain cafeteria since he was 13 years of age. Sedlak also worked at various other restaurants […]
    Arch West: Born: 1914-01-01 - Died: 2011-09-20
    West was the leader of a team at Frito-Lay which would go on to develop Doritos, the flavored tortilla chips. Doritos are the second best selling chip for Frito-Lay, coming in behind Lays Potato Chips. Currently Doritos brings in nearly $5 billion annually.
    Jimmy Dean: Born: 1928-08-10 - Died: 2010-06-13
    Jimmy Dean was born in Plainview, Texas, in 1928. Dean is famous as a country music singer, and the original creator of the Jimmy Dean sausage brand. He dropped out of school in the ninth grade, and toured as an entertainer for the U.S Air Force during the 40’s. In the 50’s Dean would appear […]
    Phil Harris: Born: 1956-12-21 - Died: 2010-02-09
    Harris was the owner and captain of the crab fishing boat F/V Cornelia Marie, which was featured on the Discovery Channel’s hit reality television show Deadliest Catch.
    Glen Bell: Born: 1923-09-03 - Died: 2010-01-17
    Bell was a businessman who founded the fast food chain Taco Bell. In 1948 Bell started his first hot dog stand called Bell’s Drive-In in San Bernardino. In 1952 Bell sold the business and used the that money to build a second stand that sold both hot dogs and hamburgers. Shortly after opening, the shop […]
    Dom DeLuise: Born: 1933-08-01 - Died: 2009-05-04
    DeLuise was an actor, comedian, director, producer and chef. He began his career as a regular performer on the television show The Entertainers in 1964. Later, he was hired by TV producer Greg Garrison to appear periodically on the Dean Martin Show. DeLUise would go on as “Dominick the Great”, a magic act gone horribly […]
    Dave Thomas: Born: 1932-07-02 - Died: 2002-01-08
    Thomas is best known for founding the fast food chain Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers. Thomas never graduated from high school, he dropped out when he was only 15 so he could focus on his job as busboy at the Hobby House restaurant in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It’s at that same restaurant he would meet his […]
    Herb Peterson: Born: 1919-01-05 - Died: 2008-03-25
    Peterson is the man who invented the McDonald’s Egg McMuffin in 1972. He was a food executive and food scientist. Being a huge fan of eggs benedict, Peterson wanted to do something similar for the new breakfast sandwich he was developing. He eventually came up with the Egg McMuffin, which is an Egg sandwich (with […]
    Duncan Hines: Born: 1880-03-26 - Died: 1959-03-15
    While famous for cake mix, Duncan Hines was actually a writer of travel guides, and a restaurant/hotel critic. He published a cookbook in 1939, and by ’47, his name was well respected. It was then that Roy H. Park, an entrepreneur, wanted to sell kitchen products using the Duncan Hines name. That name was eventually […]
    Ray Kroc: Born: 1902-10-05 - Died: 1984-01-14
    Raymond Albert Kroc is not the founder of McDonald’s exactly, but he took it over as a small franchise in ’61 and built it up into the biggest fast food name in the world. Before McDonald’s he was a paper-cup salesman, a musician, and worked at a radio station. He met Richard and Maurice McDonald […]
    Wilbur Hardee: Born: 1919-??-?? - Died: 2008-06-20
    Hardee, the founder of the fast food chain Hardee’s, opened his first restaurant in Greenville, North Carolina in 1960. It was an instant success, mainly due to its strong menu. James Carson Gardner and Leonard Rawls formed a partnership with Hardee to further expand his chain. The company went public in 1963, but the partnership […]
    Harland Sanders: Born: 1890-09-09 - Died: 1980-12-16
    Harland David Sanders is known as Colonel Sanders, the creator of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and of course The Colonel’s Original Recipe. Sanders was actually not a Colonel in the military, but a private in the Army. He was given the nickname the “Kentucky Colonel” by Governor Ruby Laffoon. The Colonel’s original recipe is still kept […]
    Kurt Eberling, Sr.: Born: 1931-01-01 - Died: 2008-03-10
    Eberling was a German-American chef who invented SpaghettiOs, and won over the hearts of children everywhere. After the Korean War Eberling began working in the development department at Campbell Soup Co., this is where he got his idea for “spaghetti and meatballs” in a can. He got the idea for the “O” when he saw […]