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  • List of Famous Dead People: Category - Business

    Cal Worthington: Born: 1920-11-27 - Died: 2013-09-8
    Cal Worthington, 92, was a famous car dealer on the West Coast. He perhaps is most famous for being one of the first car dealers to do television ads. He first sponsored entire programs in the early 50s, but soon moved on to producing car dealership ads that are still copied (and parodied) to this […]
    Ronald Coase: Born: 29-12-1910 - Died: 02-09-2013
    Ronald Coase was a famous economist who developed the Coase Theorem, which states that the problem of externalities—one person taking an action that causes a cost for someone else—can be fixed without government action as long as property rights are clearly defined and transaction costs are low. He was also considered to be the “father” […]
    R.J. Corman: Born: unknown - Died: 23-08-2013
    R.J. Corman was a Kentucky entrepreneur who started a multi-million dollar railroad company. With lines running in seven states, Corman’s company also offers construction and maintenance and 24-hour derailment services & cleanup, one of only two major companies to offer such a service. The company–which began as a backhoe service–currently employs more than 1,100 people […]
    Marc Rich: Born: 18-12-1934 - Died: 26-06-2013
    Marc Rich was an international commodities trader, hedge fund manager, financier and businessman who founded the company Glencore. He became well-known in the ’80s for making oil deals with Iran during the Iran hostage crisis, and fled to Switzerland for safety. He was later pardoned by President Bill Clinton.
    Leonard Marsh: Born: 1933-01-05 - Died: 2013-05-21
    Leonard co-founded Snapple with Hyman Golden and Arnold Greenberg. The company introduced a line of juices in 1980. By 1987, they moved into Iced Tea as well. The slogan is “Made from the best stuff on Earth.”
    John Williamson: Born: unknown - Died: 24-03-2013
    John Williamson and his wife, Barbara, founded the Sandstone Retreat in Los Angeles with the intent to promote nudity and sexual liberty. The retreat was the subject of a documentary in 1975 about the sexual revolution.
    Jack Shea: Born: 1928-08-01 - Died: 2013-04-28
    Jack Shea was a TV and film director who also served as the president of the Directors Guild of America from 1997 to 2002. He is best known for his work on shows like The Jeffersons, Silver Spoons, and Growing Pains. As President of the DGA, Shea was an advocate for minority hiring.
    Al Neuharth: Born: 1924-03-22 - Died: 2013-04-19
    Al Neuharth was the founder of USA Today, and former chairman of Gannett. He was also a columnist From South Dakota, Neuharth started out co-founding SoDak Sports, a local newspaper covering the sports scene in South Dakota. It went bankrupt within a year, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a hugely successful publisher, obviously.
    Robert Earl Holding: Born: 1926-11-29 - Died: 2013-04-19
    Robert Earl Holding was an American businessman and billionaire. He owned many businesses, including Sinclair Oil, the Grand America Hotel, Little America Hotels, and two ski resorts.
    Bob Perry: Born: - Died: 2013-04-13
    Bob Perry was a homebuilder (Perry Homes) wel known for his large contributions to Republican campaigns. He was one of the largest Republican campaign donors in Texas, and even in the entire country. He was the top contributor to the “Swift Boat” ad campaign against John Kerry in 2004.
    Robert Zildjian: Born: 1923-07-14 - Died: 2013-03-28
    Robert Zildjian was the founder of cymbal manufacturing company Sabian Cymbals. The company’s cymbals are used by famous drummers around the world.
    Roy Brown Jr.: Born: 1916-10-30 - Died: 2013-02-24
    Roy Brown Jr. was a car designer for the Ford Motor company who is best known for being the man behind the futuristic Edsel model, a bold vision which failed spectacularly in the late 1950s/early 1960s when it failed to catch on with the American public.
    Paul McIlhenny: Born: NA - Died: 2013-02-23
    Paul McIlhenny was the CEO of the McIlhenny Company, the company behind Tabasco sauce. He was also chairman.
    Martin Zweig: Born: 1942-07-? - Died: 2013-02-18
    Martin Zweig was a financial analyst, investor, and author of the book Winning on Wall Street. He also created the Zweig Forecast in 1971, which ran for 26 years. In 1987, Zweig famously predicted the stock market crash known as Black Monday. Zweig was known as a pioneer in technical analysis.
    Jerry Buss: Born: 1934-0127 - Died: 2013-02-18
    Gerald “Jerry” Buss was a long-time owner of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Kings. Buss made his fortune in the Los Angeles-area real estate market during the 60s and 70s. In 2010 he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. (Photo courtesy flipchip/LasVegasVegas.com)
    Aaron Swartz: Born: 1986-11-08 - Died: 2013-01-11
    Aaron Swartz founded Infogami, which merged with Reddit in Reddit’s early days. In addition to being a programmer, writer and activist. He also co-authored the RSS 1.0 specification of RSS, and built web.py and the architecture for the Open Library. Swartz was a member of the Harvard University Center for Ethics, founded the online group […]
    Helen Gurley Brown: Born: 1922-02-18 - Died: 2012-08-13
    Helen Gurley Brown was the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine for 32 years. She was also an author. Her book Sex and the Single Girl was published in 1962, and became a best-seller. She became editor-in-chief at Cosmo in 1965, saving the magazine from failing. She held the role until 1997, when she was ousted, and […]
    Barry Becher: Born: 1941-03-24 - Died: 2012-06-22
    Berry Becher was a well-known television marketer/pitchman, known for his commercials advertising the “Ginsu Knife” in the late 1970s. His product pitching style was often referring to as “over the top” (somewhat like other television pitchman Billy Mays). Becher was in partnership with Ed Valenti (a well-known TV marketer) with these commercials, and demonstrated various […]
    Jack Tramiel: Born: 1928-12-13 - Died: 2012-04-08
    Tramiel is best known for founding Commodore International, where his Commodore 64 is widely considered the best-selling personal computer in history. As a child in Poland, Tramiel’s family was transported by German occupiers to the Jewish ghetto in Łódź, where he worked in a garment factory. When the ghettos were wiped out his family was […]
    Steve Appleton: Born: 1960-03-11 - Died: 2012-02-03
    Steve Appleton was the CEO of technology company Micron. Along with overseeing a well-known technology corporation, Appleton was actively involved in the sports world, participating in tennis, scuba diving, and off-road car racing.
    Sean Collins: Born: 1951-04-08 - Died: 2011-12-26
    Sean Collins was a famous surfer and the founder of Surfline. Surfline originated as a surfing hotline, but eventually became one of the most popular surfing sites on the web. Collins had a background in meteorology, which he applied to the needs of surfers, which was presumably a big part of what made his company […]
    Al Davis: Born: 1929-07-04 - Died: 2011-10-08
    Al Davis was the owner of the American football team the Oakland Raiders. It would be hard to sum up the Al Davis legacy any better than the official Raiders site itself: An unyielding total commitment to excellence has marked the three-time World Champion Raiders monumental rise during the last 48 years to the very […]
    Don Lapre: Born: 1964-05-19 - Died: 2011-10-02
    Lapre was a TV pitchman and a well known marketing salesman and informercial huckster. His work involved such products as “The Greatest Vitamin in the World” and the “Making Money Package”. He was often criticized for selling questionable business plans, which most of the time failed to live up to their promise to his clients. […]
    John Paul Getty III: Born: 1956-11-04 - Died: 2010-02-05
    John Paul Getty III is famous for being the grandson of the famous oil tycoon, Jean Paul Getty. Who was at one point, the richest man in the world. Getty III’s life was extremely tragic; he faced many struggles early in life and later on as well.
    Bob Guccione: Born: 1930-12-17 - Died: 2010-10-20
    If one word could describe Bob Guccione, it’s contradiction. Early in life he had tried joining a seminary, and then tried to make it as an artist. Before finally finding success as the founder and publisher of Penthouse Magazine. To those who knew him, Guccione was a polarizing personality. He was loyal and kind one […]
    Jimi Heselden: Born: 1948 - Died: 2010-09-26
    Jimi Heselden lead a very interesting life that saw him go from a humble miner all the way to him sitting at the 395th richest man in the world. Heselden was born in Leeds South of West Yorkshire, and remained a part of the community until his death.
    Dr. Frank Ryan: Born: 1960-05-21 - Died: 2010-08-16
    Dr. Frank Ryan was a highly renowned plastic surgeon in Malibu, California. He performed the first plastic surgery makeovers on TV, in 1995. For a television show called The Operation. He would then go on to become Oscar De La Hoya’s surgeon.
    Glen Bell: Born: 1923-09-03 - Died: 2010-01-17
    Bell was a businessman who founded the fast food chain Taco Bell. In 1948 Bell started his first hot dog stand called Bell’s Drive-In in San Bernardino. In 1952 Bell sold the business and used the that money to build a second stand that sold both hot dogs and hamburgers. Shortly after opening, the shop […]
    Casey Johnson: Born: 1979-09-24 - Died: 2010-01-04
    Casey Johnson was a great-great-granddaughter of Robert Wood Johnson I, co-founder of Johnson & Johnson which makes her an heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune. Johnson is known for being a Hollywood socialite, some of her friends are Paris & Nicky Hilton, Nicole Richie, and several others. On December 9, 2009 Johnson announced that […]
    Roy E. Disney: Born: 1930-01-10 - Died: 2009-12-16
    Disney was a successful businessman, philanthropist, filmmaker, and award-winning sailor, who played a key role in the revitalization of The Walt Disney Company and Disney’s animation legacy. He was associated with the Company over a 56-year period, and from 1984 – 2003, served as vice chairman of the Company’s board of directors, and chairman of […]