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  • List of Famous Dead People: Category - Actors

    James Gandolfini: Born: 18-09-1961 - Died: 19-06-2013
    James Gandolfini was an American actor best known for his role as mob boss Tony Soprano on the hit HBO show “The Sopranos”. He was also a film star, appearing in such films as “True Romance”, “Crimson Tide”, and “The Mexican”, and did voice work in several children’s films. He got his start on Broadway […]
    Steve Forrest: Born: 1925-09-29 - Died: 2013-05-18
    Steve Forrest, 87, was a famous actor most well known for his role as Lt. Hondo Harrelson in S.W.A.T. Beyond S.W.A.T., he also starred in a number of films and TV shows with the film version of S.W.A.T. being his last role in 2003.
    Paul Shane: Born: 1940-06-19 - Died: 2013-05-16
    Paul Shane was an English actor and comedian, best known for his role on the BBC sitcom Hi-de-Hi!. He had various other film and TV roles, including Oh Doctor Beeching! and Holby City.
    Jack Shea: Born: 1928-08-01 - Died: 2013-04-28
    Jack Shea was a TV and film director who also served as the president of the Directors Guild of America from 1997 to 2002. He is best known for his work on shows like The Jeffersons, Silver Spoons, and Growing Pains. As President of the DGA, Shea was an advocate for minority hiring.
    Allan Arbus: Born: 1918-02-15 - Died: 2013-04-19
    Allan Arbus was an American Actor best known for his role as psychiatrist Dr. Sidney Freedman on the landmark TV series M*A*S*H. He was also married to famous photographer Diane Arbus.
    Frank Bank: Born: 1942-04-12 - Died: 2013-04-13
    Frank Bank was an actor whose most famous role was that of Clarence “Lumpy” Rutherford on the sitcom Leave it to Beaver. He became a bond broker in the 70s, though he returned to the role of Lumpy in The New Leave it to Beaver in the 80s.
    Jonathan Winters: Born: 1925-11-11 - Died: 2013-04-11
    Jonathan Winters, 87, was an American comedian and actor. Winters got his start as a local radio DJ in Ohio, but he soon moved to New York City to make it as a comedian. He soon struck success by starring in a number of comedy shorts, and even had the distinction of starring in the […]
    Richard Brooker: Born: 1954 - Died: 2013-04-08
    Richard Brooker, 58, was an actor most well known for playing Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part III. Aside from playing Jason, but Brooker had an illustrious career as an actor and director as well. HIs most well known directorial effort was for Bill Nye the Science Guy.
    Sara Montiel: Born: 1928-03-10 - Died: 2013-04-08
    Sara Montiel was a Spanish singer and actress, and to many is considered a film legend. Her filmography includes: Mariona Rebull, Locura de amor (The Mad Queen in the U.S.), Vera Cruz, Serenade, Run of the Arrow, El último cuplé, and many other titles. She also had an impressive discography.
    Milo O’Shea: Born: 1926-06-02 - Died: 2013-04-02
    Milo O’Shea was a veteran character actor with nearly 100 acting credits to his name. His career in both film and TV began spanned nearly 60 years. He is best known for his roles in Barbarella, The Verdict, and The West Wing.
    Richard Griffiths: Born: 1947-07-31 - Died: 2013-03-28
    Richard Griffiths was an English stage, film and television actor, best known for his role as Vernon Dursley in the Harry Potter films. Other notable films in which he appeared include: Hugo, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Sleepy Hollow, King Ralph, and The Naked Gun 2 1/2: […]
    Harry Reems: Born: 1947-08-27 - Died: 2013-03-19
    Harry Reems, born Herbert Streicher, was a pornographic film actor during the 70s and 80s. His most famous role was that of Dr. Young in the infamous 1972 movie Deep Throat.
    Willy Switkes: Born: unknown - Died: 2013-03-07
    Willy Switkes was a New York-based character actor, best known for his minor roles in the films “Tootsie” and “Taxi Driver.”
    Dale Robertson: Born: 1923-07-14 - Died: 2013-02-27
    Dale Robertson, 89, was a famous television and film star well known for his roles in Westerns. He got his first big break in the 1950s by starring in TV shows like “Tales of Well Fargo” and “Death Valley Days.” He also starred in the popular night-time soap opera “Dallas” in the 80s. He retired […]
    John Brascia: Born: 1932-05-11 - Died: 2013-02-19
    John Brascia was a Broadway and film actor and dancer who famously appeared in “White Christmas” and “Meet Me In Las Vegas”. He partnered with Tybee Arfa during his career and later married her; the couple formed the dance duo Brascia and Tybee and became well-known around the nation in nightclubs and through regular appearances […]
    Lou Myers: Born: 1935-09-26 - Died: 2013-02-19
    Lou Myers, 77, was an American actor well known for his role in A Different World as Vernon Gaines. Myers got his first break as an actor as an understudy in a Broadway play. From there, he starred in a number of films and TV shows. His last film was Kings of the Evening.
    Richard Briers: Born: 1934-01-14 - Died: 2013-02-17
    Richard Briers was an English actor known for roles in film, television, and on the stage. Briers found early success in the 60s in the British sitcom Marriage Lines, but is best-known for his portrayal of Tom Good in the hit BBC sitcom The Good Life.
    John Kerr: Born: 1931-11-15 - Died: 2013-02-02
    John Kerr was an American actor who famously portrayed a college student accused of being gay in the 1953 Broadway production of “Tea And Sympathy”. He later went on to reprise the role in the film of the same name and earned critical acclaim for tackling a subject which was widely considered to be taboo.
    Robin Sachs: Born: 1951-02-05 - Died: 20313-02-01
    Robin Sachs was an actor, and the son of two other actors: Leonard Sachs and Eleanor Summerfield. Sachs was best known for a role on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, in which he played Ethan Rayne on four episodes. Sachs also appeared in numerous other television shows and movies, including Galaxy Quest, The Lost World: Jurassic […]
    Conrad Bain: Born: 1923-02-04 - Died: 2013-01-14
    Conrad Bain was a veteran character actor for more than two decades before receiving the role that defined his career. The role came in 1978 as the father in the hit series “Diff’rent Strokes.” Bain is credited with over three dozen roles in his career.
    Ned Wertimer: Born: 1923-10-27 - Died: 2013-01-02
    Ned Wertimer was a beloved character actor with over 100 TV credits in his career. This included appearances on shows like Mary Tyler Moore, Sanford and Son, Happy Days, Starsky and Hutch, and Welcome Back Kotter. He also appeared in films like Mame starring Lucille Ball and 2007’s Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. […]
    Charles Durning: Born: 1923-02-28 - Died: 2012-12-24
    Charles Durning, 89, was known as the “king of character actors” in Hollywood and Broadway. He could play any role which led to him starring in a variety of comedies, drams and musicals. He was nominated for two Oscars, and won a Tony in 1989 for his portrayal of Big Daddy in “Cat on a […]
    Jack Klugman: Born: 2012-04-27 - Died: 2012-12-24
    Jacob Joachim “Jack” Klugman was an actor best known for his role as Oscar Madison on The Odd Couple. He also stared in Quincy, M.E. and in various movies and television shows.
    Jessie “Jet Set” Hudson: Born: Unknown - Died: 2012-12-14
    Jessie “Jet Set” Hudson was an actor who collaborated on viral videos and appeared in several episodes of “Workaholics”. His last project was a short titled “No Beers For Bradley”; it is currently in post-production.
    Jack Hanlon: Born: 1916-02-15 - Died: 2012-12-13
    Jack Hanlon was a child actor in the early Hollywood era with over a half-dozen credited film roles. He is best known for his role in a couple of “Our Gang” pictures: “The Glorious Fourth” and “Olympic Games.” Hanlon also had a small role in the Buster Keaton silent-era classic “The General.”
    Larry Hagman: Born: 1931-11-21 - Died: 2012-11-23
    Larry Hagman was a well-known television actor from Weatherford, Texas. Hagman was mostly known for his role as “J.R. Ewing” on the Dallas television show. Other roles the Hagman is known for are: Anthony Nelson in I Dream of Jeannie (1965-1970), Albert Miller in The Good Life (1971-1972), Richard Evans in Here We Go Again […]
    Turhan Bey: Born: 1922-03-30 - Died: 2012-09-30
    Turhan Bey was a well-known actor and producer from Vienna, Austria. He is most well-known for his various roles during the 1940s, and also for his roles as Centauri Emperor Turhan / Turval in the hit sci-fi television series Babylon 5. Bey, originally from Austria, moved to America in the 1940s to escape the Nazi […]
    Alex Karras: Born: 1935-07-35 - Died: 2012-10-10
    Alex Karras was a well-known professional wrestler, football player, actor, and sports commentator from Gary, Indiana. Karras is most known for his involvement with the Detroit Lions, and also for playing “Mongo” on the 1974 movie of Blazing Saddles. During Karras’ NFL career with the Detroit Lions, Karras has been praised as being one of […]
    Michael O’Hare: Born: 1952-05-06 - Died: 2012-09-28
    Michael O’Hare (born: Robert Michael O’Hare) was a well-known television actor from Chicago, Illinois. He is mostly known for playing “Commander Jeffrey Sinclair” in the science fiction telvision show Babylon 5. Along with his involvement with Babylon 5, O’Hare was also involved in various Broadway plays, including the stage version of A Few Good Men. […]
    Herbert Lom: Born: 1917-09-11 - Died: 2012-09-27
    Herbert Lom (Count Herbert Karel Angelo Kuchacevič ze Schluderpacheru) was a well-known TV, movie, and play actor from Prague, Austria-Hungary (now the Czech Republic). Lom is most well-known for his role as Charles Dreyfus in the Pink Panther movie series. Other great films that Lom played in were: The Ladykillers (1955), Spartacus (1960), El Cid […]