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Brad Renfro

Born: 1982-07-25 - Died: 2008-01-14
Cause of Death:
Drug Overdose

Death Summary: Renfro died at the age of 25 from an apparently accidental overdose on heroin/morphine. His body was found in his apartment in Los Angeles.

Less than 2 weeks later, his grandmother who had raised him was found dead from natural causes.

Who was Brad Renfro : Brad Renfro was a young actor who had appeared in mostly independent films.

Perhaps most famously, he was the kid in the film version of John Grisham's The Client, and later went on to appear in such films as Apt Pupil (based on the Stephen King novella), Bully, Ghost World, and Deuces Wild.

His last role was in the film adaptation of the Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho, Rules of Attraction) novel The Informers. It had not yet been released at the time of his death.

There was a bit of controversy when Renfro was not mentioned in the annual Acedemy Award Memorial montage, but he was absent from it because he was apparently not a member of the academy.
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39 Signatures in Brad Renfro's guestbook

  1. david moore "big daddy dave" Says:

    i loved the client!! sorry for your loss.

  2. Joojoobee Says:

    I still can’t believe you’re gone. You were so talented and I just loved watching you in movies. You left much too soon. Hope you can feel the love that people are sending you. Wish you had felt that love before you died. Peace be with you Brad. I pray I will get to see you in Heaven one day. Drugs are tough to kick. No matter how hard we try, life gets in the way. Love ya man.

  3. jennifer Says:

    he was a wonderful actor , those eyes were so intense .He brought alot of emothion to the characters he portrayed

  4. Samantha Says:

    Brad I always knew there was something special about you.

  5. Steph Says:

    Amazing actor and a good person by all accounts. I was very sad when I heard that Brad had passed. I have loved him since he was in The Client.

  6. Igor Says:

    loved you mate, you’ll still in my heart

  7. Mia Says:

    I love brad renfro since he was in ‘the client’. He’s my #1 fav.actor!!

  8. Handsome Johnny Says:

    No use crying over spilt milk eh?

  9. Sailor Mom Says:

    I just finished watching the cure. What a loss. I look back and remember youth and that feeling of invincability. So many kids leaving too soon.

  10. roxanne baptiste Says:

    rest in piece brad

  11. roxanne baptiste Says:

    i saw yur movie the client u were great by not forgotten.

  12. Ray A Valle Says:

    oh my lord i just found out that he passed i love brad as an actor in the movie dueces wild and bully rest in peace brad

  13. Tiff Says:

    I still can’t believe you’re gone. I miss you so much. I enjoyed so many of your movies. I loved your music too! I hope one day that a Frodad cd will be released.

    You fought such a hard battle…RIP Brad Renfro.

  14. B.Bertowski Says:

    he sucked….he was a “bully in real life…..good ridens…bye-bye brad!!

  15. B.Bertowski Says:

    Good Riddens Asshole….your a liar and a bully…in real life!!! The worms should be eating you by now!!

  16. Anna Says:

    Rest In Peace, Brad( miss you so much

  17. joseph mengele Says:

    brad and i would play nazi games after he did apt pupil. often in the wee hours of the night he would shit in my hat and scream at me. sadly he became a fat slob resembling more of goreing than the gorbels. he was a disgrace to mankind and a shitty actor. but in the end he made a decent gay nazi sadist scat loving friend. i will miss him deficating on the floor with a needle hanging out of his arm. up his ass i say as he would have wanted it. to dumb to even untie a boat before trying to steal it. i believe he also like hot wax shot in his bloated anus. a true friend to none and role modle to even less. rot in hell fuckface!!

  18. Babycakes Says:

    I am ready to tell my secret about how Brad loved my 10 inch role of tar paper slapping off his face. We often met in his car or at a Motel 6 near his home. Brad was a bully but he was also a great lover. He enjoyed giving my beautiful black man hole a cream pie. I know how much he enjoyed just watching his load drip out of me. He had a decent cock for a white boy and was fairly strong and would often hold my head on his penis until I choked on it. I miss the taste of him after he would pee in the bathtub and look at me. It has taken me years to admit this to anyone I am married and want to stay that way. Brad was not a bad guy just messed up. Good Bye BR

  19. Deanna Berousek Says:

    One of my favorite actors, you will be surley missed. I know you would have gone on to do great things. Gone way too soon.

  20. Luis Filipe Says:

    Simplesmente adorei os teus trabalhos em Tom & Huck, The Client, Apt Pupil, The Cure, Sleepers, etc. Ajudaste a fazer a nossa infancia mais feliz. Descansa na paz dos anjos, Brad Renfro. Adeus.

  21. Elizabeth Breeding Says:

    R.I.P you are with god now you can live

  22. RJ Says:


    Just saw the Informers. Enjoyed your compelling & memorable performance (saw your tribute in the credits). I didn’t know previously that you had passed-on.

    Looks like another unfortunate victim of Holly-weird.


    Vaya con Dios.

  23. Chai Makkesorn Says:

    ตั๋วเครื่องบิน ราคาถูก ทัวร์ จัดกรุ๊ปทัวร์ ออนไลน์


  24. dee Says:

    what is wrong with some of you assholes? did you ever think that one of his friends might come across these entries. He was a wonderful guy and a great friend. obviously none of the people writing ridiculous shit on here knew him at all. I miss him.

  25. Victoria Styne Says:

    What’s wrong with u guys? why so mean?…so sad that ppl keeps bashing on him.He can’t defend himself.Damn ppl…
    Miss you and always love you angel.
    See you in heaven one day.

  26. S.R.D Says:

    Can’t believe it’s been over 3 years. Happy birthday buddy, sorry i’m a day late. Love and miss ya and still think about you often.

  27. Carolyn Says:

    I always had a crush on Brad, I thought he was a great actor and chose great roles. I remember being 13 with his picture on my wall 🙁 Such a loss

  28. danny kazlausky Says:

    you guys obviously all dont know what the fuck your talking about because brad renfro was a motherfucking backstabbing bully and was a motherfucking faggoty ass fag lord .

  29. danny kazlausky Says:

    brad renfro was a motherfucking backstabbing faglord who fucks with peopls minds into thinking that hes someoneone sweet but really just a sneaky rotten fuck and a bully who is fucking with my mind right now this year 2011. he keeps making me think that he is someone sweet but i really honestly dont know what to think any more since it sounds like besides the fact that he was a good hearted guy he also seems like the type of asshole that backs stabs people and right now i think hes really trying to fuck with me in the head generally . if you really are what i just said above burn in hell but if oyu really are what people have said about you being a good person who is not fucking with my head and trying to help me in a way then god bless you and hope to see you in heaven .

  30. danny kazlausky Says:

    also if you really are a good hearted person and not an asshole and you dont hate me i am very sorry for whatever mean thing that i wrote to you on the computer

  31. sherri lyon Says:

    God bless,you are greatly missed.

  32. michelle bunch Says:

    i met brad in person in 1997 in knoxville tn. at my cousins house he was a friend of his he was dabbling in drugs back then . its still a big shock that he is gone , he only had his mawmaw he called her ! he was far too young ….. RIP

  33. James L Haire Jr. Says:

    Think you are still an awesome guy. Miss you much cuz…

  34. gail wyatt Says:

    You were WAY too young to die…..not to mention a great actor with your wh9ole life ahead of you. I dont guess you could see that. RIP

  35. Holly Says:

    joseph mengele, the fact that you took your time to write that stuff and disrespect the deceased two years after his death, shows what a stupid and incompetant idiot you are. I feel sorry for your parents. They can’t be to proud. Rest in Peace Brad, We All Love Ya!

  36. lilly Says:

    I was heartbroken when I found out you died. I loved watching your films the apt pupil was my favorite. I’m sad that you never got to show how talented you had, I always thought you were the best actor id ever seen. You were my first crush. I’m sorry that things ended for you the way they did. Goodbye, I will never forget you and I will always watch your movies and be so impressed by you. XOXO

  37. Pissin Boyz Says:

    I gave him a rimjob on the set of apt pupil. he was not a hairy man. Smelled vaguely of cabbage.

  38. Floyd Says:

    I just took a deuces wild ten minutes ago. We needed a screwdriver to mash it up. What a wild duece it was. Thanks for the idea.

  39. Mickel Says:

    Would like to hear this power amp with a lower gain, classic Marshall style tone. With that much gain, it just sodnus more like a processor and hard to hear the nuance. Just a thought. Thanks man!

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