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Bobby Murcer

Born: 1946-05-20 - Died: 2008-07-12
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Murcer found out that he had a brain tumor on Christmas Eve (of all days), 2006. He was operated on 4 days later and on January 10th 2007, it was announced that the tumor was malignant.

After undergoing extensive treatment (which ultimately deteriorated his immune system), he was pronounced dead on July 12th, 2008 from complications related to Brain Cancer at the age of 62.

His death occurred 3 days before the Major League Baseball all-star game that was taking place at Yankee Stadium.

For information about cancer or to make donations for the fight against cancer, go to the American Cancer Society's website.

Who was Bobby Murcer : Bobby Ray Murcer played as an outfielder for the New York Yankees (mostly) from 1965 to 1983.

After his career playing the game, he went on to work for the Yankees management in various capacities like left-handed hitting coach, assistant to the general manager, etc.

Eventually he landed in broadcasting and covered Yankees games on broadcast television, the radio and the YES Network for close to 20 years.
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4 Signatures in Bobby Murcer's guestbook

  1. Doug Breeden Says:

    I know Bobby is playing on an allstar team in a much higher league now. God Bless you Bobby.

  2. Gary Iarocci Says:

    One classy guy. A New York Yankee all the way. God bless you and your family.

  3. JACK HUGHES Says:

    I loved Bobby when the yankees were in those losing yrs Bobby was thier best,his# 1 should be retired along with Billy Martin it was done with Berra & Dicky bobby was a very good player when the ball wasn’t so livly as it is today he hit 33 for the yankees in the dead ball era if he had stayed ayankee he would have easily hit 400-500 he also was a left handed hitting coach as well as a assistant manager,then when asked by George to retire because there was a rising star comming up that he needed a spot for Bobby agreed & the star in question was Don Mattingly,I seen anouncers getting placks even Robert Meril was given a # 1& half an others who get reconized & MURCER GETS NOTHING even @ the Allstar game wasn’t mentioned to long,if you left the room or had to use the men’s room you missed it,plus while being an announcer he would talk to struggling player letting them know they’ll get out of it I know I’ve been there,always encourged players in need & give positive re-enforcement it’s a shame Bobby hasn’t been reconized & given his due.I was @ a pool tournament looked up @ tv @ saw the Munson game I knew then NY lost Bobby.GOD BLESS YOU BOBBY.

  4. JACK HUGHES Says:


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