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Bob Ross

Born: 1942-10-29 - Died: 1995-07-04
Cause of Death:

Death Summary: Bob Ross died at the age of 52 in New Smyrna Beach, Florida from lymphoma.

Who was Bob Ross : Ross was a painter who is best known for his television show “The Joy of Paining”, which was shown on public broadcast stations across the United States.

During each episode Ross would show viewers the art of oil painting using the quick-study technique that kept colors to a minimum and broke the whole process down to simple steps that anyone could follow.

Ross is known for painting landscapes, mainly lakes, mountains, and snow scenes. His paintings were heavily influenced by his time in the Air Force, where he was stationed in Alaska.

Ross stated once on his show that one of his favorite parts about painting was simply cleaning the brush, specifically drying the brush off. He would dip the brush into the cleaner then gently hit it across the legs of his easel. He would often say, “Beat the devil out of it.”.

The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross ran from 1983 – 1995.
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524 Signatures in Bob Ross's guestbook

  1. Courtney B Says:

    Thank you Bob Ross, for your beautiful paintings.
    Our Father in Heaven needed you to paint the sunrises and sunsets for him.
    My Husband and I never missed your show..Again, Thank you and Rest In Peace Friend

  2. Merly Guerra Says:

    Thank you Bob I Love you very much!

  3. Amy W Says:

    Mr. Ross, you are and will always be my favorite artist. I hope you’re enjoying the colors of heaven. God bless and rest well, dear man.

  4. Kristin :O Says:

    You were a great artist <33333



  6. Tereka Smith Says:

    I actually watched his show a few times unintentionally. Not a painter, but I found his personality so engaging that I watched. He had a soothing disposition that I am sure if I had been so inclined to get the materials needed he would of made a painter out of me yet. I was sad to see him here but we all die as we must. Can you imagine the landscapes his canvasses are sporting now!!!

  7. alfredo parra Says:

    just watched watched the show good to see Bob Ross on tv, I remember watching the show years ago!
    RIP Bob Ross

  8. Bob Ross Jr Says:

    Thanks for leaving me and my mother out in the cold in 1961,you ran away to the Air Force to hide from us.Goodbye to a father I never had!!

  9. Ruth Piche Says:

    To a wonderful person, who always gives “joy” to our hearts just to see the beautiful creation of God! Let’s just have the unforgetable memories of his shows, no bad feelings, please. Forgive and you will be happy and healty for ever!Thank you Mr.Ross

  10. Sue Glynn Says:

    Bob Ross started me painting again in 1980, and I am so very thankful. I still enjoy watching the TV show on PBS. He is missed by many…..

  11. Ralph Eaglefeather Says:

    Your Spirit will live forever.Thank You!

  12. Corinne Abbott Says:

    Bob you lifted my heart and spirit and gave me joy to be able to create places of joy.God bless you I hope I will meet you in Heaven.
    10th June 2009

  13. Laura Says:

    dear Bob Ross,
    I like very much painting!I’m 11 years old but i try to paint and i think i paint well…i watch your shows at a channel in my country which has your show.You made me like painting and watch the nature!!You teach me how to paint!!!For all these thank you very much…..I’ll always remember you!!Thank you teacher….

  14. grim Says:

    his hair made me smile. thats ok right

  15. BarbaraPintinio Says:

    Bob was such a joy to watch…..He made what he did seem so easy to do….and most of all his soft spoken voice saying God bless will always be missed…..God bless!

  16. andrew Says:


  17. Milo Hindman Says:

    Rest well.You were a good man!!

  18. Ruby Smith Says:

    I agree,I think Bob Ross is the best painter in the world. I still watch his show on PBS whenever it is on. He makes you feel good when you watch him paint. May God bless everybody who watchs his show.

  19. Joseph Calvano Says:

    I met Bob Ross in the summer of 1990 in Central Park New York City.I lived and still live in Italy.I have one of my paintings wich was autofraphed by Him and a few months later I recieved a letter at my home in Italy remembering the day we met in New York City.I will treasur that letter for ever.You not only recieved the gift of painting fome God but you wher and still are to all of us a gift from God.Rest well and may God bless you and…..Happy Painting

  20. Charles Dean Michael Says:

    Never far from my thoughts and warm memories.

  21. dave shuck Says:

    God bless You Bob

  22. dave shuck Says:

    God bless You Bob.

  23. Barb Says:

    God gave you a wonderful talent. Now you are painting for him.

  24. Charles A. Giddings Says:

    You was a soft spoken man. You was a great painter and a joy to watch. I know you had love in your heart. See you one day in heaven.

  25. Virginia Says:

    You are the sweetest artist that I have ever known. I’m sure you are painting all the Paradise’s wall with your beautiful art!
    Thank you and God bless you all!
    Virginia Sossi

  26. Robert Williams and family Says:

    We’ll miss you and your wonderful work that you shared for many years,Rest in peace Bob Ross.

  27. Nancy Johnson Says:

    Bob,Thank you for your joy–you continue to add joy to my life. The Egyptians thought that if your name is repeated, you will continue to live on, so you continue to live on for me.

  28. James A. Brown Jr. Says:

    What a Great painter, and a Great human being, have watched “The Joy of Painting”, since about 1986. I was surprised that he’s been dead since 1995, didn’t even know he was dead until a few years ago. Anyway, he will be Greatly Missed!!!!

  29. Tina Berkley Says:

    I miss you even though I never really knew you, but I wish that I had, and I feel like I have known you forever, but that is because you have a way of making everybody who watches your show feel like family and that they are important as well as talented. I have only drawn, but never dared touch oil paints to canvas. You really inspire me to want to take a chance. You did a lot of good in the world Bob, whether you realize it or not. Rest in peace, love, Tina Berkley

  30. Tanya Says:

    You were always an imspiration to me Bob.

  31. Asa Says:


  32. tom hammer/massillon Says:

    I havent painted yet, but the loved expressed in Bobs voice and manners, I miss you allready

  33. Dave Roederer Says:

    RIP bob loved your show

  34. Kasey D Says:

    I have just had the privellege today to open a book that was given to me and see your hand writing in true ink sending a memo to your dear friend Bill. What an honour :-) I feel you and Bill will be guiding me through my creative experiences. God bless you.

  35. Rita G Says:

    Bob Ross helped many people explore their creativity and de-mystifying art and painting.

    “People might look at you a bit funny, but it’s okay. Artists are allowed to be a bit different.” – Bob Ross

  36. Drena Says:

    Love you as a child on PBS

  37. bryan santee Says:

    i love bob and will always carry his lessons with me.thank you so very much for giving me the joy of painting bob.rest in peace

  38. Kathy Says:

    I just wathced your show on Create and wishing you were still here. I watched you on tv many years ago.

  39. Lloyd Sealy Says:

    The Joy Of Painting has been a favorite show of mine for years. I can’t express the joy I get out of each program. I look forward for watching them for years to come, it is one of the few things you never tire of.

  40. Maureen T Says:

    You have had me in awe of your talent for years and I am certain that the world is a much duller place without you. You have inspired me to do better.
    God bless you.

  41. Bill L. Says:

    Mr. Ross, the world is a better place for you having been here. Your style of painting and the works you created are astounding. I wish it were as easy as you made it look to paint! Rest in peace, Mr. Ross. God bless.

  42. pat williams Says:

    You live on in your television teaching studies. Your gentle spirit brings joy to everyone’s life.

  43. Patrick Patterson Says:

    We still enjoy watching his show, now on public T.V. I watched it with my daughter when she was a little girl. Now she is in college working on her Master Degree in Art. I don’t know if that was the reason she wnet into art, but Bod was an influence that is for sure. I am thankful for his life, he seemed to be a gentle soul.
    I took up painting myself and find myself think ” now how did Bob do this?
    Thanks Bob,
    Pat Patterson
    Birmingham Alabama

  44. Patrick Patterson Says:

    J. Patrick Patterson

  45. Susan R Says:

    All these years later and we still miss you!

  46. Linda and Bill Says:

    Bob, we love to watch you together, and plan on learning your methods as soon as we are both retired. We tape your show that comes on at 6 a.m. on Saturday mornings in Atlanta, GA., then watch it together. You bring us so much pleasure we can’t thank you enough. You would get a kick out of Bill going around talking about “happy little trees” and “happy little accidents.”

    You will live forever.

  47. Dennis Fontana Says:

    Thank you Bob Ross for inspiring me and others with your creative spirit via the world of painting. I was turned on to watching his painting show by a friend of mine in the mid 80’s. It is 2009, and I continue to watch reruns of his shows, as he continues to inspire me to paint, today. He was and continues to be a gift from God, encouraging us to pick up a brush and allow ourselves to free ourselves through the creative spirit in painting. Thank you Bob Ross, and may God give you and your wife peace and joy in heaven. May God bless everyone inspired by Bob Ross, and “Happy Painting, my friends!”

  48. Cheryl K Says:

    He inspired all of ours inner desires to create art, passion and love. His kindness to animals and his charity to love others comes across the TV shows loud and clear. I am encouraged to pick up a brush and try because he made it look so easy. I still love watching his shows. He is missed.

  49. Anna del Valle Says:

    Bob, i used to watch you show when i was little. You seemed like such a friendly guy and it’s sad that you died.

  50. Lenny Khan Says:

    I was left speechless the very first time I saw Bob Ross paint an evergreen tree back in the 1980’s, because he made it look so easy. To this day, myself, my Nephew, and now my Grand-Niece still look forward to each and every of The Joy of Painting episodes still being shown on the local PBS stations. Each time we see them, we still get a chuckle from Bob Ross’ brush-washing technique. It’s sad to think that he’s no longer here to splash everyone in the studio, however his spirit will continue to live on in our hearts and minds. Rest in peace Mr Ross…neither you, your paintings, nor your gentle soft-spoken manner will ever be forgotten.

  51. Lacinda Clausen Says:

    Nov 13, 2009 I still love watching and learning from Bob Ross.

  52. D Arrue Says:

    My husband loves your work and presentation. After he retires he got very depressed and it was only after he watched one of your show on PBS that he became inspired to paint. To this day, he starts his day painting. You have been in inspiration to him. I know you are enjoying all the wonderful colors in heaven. You are greatly missed.Thank you and God Bless.

  53. Benny Lawrence Says:

    I first saw bob painting back in the 80s. I never painted then. About 4 months ago i saw him again on PBS’i started painting. Just found out about his death back in 95, what a shock that was. Anyway he will be Greatly Missed’ and he sure gave me the joy of painting. May you Rest in peace Bob Ross.

  54. maryann fiorentino Says:

    the mellowist person who everyone just loved and still loves

  55. Vince and Laura Woodard Says:

    We still watch his show every week on our local PBS station. I hope that Bob is with God resting in one of the little cabins he so often painted,sitting by a fire and taking care of all of his little animal friends.I hope the snow is falling and Bob is in his Heaven(One of the many beautiful scenes that he painted for us all).Thank You Bob for all the years of “happy places”.

  56. ricardo hechavarria Says:

    god take him to soon bat he is on better place

  57. Paul Burton Says:

    I love watching him paint

  58. Paul Burton Says:

    He makes it look SOOOO easy!!

  59. Angie Jolly Says:

    Still love watching the show.

  60. Nadia ts Says:

    Rest in peace with angels….i am sure that if there was a way for you to come back just for a few minutes you could show us more vividly than anyone how heaven looks like..you were so gifted…miss you mr.B.ROSS……

  61. vanh Says:

    Mr. Ross, I just love and enjoy watching u doing one of your painting on the re-run on TV, Its so relaxing to watch your low key and easy to understanding ways to paint. World is losing one of the best teacher, but your show will live on forever. Rest in pace my friend.

  62. Christina Chandler Says:

    i grew up loving to watch him pain. just bought my 12yr old daughter your paint set and DVD, sat and watched with her. she was as mezmerized as i was at her age. all week she’s been talking about the “happy little trees”. Thank you for sharing your talent. Your work will continue forever.

  63. Chris Says:

    Mr. Ross was a very special part of my youth. I still treasure his show and what it brought to my childhood and life. You are missed, Mr. Ross.

  64. lawrence joseph Says:


  65. Gerardo Alvarez Says:

    Even now at age 61 still believe I will one day start taking the Bob Ross art course. I record all of his shows on PBS and watch them over and over. Thank you for sharing your love of art Mr. Ross.

  66. Hans Krauss Says:

    i still love watching the episodes,youre gone bob but not forgotten

  67. Deb Hedlund Says:

    His presence was peaceful, loving and very happy. A special man who was at peace with who he was. I hope I meet him in heaven!

  68. Morris Shelton Says:

    I recently discovered Bob Ross deceased. I watch the show on PBS station in western N.C. My children and I enjoy it very much and just wanted to say, thank you so very much for just showing the Joy of painting and a great sense of humor. I feel as if one of my family members has passed away and I never met Mr. Bob Ross. God needed a really and truly talented man. I can not wait to finally meet you in heaven. Take care and God bless.

  69. CAROLE Says:

    Thank you for all the joy you brouth into my home, I and my fmaily will miss you.

  70. raymond castang Says:

    you will be saddlel missed.

  71. Ali Agayev Says:

    Great artis & wonderful teacher. I learned a lot from him and I am very heartbreaking to missing such a personality. I have no doubt that, he is resting in wonderful place and all the angels surround him provides all his needs. God loved him and through him blessed us. I hope I will meet you in Heaven teacher.

  72. Nornab Brown Says:

    Bob, you inspired me to have and interest in painting and you will always be remember as a kind and gentle soul, God Bless, my friend.

  73. Carolyn L Says:

    I started watching Bob paint back in 1985 and still watch his shows today! It makes me sad to watch his shows – because all I can think is that he should still be with us. Thank you so much Bob for teaching me how to create a painting I can be proud of!

    I know heaven is a happier place with you there! You are there with my Dad who also died young – and maybe the two of you can “hang out”!

  74. Robert Beausoleil Says:

    You bring me happyness and hope everytime I see you on sreen . Now you are an angel who paint the sky from the other side

  75. Philip Schirico Says:

    A wonderful artist, he will be missed but never forgoten

  76. bill mantor Says:

    bob was like meditation

  77. Marc Bass Says:

    You taught me many things just by watching your show.Your skill with a knife or brush I can only hope copy. I own many of yopur books and will treasure them always. Rest in peace my friend.

  78. Gene M. Says:

    Bob Ross is an American ICON. He is sorely missed even today. The Joy Of Painting is my all-time favorite show, and Bob has inspired me to pursue my creative interest in painting. Thank you Mr. Ross for sharing yourself with us all.

  79. Ellie Mercer Says:

    Hello, I watched Bob Ross again today Feb. 25/10 and hadn’t seen his video since the late ’90’s. Watching him paint the beautiful mountains and his tender, gentle voice of encouragement to other painters or beginners made me realize that there is a treamendous loss of a kind person in this world. Ellie †

  80. Belinda Williams Says:

    Dearest Bob, our entire family loves you. a gentle voice and gifted hand, you brought comfort many times. Now that you’re home, we have something to else look forward to…God sure knows his business. Bless you.

  81. william Vandament Says:

    you always brought peace into my life and your
    always pure and the love you gave unselfly you
    will be missed GOD BE WITH YOU

  82. Mark N Says:

    When i have retired because of bad knees Bob gave me a new look on life and being to do something again thanks Bob. may God Bless

  83. roy pepino Says:

    After a bad Day just had to turn on Bob Ross and reeeeelaaax with some HAPPY little trees ……….

  84. Tabby Says:

    Bob you are an inspiration even many years after your untimely passing. I hope you are in heaven with happy little trees and clouds. Thank you for inspiring me to pick up a paint brush.

  85. ciara paterson Says:

    rest in peace bob you were a true legend x

  86. Wayne Cespedes Says:

    God Bless you Mr. Ross, I watch your program every time it comes on TV. You truly are a wonderful person with an awesome talent. Rest in Peace, and have fun painting those beautiful sceneries for God.

  87. Jack Long Says:

    I became a believer in Bob’s painting’s and his belief in me that I could do the same. I doubted my ability and he didn’t and that was all it took. He gave me belief in myself! Thanks Bob, forever!

  88. Ron Williams ( U.K.) Says:

    Bob, sadly missed by all who like me loved his
    ART,and Style. rest in peace my friend.

  89. Paul Lowe Says:

    A great man, too good for this world.

  90. gooze Says:

    Bob you were the best.Hope to see you in heaven.

  91. Sherry Says:

    Thanks to PBS Bob I am still watching your show “The Joy of Painting” nearly every Saturday afternoon. I still enjoy every episode! You make even me believe that I can paint if I dare to try. There are no mistakes only happy accidents. I’m sure where ever you are you are painting happy little clouds and trees and giving them friends! Thanks for the fond memories!

  92. Anne C Says:

    I watched your show with my daughter many years ago and now that I have retired I am actually doing your pictures. Thank you for the inspiration.

  93. jerry coughenour Says:

    you were a great artist and i loved your show on PBS
    you have been missed by anyone that appreciates artist’s.
    Your paintings were so informative and easy to follow.

  94. marc keefe Says:

    you were a great painter and person who seemed to care alot for the world. R.I.P bob

  95. Tricia T Says:

    Have just started to watch some early Bob Ross programmes now on UK TV. Very inspiring, and he makes it look so easy! Sad that he is not around anymore.

  96. Andrew S. Says:

    Bob you were without a doubt a painting mlg pro.
    you were beastin with your oil based paints.
    <3 brother

  97. chris walker Says:

    bob may be gone ,but just take a moment to think of all those people he inspired to pick up a brush and have a go ,as-well as opening our eyes to this beautiful planet we live on .bob left us with the greatest gift of all JOY .god bless you bob.

  98. walter Says:

    bob ross u suck i hate your paintings an ur gay

  99. Al Brown Says:

    Man!! I loved watching Bob Ross sunday mornings, looked forward to each and every show. I just wished I had of taped all the shows I had seen to watch over and over…………..Al Brown, Canada

  100. Judy Filipponi Says:

    I watch Bob paint every morning on create tv. I’m so sad to learn that he passed at such a young age. He contributed so much to the world of art and, will continue that forever. I know he’s resting in peace, and probably painting away and enjoying it!

  101. Erica W. Says:

    I grew up watching you paint as a little girl. I am very inspired by your paintings. Thank you so much. Thank you SO MUCH

  102. Kristy Bowers Says:

    Mr. Bob Ross you made painting so interesting to me that i started painting more and i really enjoy it. Thank You for the show it has helped alot.

  103. Steven Rowley Says:

    Why does someone so good spirited and contributing something good to the world have to pass away so early and from something so dreadful. Yet, many evil people are allowed to walk this world.

    I never get tired of watching him do what he loved.

  104. Fred Feguer Says:

    Thanks Bob, I always enjoy watching your shows! You showed how art was passion and friendly, where accidents are happy and everyone has a friend to hang out with in your ( our) little word. May are brushes pass in happier places.

  105. fany paintist Says:

    He was my God. He gone to God.I’ m so sorry for his death. But I am realy sorry that I could`not met him. He is teaching in Heaven now, at the Angels, because he was an Angel.We`ll remember him with love for ever. we`ll remember him any time we`ll take the brush. Thank you bob. Fany pap.

  106. estelle lilliendahl Says:

    i only discovered you a few months ago, and i was very sad to read that you were no longer with us. my son and i both love to watch your programmes, and i would love to paint a picture which resembles one of yours. you make a picture come to life with just a few strokes of a brush, or a knife. thank you for showing the world your talent



  108. Sharon Davis Says:

    What a blessing you have been to me. As a child I watched your show and loved to hear your gentle voice. Today, as an adult I have had the privledge to learn your painting techniques. You were a great teacher and brought much happiness to this world.

  109. Ruthanne Lackey Says:

    thanks. Bob Ross for enlightening lives of painters and non painters alike. Rest well

  110. waldir felicio dos santos Says:

    realmente um grande talento, ficará marcado… Adeus.

  111. lauren Says:

    dude… ur paintings r THE bomb haha like seriously dude ur like my idol man… if i could c u one more time… man i would’ve been the happiest person in the world haha… seriously but chyea and dude i love ya haha oh and keep beating the devil outta it haha <3

  112. Drew Says:

    Bob, thank you for the many years of “Joy of Painting”. You were wonderful to watch and you made the rest of the world and all my problems go away for that magical half hour. We all miss you and know that you are making Heaven a more beautiful place.

  113. ken.ashcroft Says:

    bob i watched your shows for the last few years and you inspired me to go for my first lesson with one of your english instuctors gill addlington and now i am hooked thank you bob god bless.

  114. KERRIE DAINTY Says:


  115. Visnja Says:

    Bob,thank you AND GOD BLESS

  116. Visnja Says:

    Bob thank you AND GOD BLESS

  117. Nigel Skyner Says:

    I have watched Bobs programmes for the last 8 years, and have loved every series, I was very sad to hear of his death. Through the power of televison I felt that everytime I watched and listened to Bob I was being taught how to paint on a one to one basis. I will continue to watch him, and in the not to distant future I shall go obtain the equipment needed to ‘have a go’.
    Bob I feel will be sadley missed.

    Nigel UK

  118. Lana Castro Says:

    Dear Mr. Ross
    I’m Brazilian and this year i am live in Switzerland and knew you through your television programme about painting… every Sunday i see you on TV and it was a very bad and sad surprise to me to discover that you are not more with us.
    What a pity! I think our world needs to much artists for to show its beauty…
    But, i’m sure you still live and painting the other side of life. God bless you.

  119. Diane Baker Says:

    I watched your show for many years. I so enjoyed your gentle spirit. You saw such beauty in the world around you. I will always remember the little critters you would have in your pocket at different times. I painted so many pictures along with you. I never even knew I had any talent for painting at all but you made me believe in myself. I was so sad to learn of your passing but I know your painting all the wonderful colors of heaven now for the Lord. You will be truly missed! God Bless you.

  120. bill chorlton Says:

    bob you taught me to paint im 63 years of age. im english and used to watch your shows every morning. god love you mate. your a hero mate

  121. Cheyenne Says:

    You saved my life bob. I was going to swallow a whole bottle of pain pills that night when my mom went to bed. I’m fourteen and I just recently found your show. I’m sorry you had to die but you were a great man. thank you for saving my life.

  122. Sharon and Ed Saple Says:

    Bob, you have taught us so much. After retiring, we decided to learn to paint. You are such an inspiration and we are so glad that your shows are still airing on PBS. Thank you for sharing your talent and life.

  123. cenk Says:

    he was an amazing person R.I.P i would wacth him when i was little

  124. cenk Says:


  125. kim & jeff Says:

    We still watch you every Saturday morning. Watching now.

  126. Maria_Greece Says:

    Mr Ross, I would like to take the opportumity to thank you for your beautiful paintings and the so important thinks we have teached from you.You will always be in my heart.i love you so much..Rest in peace.

  127. Jacob Churchill Says:

    OMG i watch him all the time i never knew he was died im so sad he is so amazing at painting!!!!


  128. leesah guillaume Says:

    though i watched your show on pbs it was like you were right there; now you can watch me make happy little accidents.. God bless your family and friends… ps. i always see shapes in the clouds…

  129. normand sarrazin Says:

    I’m from Canada ( prov of Quebec ) up North .
    And I Agree with this ” Bob was for me a gift from God on day and for ever

  130. debra rose Says:

    wish i would have known about you sooner.i enjoy your show and paintings.god blessed you.

  131. Robin Cassidy Says:

    You have brightened the world for so many people, Thank you for giving me mine.
    To a very pure heart
    Rest In Peace Friend

  132. richard wharton Says:

    god bless you as i have watched your shows for years. i wish your son would give us more enjoyment with his paintings

  133. Nikolaos Fanourakis Says:

    I wish you could paint a picture of heaven where you are and send it to us.Let the soil be light that covers you.

  134. Paul Traudt Says:

    Man with a perfectly beautiful soul. Hopefully someday we can meet
    in heaven. God bless you and everything you selflessly have done
    in your life for so many.

  135. Richard Myers Says:

    Quite inspirational and talented, look forward to the TV programs every week.

  136. Armando Cx Says:

    You’re always be the best Bob.
    God bless you forever.

    P.S. I see your videos all the nights, they relax to me. Happy Trees Forever Bob =)

  137. Sammie B Says:

    Goodbye my friend and God bless.

  138. David McLardie Says:

    I’ve been watching Bob with great pleasure for many years. My son has bought me bobs book and a video and now that I’ve retired I hope to be atempting what Bob says anyone can do very soon. RIP Bob

  139. costas greece Says:

    Ofcourse paradise is more beautiful with you but our lives empty without you

  140. Katrin Says:

    With his pictures and techniques he bring`s people together – from all over the world. They work together – in peace! And that is very impossible !

  141. danny Says:

    sadly missed you are an inspiration too all mankind bob may we all learn from you and your art.


    BOB, I watched your show and it influenced me to become an artist. Thank You!!!!


    Bob,you will be greatly missed

  144. Ian Nicholls Says:

    I starting to watch The Joy of Painting while at home in May this year recovering from an accident. I was aware that the shows were 20 odd years old and wondered what Bob was doing at this current time.

    It was via the internet that I was informed of his death in 1995. I was, and still am devasted. I still can’t grasp that fact that he is there on my TV but no longer with us.

    He lives on through his shows which I find so soothing and appealing that I may become a painter yet!

    RIP Bob – Painting fluffy little clouds above the fluffy little clouds I hope.

  145. Kim K - Detroit, MI Says:

    Still painting using the techniques he taught; now I pass these on to others. I pray he was a true follower of Christ and that someday in eternity he and I can hang with Jesus and create masterpiece after masterpiece together. Amen.

  146. April Says:

    August 2nd, 2010. I love Bob Ross, and have been watching for many years. i didnt realize he has been gone for so long already. still wathcing you Bob. now my children are watching too. RIP. we love you and your work.

    well done.


  147. April Says:

    Bob Ross, I have been watching your show Joy of Painting for many years. now my children are watching too. We love you and your work. your one of my favourite painters. and the only painter i have loved so much on television, im still watching you and love your techniques. you always thought about your viewers when you were painting and thats what i love so much about you. if we were painting with you on your show we were able to do so. also i always enjoy how you beat your brushes on the easel. that was great. well dear man, RIP.
    God Bless.
    April and family.

  148. KERAN PARKER Says:


  149. Bruce Welch Says:

    Great show.Bob was truly one of a kind.

  150. eugene budden Says:

    thanks to bob,s inspiration i started painting again after 45 years..

  151. Mike Soner Says:

    Love your Paintings

  152. Mike Soner Says:

    We Will Miss You

  153. Leah Parry Says:

    Leah and neil , Great paintings , Great man! RIP and God Bless Amen xxx

  154. John & June Ratcliffe Says:

    You were such a talented gentle man. Your inspirational painting live on.

  155. Flo Sells Says:

    Bob Ross was such a joy to many people. He made people happy even people who did not paint would tune in to watch him. I am sure he is in heaven still painting, maybe clouds or the rainbow I saw the other day….. who knows!

  156. john &nan park.Scotland Says:

    There will never be anyone to compare with Bob

  157. Guand Says:

    You always live in our hearts..The kindest man ive ever seen in my life. R.I.P my dear teacher

  158. DAvid Russell Says:

    Thanks to Bob and his crew for many happy hours painting. My granddaughter and I did the fall picture today, her first bob ross painting for her.

  159. Natalie Washbrook Says:

    You are the reason I picked up a paint brush. You will always be the Joy in my painting and you will be sadly missed. The world needs more people like Bob Ross. God Bless Bob.

  160. Tommy H. Says:

    Truly loved the man and his works, He touched me in more ways than painting, something about his manerism, his soothing disposition that brought a calm over me when i was at my lowest in life, I was hooked on the worst drug ever “Heroin”..with all the other crap going on in my life..and for at lease one hour a day he gave me peace when i watched his show, recored or other, and with the years of watching him i did become a good artist, and finally i been clean for 12 years, he really was the stepping stone in my life that caused me to get help for my addiction, I was in denial about his death for the pass 15 years, i just didn’t want to hear of another great one dying so young, totaly true of only the good die young, Bob is still alive in my heart and will be to the end, will see you in that great big canvas in the sky when my end comes, Love & Miss you BFF Tommy H.

  161. carol sellmer Says:

    You were the greatest inspiration to us all. R.I.P Bob xx

  162. Lydia Schermety Says:

    i really enjoyed watching him paint .i watched in awe and amazement the way he made those paintings come alive rite in your face….. hes painting plenty of paintings for god n god is loving it…R.I.P. rob u r gone but your painting are seen forever…..

  163. robert Says:

    mr.ross i love watching your shows you give me this great feeling of relax when watching you paint,such a soft spoken man may you rest well for your a great man.


    May you rest in peace bob I am in shock. I think you had the gift of painting. god bless you.

  165. Joseph Stingeni Says:

    Bob was a beautiful and gentle man….His calmness nature inspired me to paint……I have recorded 90% of his TV Shows and still watch them today with my children who want to paint like him…He will be missed dearly, but his paintings and techniques will never end!!!!

  166. george mcnally Says:

    i watch you turn a blank canvas into a beautiful picture thank-you and god bless i will say prayer you

  167. Rodrigo Ordonez Says:

    Gracias Bob Ross por esas bellas pinturas. Nuestro Padre en el cielo también queria disfrutar de tu talento.Siempre estarás con nosotros.

    Gracias y Que En Paz Descanses.

    Tu amigo R.O.

  168. Seung Hee Han Says:

    you were such a beatiful artist. I admire you. you are THE artist

  169. Jennifer Wymer Says:

    I just finished watching yet another Joy of Painting program, causing me to jump on the internet and look up all I could about your paintings, art supplies and videos. I’ve painted with oils since I was in early high school. I sold my paintings to put myself through college. I watch all of your painting shows. I wish I’d of known your techniques back then (78-82). You really had a way of making the painting experience
    even more fun. I too, paint from memory, and I “design” my own landscapes to suit me.
    I’m so sorry you were taken from us so soon in life. You are sorely missed by all of us who appreciated your talents. You had a good soul.

    As you would say…”God bless, my friend”.

  170. betty simmons Says:

    thanks for reruns on PBS I’m in high school and learning to paint :-)

  171. Mat Iliad Says:

    I didn’t knew hes left us :( I admired from the first time I watched him paint. Bob you will be remembered and you will be among us through our paintings. RIP

  172. Sylvia A. Bunk Says:

    God bless you my friend!

  173. Whitney Says:

    I know u more as the happy painter i love still to watch ur shows they r very inperational and u were verry talented…thanks for ur wonderful advise..

  174. Mr. Kelly Miller Says:

    i hope he is living in one of his paintings like he always wanted:) i always watched him every sunday at 6 am on ch62 det, man his voice would put my butt back to sleep i just recently at 40 started doing oil painting and my father who is on his death bed said where has this painter been hiding at im going to stick wih it ive never stuck with anything but my first painting everyone that was positive liked it and yes mr ross is right lol if you dont make the sounds it wont work hahahaha god rest his soul and long live the man with a brush from the millers to the rosses our condolences

  175. Robert Knight Says:

    Loved the show Bob!

  176. David Byrne Says:

    Mr. Ross,
    I first seen you painting programmes about 10 years ago. I was immediately taken in by your gentle tones and you mastery of the easel. I was sorry to hear of your passing but suffice to say, God only takes the good ones so young. Rest in peace Bob, “God Bless my friend”

    Dave Byrne (Carlow Ireland)

  177. Michael Fitzsimmons Says:

    Mr Ross was by far the best TV painter and was so very entertaining.

  178. ken langsdon Says:

    Thank you bob ross,for your lovley paintings.you are my favorite artist,I have produced so many paintings thanks to your joy of painting shows may you Rest In Peace many thanks

  179. lesley Says:

    God bless Bob, you were a very special man indeed

  180. Rhonda Murphy Says:

    Did not know the world had lost you until today. I am shocked and dismayed by the loss. My husband and I watch your shows all the time.He even got me 5 of your DVD’s for christmas and I just went today to get all my Bob Ross supplies.I have painted landscapes and still take classes in acrylics. I love your work sooo much, that I knew I wanted to learn your techniqes. I will begin with “Winter Nocturne”. I am saddened you are no longer with us, but will look at every “happy tree” and “happy cloud” I pass with more passion than ever before. You were awesome, and you are an inspiration to me.Thank you Bob, may you be surrounded by happy sceneries. God Bless.

  181. quagz Says:

    Thanks Bob for your comforting, laid-back, and relaxing approach to painting. I also would like to thank him for releasing the trout his fisherman caught in his paintings. completely optional. I’m a fisherman who loved his show. My aunt was a scenic painter.

  182. Jai DiNome Says:

    Bob Ross was an incredibly talented artist. He made his paintings seem so easy. Bob Ross appeared to be a soft-spoken man with a heart of gold. And was truly grateful for the blessed gifts that God had given him.
    It is said that when we pass on, the lord will ask, what have you done with the gift that I have bestowed upon you? And Bob can easily say that he has shared his gifts with the world. And that his teachings will be passed on for generations to come.
    May he rest in peace.

  183. Carla Says:

    Bob, I have watched many a show of yours. You paint many a landscape and do it with such ease and mellowness, I would probably get so frustrated I would tear the canvas and throw away all my brushes! I have thought many times of picking up a brush because you made it look so easy. You indeed are the master, may you eternally rest in peace my friend, painting the landscape for God in Heaven.

  184. Lacatush Says:

    To Bob, in my eyes you’re right up there with Tom Weir. Godbless my friend.

  185. Bill H Says:

    Thank you for your continuing contribution Bob! We look forward to you sharing your gift with us on PBS. You are missed

  186. katie Says:


  187. anita morgan Says:

    What a shock to find you are no longer with us. It jolts the heart to imagine all that talent has gone elsewhere. God Bless you Bob.

  188. Martin Boisvert Says:

    he was amazing ive learn my english to watch this show…

  189. Lewis Linton Says:

    we all miss you Bob you inspired me to paint

  190. Suzanne Bourgeau Says:

    I have just discovered your painting and I just love it.
    Thank you

  191. Suzanne Bourgeau Says:

    Suzanne Bourgeau from Gatineau, Quebec in Canada

  192. Helen Bennett Says:

    Thank you Bob Ross for restoring my love of art, I have enjoyed watching your show and this world is a better place for having your beautiful paintings in..Your are a true genius and inspiration. God bless you.

  193. Ed Tracy Says:

    A beautiful soul that found beauty in life and was able to capture it on canvas for everyone to enjoy. You are sorely missed.

  194. Janice Oliver Says:

    Only just seen you on TV, what beautiful paintings I was mesmirised by them. You had a serentity about you Bob, and always at the end of your programme you said “God Bless my Friend”. God Bless You Bob xxx

  195. Michael Castle, UK Says:

    A wonderful artist and such a modest man …. sorely missed but watched every day on the tv….

  196. Nick G Says:

    Thank you for the peace and tranquility your shows brought me, one day I might have a go myself. “God Bless my friend”

  197. becky bledsoe Says:

    I met Bob Ross in Muncie. I took painting lessons from Steve Ross. I was told in art class I did’t have talent but I did learn to paint and Steve was alot of fun to take classes from. Bob you will be missed-God bless my friend! was a truly gentle man and loved animals as I do I enjoyed the photos of the animals. I volunteer once a week to take care of rescue cats-it breaks my heart that people can be so cruel to animals. peace and love

  198. Bambina Says:

    Nagyszerű ember voltál az egyszerűségeddel és a nagyságoddal együtt..Hiányozni fogsz mindazoknak akik tanultak tőled.Szeretettel emlékezünk rád..


    Bob may your spirit roam the mountains you loved to paint…WENDY


    Thank you Bob for showing me the ‘Joy of Painting’. May your spirit roam the mountains you love so much…Wendy

  201. Angela Lea Says:

    I remember watching him paint with my grandpa :( R.I.P

  202. Janice Norman Says:

    Miss you Bob Ross.Loved all of your paintings. You put some “happy” in my life. You will never be forgoen.

  203. Janice Norman Says:

    Miss you Bob Ross.Loved all of your paintings. You put some “happy” in my life. You will never be forgoten.

  204. nora tucker Says:

    u were a very inspirational person going to miss you

  205. norma tucker Says:

    uwere a very inspirationaling artist rip

  206. Jeremiah Cone Says:

    Bob Ross inspired me with his “happy little trees and “happy little clouds”. He makes painting so easy, and his personality fit his paintings. Long live Bob Ross. RIP

  207. Kevin O'Shea Says:

    Thankyou Bob for opening my eyes…

  208. Lyn Henderson Says:

    I hope that somewhere, somehow you know how important you still are to so many people. Your talent brings not only “the joy of painting,” but the joy of living and the joy of sharing. Your programs still give so much peace and happiness. Thank you forever. I hope I will get to meet you on “the other side.”

  209. Jerry Caropolo Says:

    Thank you Bob for inspiring me and teaching me your incredible techniques. You made me and alot of others i’m sure, realize our potential and god given gifts and talents. I salute you and will forever remember your contributions to our world. Rest in peace.

  210. diego hornedo Says:

    rest in peace may you find your happy trees and find soothing shade under them

  211. A Cruickshanks Says:

    Hope your painting happy trees in heaven earth a sadder place now your not in it

  212. tina schirtzinger Says:

    I still watch you on PBS. I love how you are still alive and teaching not only painting but your love of the outdoors and your little animal friends. The world lost a very talented and loving man but Heaven gained a very special friend.

  213. CANDY Says:


  214. J McCulley Says:

    Thank you for showing how powerful a soft demeanor can be. You’ve inspired me to want to paint and made me believe I can do anything I believe is possible. I remember watching your show growing up and still do. There’s always something new to learn from you. You’re in an infinitely happier place now. Peace be with you my friend.

  215. Ian Fitzsimmons Says:

    I have only just discovered Bob Ross and i am enjoying my new hobbie rip bob we all owe you one.

  216. Edward C. Schultz Says:

    I would get up every Saturday morning very early just to watch Bob do his magic on the carves. Every now and then I catch his painting show on PBS. I would not get up until the painting was finished! Bob I miss you very much, but you did start me on painting landscapes. I know you are up there giving painting lessons to all the angles! And showing them how to paint happy little clouds!!!

  217. basil skinner Says:

    I am 81 and just cmpleted my 10th painting. thank you for the gift bob.

  218. basil skinner Says:

    basil skinner

  219. George Scoble Says:

    Bob Ross was an artist of incredible talent. Here in the UK we are fortunate in still being able to see his programs on a regular basis. God bless him.

  220. mark thilmony Says:


  221. mark thilmony Says:


  222. Steve Dobbs Says:

    RIP Bob Ross the modern day’s Picasso, the working man’s Van Gogh, the blue collar Dali. Pour some out for the happy accident, the badass of the brush, hair of the gods, and all that is happy trees. We will be holding a commemorative ceremony to the BOB-Father and all that is the joy of painting 4-20-11 queens, NY. Happy painting and god bless.

  223. Michael O'Donnell Says:

    What a great painter and man, I always watch his reruns, RIP big guy you will be missed.

  224. Amanda W. Says:

    To the most wonderful painter in the entire world. Thank you for the break downs videos that helped me realize that even I could be an artist.

  225. thomas chilcott Says:

    my son thomas sits down and watches bob,s show because in thomas own words he creates brilliant pictures and he in inspires him

  226. Sarah Nino Says:

    BOB ROSS is my hero 😀

  227. mel Says:

    Thank you Bob, for sharing all your talent with us all, on one else will ever be able to step in your shoes, keep painting up in the sky Bob, R.I.P. you were a true Genious, Reguards xx

  228. mel Says:

    Thank you Bob, for sharing all your talent with us all, no one else will ever be able to step in your shoes, keep painting up in the sky Bob, R.I.P. you were a true Genious, Reguards xx


    I always saw his show. He was a gentle, soft-spoken host, that made you believe that you too could create art. His tips & teachings made it seem so simple. I learned so much, & when he passed away I was devastated.

  230. RaggedyBird Says:

    What a shame I missed your work first time round. But you’ve left us all something beautiful. in this way you’re alive in millions of us.
    All RaggedyBirds Everywhere.

  231. Judith "la Gorda" Garrido Says:

    You taught me many things and not just about painting, hope you still painting at heaven. RIP – gone but not forgotten-. Hasta luego y felices trazos.

  232. yvonne wray Says:


  233. Brendan Moran Says:

    From another air force vet and father of six, we love watching you even today, and hope you are resting in peace sir.

  234. Georges Stanabady Says:

    thank you for your wonderfull creations of nature seanary, it gives ma a peace of mind.

    i know painting, and one of your fan and student

  235. Roger Says:

    Bob, I watched you from the first episode to the last. I loved every minute of it. I truly miss you.

  236. Vicky Jaremko Says:

    I really love this man. His quiet approach to life and painting and the lovely results he obtains.
    I am so sorry he is gone and will be missed.

  237. Ben Gadomski Says:

    thank you for helping me find my way

  238. Mike Erickson Says:

    U were and still are an inspiration to everyone who watched and learned from.u bob. To this day u are still missed…Rest in piece

  239. Terry Dickens Says:

    Years later watching his series on British TV still thinking he was with us then I found out he had died I was thinking to myself people like him need to be around a lot longer in order to keep the balance right in this world we live in, or in our world as he often said in his programmes you can do anything.

  240. Tony Lampert Says:

    Just been watching Bob on British TV also, like Terry Dickens above. My wife and I really enjoyed watching him create a mountain scene with trees and sky and lake. Amazing what he could do in twenty minutes and explaining it all with such good humour. A lovely man. We were unaware he’d already passed away while watching. Regards to all who loved him.

  241. Jean Walker Says:

    R.I.P Bob x

  242. Charles Douglas Says:

    Bob Ross:
    Your paintings was and always be an inspiration to me.
    charles douglas

  243. margaret Britton Says:

    i have been watching you paint for years .you made it look so easy, i am still trying , i was so sad to read you had gone , M Britton England,

  244. Rita Mercurio Says:

    My mom and the rest of the family really in joy watching your shows. We didn’t know you passed away until today, My mom really likes you painting and talking about the little animals you help. God Bless. Antioch,Ca.

  245. TAMMIE WOODY Says:

    Bob Ross you were a God Send I have whatched your show for many years and as long as opb still runs it ill continue to watch it. your spirit lives on in so many people. you were a great inspiration thank you for the Joy and the painting….

  246. claudette parazoo Says:

    Bob Ross was a great artist and showman…making us feel a part of his life whenever we watched his painting. He signed off with “God Bless” and so we say “God Bless to you, Bob. Thank you for showing us your joy-filled talent.”

  247. mrs a e millington. Says:

    i was very sorry to here of the death of bob. he was a fine man and one of the best painters i know.

  248. mrs a e millington. Says:

    a.e millington

  249. mrs a e millington. Says:

    mrs a e millington

  250. Morgan Walls Says:

    I always loved working with your son, and those at your studio. I take your classes all the time. I love your work, and I’m sure your still painting in heaven. Paint our happy trees here on earth, as your life is remembered by millions.

  251. John M. Caloggero Says:

    You gave me many hours of enjoyment learning to paint.

  252. John M. Caloggero Says:

    you got me interested in painting. I enjoy every moment of creating something out of nothing. you are gone, but not forgotten.

  253. michael wilson Says:

    i was lucky to watch Bob for 30 years and now at 6am each morning before work i can find him on cable tv before i leave for work his soothing work and great art set me up for the day much missed, Michael

  254. james stewart Says:

    Thankyou bob ross for the wonderful way of painting, i learned a alot from your show and will allways remmember the great times i had watching and learning to paint in the special way that you did. RIP

  255. carlos mendoza Says:

    i always got home early from school just to watch bob ross create one of his many amazing pictures.every painting was unique and beautiful.we will all miss the man with golden brush.

  256. frodozenobi Says:

    miss you bob may the force be with you

  257. Cynthia Cunha-Bird Says:

    I still enjoy watching you on TV. May you rest in peace, and AI’m sure you are enjoying painting the colors of Heaven. Cynthia

  258. chaoying chen Says:

    you showed the joy is that simple
    you showed the world is that joyful
    your heart touched my heart
    the glories of painting you created
    always profound peaceful and beautful

  259. John Says:

    Mr. Ross was a show I watched a lot as a child, and the last show I watched was the day my grandmother died, my sister and I sat at her side after she had passed and the room was solemn and peacefully quiet..I remember seeing Bob Ross on the tv in her room, and will forever think of her every time I see him or hear his name..may you both continue to Rest In Peace..until I meet you and see my grandmother again in Heaven.

  260. jim connolly Says:

    I have just started painting thanks to you Bob I wonder how many people you have inspired over the years God bless you R.I.P

  261. Twinette McFadden Says:

    Mr. Bob Ross you will be missed and so will your paintings. Growing up I always wondered were I could purchase your paints and was amazed at how you could turn a blank paper into something so beautiful. GOD Bless you and I will see you again, someday in heaven! Sincerely, TSM

  262. chris wall Says:

    Bob Ross taught me to see the beauty all around me and in everything I do, thanks bob for all the wonderful paintings you shared with us.
    God Bless RIP

  263. Teresa Milburn Kelly, Hag., MD Says:

    You were taken to soon as many good people have been.

    Bob Ross you have used your God given gifts the way He intended you to. You have honored God with your talent and passion for His creations as you have inspired artist, want to be artist and admirers. As I watched and continue to see your shows I see and feel your inner passion for life, for others, for all Gods creations, stationary and living, large and small. You have preserved the very essence of all that is beautiful using paint and canvas as well as in your kind, positive expressions on to countless people and will continue to do so for many more that are just being born. God has equipped you with many new marvelous colors and scenes to paint that we cannot even imagine. Bob, all that “Believe”, know you are in heavens’ Glory with those “happy little trees and clouds” with pure gold gleaming from them. Bob, keep “beating the devil out” of those brushes and paint a “pretty little place, by a happy little steam” in the woods for us to sit awhile when we get there.

    I am an Artist. From the time I could hold a marking instrument in my hands. You inspire me to use my talents to honor the gifts I have been given. Thank you. God Bless to your family.

  264. Rory Sinclair Says:

    Beat the devil!

  265. lampros lampinos Says:

    i was so sorry to hear that you are not here, with us… i love your paintings, your technic… you’re a great artist for me.. a real talent… and a real tv star

  266. Rider Says:

    My grandmother was a lifetime artist-painted until the age of 90. I discovered Bob thru times spent with her, very dear memories. I own every season produced and still watch them today, stresses of today require me to absorb this man’s calming zen.
    Peace out Bob.

  267. Pearl Carter Says:

    I am so thankful to Mr, Bob Ross. Watching the re-runs shows; he has inspired me to take up painting. His simplicity way of painting and soft way of speaking; makes me feel that I can do it.
    God bless his family.

  268. LAURA Says:

    you are woderful I love you

  269. LAURA Says:

    you are wonderful I love your paints

  270. Rueline Devenport Says:

    God Bless YOU and your family. Rest in peace.

  271. Rueline Devenport Says:

    God Bless YOU,and you’r family. Rest in peace,our friend.

  272. Rueline Devenport Says:

    God Bless You and you’r family. Rest in peace my friend.

  273. Marilyn Breindembach Says:

    Gracias am Que la luz y la evolución te guien a la comunión con el amor verdadero.igo Bob por seguir existiendo en el cielo y habernos dado la oportunidad de apreciar la maravilla de Dios guiando tus manos. Te extraño mucho

  274. Marilyn Breindembach Says:

    My friend. Dear friend. Good Bless. Rest in peace I love You

  275. D.tyree Says:

    May god be with you Bob your paintings will last for ever becouse of your paintings it made me see there was a lot of life out there and I want to live it all up and see the world and start painting my self and becouse of you I no I can do it thank you and god bless

  276. Rufus Denton Says:

    Bob Ross lives on as if he never died.

  277. Paul Bracken Says:

    What a Painter You were BOB, God Bless My Friend.

  278. Lindzi B Says:

    WOW. i didnt find out til just now that he had passed. what a TERRIBLE loss not only for us all, but for art cause there was never and will never be another like him. i grew up watching him paint, and i still watch DAILY on the PBS create channel. may he rest peacefully forever, :(

  279. Mary R. Coleman Says:

    When looking at your show, I was amazed at what you could do with a brush and knife. You were wonderful. So sorry you left, glad you taped your shows. I Love you.

  280. Kellsey Minor jr. Says:

    Even though it’s been many years since your passing I still watch your shows on PBS. I thank God for allowing you to come into all our lives. God Bless.

  281. Kellsey Minor jr. Says:

    It’s been many years since your passing, but I still watch your shows on PBS. I thank God for allowing you to come into all our lives. I hope to see you in heaven someday. God Bless.

  282. Larry R. Johnston Says:

    Until we meet, you are the chosen one. Your contributions were GREAT. Your influences and values will live forever.

  283. Jerry Sanders Says:

    I have watched Bob from the start never thinking I could even come close to painting a picture like one of his. I am now 52 the age that Bob passed away at, I decided to give it a try guess what he was correct! in saying anyone can paint with his style ! It was hard for me to believe that I painted this picture and no one that knows me can believe that I painted this painting. Thanks Bob!!! Have fun with our heavenly Father as you always said God Bless my friend and Happy Painting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  284. Gail Manizak Says:

    I used ot watch Bob Ross paint whenI was n my thirties, he was wonderful. He inspired me towads the arts he made oil painting seem so easy. So grateful for men like Bob Ross. I had no idea he died so young. I has actaully been looking for him on TV just recently.

  285. Ana Harris Says:

    you were an angel in earth giving us the gift of painting in a very simple way, thank you

  286. Ana Harris Says:

    You were a gift of God teaching us to paint in a very simple way. Love you Bob.

  287. mark Says:

    luv u Bob, still enjoy your painting on tv this will live forever. God Bless you memory xx

  288. Alex B Says:

    You were always a fraud. You never painted anything in 30 minutes. You abandoned your son to go conduct gay activites and you lied about the air force

  289. john h Says:

    i hate you, you ruined me and my wife’s life. hate you forever, burn in hell

  290. Bob Ross if that is your real name Says:

    I finger paint better than you or your son you left out in the cold in 1961

  291. Bob Ross if that is your real name Says:

    oh wait, thats me

  292. Marie Says:

    I’m ashamed that I even spend an evening in your company you treated me like I was worthless and then on our date you stood me up at first then next date you forced me to pay for our meal so it was free for you. I hate you, burnnnnn in hell!

  293. Your Biggest fan Says:

    OMG I LOVE YOU BOB!!! ………..NOT! you were a bastard who abandoned his child and wife to attempt to paint in 30 minutes which you couldn’t do. You fake! BURRRNNN!

  294. Anaelvis Says:

    We love you ! may god bless you and i watch your videos every day ! Thanks to you ! i discovered how wonderful and excited oil painting can be ! THANK YOU ! R.I.P

  295. Rachael Scarbrough Says:

    Your voice is what I use to put myself to sleep at night. Your paintings absolutely amaze me!

  296. Amy S Says:

    Rest in peace, Bob Ross. I watched your show all the time growing up, and you always relaxed me. I’m 31 now, and just watched you again on Public Access. You have the same effect two decades later. We miss you down here!

  297. Billly Jenkins Says:

    He also used his voice to put other men to sleep before he conducted homosexual activities with them

  298. Jj spaedo Says:

    remember 1997? i bet you cant forget… i know what you did bob on that cold march night, her family still have hope

  299. John Winter Says:

    You made that poor girl pregnant. Then she couldn’t get a job and died of hunger. Congratulations you murdered

  300. Jj spaedo Says:

    i meant 1977, i know where you dumped the body. i’m gonna get the police to dredge the canal, you cant hide your secrets forever

  301. FBI Says:


  302. jemima d Says:

    love you bob ross xx you’ve always been a hero to me

  303. FBI Says:


  304. alex bargeron Says:

    nao timur and adam you neeks

  305. FBI Says:


  306. Alex Bargeron Says:

    Alex sucks balls 😛

  307. Lisa Hoang Says:

    I remember watching your show as a kid. So sad to hear you’re gone. I will never forget you. Rest in Peace and tell my Dad I say hi.

  308. Lisa Hoang Says:

    So *glad* to hear that you are gone. I will never forgot how you ruined my life. Tell my dad I said *bye*

  309. Julioelias Navarro Says:

    when I was little I used to adore your great shows
    in memery of your great art work I was given a great
    joy of art and for the future you will live in our
    hearts God bless you …:)

  310. Roxanne Maclean Says:

    Bob ross,
    you were so young .
    The world has lost a loving kind soul.
    Sweet rest to you and will see you again.

  311. daisy Says:

    you were #SWAGGGGING! your paintings stayyyed looking madd cool with “preddie lidddo bushes ;] ”
    well im doing a report on you in class right now byebye, R.i.P <333333

  312. daisy Says:

    fresh assss paintings!

  313. Ida Says:

    “It will probably not to surprise you to learn that exposure to certain chemicals solvents such as Benzene has been linked to lymphoma.” This is just one website http://www.lymphomainfo.net on the subject. MY SAD COMMENT TO THE DEATH OF A LOVELY PERSON…YOU CAN’T “BEAT THE DEVIL OUT OF THE CHEMICAL FILLED BRUSH AND NOT THINK ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES.”
    Bob would comment on how the crew dress in preparation for this part of the program yet I ask what did he do for himself. Did he ignore the fact that the brush cleaning solvent was harmful at all to him? I don’t know the answer to any of this. Very sad. We all miss you Bob.

  314. paul kelsey Says:

    you was a kind man ho loved critters you are missed

  315. nancy arellano Says:

    thank you Bob for teaching me all the things i know today..you were a beautiful man

  316. Adam Gallagher Says:

    Bob you are Great. I watched you early in the morning before I went to work. You were so humble and full of joy, and you made learning how to paint with ease, calm, and relaxing. For sure you were God sent. Im learning your style and signing my paintings with red to let people know it was inspired by you. Thank you…mada

  317. Rebekah A. Martin Says:

    I used to watch you paint on tv. You took a blank canvass and created a masterpiece in front of my eyes. I wish you were still here. :/

  318. Jim Hamilton Says:

    Thank you Bob, you inspired me to start painting with your technique after I suffered a stroke at 27, that left my right hand paralyzed. I used your methods to help train my left hand to be as good as my right side was. I will miss you and the beauty you gave the world every week.

  319. Christopher Says:

    Bob was a kind and gentle soul that was taken from us way before his time. Hopefully his reruns will continue for years to come. Shame on anyone who wishes to insult him. Unfortunately, low life scum will always be alive and well while decent people like Bob are no longer with us. God bless you Bob…

  320. James Says:

    Long live bob!

  321. Andrew Zarb Thank you for teaching me art painting I remeber you in my prayers Says:

    Thank you dear Bob I am so grateful for your ability of teaching us .I remember you in my Daily Prayers

  322. Tina Nikolai Says:

    I decided to sign the book as my fiance is battling the same disease as Mr. Ross and wanted you to know he loves the shows and is a painter himself and sits in his room and watches Bob Ross video’s and paints. The video’s have helped him tremendously and he is learning so much and has some beautiful paintings. He deicided to get back into painting after his diagnosis and it was just soo ironic that the only person he will listen to and take instruction from is Bob Ross to whom died from the same condition. My fiance was diagnosed in 2009 of non-hodgkins lymphoma and will be doing his treatments for the next 2 years as it has gone into the bone marrow. Just wanted to let someone know the joy he has watching Bob Ross and painting himself as he is very special to me! My heart goes out to the family as I now how difficult this disease is! Thank you….God Bless

  323. Maria Stephens Says:

    You are simply the best. God bless you and your son Steve. May he have peace in knowoing you are in heaven still painting and cleaning those brushers.

  324. Mark N Says:

    gave me something i can alwas use

  325. Roscoe Jackson Says:

    Bob Ross, i just watched your show and remembered just how great you were at painting. The way you painted touched the hearts of many. You will always be in my heart. RIP

  326. Craig curry Says:

    After years and years of watching the joy of painting I started painting about a year ago. I still watch the show everyday and am inspired to paint everyday. Everything bob said on tv is true we all can paint a masterpiece and I am proof. Rip mr. Ross

  327. Lupe Ricca Says:

    You were an angel sent from above for too short a time. Thank you for the gifts you came to share in your time here with us.

  328. kelly Anne Gonzalez Says:

    you were and still are my inspiration! Thank you and rest in peace Bob Ross! I’m sure you are painting many amazing landscapes in heaven….especially when you have a great view from the clouds!

  329. Darlene Says:

    Just had to say, Bob taught me everything I know…I miss him……I have all his videos…painting is my favorite pastime. Thanks to Bob…

  330. Gina Purdie Says:

    Youve been an inspiration to me and I try and pass this on to all the younger ones that I come in contact with. Thank you, I have enjoyed watching all your shows and touched by your endearments like even a tree needs a friend. I love your sunsets, seascapes and waterfalls to name a few and as youi would say goodbye and God bless my friend I just want to return the gesture friend Goodbye and God bless and God bless your family too. Love Gina

  331. Felicia S Says:

    Thank you for your wonderful work you do. All of you skills have paid off for many people. My husband goes one to Youtube just to listen to your voice and watch you paint. I can remember as a kid watching your show early in the moring. Everytime I always watched you make evergreens. Your a very loved man!

  332. KimberlyCoyle Says:

    RIP Bob! me and my mom used to watch you on TV ALL the time.(=

  333. Katrantzis Panos Says:

    I had nice time (hours) painting with BOB ROSS I ll remember him for all my life

  334. Bill in Nashville Says:

    Bob…you were so cool…loved your show and the cool afro…peace…

  335. tracy allen Says:

    i had no idea that bob ross has pass away 17 yrs ago i am so hurt and sad i love his paintings i dream to paint like that one day he said to paint the world as you see it and have nothing on the mind but peace he was so humble and kind with his teaching he will be forever in my heart he is the best part of my day

  336. Sharon in Dallas Says:

    Battling depression is made easier by watching Bob paint with his soothing voice and happy trees :) He inspired me to pick up a brush and for that, I’m very grateful to him.

  337. Mark Ramirez Says:

    I remember watching bob paint as a kid painting his happy trees he would literally take me to the beautiful places he painted on canvas Thank You Bob for many great years I know the lord has taken you to his happy place your friend Mark…

  338. Pstricia Says:

    What a wonderful man he was. Truly a lost. Not many men like him in the world any more. Diffently a BIG LOST.

  339. Daniel R. Pyles Says:

    Mr.Bob Ross to watch such talent at work you inspired me in so many ways to become an artist drawing and becoming a very part of my work i am the one who was and still is blessed and as always in awe to learn and watch such skill,dedication and love that you put into your paintings you sir are a scholar and a gentleman that gave me the skills and passion to perfect my artworks from my heart @ soul you are missed dearly but not forgotten every piece of art i have drawn or sketched has your mark on it because i learned to be an artist from you and create masterpiece art through my feelings and the undying passion that goes into the art i have created thank you sir i am in debt to you for the skills you generously passed on i never got to meet you in person but i hope i get the privilege when i get to heaven.thank you again for changing my life with art

  340. Daniel R. Pyles Says:

    Mr.Bob Ross to watch such talent at work you inspired me in so many ways to become an artist drawing and becoming a very part of my work i am the one who was and still is blessed and as always in awe to learn and watch such skill,dedication and love that you put into your paintings you sir are a scholar and a gentleman that gave me the skills and passion to perfect my artworks from my heart @ soul you are missed dearly but not forgotten every piece of art i have drawn or sketched has your mark on it because i learned to be an artist from you and create masterpiece art through my feelings and the undying passion that goes into the art i have created thank you sir i am in debt to you for the skills you generously passed on i never got to meet you in person but i hope i get the privilege when i get to heaven.thank you again for changing my life with art and the ability to present myself through my artwork

  341. J Jones Says:

    Was stationed with Bob in Alaska 1968-69…Pe- famous. He was an ADMINISTRATIVE SGT in our little hospital and actually helped me with a promotion problem. He gave me a GOLD PAN painting, which he used to sell in the local shops. I still have this rare painting on my wall after all these years….a wonderful personality indeed! He is certainly missed!

  342. Daniel R. Pyles Says:

    Daniel R Pyles

  343. Daniel R. Pyles Says:


  344. Sharon H Says:

    I accidentally deleted about 20 episodes of ‘J O P’, and was gutted for about 6 months. Now the sun is shining again with a new series and recording every one I can. Just done my 1st painting thanks to Bob. My son (19) posted it on facebook and calls it ‘awesome’. The world has lost another ray of sunshine.

  345. Hope Robertson Says:

    Mr, Ross Thankyou for being an excellent artist;and you will be greatly missed,May you always find and paint your Rainbows,

  346. Kee Lee Says:

    Kee Lee Navajo/Landscape Artist

  347. Terry Giboney Says:

    When the stress of the day overwhelms, I find him wherever I can…his soft soothing voice calms me and makes me drift pleasently. I wish he was still here

  348. Mrs. Janet Shirley Says:

    Thank you Mr. Bob Ross for making me into a believer that I could paint. I found a great passion in life for I love to paint beautiful nature scences one after the other… Thank you for your gentle heart in sharing your wonderful talent to us all. Peace in the resting of God.

  349. Jennifer Says:

    Love his work… I would often think, “Well, he just messed this one up.” Only to see a beautiful painting at the end. So talented!

  350. Jennifer Says:

    And I love the ‘happy’ clouds, trees, trails, whatever. He was so sweet. Miss him!

  351. teresa Says:

    thank you for wonderfull painting,help me be happy, your painting give hapyness of life,thank you so much

  352. Earline Burks White Says:

    My favorite painter

  353. kimbreley Andderson Says:

    Mr. Ross you made me fell as if I could create the world around me when ever I wanted to just add paint and dream. thank You. I cant wait to see your paintings of heaven

  354. Mary Witherell Says:

    I learned so much from you. I find great joy in painting because of you.

  355. zack oliphant Says:

    I miss you bob ross and your soft voice and painting your happy little trees.

  356. karen wagner Says:

    God bless you sir for the gentle kindness you brought into our lives.

  357. Sofie Says:

    I see Bob Ross on tv every so often and whenever I watch him him paint I get mezmorized…literally…its as if I’m hypnotized.. he was so calming and talented holy moly….God bless him , I’m sure hes missed by MANY people including myself and I didnt even know him personally. Bob Ross, you rock!!!

  358. Stelios Says:

    happy little trees!
    thank you Bob! Thank you!!!

  359. Pam Cogan Says:

    Thank You Bob Ross show tv,, my favorite watch bob ross oil painting so beauitful!! im miss bob rosss i love him..im start oil painting..

  360. Yvonne hillmann Says:

    I know in my heart you continue to share your gift with those in heaven. What a glorious landscape you have to work with, and so many followers. You are blessed. Paint in peace.

  361. kelly m Says:

    When I was a young teenage girl I watched your show often. So much magic seemed to flow from your paint brushes and any art tool you picked up. Just a natural at keeping our attention and interest. A great artist and a gift to us from God. You are missed.

  362. deanna Says:

    i always wanted to paint and you showed me i could.

  363. Deanna J. Gibbs Says:

    At this very moment I am watching one of your episodes. I did my very first paintings with instructions from one of your well advised teachers at the Ames Dept store. I will value all they taught me and to this day still enjoy the paintings I do as the encouragement given by you through your tv shows…Thanks and rest in peace my dear friend.

  364. juan rangel Says:

    Your pallet knife painting always soothed me and puts me off to dreamland after a trying day. Happy accidents rock!

  365. Hans van Poelgeest Says:

    a true creative mastermind.. a picture says more than a thousand words! rip

  366. Robert R. Haight Says:

    God bless and rest in peace

  367. madison Says:

    i wish he was alive again he was a great guy

  368. josephine kruse Says:

    josephine kruse

  369. Lisa R Says:

    You made me Love art and I am forever grateful

  370. Stephen Wilson Says:

    Mr. Ross…You are a role model. Not just to the the artist in all of us but you taught us to see the happiness and peace in everything. But most importantly, you taught us to share this happiness with everyone.
    There’s not much I wouldn’t do to meet you in person. God bless you for all that you gave us.

  371. Pissed Off Son Says:

    You abandoned your son at birth and joined the Air Force to runaway from us, but I found you in 1989 and I wish sometimes I never met you.

    At least you could have left me something in your will or your trust,your a piece of shit!

  372. Christine G Says:

    Thank you for showing me a way to paint without a photograph. God Bless You

  373. ALFREDO Says:


  374. shirley ann Says:

    Two ladies from england god bless we miss you making us smile,happy painting in heaven.

  375. John Brannick Says:

    Thanks Bob. Because of you I started painting over 20 years ago and some of my paintings were good enough to hang on my walls and give as gifts. You left us too early and are missed very much. Thanks for opening up a new window in my life.

  376. Linda Phillip Says:

    Watched his program all the time. I enjoyed every minute. Learned a lot from him… He will be missed.

  377. Linda Phillip Says:

    I learned a lot from Bob. He made you feel relaxed.

  378. Gil Johnson Says:

    Mr. Ross has been an inspiration to all of those who want to learn to paint. I watch all of his programs and i paint in his style. He was and is a kind man who I am sure is with God. Thanks Bob

  379. David Baker Says:

    What a wonderful program, I was inspired from the start. Followed by the shock you were no longer around. God bless to you and yours

  380. Andrew Says:

    Obviously did not help his son much!
    Know how you feel Jr.

  381. Nancy Says:

    I believe Mr.Ross was a talented,kind & generous man(working for free&never selling his paintings)I only just discovered you are no longer with us it will give new meaning to me when i watch your shows from now on as you yourself was fond of saying God Bless & I hope you are enjoying all the paintings you are doing from above R.I.P my television friend

  382. linda kern Says:

    Bob Ross is timeless. I am watching him now on Create TV. He is like a yoga master who uses his brush and canvas to attain Nirvana. He is my inspiration.

  383. Deborah Hamilton Says:

    Dear Mr Bob Ross
    I’m sorry for my own selfish reasons, you won’t be making any new tv episodes Bob Ros. We thought you were brilliant, and the program as well.You’ll be missed. But I bet you have got some heavenly skies to paint now. Can’t wait to see them some day.

  384. Richard Johnson Says:

    It is now 2012 and your shows are still in syndication. Every Tues. and Thurs. morning at 6:30 your shows run, and I tape them all. You were incredibly gifted and a Joy to watch, not to mention listen to. Thank you Bob for Joy you gave all of us who watched you, of which there must be millions. I imagine heaven looks much like the paintings you painted, so I know you are right at home. God bless you. You will never be forgotten.

  385. sheila federici Says:

    Thank you Bob for inspiring us aspiring artists!

  386. James L Kaufman Says:

    Bob, may you rest in peace in heaven with the Lord our God. You truly were a great man here on earth. I wished there were more kind souls outh there like you – the world would be a better place. I have NO DOUBT you are now one of the “Angels in Heaven”.

  387. joe frontuto Says:

    My God! I just found this show. Where have I been all these years…..This wonderful painter was too good to be true. A true master. Such a kind and gentle heart. Masy he rest with the masters.

  388. Dana Says:

    I loved ur paintings they were soo beautiful!!!
    I used to watch ur shows on tv when i was a kid and ur voice was really calm and relaxing!!

  389. Ken Henderson Says:

    I am not a painter, but Bob Ross was a very simple man to give me a beautiful show and tell story about life in 30 minutes.

  390. Getty Levesquy Says:

    Nous pensons que tu vis encore par ta peinture et ton dévouement à son enseignement …

    C R E A T E and L I V E FOREVER

  391. Dawn Marie Says:


  392. Chris Barrett Says:

    Hey Bob, you did a great job in your short stay here on earth. How about the colours and landscapes your seeing now my friend! Kind of blow the mind I’ll bet. God bless you and keep you, may he cause his face to shine upon you. CB.

  393. Pete Johnson Says:

    Such a talent, God bless you are sorely missed.


    great person i felt like i knew him personally.

  395. GARY MCCUNE Says:

    i was flicking up and down the channels last week and came across this programme called the joy of painting starting watching it and could not take my eyes off it and i must say i love watching this guy paint and i have became reallt=y hooked on this programme, he looks such a great guy and was shocked to read that he has died,( great painter and more important great great painter

  396. Cyndi Knapp Says:

    Bob Ross is greatly missed. What a fine, talented and wonderful man. I love watching him create his beautiful paintings. And obviously a kind man with a big heart. God bless, my friend.

  397. Nicci Layton-morris Says:

    O.M.G I have only just started to watch Bob today,and he certainly left a mark in my heart,whatching Bob paint is breath takingly mellow just his voice alone and the way he explains how to do things makes you believe you can do the same , so sad, but i will keep watching over and over. God Bless Bob, Nicci X


    You will always be missed.

  399. Marla Leopard Says:

    Love to watch your Joy of Painting shows..and you were a beautiful soul..may you rest in peace in the arms of the Lord

  400. Madia Smith Says:

    Loved his paintings.

  401. Madia Smith Says:

    Loved his paintings

  402. Suzanne Says:

    So nice to know your legacy continues. A friend of mine was talking about painting which I proceeded to tell him I always wanted to oil paint he gave me some tapes to watch of a artist who inspired him. Low a behold it was Bob Ross. May God continue on blessing you wish I could have met you. When I get money I will buy your paints and beging to paint my life long dream.
    Suzanne 50
    Jim 89

  403. Randy Pearson Says:

    Your talents continue to inspire others to success in the world of art. Thank you for sharing your artistic world with each of us through your legacy of instructional videos, and artists that continue producing creations today. You’re missed dear friend.

  404. Patrick Says:

    Easily one of the greatest influences on my childhood. I watched his show from age 3 to 15 and it calmed me at some of the most outrageous points in my youth. I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

  405. Edgar Elliott Says:

    I started to paint when I seen him on TV and am still painting with his books,I learn”t from watching Ross paint.Thanks for showing me how.Edgar Elliott



  407. Todd D Says:

    When I am stressed, I can watch 30 minutes of you and I am calm. You were given a gift from God and we have all been blessed by you using your gift. Thank you and God bless.

  408. Brenda Barrett Says:

    Love your paintings of beautiful landscapes will and do miss you. I’m so glad I still get to see reruns of your shows on the CREATE network.

  409. Darlene Lees Says:

    You were the sweetest guy with a Big heart,I love watching you paint.Im sure Peapod misses you.RIP.

  410. Darlene Lees Says:

    You will be missed very much,Love watching you paint,You have a big heart.RIP.

  411. Linda Clary Says:

    Bob Ross has done more to encourage people to explore their artistic talents than any other modern painter. His friendly, down-to-earth style and his simple step-by-step techniques have launched many artistic careers. I will always be grateful for the day I saw my first Joy of Painting episode. It launched a lifelong passion for painting that I might never have discovered without Bob Ross’s influence.

  412. Jane Gerber Says:

    I really loved him his very soft flowing voice and his paintings were relaxing Is his painting for sale? Thanks for many wonderful hours of paints and relaxation

  413. nora Says:

    bob you were the world greatest artist i wish you were still teaching us all new world threw your eyes lov ya man c ya on the other side keep it real peace

  414. K Warne Says:

    R.I.P.Bob Always your shows wr inspiring Love and peace

  415. Kath Says:

    A bright spot in my life!
    Thank you.

    God bless

  416. Regina Ellis Says:

    Love your paintings!!!

  417. don stinson Says:

    better than da vinci

  418. Keith H. Says:

    I grew up watching Bob Ross. When he would come on tv, I would grab my pillow and fall asleep listening to his voice. It was the only way my mother could get me to take a nap. He will be forever be missed at nap time.

  419. dave & christine flack Says:

    My wife and I loved watching bob displaying his painting skills, what an artist!!

  420. dayna j Says:

    Loved u back then and now my daughter and i enjoy u now on reruns. u were and still are the best Bob!!

  421. adam Says:

    great oil painter

  422. Jimmie Wiggins Jr. Says:

    Thank you Bob Ross, you inspired me
    to make magic with my bass playing
    just like you make magic with your

  423. Diane Vandiviere Says:

    I was so sad to hear he was dead. I watched him every night before I went to bed. He had such a nice personality and what beautiful mountaine he painted. Our Loss- Gods gain!!:)

  424. pamela moorhead Says:

    Wow, what a wonderful accomplishment you provided for many people including me! I still have your Bob Ross Masters paint set unopened,i paid 89.99 from Ben Franklin, When i heard that you had passed away i, i could not bring my self yo open it :(

  425. Dee Says:

    I miss my friend, Bob. He made the weekends beautiful and helped me with two students I had. His love of painting encouraged my students. He was the most gentle man I have ever known. I still miss you Bob!

  426. Mike D'Amelio Says:

    Dear Bob Ross,

    I am so sad to know you are not with us here on earth, but that you are in a better place in heaven, and making heaven even more beautiful with your paintings and great soft spoken positive personality.
    I rmemenber watching you PBS painting shows a child, and I have been watching you weeknights at 11:00 PM since early MAY, 2012.
    Bob, if all humans were like you, we would have a nicer world with no wars.

    Mike D’Amelio

  427. doug crowton Says:

    god bless. your beautiful painting still keeps me glued to the tv ever weekend on pbs. thank you so much!

  428. Judith A. Osborne Says:

    My Dear Bob Ross, You have been blessed by our
    HEAVENLY FATHER to inspire and teach us a method
    of painting that promotes creativity and enrich
    the soul. Thank you for your knowledge, talent, enthusiasm, joy, sincere heart, your love for “critters” and nature, wisdom, insight, and compassion.
    You helped me capture my dreams so that I could put them on canvas. You will be forever remembered for being the “Happy Painter” and your magic inspiration to the world.

  429. harry maples Says:

    i felt that mr. ross was one one of the best oil painters to put a brush in his hands

  430. harry maples Says:

    i think that mr.ross was one of the best painters to put a brush in his hands.

  431. flexxx Says:

    R I P….. BOB ROSS ~~~

  432. Judith A. Osborne Says:

    Bob, you are still alive in our hearts! I want to thank you for your gifted hand, your freedom to express your humor, “beating the heck out of the brushes”, “happy little accidents”, and sharing my favorite TV program “The Joy of Painting” to millions of people. I’m so very greatful and want to thank you for inspiring me to be a good painter. When I paint, your spirit is felt. It’s those happy places and all the fond memories that live on within us and are captured on canvas. You are a unique teacher. One that I will always cherish. A big THANK YOU for “The Joy of Painting” and the abundance of blessings it gave to so many people. God Bless My Friend.

  433. Fawn Collins Says:

    I remember watching Bob’s painting show on channel 19 back in the early 1980’s, now PBS. It was So soothing watching him paint on the canvass. He was a great artist (painter) and teacher. Earth has lost a great man, but now he’s painting in Heaven.

  434. Maria P Says:

    thank you bob, you’ve inspired me to paint. i love you very much! rest well bob!

  435. Louis Pegno Says:

    Sunday mornings in the late spring slightly raining, The smell of cool fresh air gently passing through the window.Early morning cup of coffee and you. Always Lou………

  436. malcolm hebert Says:

    iam amazed how effortlessly you made painting look so easy and beautifully. I loved watching your episodes. Miss watching you.You were terrific! God Bless you

  437. Brad Loveless Says:

    I know your gone but you did help me with my alcohol prob. I`m 6`2 220lb and record all the shows,,I will NEVER forget,, 919-442-7939

  438. Susan Says:

    I always watched Bob on PBS and am now watching his shows again with all my kids and grandson. My oldest son is learning to paint with Bob and it helps him after a stressful day working in the cardiac unit. My youngest son has severe autism and is very artistic, so I am hoping that he will eventually try painting with Bob. He at least loves to watch the shows and is soothed by Bob’s wonderful manner- who isn’t?! His legacy lives on!

  439. JACK PELFREY Says:

    I hope that Bob Ross gets to do his Happy Little Paintings in Heaven.A noble man with a huge talent
    that only few can aquire his level of perfection
    with his soft style and kind voice!Go rest high on
    that mountain Bob your work on earth is done!

  440. Denise McMillan Says:

    Just started watching ‘The Joy of Painting’ for the 2nd time around.. never get tired of watching you Bob. God bless you.

  441. Jon R White Says:

    Among the happy trees now. RIP

  442. Bob Ferguson Says:

    God bless you Bob, you have inspired many people including myself to paint happy pictures only you could dream up, you are very sadly missed by all.

  443. Bob Ferguson Says:

    You are a legend and legends never die.

  444. Bob Ferguson Says:

    I wished you could have seen the mountains in Scotland. You would have painted them even better.

  445. kelvin Says:

    Even thought you been gone for a while now in my eyes you are still one of the best artist ever. I watched your show The joy of painting all the time.may you rest in peace.

  446. zophieljones Says:

    just returning home from glen allen alaska,gotten drunk on the 4th again.we have seen things most people would dream to belive.
    thank you bob ross for twaching me how to see with my heart

  447. zophieljones Says:

    see you on the other side of the canvas,

  448. Riosetta Danzy Says:

    I recently heard of Bob Ross’ passing. I am truly sad. I truly love his work and hearing his soothing voice. May the Lord keep him in perfect peace. Truly missing you, Rosetta

  449. hamid reza tafreshi Says:

    i can,t speak english very well but i want tell you i never you evry time and i feel yor are live when i see your beautiful paintings . i am iranian new camer in canada you are my frend for evry tim

  450. hamid reza tafreshi Says:

    i can,t speak english very well but i want tell you i never missed you evry time and i feel you are live when i see your beautiful paintings . i am an iranian newcamer in canada you are my frend for evry tim

  451. Hal Rhoads Says:

    For years I watched you (and still do!) on Sunday morning. I don’t paint but always found myself becoming peaceful and relaxed just watching and listening to you.
    Sorely missed.

  452. Nancy Says:

    You were the best,truly miss your talented impressions…

  453. Willard Turnbow, Jr. Says:

    I enjoyed each and every one of his painting episodes on PBS. He had a knack for conveying his appreciation of the beauty of nature through his art. Bob was rewarded for sharing that love of natural beauty with a permanent one of much greater magnitude in Heaven. God Bless Bob Ross who is missed but never to be forgotten.

  454. Ed Kellner Says:

    Gone from us all too soon. RIP

  455. Cherie Says:

    Hi Bob,

    I just saw a remix about you, and it brought back so many memories. I was quite little when you first aired. I’d sit and watch you when other kids were watching Sesame Street. You were a huge part of my childhood from the age of three to about 15.

    I’m all grown up, and am an artist now. For the first time, I showed my little girl the joy of painting. She recognized some of the phrases I use today…I had forgotten where they came from until now, actually.

    Thank you for having such a wonderful influence on my most impressionable years.


  456. Joy Cummings Says:

    I have learned so much from “The Joy of Painting”.
    Bob Ross had such a great appreciation for the world around him and could express it on canvas. JC

  457. Joy Cummings Says:

    I have learned so much from The Joy of Painting on TV. JC

  458. Manu Sandhu Says:

    Bob Ross my most favorite painter…beautiful soul,wonderful humuan being and will always miss your happy trees.

  459. chris trevino Says:

    Ive enjoyed you for as long as I can remember,,,I was sad to learn about your passing away…

  460. Sonia Borges Says:

    I was a shy , stand alone painter with no apparent ability and fear of letting myself go into painting mode. You brought me out of that caccoon. You are alive in my heart and mind. Thank you. I pray you are well in your world of real “Happy Little Clouds” painting for all those with you, where you are! Your reruns on PBS keep me inspired, and I hope they will continue to run your shows on TV for future “bobrossees”. God Bless.

  461. Azalia Says:

    Wow, just like everyone. I watched him paint and I felt like I could do that. Then the show would end, I would run to try to paint clouds an trees like him. But I couldn’t lol, I was just talking about him with my youngest child. He said mom, I know who he is. He’s in you tude, and we watched him for a while. It brought back so many memories. May you RIP, love you

  462. Mae Says:

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  466. joann james Says:

    you were the best!

  467. Stephanie Lyman Says:

    I loved your “happy” clouds and trees. As a child, whenever your show came on I would sit entranced watching in amazed silence as beautiful sceneries came to life on your canvas. You had an amazing gift, not only for painting but for instilling peace and joy into the hearts of many.

  468. Antonio Ochoa Says:

    I grew up a PBS kid and loved every minute of it. I also loved waiting for the weekend because that was my chance to watch Bob Ross and his joy of painting. What a brilliant name for the show. He helped cultivate my love of art and taught me that painting could be fun. R.I.P. Bob, and thank you for the memories.

  469. Howard Meador Says:

    a wanna be artist

  470. jordan ehrlich Says:

    you are the main reason i started art. when i was 3 years i watched your show since i was 3. you are my idol

  471. Tracy ledward Says:

    Recently caught old episodes of the joy of painting & bob , bought back childhood memories , still enjoy watching gives me a feeling of calm & warmth. Great programme wonderful man ……..

  472. craig smith Says:

    you was one of a kind,and wish to thank you for the pleasure of watching you paint all your happy little paintings,god bless you

  473. Tangela Says:

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  474. Seamus McClory Says:

    Bob Ross God bless you,It’s true god has taken a great and beautiful human being he’ll be sadly missed my thuoghts go to his son also a great artists like his father

    A Bob Ross lover

  475. Lynne Turner Says:

    Have loved Bob since I was a small child. I’ve done some paintings myself, but my son Matt puts my work to shame. He’s an awesome artist.

  476. joe richards Says:

    love the show got up early every sunday morning just to see what beautiful paintings bob would due rest in peace bob where ever u may be

  477. paul bagley Says:

    I watch bob ross every morning at 5am on vegas rewind. I enjoy all of the shows. I have learned to paint because of bob ross. He was taken before his time. The world is a lesser place because of his loss.

  478. June Champagne Says:

    I watched Bob for years and wished I one day could learn to paint. I didn’t have the chance but now that I do he’s gone. I loved to watch his video’s and I still do. I try to paint in acrylic but it doesn’t look so good. I’ll keep trying although I am 65 yrs old and I don’t think you get to old to learn. Bob is painting pretty pictures in heaven . Rest in pease.

  479. Randy Bennett Says:

    My son, who’s 8 years old, just saw one of the episodes on PBS. He just loved it. Would not let me turn the channel. He has been coloring landscapes every since. With happy trees just like Bob. Thank you so much for your love of painting…..

  480. Cindy Abbe Says:

    I had not known you had died until now:(
    You were the one who got me inspired to paint again. You;ll be missed Bob.

  481. Jane and Dolores Barron Says:

    My mom and I REALLY like watching Bob Ross paint his scenery pictures!!!

  482. Jane and Dolores Barron Says:

    Mom and I REALLY like watching you paint your scenery pictures!!!

  483. mark nightser Says:

    have been painting for 12 years and owe it to bob ross

  484. paul dixey Says:

    MR Ross,what can be said about this man.He was an artist of all artists his paintings inspired people all over the world, his abillity to teach anyone who was williing to learn was second to none.A gental man who loved creation in all forms, and was proved in the paintings he done.we are all special people in our own right but every now and then someone comes along that is just a little bit more special, bob was such a man.His paintings will go on and on through time,by the thousands of people he has tort, passing down from generation too generation.He left this world giving peolpe the understanding that no matter what happens in life, we can find peace and harmony in the paintings we create.Thank you bob fore teaching us all the meaning of life through our paintings.A man who will always be with me in heart and mind.god bless you Mr Ross.

  485. Dr. Richard Smaby Says:

    Thanks Bob you gave me the courage to paint!

  486. Angel "Sunshine's Shadow" Grimes Says:

    Watching on PBS NC this moment. As an ameteur artist I go to his style of art for inspiration. Thank you Bob for all your inspiration!

  487. Carolyn Cline Says:

    Dear Bob Ross; You were a truly gifted man, i wish that i ccould have met you! Carolyn Cline

  488. Carolyn Cline Says:

    Dear Bob Ross; You were a truly gifted man, i wish that i could have met you. Rest in Peace my friend.

  489. robert fisher Says:

    I first saw the Joy of Painting while flipping channels one day, it stopped me in my tracks because of the beauty and grace of Bob Ross, he will always live because every time some one paints a mountain or a forest Bob Ross will smile.

  490. Patricia Says:

    Dear Bob Ros, Thank you for the beauty, your gentleness,caring and gift of the beauty of your vision. God Bless and keep you always in His heart.
    Happiness and joy forever.

  491. Sharon Setree Says:

    Thank you Bob for giving me my love for art. I still watch your show Joy of Painting on our local pbs station 17 years after your death.

  492. Bob Sagot Says:

    I love you Bob

  493. Bob Ross Says:

    I love you too!

  494. joan a. Says:

    I loved watching his painting show and never missed an episode. He was truly a great artist and person. God Bless you in heaven Bob.

  495. joan a. Says:

    We all miss Bob Ross, the greatest painter on television. God Bless you in heaven.

  496. Vivian Eagleson Says:

    I grew up with art and like my mother, I am an oil painter. As an adult, I faithfully watched The Joy of Painting and what I learned from Bob Ross I integrated into what I already knew. I was even able to show this fun and effective technique to my mother and it was something that we enjoyed together. Thanks, Bob, for all the many happy hours of art! I’ve even made a few happy bucks as well. If there was any way, I wish that you could just log on up there in artists heaven and see what I can do now. The world is a poorer place without you, but this wonderful technique lives on! I loved it when you shared stories about the little critters and even had some on your TV show as well. Rest in Peace, dear friend.

  497. Jamie Machado Says:

    Bob, I watched you paint on “The joy of painting” as I was growing up. Thank you for the wonderful calming times while you painted.Still miss you. Rest in peace.

  498. Elyse Says:

    I watched Bob every Saturday on PBS-he made painting look so effortless and easy. I was sooo upset when he passed. He seemed to be such a gentle and kind man. I miss seeing him on his shows. His family must be very proud of him and his many accomplishments. He will always be remembered with fondness and gratitude.

  499. Nadia Says:

    “Happy little trees”, so soothing, amazing artist, very much missed :(

  500. shaquala Says:

    hi bob ross i am one of your bigest fan i wish i could of seen you

  501. aaliyah Says:

    wats up bob ross sorry you died

  502. Dave Says:


  503. melinda d. Says:

    mr bob ross. i never knew your name til this day, however i use t see you painting as i flip threw the channels and i decidedto just watch your creativity an oh how i admired you, i do care for the elderly and i just receny told my client about you, didnt know of your passing from this life. ill remember you always good fellow and brother.

  504. christian L Says:

    happy 70th birthday

  505. nikki rose Says:

    october 29, 2012

  506. andrea johnson Says:


  507. Kimberly mcknight Says:


  508. javier trevino Says:

    Your rank up there with Mr. Rogers, thanks for good television!

  509. Linda Says:

    Dear Bob:
    Thank you for your beauty and peace..happy trees.
    and God Bless…………

  510. marla h Says:

    i watched as a teenager now at 50 just wondered what happened to u dear man. So enjoyed listing to u and watching of course. god bless

  511. Mercedes Roman Says:

    I just recently discovered you, and you have been gone 17 years; you were clearly a lovely, gentle human being and I’m glad your legacy remains.

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  513. Jeff Bellmer Says:

    Rest up Bob, I’m sure you are busy painting exactly what you want. Thanks for the peaceful, calming delivery…it made you work that much more alive. You are dearly missed and I’ll pick my lessons up when we meet again.

  514. Paula Martin Says:

    I love your paintings and watched your show everytime it was on, will miss you always.

  515. Marc Reed Says:

    You will be surly missed my friend

  516. Connie Ellison Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of Bobs Death. I still record all of his shows, and pray they will continue to play his shows on PBS. I will never forget Maybe, Maybe, Maybe. May God be with all his Family and Friends. Rest with the Lord Bob.

  517. Serina Says:

    gotta love this guy, sucks that he died so young, i mean 52 is still young and he is an amazing painter. I still watch his show all the time

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  519. Jim Mann Says:

    Well my old friend you will be sorely missed but luckily your shows will be repeated over and over thus giving us hours of pleasure. Only the good die young but you were really too young to be taken from us, sleep well and thank you for being you

  520. Vir Says:

    Bob Ross is better than yoga!!

  521. Boyce Says:

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  522. william lee Says:

    u will be missed a lot

  523. Phylis Says:

    I still feel bad while looking at your show that you are gone. I love your updates on your critters. And your saying, “My feet run naked through the grass.” A person I know said in a dream told to her by a friend, the grass in heaven was so alive, it has its own sound. Hope you are enjoying Jesus’s grass on your naked feet.

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